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Samuel Charles Mitchell, July 23, 1839 in Springfield, ILL

Catharine Arabella Mitchell, Jany 10,  1842 in Chicago, IL
James William Mitchell, our sweet "Willie" a precious lovely boy,  July 25, 1853 at 1/4 to 6 p.m. in urbana

Mary Ellen Mitchell, our angel daughter, all that her parents heart could desire, in holy Christian triumph, Aug 8, 1862 at 5 p.m. in Cinci

nnati, OH

Mrs Catharine Mitchell, my faithful and beloved wife, for 27 years the companion of my pilgrimage. A true hearted and pure minded a Christian woman as ever lived on the earth. For many years she was a consistent witness of that perfect love which casteth out fear. Worn down with a long and painful sickness which she bore with wonderful patience and cheerfulness, she departed to her rest-long desired-Feb 24, 1863 at 5 p.m. in Cincinnati, Ohio, conscious and self possessing the last moment, she was more than Conqueror thro the blood of the ____   (probably lamb)
Rev John Thos Mitchell, May 30, 1863 at 7 a.m. On steamer Itasoa,  Mississippi River, near Winona, Wis while en route with his two sons to Rod Wing, to visit  his only surviving sister, Mrs Bell.

Rev Frank Gridley Mitchell-son on Sept 8, 1931 at Urbana, OH
Mary A Mitchell Conway June 22, 1927 at Indianapolis, Indiana (dau of Frank Gridley Mitchell)
Walter Dana Mitchell Dec 3, 1881 at Cincinnati, O, son of Frank Gridley Mitchell


Mary Ellen Mitchell, Aug 12, 1837 in Jacksonville, Illionis. Baptized by her grandfather  Rev Sam Mitchell, April 1838
Samuel Charles Mitchell Jany 19, 1839 Jacksonville, Illinois.  Baptized by Rev A McNeise, M.D, July, -- 1840
Female infant stillborn in Springfield, May 22, 1840
Catharine Arabell Mitchell, May 23, 1841 in Chicao, ILL. Baptized by Rev S Mitcehll, Sept 1843.
John Thomas Mitcehll, June 30, 1843 at Mt Morris, Ogle Co, ILL. Baptized by Rev S Mitcehll Sept 1843
Francis Gridley Mitchell, Nov 28, 1845 in Cincinnati, Ohio., Baptized by Rev L Snowstitch, July 24, 18--
James William Mitcehll, April 8, 1847 in Cincinnati, Ohio baptized by Rev S Mitchell May 27 1848

Nellie Mitcehll Aug 14, 1868 in  Urbana, O baptized by C W Ristall
Sallie Mitchell Nov 14, 1869 in Urbana, OH Baptized by C W Ristall
John ? Mitchell born/ died Nov 19
Kate Van Meter Mitchell June 26, 1870 at Catawba, Ohio baptized by Rev A Mehany, Feb 11 1872
Walter Dana Mitchell and Henry Davis Mitchell May 26, 1872 in Williamsburg, Ohio baptized by Rev S D Clayton June 28, 1873
Anna Laura Mitchell Juny 24, 1874 at Greenfield, Ohio baptized by Rev H H Lowry July 16, 1876
mary Angie Mitchell Mar 29 1877 at Springfield, ohio baptized by Rev Frank Mitchell May 13, 1877
Frank Wylie Mitchell Sept 14, 1881 at Ripley, Ohio baptized by Rev Wm Runyan July 26, 1883
Eleanor Mitchell Wright June 23 1911 at Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaiin domitory baptized by Frank G Mitchell Oct 2, 1913e

Jno T Mitchell and Catharine Rice by Rev Joseph Edmundson at Mr L K Livingly?, near Springfield, Illinois on Dec 24, 1835
Jno T Mitchell and Annie R Hitt by Rev David Warnock at the First M E Church, Urbana, Oh on Aug 14, 1866
Frank G Mitchell and Mary E Davis by Rev Enoch Pond at the hoem of Joshua and Lucy Davis, Malta, Ohio, Aug 13, 1869
Henry Davis Mitchell and Iva Glenn Higgins by Rev Frank G Mitchell, at the home of Mrs Wilbur Higgins,  Chicago ILL on Nov 11, 1903
Clement? Hale Wright and Anna Laura Mitchell by Rev Frank G Mitchell at Hartmell, ohio, Parsonage on Jan 1, 1906

Extracted from Champaign County Genealogical Society Newsletter,  Summer 2007 Vol 23 pg 56,57
Original Bible is owned by the Champaign County Library


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