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Index to Family Group Sheets

Elliott, Oleta (Born: Private)
England, Myrtle Ola (Born: 27 Feb 1892)
Erp, James Christopher (Born: Private)
Erp, James Christopher
Espey, Sarah "Sally" (Born: Abt 1795)
Espy, Catherine Maria "Calsy" (Born: 1799)
Espy, Elizabeth "Betsy" (Born: 1785)
Espy, George (Born: Aft 1794)
Espy, James (Born: 1758)
Espy, Margarett "Peggy" (Born: 1774)
Espy, Mary "Polly" (Born: Abt 1787)
Espy, Rachel (Born: 1786)
Espy, Robert (Born: 1727)
Espy, Robert Armistead (Born: 1798)
Espy, William (Born: Abt 1783)
Estes, Marjorie Ruth (Born: Private)
Estridge, Donald
Estridge, Mary Evelyn (Born: Private)
Eubanks, Andrew Marion (Born: Private)
Eubanks, Brenda LeAnn (Born: Private)
Eubanks, Donald Andrew (Born: Private)
Eubanks, Evan Russell (Born: Private)
Eubanks, Joseph Wyatt (Born: Private)
Eubanks, Russell Scott (Born: Private)
Eubanks, Samuel Lindsay (Born: Private)
Eubanks, Thomas Samuel (Born: Private)
Eubanks, Winnie Sue (Born: Private)
Fannon, George
Fannon, Thomas
Fargerson, Charles Woodrow (Born: 11 May 1918)
Fargerson, Claude Patrick (Born: Private)
Fargerson, Eddie
Fargerson, Lea (Born: Abt 1888)
Fargerson, Lena Ada (Born: Private)
Fargerson, Roy
Farmer, Jamima
Farrell, Elizabeth Julia (Born: Abt 1829)
Farrell, John (Born: Bet 1790 AND 1800)
Farrell, Martha C. (Born: Abt 1827)
Farrell, Mary C. (Born: Abt 1825)
Farrell, Rachel Louisa (Born: 28 Feb 1830)
Farrell, Rebecca C. (Born: Abt 1834)
Farrell, Theophilus Lafayette (Born: 15 Sep 1832)
Farris, James D. (Born: Abt 1849)
Farris, John O. (Born: Abt 1852)
Farris, Mary Elizabeth (Born: Abt 1851)
Farris, T. Cleavland (Born: Abt 1853)
Farris, Thomas (Born: Abt 1851)
Farris, William D. (Born: 1824)
Faubian, Howard Clark (Born: Private)
Faubian, Rhonda Lu (Born: Private)
Faubian, Richard Lynn (Born: Private)
Federicks, Leslie D. (Born: Private)
Ference, Maria (Born: 20 Apr 1885)
Fernandez, Anita Jane (Born: Private)
Fidler, Maurine
Field, Christa (Born: Private)
Field, Jacob (Born: Private)
Field, Michael W. (Born: Private)
Fiesler, William H.
Find, Albert (Born: Abt 1859)
Find, Augusta (Born: Abt 1855)
Find, Daniel (Born: Abt 1824)
Find, Edmund (Born: Abt 1862)
Find, Ernst (Born: Abt 1864)
Find, Omelia(Emilie) (Born: Jul 1860)
Finley, Margaret (Born: 17 Mar 1793)
Fischer, Lena J.
Fitzpatrick, Estella
Fletcher, Virginia Perry (Born: Private)
Flynn, Arlis Jean (Born: Private)
Flynn, Helen Margaret
Flynn, Jack J.

Foerster, Joseph (Born: 24 Nov 1848)
Foote, Beheathland (Born: Abt 1769)
Foote, Elizabeth "Betsey" (Born: Abt 1770)
Foote, Frances (Born: Abt 1762)
Foote, Henry Alexander (Born: Abt 1772)
Foote, Henry Alexander (Born: 11 Apr 1738/39)
Foote, Katharine (Born: Abt 1775)
Foote, Mary (Born: 1767)
Foote, William (Born: Abt 1765)
Foss, Kiralyn Brooke (Born: Private)
Foss, Lynanne (Born: Private)
Foss, Russell Haney (Born: Private)
Foster, Winnie Bell
Franka, Darryl Edward (Born: Private)
Franka, Darryl Edward (Born: Private)
Franka, Edward Florian (Born: 5 Oct 1913)
Franka, Floyd Edward (Born: Private)
Franka, Hannah Joy (Born: Private)
Franka, Isaiah Steven (Born: Private)
Franka, John Christopher (Born: Private)
Franka, John Gus (Born: Private)
Franka, Kimberly Suzanne (Born: Private)
Franka, Mary Ann (Born: Private)
Franka, Nathan Paul (Born: Private)
Franka, Roselyn Addie (Born: Private)
Franka, Steven Charles (Born: Private)
Franke, ???


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