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Black, Campbell & Chadsey-Gay Cemetery
Schuyler Co, IL


This small cemetery is located in the South East Quarter of the South West quarter of Section 31 in Rushville township. It is a small well kept cemetery with only a few monuments. It is located just a little south of Bartlow Brothers packing plant. The land was owned by William F Black in 1872.

 Black, William F Jan 22 1874 52y7m
 Black, Louis R-( son of WF and MA HILLS BLACK-April 19, 1867-1y1m
 *BLACK, T O-1-22-1857-----------5-21-1905
 _____________________unable to read - Jun 1, 1875 23y1m25d
 CREAMER, Eliza ( wife of Adam)-Jul 9, 1852-51y-SCHABB
 HILL, Henry-Oct 1850-65y


This cemetery is located in the south east corner of the south east quarter of section 19, Rushville. The following article on the Campbell Cemetery appeared in the Schuyler Citizen newspaper in March of 1872. The information in parenthesis was supplied by Mrs. Lavina Walton.


The farm of Mr. Alexander Campbell, just north of Rushville, on which was located a private burial ground, having passed out of the hands of the family, and there being no reservation made for the graveyard, it became necessary to remove the dead. The following is a list of the bodies removed, for which we are indebted to Mr. Hiram Evans:

CAMPBELL, Joseph T d. 12-12-1859-48y
 CAMPBELL, Charles S d. August 20, 1844
 CAMPBELL, Sophia S. d. Feb 14, 1860
 CAMPBELL, Joseph E d. July 19, 1962
 Joseph E and Sophia S were children of Joseph T and Isabella Scott-Campbell
 CAMPBELL, Alexander, died June 18, 1853 aged 83 years
 CAMPBELL, Susannah, died Dec 15, 1842 aged 62 years
 TONGRAY, Sally and infant SON; died October 20th, 1839.(CAMPBELL)
 Wife and son of John G TONCRAY
 WHITE, Mitchel, died Feb 28th 1837
 Husband of Nancy CAMPBELL-WHITE
 WELLS, Jane died Jan 1, 1840 (CAMPBELL)
 Wife of William Carrick, wife of Nelson Wells
 EVANS, N.P.,died Sept 28, 1864
 Mrs. S. EVANS and child died Sept 1849.(CARRICK)
 Susan CARRICK-EVANS wife of Hiram EVANS
 Infant SON of H EVANS, died December 1846
 MCHATTON, Samuel died May 1845
 CLARK, Lydia, dau of Felix G CLARK, now of Des Moines,Iowa
 Mrs. John HANEY and little DAUGHTER, wife of John HANEY, Sr, now of Lansing, Iowa, in 1834.(John Haney died April 15, 1875, Lansing, Iowa.

Above taken up under the supervision of Wm Campbell, Hiram Evans and James A White and re-interred in Rushville Cemetery. Labor was performed by Mr. Robert Burnham.


This cemetery is located in the SE 1/4 section 6 in Rushville. The land was given by the Chadsey family. The listing of members of the gay family was submitted by Ralph Gay and Beulah Gay Herman-grandchildren of Mary J and E W L Gay. Information about the Simpson family was supplied by Mary Tutt.

DAW.....SON(Dwonen?), Nancy J, d Sep 10, 1838-2y4m9d
SIMPSON, George, 1802-5/11/1900 97y6m2d
SIMPSON, Nancy (2nd wife of George) 1/22/1835-4/26/1906-HUFF
SIMPSON, George W, son of George & Elizabeth d. 9/1/1851
SIMPSON, Elizabeth d.11/29/1851-HUFF
(first wife of George)
SIMPSON, John-no stone
SIMPSON, Benjamin d. 1928
{George Jr, John and Elizabeth died with cholera. When they dug Benjamin's grave, they dug into the side of an infant's grave}

HILLS, Henry O-1818-1881
HILLS, Jane, wife of H.O. 1817-1850-MEADOR
BERRY, John Schuyler d. 9/16/1878? 42y4m10d
BERRY, Francis d. Nov
BERRY, Lillian -no stone
{Children of John S and N J BERRY}
MORRISON, William d. Oct 15, 1846
{Infant son of R and E Morrison}
{The CHADSEY Plot at one time has been completely surrounded by a wall made of stones 4-5' high}
CHADSEY, Robert N-1801-1885
CHADSEY, Rachel, wife of R N -3/12/1810-1886
{Discovered a smaller walled-in plot(attached) east of the larger area. Found three small markers (probably for children). No inscriptions on two, but the third one: Mary E, Dau of W M Dela........(indistinct)}
CHADSEY, Jaqmes ?
CHADSEY, Mary Ann ?
CHADSEY, Benjamin ?
CHADSEY, Rachel, dau of R N and R d. 1/28/1861 23y3m28d
CHADSEY, Hobart G, son of R N and R d. 5-14-1872-24y6m19d
HARMAN, Nellie, dau of S R and J Harman d. Aug 21, 1870-4y2m26d
GAY, Mary J w of E W L d. 11/28/1880-55y9m4d
GAY, Lemuel son of E W L and M J-d 11/13/1881-13y9m24d
GAY, Ella E, dau of E W L and M J-d 10/12/1881-18y13d
GAY.Mary J dau of E W L and M J-d 10/2/1882- 25y 4d
GAY,Marcia A, dau of E W L and M J-d 11/15/1882-32y10m04d
GAY, Benjamin F (no stone)-d. 2/16/1880- 25y3m2d
Found small marker with only three initials "B.F.G" near GAY plot. Which might be for Benjamin Gay, another son of E W L and Mary J Gay. He died in 1853.

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