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Larkins Cemetery-Walnut Grove-McDonough Co, ILL

LARKINS CEMETERY is located in the NW quarter section of Section 3, Walnut Grove Township. It is three and one quarter miles east of U S Hwy 67, on Road 000 N., (Warren-McDonough County Line), on the south side of the road. The Ralph Wolf home is located directly across the road, to the north.

CAMPBELL, Willis G; died Feb 17, 1869 aqge 2m8d, son of J A and M C
JUETT, Elizabeth died May 13, 1886 age 69y5m3d
KINNEY, Nancy G d. Jan 26, 1875 age 31y11m4d wife of E.S.
KINNEY, Ida May d Dec 13, 1872 age 11m16d daughter of E.S. & N G
KINNEY, William A d July 9 , 1871 4y3m son of E S and N G
KINNEY, James M d. Dec 5, 1862 1y3m14d son of E S and N G
LARKINS, Zeddekiah d. Aug 16, 1870 1m12d son of JW and M C
LARKINS, John W d Dec 2, 1872 60y10m9d
LARKINS, John H d. Oct 5, 1862 14y3m6d son of J W & L
LARKINS, William H d. Sept 19, 1862 8y11m9d son of James and Parthena "W.H.L."
LARKINS, Samuel d. Nov 29, 1859 age 26 years
LARKINS, James d. Aug 18, 1864 81y1m16d
LARKINS, D.C.Elmira d Jan 13, 1858 4y2m dau of J and M.A.
LARKINS, ?Sarah? D Oct 29, 1859 1y3m dau of J and M.A.
LARKINS, ?_____? D Feb 26 1862 11m9d son of J and M.A.
RYLANDER, Gog age 5 months
TRASEY, Mary J d. June 29, 1862 age 3 years dau of W and M Trasey
TRACY, Mary, d. June 29,1869 35y9m wife of Warnel
TRACY, James R d Aug 8, 1869 age 3 months son of W and M Tracy
WRIGHT, Valentine, according to oral history is buried here. Died between 1862 & 1872; grave is not marked.
name unreadable, age 40 years 7 months


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