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 WILSON, John-Farmer-McDonough Co

 WIT: Charles Chandler, John J Gordon, John Wooley
 Exec: Wm W Bailey , John "O.C." Wilson
 Heirs; Ruth Wilson, Sister
 STAPP, Elijah-Macomb Twp
 WIT:Jesse Chapman, Mary A P Beagles
 Heirs: wife, Mary; Children John B, Wm S, James Washington, Eliza B, Benjamin
 MAYFIELD, Alexander-McDonough Co
 WIT: James Clarke, Mankin Champion
 Exec: wife Elizabeth
 Heirs: Elizabeth
 VANCE, James, Sr.-McDonough Co
 WIT: John Bridges, J G Walker, John Vance
 EXEC: sons, John, James
 HEIRS: Wife, Margaret; daughters, Polly, Nancy, Sally, Martha Wilson: Sons, James, William, John
 BERRY, Jonathan L-McDonough Co
 WIT:Thomas Dorres, Tom Berry
 Letters of Admin issued to Baxter B Berry
 Heirs: Elizabeth M Berry, William B Berry, A H Berry, Green, C.R.Berry
 OSBORN, William
 Died: 9/13/1838
 WIT: James Clarke, Wm Pennington, Samuel Lansdown
 EXEC: Wife, Kisiah
 HEIR: Wife Kisiah
 D: 1/12/1830
 WIT: Father-In_law, Jamees Edmonston, and Caleb Brookes
 HEIRS: James, Polly, Wm , Elizabeth
 WIT: Jesse Neece, James Cown
 EXEC: William Morning
 HEIR: Wife, nancy
 HAMMER, George W
 WIT: George B Greenup and Katherine Greenup
 HEIR: Wife, Susan
 LANE, Dutton
 WIT: George A Taylor, Gholson Lane
 HEIRS: John Lane, May Lapsly, Sally Lapsly, Mahala Wolford,
 Jane Lester, Hetty Boyd, Elhamon Lane, Asahel Lane, Minerva Shepperd,
 Cenith Lane, Rachel Lane, Carroll Lane
 HOOVER, Sebastian
 WIT: Samuel Calvin, William Holton, Jr
 EXEC: Wife, Elizabeth and John McCullar of Macopin County
 HEIRS: Wife, Elizabeth; Sons, Geird T, James N, John H, Rice R, Robert Y.
 Daughters, Sarah, Mary and Margaret
 MONK, Malichi
 WIT: Martin Fugate, Joshua Ruggles, Malachi Downs
 EXEC: John Justice and Samuel Monk, both of Schuyler County
 HEIRS: Wife, Jemimah; Sons, Samuel, Simon, John. Daughters, Nancy Justice and Delilah
 DILL, Archibald
 WIT: W H Tinsley, Stepehn Dill
 HEIRS: Sons, Arthur, Solomon, Elijah. Dau, Peggy Summers, Elizabeth Sutton, and Anna Dill
 RIPLEY, James W
 Late of East Post in the County of Washington and now of Fryeburg in the County of Oxford, State of Maine
 D: 5/29/1835
 P: 8/4/1835
 WIT: James O McMillian, John W Dana, Elizabeth Webster
 EXEC: Abigail Osgood (wife), Judah Dana and john A Balkman (East Post)
 HEIRS: Wife Abigail; Sons, James Wheelock and Edward. Dau; Ann Osgood, Elizabeth Love and Abigail Osgood.
 Brothers, Gen'l Eleazer W Ripley and E S Osgood.
 WIT: Davis mason, Dennis Fungate
 EXEC: Wife, Mary and William Mourning
 HEIRS: Mary, four oldest children: Amie Jones,
 Nancy Dickerson, John Dickerson and William Dickerson,
 also moneys due him in Virginia
 SLOAN, Robert
 WIT: Greeman Knowles and William S Hopper
 HEIRS: Wife, Elizabeth and unamed children
 BELL, William P
 WIT: Jo. G Walker, Nancy Simpson, Charles Hays, James B Kyle
 EXEC: William H Randolph
 HEIRS: Wife, Kitty, nephew W P B Kenedy, nancy Catherine daughter
 of Alexander Simpson (relationship unnamed), cousin Thomas B B Murray
 GAYLORD, Joseph
 WIT: J G Smith and Anna Maria Bliss
 EXEC: Sullivan Searle (relationship no named)
 HEIRS: Wife, Abigail; Sons, Myron and Giles A
 Daughters, Maria Hubbard, Elvira Searle and Almira Kasson
 WIT: James Clarke, Wm P Richards, W S Pierce
 EXEC: Isaac Grantham and my beloved wife
 HEIRS: eldest daughter Sarah Ann, wife of Benjamin B Head
 WIT: P H Walker and Charles Hays
 EXEC: George C Hayes and my son, James A H Lampton
 HEIRS: James A H Lampton and brothers John Hayes, who now lives in
 Lee County, Iowa Territory, and Joseph Hayes, and George C. Hayes
 WIT: Henry J C Averill, William W Duncan, Norman Averill
 EXEC: George W Welch, Vicissimus A Caldwell
 HEIRS: Wife, Nancy; sons, Vicissimus A, Elijah K, Thomas J and John H.
 Daughters Adella R Welch, Mary D Welsh, Sarah J Caldwell and Theresa R Welch,
 Mary D Welch, Theresa H Caldwell
 REYNOLDS, Jonas - Farmer
 WIT: Thomas Clayton, Permenium Hamilton, D R Hamilton
 EXEC: Levi Hamilton and Charles Creel
 Heirs: Wife Susan, Brotherrs- Erastus Reynolds
 WILSON, John , Sr.
 WIT: Nathan Compton, John B Compton
 HEIRS: Wife, jane, sons, Eli, John and Samuel.
 Daughters, Jane Wilson, Mary Ann, Melsia and Margaret
 FOSTER, Arthur John
 D; 9/3/1843
 P: 11/1843
 WIT: Even bailey and Abner McDowell
 EXEC: Wife, Sarah and Justice H Kinney
 HEIRS: Wife, Sarah; unamed children but does mention "sons"
 WIT: James G Miller and A H Berry
 HEIRS: Wife, Margaret; children, but merely names one son, Ira
 MCDONOUGH, Catherine
 WIT: Hugh McDonough and A Fulkerson
 HEIRS: Peter McDonough (relationship not named)
 WIT: J H Kinnie, Wm M Morgan
 EXEC: Wife, nancy and Wm C McKeamy
 HEIRS: Wife, Nancy. Wife all property except
 "my interest in a lot designated and nown as the Orenduff's Tan yard in the
 town of Rushville in Schuyler Co, ILL" 1/2 to the Ewing King and McAdue
 Educational fund for the benefit of a permanent school at Cherry Grove ,
 Knox County, ILL. 1/2 to purchase of a Philosophical apperatus provided
 there should be enough raised to purchase it, otherwise to(above fund)
 HARRIS, Alexander Sr.
 WIT: Wm C Talbot and C M Hoagland
 HEIRS; sons, Michail C, David R, Thomas and Alexander Jr.;
 daughter, Margaret C Lynch, son-in-law William H Walker; granddaughter, Rebecca Ann Lemon
 BARNES, Ensign-Merchant-County of Plymouth, Commonwealth of MASS.
 WIT:Henry Thaxter, James H Wilder, Chiro Cay (Ebenezer)
 HEIRS: Wife, Deborah; Children, Adeline Lincon Barnes, Susan Jacobs Barnes,
 Deborah Gilbert Barnes, Sarah Kedsie Barnes, and Mariah Louisa Barnes;
 Brothers; Luther Jacob barnes and Isaac Barnes. Mentions "brothers and sisters"
 but names no sisters.
 ABLE, Jeremiah
 WIT: Isaac G Chamberlain, Robert Garet, Waskin Ownes
 HEIRS: Wife, Hannah; Sons, William W, James H and John R.
 Daughters Nancy Cladwell; sons-in-law, Samuel McElvain, Thomas Harris,
 John Fletcher, and Samuel O'Neal; grandchildren; Louisa Hendrickson and
 Emily Hendrickson. He mentions land sold to George Carter in Sangamon County,
 also James Wallace and John Fletcher.
 TALBOT, William S
 WIT: J R Nichols and Asal Owen
 EXEC: Wife Sarah and brother Benjamin Talbot
 HEIRS: Wife Sarah, sons, youngest son William Henry Talbot,
 eldest son Smith, second son thomas Grafton Talbot.
 Daughters, Cussandra, Matilda, Susan and Emeline Elizabeth
 Mentions land in McDonough and Hancock Co, ILL
 WIT: J M Chapman and Nicholas Jarvis
 HEIRS: Wife, Martha and youngest son, Edward
 WIT: Cyrus Wing (King) and John Lawyer
 HEIRS: Wife Elizabeth, children, E.
 Mary Elizabeth Chockley, William Chockley, Nancy A Chockley and Sarah
 VAWTER, Beverly
 WIT: William Edmonston, Caroline Head
 HEIRS: Wife, Betsy; sons John C, William B, Frederick H
 and Allen T; daughters, Fevely P, Polly H Pennington, Sally S Pace,
 and Elizabeth Aman Taylor; granddaughter Elizabeth Jane Vawter
 WIT: Merritt A Russell and Henry J C Averill
 EXEC: Vicissimus A CAldwell
 HEIRS: Mother; Sisters Ardella R Welch, Mary D Welch,
 Sarah H T Caldwell and Theresa Caldwell
 GATES, Nathan
 WIT: J P Gates and Joseph Lucas
 HEIRS: Wife Flora
 Cod. dated 10/8/1845; mentions minor children
 of wife Flora as Louisa Wilcox, Thomas Wilcox, and Jane
 Wilcox, and his infant daughter Flora gates and son
 Nathan gates.
 WIT: John O C Wilson and C  M Montgomery
 Mentions land deeded to him by Cyrus and Flora Walker 7/1/1842
 WALKER, Joseph M
 WIT: Charles Hays and James H Campbell
 EXEC: Wife, N P Tinsley, and Cyrus A Lawson
 HEIRS: Wife, Maria
 WATSON, David
 WIT; George W Provine, Alexander Tilford, Samuel G Henderson
 EXEC: John Clarke
 HEIRS: Wife, Jane, children James, jane, Margaret, Elizabeth, William, john and Mariah
 PAGE 10
 D: 4/7/1846
 P:7/1847 (49?)
 WIT; Harrison Hungate, Adinagah Hungate, C R Hume
 HEIRS: Wife, nancy, sons Elias and Jonathan L, daughter Catherine
 COX, Andrew
 WIT: Isaac McCown, Theodore McCormick
 HEIRS: Wife, Elizabeth, children Sarah jane, Hume, Robert Lazarus, Flora, and Mary Louisa
 WELCH, James R
 D: 4/16/1848
 WIT: John Ledgerwood, John James
 WIT: Wife and children unamed; Brother George W Welch
 KING, James
 D: 8/31/1847
 WIT: Gilas F Livingston, William W Young
 HEIRS: Wife, Sons, Adam Clarke, Thomas, Richard Tilton and John Wesley
 Daughters Elizabeth, wife of Alfred Koarr and "to my children David and Anna Kepple"
 PAGE 11
 SEWARD, William
 P: 7/21/1849
 WIT: Joel Pennington, William R Pennington
 EXEC: William S Trueblood
 HEIRS: Wife, Mary; sons, John and Leicester
 McDonough, Hugh
 D: 1/27/1849
 WIT: Charles B Gilchrist, John C COrant
 HEIRS: Children Cornelius, Hugh, Leo, John, and Edward
 Granddaughter, Mary Sammonds, daughter of Elizabeth Sammonds, deceased.
 WARD, Nathan
 D: 7/25/1848
 P: 8/31/1848
 WIT: Robert Seybold, Alfred Pennington, John Charter
 HEIRS: eldest daughter Mary, wife of John Parrentm daughter Dorcas,
 wfie of William Hungate, son james; deceased son Samuel's heirs,
 Horace Ward, Levi A., Oscher F Ward, Clelon W Ward and Quinton C Ward.
 Jonathan Charter and wife Ann (relationship not named); Adonissah Hungate
 and wife Elizabeth; Harrison Hungate and wife Susannah; Samuel McGee and wife Cyntha
 HOLTON, Isaac
 D: 1/5/1850
 WIT: W C TAylor and Elizabeth D Taylor
 HEIRS: Wife Phoebe A Holton
 PAGE 12
 WIT: Samuel E Taylor and Geo Warren
 Heirs: Wife, Frances Atkinson
 BOWMAN, Cosby
 D: 12/6/1849
 WIT: William Smith, John Warren, George W Ames
 EXEC: "Doc" James H Bacon
 Heirs: wife, Philopenia; children, William, Catherine
 Weatherford, Thomas, Elizabeth Vance, Nancy Whitmore,
 John, Iredell Bowman
 HARRIS, James
 D: 11/22/1848
 WIT: Abraham Jarvis and Ira Wood
 Heirs: Wife, Prudence, sons Daniel, James H Hiram H.,
 daughter Prudence Kinne, Lucy Reddick, Caroline Russell,
 Mary Ann Harris and Nelora Harris; grandchildren, James H Russell
 and Prudence H Russell, heirs of Caroline Russell, dec'd. Also
 Dr. Harvey Harris of Gettys., Onandago Co, New York and property owned there.
 Page 95- will of Prudence, his wife, mentions son Jonas R.
 RICE, William W
 D: 12/14/1850
 WIT: Alfred Rippetoe and Alexander McAlary
 Exec: Bro-In-Law Josiah E Simpson
 Heirs; Brother, David B Rice; five sisters, Maxamelia Walker, Mary H McCusky,
 Frances Rice, Sarah P Kyle, and Eliza Y Simpson
 PAGE `13
 LOGAN, John Sr.
 D: 8/28/1848
 P: 3/1851
 WIT: William Hungate, John vance
 Heirs: Wife nancy Logan, daughters now single, Sarah E.,
 B. , Catherine, Malinda D., America N., and Savina; son James E
 Logan, sons, Samuel and John
 D: 6/27/1829
 Recorded May 12, 1857 - fees $135
 WIT: Talbot Jones, Robert Barry , Jno Boggs
 Heirs: Mary Dessart and Henrietta Winkle, both of Baltimore,
 his sister Elenor Ramsay of Raploe in Ireland. Mentions Pew
 in the R.E. Ind M Duncans Church in Tamary Street being Pew # 50
 P: 10/1851
 WIT: John Duncan and Daniel Duncan
 Exec: James Cyrus and Daniel
 Heirs; dau Elizabeth Shelly and her heirs; son Charles Duncan, heirs
 of Russell Duncan and John Duncan
 "equally divided between John Duncan (the heirs of Russell Duncan one
 share ) Charles Duncan, Polly Scott, Margaret Cyrus ( the heirs of Joseph
 Duncan one share ) and David Duncan "
 ARCHER, Cariel
 D: 8/7/1850
 P: 3/1852
 Wit: Charles Chandler and W T Head
 Heirs: wife rachel, daughter Polly Ann Hunt; son George R Archer; son, Marcellus P
 Archer; son Milton S Archer; 'my eldest elder children james C Archer, William F
 Archer, Milton S Archer, Robert T Archer, John Q Archer, Meredith C Archer
 PAGE 14
 D: 4/7/1852
 P: 5/1852
 Wit: Henry Wise, John Scott, James M Fugate
 Exec: William W Alexander
 Heirs: wife , mentioned but not named; three sons, William W, Alfred M and
 Albert G; and two daughters, Martha S and Arte- - - -S.
 STEWART, William K
 D: 1/12/1849
 P: 5/1852
 Wit: Hugh Irwin, William bailey
 Heirs; wife Olive, sons james H, William W., son-in-law John McKinney; daughters
 Mary M McKinney and nancy H Montgomery, grandson William K son of John and
 nancy Montgomery.
 COD: Dated 4/6/1852-names niece mary K Stewart
 WIT: Lewis Waters, Charles hays, Wm W Bailey
 SMITH, Isaac G
 Round Prairie, mcDonough Co, ILL
 D; 2/9/1853
 P: 3/21/1853
 WIT: J C Decker, Harvey Garrett, John Smith
 Heirs; wife Jane Smith
 D; 5/5/1852
 WIT: I E Ermentrout, W H Randolph
 EXEC: wife and Cyrus Walker, Esq and Hugh Irvin
 COD: dated 3/15/1853 wit: James W Matthews
 and B R Westfall. COD not dated.
 Heirs: wife Abigail M Ferguson, a house in Monmouth,
 100 acres of land in Indiana near Logansport
 recorded at Crawfordsville. Railroad stock in
 Lafayette and Indianapolis Railroad in hands of James
 Hogue, Esq of Boone Co, IND, house in Macomb. Younger
 children, Finley C , Charoloote, and Helen V. Names of my
 children now living; Sophronia S Ferguson (Monroe), Bethania
 C Ferguson (Bailey), Lydia Ann, Finley C, Charlotte, Helen V. Mentions
 "chemical and  philosophical apparatus in its different parts now to
 be found in library room of McDonough County College of Trustees of said College."
 PAGE 15
 HAINES, James
 D: 3/19/1853
 WIT: Mankin Champion and samuel Bunker
 Exec: Mankin Champion
 Heirs: Wife, Martha haines. Mentions Paschal McGee. Children mentioned but not named.
 DODD, Timothy
 Hartford, Connecticut
 D: 11/2/1827
 P: 8/1828
 Wit: James Wells, Jedidiah Hovey, Henry Steel
 Heirs: Wife Susannah; sons Benjamin, Timothy,
 William, John, George, Freeman and horace; daughter Catherine Williams (widow),
 Abigail, wife of Henry Bulkley, Mentions property in Boston from late brother, William Dodd
 PROVINE, Alexander B
 D: 4/2/1853
 P: 6/2/1853
 WIT; G M Higgins , J E Wyne
 EXEC: Friend, Col. Washington Bailey and son William W Provine
 Heirs: wife jane, son William W Provine and daughter Maria S
 Mentions money owed to him by John Anderson
 PAGE 16
 HARRIS, Prudence
 widow of James Harris
 D: 7/13/1853
 P: 9/1853
 WIT: Wm M Morgan and Even Bailey
 Heirs; son, Jonas R Harris and daughters, Prudence Kinney, Mary Ann Harris
 and Nelora Berry
 notes owened by Thomas Berry and J H Kinney husband of Prudence Kinney
 KIDD, Lewis
 D: 1/21/1853
 Wit: Charles W Waddell and Absolom Parker
 Heirs; Wife Margaret jane, Children, Charles Kidd, Sinta Ann Kidd, James Kidd,
 Alfred Kidd, Mary Elizabeth Kidd
 Mentions widow of James of Adams Co, PA "is about to remove to Illinois"
 Wit; Moses McLean and J B Danner
 Heirs; Granddaughters Nancy, d/o son John G and Ann B M., d/o son Hugh
 D: 5/25/1854
 Wit:  thomas Melvin and Benjamin Flowler
 Exec: Rigdon son and Wm Berry
 Heirs; Wife, Ann. Sons, Rigdon Huston, John Huston, Crocket Huston, William
 Huston, Thomas Huston and daughter Mary
 PAGE 17
 VAIL, Henry
 City of Troy, New York
 D: 6/18/1853
 P: 5/1854
 WIT: Jeremiah Romeyn and Nielson Forsythe
 Heirs; sister Martha Yronnett and her sons, Francis V and Charles M who reside
 in Illinois; niece jane L Gardner; nephew James T Gardner and his sons, Daniel,
 David, and James; Brother james. Widows, Mrs. Harriett Vail, widow of my brother
 James Vail, her daughters Mrs Harriett Learned and Mrs. Eliza Edmond and her son
 Henry Vail Edmond; nephew David thomas Vail and his son Richard P.(to nephew
 David Thomas Vail, farm known as Mount Ida Farm, Troy, New York, purchased of
 Albert P Hearett); Hast Vail and his daughter Jane Eliza; niece Sarah M, wife of George
 Gould and her daughter Jane thomas Gould; niece Martha C, daughter of George
 Vail; Harriett, d/o deceased niece Harriett, wife of J Lansing Vanschoonhven
 KNOWER, Benjamin, Esq.
 Merchant- City of Albany, New Yorl
 D: 6/16/1836
 P: 9/7/1839
 WIT; Thomas W Olcott and Peter Wendell, M.D. of Albany
 Exec; Robert H Morris of NY
 Heirs; sons, Edward, John, Benjamin Jr., Charles and Henry. daughters
 Cornelia, wife of William L Marcy, Jane M, Sarah, and Rebecca
 SMITH, Richard
 City of Raleigh, County of Wake, North Carolina
 D: 10/10/1851
 P: 1/10/1853
 Heirs; wife Penelope and daughter Mary Ann
 mentions "Black Seal Plumbago Mines which I now own one-half."
 BLANDIN, Joseph L
 D: 12/12/1854
 Wit: Wm F Hays and Eli G Merrill
 Heirs; Wife Asenath and son Charles A.,"each of my children"-not named.
 PAGE 18
 City of Baltimore, Maryland
 D: 1825
 P: 9/1825
 Wit: Peter Wilson, William H Heckrott, Wm Dell
 Heirs; Mother Sarah McIlvain; sisters, Caroline wife of John G Gould, Angelina wife
 of James D Nicholson, Engraver, and maria McInvain, :James F Symington and Edward
 Hinkley of the City (Baltimore) to hold in trust...."
 WELCH, William
 Kent County, Maryland
 D: 1/3/1837
 P: 2/1848
 Wit; Jas Heigh, J M Conegys and Samuel Conegys
 Heirs; brothers john D., Thomas S, and Ebenezer; sister Araminta Jacobs,
 Mrs. Martha Wright and Miss Elizabeth Thomas and Arnold Jacobs, whose
 relationship was not named. Also mentions to : John B Thomas all negroes I
 received by my beloved wife. Also mentions son john thomas welch.
 BLEDSOE, Robert
 Putnam County, Georgia
 D: 8/11/1846
 P: 7/1853
 Gives birth date of 3/31/1783
 Wit: Hanbl Wilson Sumpkin, William Tennee and Nathase of Georgia
 Exec: Walter Bullock and Garret Watts of Kentucky
 Heirs; brothers Richard and Jessee, neice of  Mary Frazer. A daughter of the late Dr.
 Robert Frazer. Mentions; late brothers, Richard dec'd and heirs of Richard, dec'd
 were three children in Memphis; heirs of Jessee, dec'd were two children in Georgia.
 Wanted his negroes to have land purchased from them in either Indiana or Illinois.
 PAGE 19
 PACE, William J
 D: 5/7/1855
 P: 5/1855
 Wit: James B Koyle and Geo A Taylor
 Exec: Jonathan H Baker
 Heirs; Hester S Pace "children; Ingram Thomas, Susan E wife of William H Dameron,
 George W, Pennelia, Andrew J, Nancy, Ann, May, Amanda and Fanny B Pace.
 GARRETT, Robert
 P: 5/1855
 Wit; G W Smith and A S Chaffee
 Heirs; Wife Catherine; blind daughter, Jerusha; daughters Ann, wife of Abraham jones,
 May, wife of Robert Cannon, and Sarah, wife of  Van C Hampton
 LEEDS, John - Lawrence Co, ILL
 D: 6/23/1828
 P: 5/147/1855 at Lawrenceville, ILL
 WIT: John H Moses, Hezekiah Hardisty, Ritchson Spencer
 Heirs: Brother Hugh, Brothers and sisters and father mentioned but not named.
 Gave to brother Hugh a quarter section No .35 T6NR4W Military Tract
 MCHENRY, Samuel
 D: 4/22/1855
 P: 5/26/1855
 WIT: John Smith and John Mathewson
 Exec: William Robinson
 Heirs: Wife Margaret and all my children.
 PAGE 20
 BINNEY, Amos, Esq.
 City of Boston, Mass.
 D: 1/6/1846
 P: 5/31/1855
 WIT: Harrison Ritchie, F C Loring and C W Loring
 Heirs: mentions brother and wife (not named) Aunts, Mrs. Sarah Binney and
 Mrs. Nancy Coperland, his children (but not named); friends D S Stover and
 A A Gould, Trustees Charles G Loring, George S Hillard and Chas. B Wells.
 COD. added February 6, 1846 while residing in Rome, Italy, giving his profession
 as physician.
 WIT: Franklin Dexter(father), C Elizabeth Dexter (mother) and Arthur Dexter(son)
 BRAY, Daniel
 Merchant, Philadelphia, PA
 D: 11/8/1843
 WIT: Jas. Russell and Ew. S Campbell
 EXEC: name Wilson Bray erased as executor.
 Heirs: minor children William R and May; sister Susan bateman and Delilah Rittenhouse
 of Heingswod township, Hunterdon County, NJ; niece Susan B Rittenhouse; friend
 Stacy B Barcraft and John H Campbell "long time friend and partner", nephew
 J Wesley Bray; Bridget Fagan (relationship not named)
 Philadelphia, PA - wife of Dr. Henry Duffield
 D: 7/21/1854
 WIT: Charles W Miller , A F Glass, and Hugh W Silver
 Heirs; children not named, but mentioned.
 CHAMBERS, William
 D: ?
 P: 6/18/1855
 WIT: J B Pearson and S P Camp
 Heirs: Wife Rebecca; her son Robert G Simpson of Macomb; my son William M Chambers
 and my daughter Mary E Parkinson and husband George W Parkinson, mentions estate
 of father-in-law Moses Randolph, dec. late of Layette County, Kentucky
 PAGE 21
 ALLEN, Samuel Clesson
 Northfield, Franklin Co, MASS
 D: 8/22/1840
 WIT: Polycarpus L Cushman, Aretaaas Fenry, and F E H Allen
 Heirs: sons, John Jay, Elisha of Bangor, Me, Zedulon, Thomas, Henry, Arthur Ellsworth,
 Frederick H and Dwight; wife Rosana, Grandmother Ann Ellsworth Hant; daughters
 Mary Lyman Allen, Sarah Newcomb Appleton, wife of John Appleton, Esq; son-in-law
 David A Gregg; grandsons James Bowdoin Allen of Northfiled and Samuel Clesson Allen
 of Bangor, ME.; Joseph Allen, William Fessenderrs Allen, Elisha Allen, John Francis
 Appleton, David Irvin Gregg, James E Allen, ; Granddaughters Martha Hant Gregg,
 Mary A Gregg, Sarah N Allen, Harriett Allen, May H Allen, Elizabeth Holsey Allen,
 Sarah Elizabeth Allen, Helen Allen, Francis P Gregg, and Francis H Allen. Friends
 Henry W Cushman, Esq., Orrin Severand and Cyrus Holton.
 P: 10/1/1855
 WIT: William H Randolph and Alexander McLean
 Heirs; Daughter Mary Ann jamison, wife of Robert Jamison of Fealte County, Ohio;
 Catherine Day, wife of William Day of County of Ross, Ohio; Elizabeth Young, wife
 of Wilson young, Ross Co, Ohio; Hannah Pessejoy, wife of Samuel Pessejoy; four
 sons Elijah, Mones, Benjamin, Michael Stookey.
 PAGE 22
 LANSDOWN, Joseph Emanuel
 D: 11/6/1855
 P: 12/1855
 WIT: Mankin Champion and Thomas C Yard
 Heirs: sister, Mary Collins and brother John Lansdown
 COCHRAN, Samuel
 D: 3/8/1856
 P: 4/1856
 Exec: Jeremiah Sullivan and Absalom H Rush
 Heirs: wife Margaret and three children, daughters Sarah Jane Lindsey, Mary Catherine,
 and Almyra Anne. Mentions Jonas Lindsey (relation not mentioned)
 WOOD, Silas
 Merchant-City of New York
 D: 12/24/1850
 P: 8/31/1852
 Wit: Georse A Halsey and J G Sweenry
 Exec: wife Julia, nephew Edward Wood and friend Edgar VanWinkle
 Heirs: Wife Julia A C Wood; Dec son Samuel Cherrwood, infant daughter Virginia Beverly Wood
 and infant son Beverly Checo
 COD Dated 7/23/1851
 Wit: W Boulton Covington, James G Arbourd, and I August Halsey
 Mentions mother Mrs mary Wood; sisters Mrs Phoebe hatch, Miss Sarah wood, Mrs May Seymore,
 Miss Anna Wood, and Miss Lydia Wood
 PAGE 23
 P: 5/5/1856
 WIT: J B Pearson and W W Provine
 Exec: friend Benjamin R Hampton, father James Parkinson
 Heirs; wife May E Parkinson; brothers Joseph M Parkinson of macomb and William K Parkinson
 of Calif; son Charles Henry Parkinson; sister Elizabeth Parkinson and brother-in-law William M
 Chambers and to their heirs, also brother James Franklin Parkinson. "Susan Draper, sister of said John"
 friend Rev. Benjamin Applebee of Macomb, John Greenup, Mrs. Woods, a widow lady and washer woman
 of Macomb. Mentions notes owed by Milton Sweeney, David Mitchell, Seth Alexander, Joseph Bolding,
 James Hunter, widow of George Hill, dec; David Clarke of Macomb mentioned. Asked to be buried west
 of Macomb if a new cemetery bo built remains of me and my family moved there. Mentions firm of
 Randolph Parkinson & Co, late firm of Mackey Randolph & Co and late firm of William H Randolph & Co
 which firm was composed of William Randolph, William Chambers, my father-in-law, now dec. and myself
 WILLEY, Absalom
 D: 4/17/1838
 P: 6/16/1856
 WIT: William F Head, James M Campbell, and C T Overton
 Heirs: sons Charles W, Samuel, John, George and William; daughters Sally Griffin, Elizabeth Griffin,
 and Catherine Shaw
 TAYLOR, John Sr.
 D: 3/29/1856
 P: 6/18/1856
 WIT: James Levin and Tillman L Bowen
 Heirs: wife Elizabeth; son John; daughter Luisa;
 step-daughter Ellen Webb
 WALKER, Benjamin
 D: 5/6/1856
 P: 7/1856
 Wit: James M Campbell and Luisa T Campbell
 Heirs; wife Abigail
 PAGE 24
 HARRIS, Nathan
 P: 9/1856
 Wit: A Powers and Jas harris
 Heirs; niece, Mary Ann Harris and nephew, Jonas R Harris
 GASH, John J
 D: 1/1855
 P: 12/15/1856
 Wit: A Blackburn and George Henderson
 Heirs: Wife Mary F Gash; sons John Jackson, James S, and Henry W.; daughters Ann
 Maria, George B, Harriett, Oscas, Edgar
 KIRK, John
 D: 7/1856
 P: 12/1856
 Wit:  C R Hume and V M Hardin
 Heirs: Wife nancy; son John J Kirk, son-in-law Samuel E Fredrick, daughters Julia A
 Hareick (Harriett?), Marietta, Lucy E; granddaughter Juliet Archer-John Archer,
 nancy E Archer.
 WESTFALL, Cornelius
 P: 1/1857
 WIT: J W Boothe and Alexander Harris
 Heirs: Wife Sarah and children; Beverly R Westfall (son), Mary E Armstrong, Sarah Ann
 Westfall, Melissa Otterman, Louisa M Westfall, Harriett S< Westfakk and Grace A.
 KEAPON, Samuel
 D: 2/4/1857
 P: 3/4/1857
 WIT: M M Gaylord, and A E Stoner
 Exec; friends Sullivan Searle and G A Gaylord
 Heirs; wife Almira and son George G
 PAGE 25
 PERRY, Jonathan L
 D: 12/3/1856
 P: 4/1857
 WIT: Eli Ewell and Joseph M Arnold
 Exec; William B Wright, also guardian of two oldest sons
 COD: witensses; January 28/1857 by William Merritt and H H Harris
 Heirs: Wife Martha; two eldest sons, Charles L and John L Perry; two youngest sons,
 Orville F and Melvin P Perry
 MCALAY, Alexander
 D: 5/5/1857
 P: 6/3/1857
 Wit: John Walker and Orion Walker
 Exec: brother-in-law George Perrine and Matthew J Farner
 Heirs; father Hugh McAlay, sisters Emily McAlay and Elizabeth McAlay.
 D; 3/8/1854
 P: 7/1857
 Wit: Wm Holton Jr, , Wm H Hooton, Anemeth Hooton
 Exec: John Scott
 Heirs: wife mentioned but not named; grandson David Scott (son of John and mary Scott)
 Children of my son, dec., son Amos Hendrickson and Dec'd daughter Francis Little
 MOORE, Andrew
 P: 7/1857
 WIT: J W Wyne and Wm F McCandless
 Heirs: wife mentioned but not named, daughter Dulcema and son Isaac
 PAGE 26
 D: 7/10/1857 age 66 years
 P: 8/1857
 Wit: William thompson, Samuel D Camp, and R L Dark
 Exec: R L Dark
 Heirs; son and daughter, Moses Driscol and Sarah Rice, Mentions dec. sons and
 daughters; heirs but not named.
 Heirs: daughter, Harriett Wallace Howorthe, all of estate. In case her death goes to:
 John Howorthe, James F Howorthe, and Asher W Graham. John H Graham, guardian
 for daughter. Deucilla E Wood named. brother: James F Howorthe
 LONG, John
 D: 9/19/1850
 P: 10/1857
 Wit: Henry Alspoughe and Maria Alspoughe
 Heirs: Wife Rebecca Long only heri. James W Dorson mentioned having a note due
 YORK, James J
 D: 10/25/1857
 P: 12/1857
 WIT: A P Hopper and John Sorter
 Exec; Joseph Jones
 Heirs: youngest child, James M C York, other children mentioned but not named.
 PAGE 27
 (Prairie City)
 D: 11/11/1857
 P: 1/1858
 Mentions will on 12/3/1857
 Wit: J R Parker and nancy Ann Wilson
 Heirs: daughter Catherine McGrew and son Thomas Roberts. Mentions James Roberts,
 Edd Roberts, Ann Wilson, Lucy Neal,heirs; Margaret Newkirk and John Roberts
 MCCANDLESS, Archibald
 County of Allegheny, North Fayette Twp, PENN
 P: 3/1858
 Wit: Amos Kelly and Henry Wallace
 Heirs; oldest daughter, nancy Trotter, 2nd daughter Margaret Morgan; third daughter
 Elizabeth Byers; sons William F, John B, Alexander G, James H, Joseph P, Archibald B,
 Moses A, daughter Sarah jane and Mary. Wishes to be buried in Presbyterian burying
 ground known as Raccoon Graveyard.
 WHITLOCK, Hezekiah
 Norwalk, Fairfiled County, CT
 D: 4/9/1832
 P: 6/1857
 Wit; Charles W Taylor, Samuel B Warren, and Charles thomas
 Exec: son-in-law James Stevens of Norwalk
 Heirs; Wife Ann; sons Charles, Lewis and Burall; daughters, Nancy Bennett and
 Fanny Stevens. Also mentions heirs of son Thaddeus Whitlock, Dec.

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