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Texas Families Cemetery Index

Choate Cemetery, Choate, Karnes Co., TX  Updated:  02/22/2002

New Ulm Cemetery, New Ulm, Austin Co., TX

Nordheim Cemetery, DeWitt Co., TX

Runge Cemetery, Runge, Karnes Co., TX

Salado Cemetery, Salado, Bell Co., TX

St. Andrews Lutheran Cemetery, Weesatche, Goliad Co., TX

St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Yorktown, DeWitt Co., TX

Tales in Stone

The Old Cemetery by the road it stands,

Filled with some few and others many.

The occupants all pioneers and travelers,

And seekers of old, in Our land.

 They lived, they loved, they worked hard.

They thought they'd live another day,

To tell their tale to those who'd have interest.

Now stones with silence do speak... 

And their tale is told.

Carolyn M. Getting

Jul 8, 2001


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