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Footprints of Five Generations , by C. W. Schmidt.  The New Ulm Enterprise, New Ulm, Texas 1930;  Pg 19, Pgs 68-75.



Mrs. August Klump

Oldest Living Pioneer of Austin County


Mrs. August Klump, nee Fehrenkamp, is probably the oldest living pioneer in Austin County. Mr. and Mrs. August Klump settled in the timberland near New Ulm in the year 1854. Mrs. Klump was ninety-seven years old in March, 1930.  Unfortunately she lost her eyesight a score of years ago which shut off the beauties of nature to her vision and made her feel very lonesome at times.  She lives with her daughter, Mrs. Emile Blaschke at Cat Spring, and is the mother of the following named living children:  William and Otto of Stonewall County;  Louis of Bellville;  Ignatz of Goliad County;  Ernest of Rockhouse;  Mrs. Emilie Blaschke of Cat Spring;  Mrs. Henrietta Hines of Greenvine;  and Albert Klump of Rosebud.



Close Rival To Mrs. August Klump


Mrs. Elizabeth Peebles, nee Spies, is still active at the advanced age of ninety-six years.  Mrs. Peebles is a native of Switzerland but came to Texas long before Texas ceased to be a republic. She loves to reminiscence of the pioneer days and of events that occurred prior to the civil War. She lives with her daughter, Mrs. M. N. Wood at Welcome.



John George Dentlar in company with Lorenz Mueller, Lorenz Sailer and other Swabians came to Duff’s settlement in 1849. Later Dentlar built a log cabin near the home of Jack Rinn near a Creek which still bears his name but more recently known as Post Oak Point Creek. The Creek was much larger and swifter three-quarters of a century ago than now. It is the same creek in which Arthur W. Kuehn unearthed a fossil of the prehistoric ages about three years ago.

Dentlar mowed grass on the prairies between Industry and New Ulm with a hand scythe for the wage of one dollar per acre. The hay was hauled away on a hand made wagon and when loaded to capacity, nothing but the tongue, made from a post oak sapling, to which the oxen were hitched, could be seen. Visitors from Duff’s settlement and Austin’s colony would occasionally inspect the hay-loads, ride around the wagon.



Among the early settlers locating in the Ernst league, near Industry, were Mr. and Mrs. –  Bartels. Their matrimonial union being without issue they purchased or adopted a young negro slave who learned to speak their language and respected and obeyed his master and mistress with all filial love and did his part dispelling the monotony and loneliness which often darkened the modest little farm home on the banks of Mill Creek.

Bartels, it is said, was an educated man and aside of acquiring several hundred acres of fine fertile farming land adjacent: to Mill Creek, managed to accumulate considerable cash money the greater portion of which he lend to his intimate friends who paid him a legitimate rate of interest for the use of it. Bartels preceded his wife in death, however, his slave, Henry Williams, (still living on the farm inherited from his master) and his wife took excellent care of Mrs. Bartels providing her with all comforts of life and brightened her declining days of life.

Unfortunately Mrs. Bartels suffered a stroke of paralysis of which she never recovered.  For two long years she was an invalid and unable to leave her bed without the assistance given her by her slave and his wife, who bathed, washed, clothed and fed her during her prolonged illness and helplessness, until death relieved her of her pitiful condition.

After both Mr. and Mrs. Bartels had passed away their joint will, providing for the cancellation of all claims due the estate and bequeathing all the residue of their estate, both real and personal, to their slave Henry Williams, was offered for probate.

And that’s why old, gray haired Henry Williams is still in possession of a pack of letters written in German three quarters of a century ago and which he treasures highly and keeps snugly tied to his old deed from Mrs. Bartels.



One of the most conspicuous characters of the pioneer days of Industry was C. C. Koch, who settled there about the year 1848.  He was married four times.  His first wife was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ahlreid who died without issue.  For his second wife Koch married Mrs. Ernestine Appel.  Of the children born to their matrimonial union only one son, C. T. Koch, one of the oldest business men of  New Ulm, survives.  The maiden name of Mr. Koch’s third wife was Rosalia Machak who died leaving surviving her one daughter Laura Miller, wife of the late Dr. K. N. Miller of Houston.  For his fourth wife Koch married Mrs. Marie Teufel, a sister of the late Oswald Rehm, also a pioneer.



Jack (Jacob) Rinn who settled at Post Oak Point near the banks of Pastoren Creek, was among the early settlers who came here at an early date.  Mr. Rinn was instrumental in encouraging immigrants to come to Texas in order that they might eventually become independent citizens.

His efforts were crowned with success inasmuch as many of the new comers made their temporary headquarters with him and got their start in life on his extensive farm. And yet he lived m a modest way avoiding the publicity that was due him because of his hospitality and his willingness to help provide a home for those who followed him to the land of his adoption.  He and Mrs. Rinn reared a fine family of boys and girls all of whom followed their parent to the grave save one son, Paul Rinn, who resides at Yoakum, Texas.

Scores of grandchildren are proud to trace their lineage to him and to bear his name.


Incomplete List of Early Pioneers who settled at or near NEW ULM, Texas, Prior to 1858 and names of

their surviving children:


Christopher Ashorn, surviving children: W. C. Ashorn,

Mrs. Elizabeth Kretzschmar, Rdward Ashorn, Sr., Mrs. Chas. Schuette, New UIm; Mrs. Ignatz Klump, Goliad County.

Otto Aurich. The parents of Otto Aurich settled here at an early date the following grandchildren survive:  A. G. Aurich,

Oscar Aurich, Paul Aurich, New UIm. Mrs. Ernest Klump, Rockhouse: Mrs. W. F. Krauss, Round Top, Mrs. Elvira Klatt, Burton, and ____Aurich of Ledbetter.


Charles Bastian, surviving children:  Mrs. August Hoppe, Sr., Adolf, August, New Ulm;  Mrs. Antonia Bader and Henry Bastian, Star Hill;  Charles Bastian, Skidmore;  Mrs. Gustav Kretzschmar, Taylor; Mrs. Charles W. Rau, Columbus.

Henry Brune: surviving children:  Wm. Brune, Post Oak Point; Mrs. H. Runge and Mrs. Wm. Rinn, New Ulm; Mrs. Henry Rinn, Old Glory.

George Brune:  Ed. Brune, Scaly, and Mrs. Elise Koy, New Orleans.

Edward Brune; Grand children survive.


Mr. and Mrs. F. Dorbritz, surviving children:  C. A. Dorbritz, New Ulm; Mrs. Louise Albrecht, and Anna Dohmann, Weser;  Antonio Deininger, San Antonio;


Daniel Find, surviving children:  E. C. Find, New Ulm;  Mrs. L. J. Rinn, Post Oak Point;  Mrs. Emilie Rudloff, Sealy and Mrs. Auguste Wink, Glidden.


Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Gross, surviving children:  Louis Gross, Post Oak Point;  Mrs. John Rinn, New Ulm;  Mrs. Wm. Altmann, Nordheim.


William Holzmann, surviving children:  Mrs. Anna Teufel;  Mrs. Reinhold Beckmann, Mrs. E. H. Wangemann, Industry;  Mrs. __ Witte, Yoakum, and Mrs. John Koch, Idaho.

Wm. Hagemann; (Mrs. Hagemann is still living at a serene old age at La Grange) surviving children:  Otto, La Grange.

F. Haubold, surviving children: Alvin Haubold, Waco;  Mrs. Lena Wotipka, Star Hill; Mrs. Natalia Wink, San, Saba, Texas.

Otto Henkhaus:  surviving grandchildren.


Gottfried Kellner, surviving children:  Oscar Kellner and Mrs. J. Weber, New Ulm; G. J. Kellner, Brookshire;  Friedrich Kellner, Sealy;  Mrs. Schlueter and T. P. Kellner, Houston.

Gottfried Krueger; surviving children:  Reinhold, Emil, Albert and Leo, New Ulm;  Amandus, Houston; Julius, Oklahoma City; Samuel, San Antonio; Gustav, Brady;  Mrs. Henriette Engelking, Waco;  and Mrs. Auguste Martens, Nealsville, Wisconsin.

J. C. Krause, surviving children:  Franz and Louis Krause, Star Hill;  Mrs. August Mueller, Latium.

Nicolaus Kieselbach, surviving child:  Mrs. Ottilie Kochendoerfer, Star Hill.

August Klump (Mrs. Klump is still living at the age of 97), surviving children:  William and Otto of Stonewall County;  Louis of Bellville;  Ignatz of Goliad County;  Ernst of Rockhouse;  Mrs. Emilie Blaschke, Cat Spring;  Mrs. Henriette Hines, Greenvine, and Albert of Rosebud.


George Lingnau, surviving children:  George, Needville;  August and Mrs. A. W. Becker, New Braunfels;  Mrs. Paul Dorbritz, Waco;  Mrs. Lydia Pagel, Bishop;  Mrs. Bertha Mittank, Shiner;  Mrs. Mary Mueller, Moulton;  Mrs. Elise Baring, Eagle Lake and Louis Lingnau, address unknown.

Karl Lesikar:  Mrs. John Stalmach, Nelsonville;  F. F. Lesikar, New Ulm;  Mrs.___Baier, Brenham: J. C. and C. O. Lesikar, Smithville, and Mrs. Anna Schiller, Deanville.

Emil Lesikar; surviving children:  Carl Lesikar and Joe Lesikar, New Bremen.


Friedrich Miller, surviving children:  Mrs. F. H. Kothmann, Mason, Texas; Mrs. W. J. Mogford, Streeter, Texas;  Mrs. F. C. Wolters, Schulenburg, Texas;  F. B. Miller, Post Oak Point, and A. G. Miller, Beeville, Texas.

Gottlieb Mieth, surviving child, August Mieth, Sealy, Texas.

Kasper Muench, surviving children:  Gerhard Muench, New Ulm, and Bernhard Muench, Houston.

Christian Maerz, surviving children:  Christian Maerz, Mrs. Emelia Dockal and Mrs. Elise Koneshick, Schoenau;  William Maerz, Welcome and Lorenz Maerz, Lavaca County.


F. A. Peschel surviving children:  A. C. Peschel, New Ulm; Mrs. Chas. Becker, Sr. and August Peschel, Star Hill; Mrs. F. Weige, Industry;  Mrs. A. Bormann, Wesley, and Max Peschel, Rosebud.

William Persky, surviving children:  Wilhelm Persky, Milam County and Mrs. Meng, Moulton.

Franz Pille, surviving children:  Mrs. A. Haubold, Waco; Mrs. William Klump, Stonewall County and Mrs. A. Kellner, Sealy, Texas.


Mr. and Mrs. John Rinn; surviving children:  Charles, August, Julius, Emil, and Miss Ida Rinn, New Ulm;  Mrs. Adolf Hoppe, Hatchel; Mrs. W. E. Weige, Bellville;  Mrs. Hugo Klump, Bartlett;  Otto Rinn, Old Glory.

Ludwig Rinn, surviving children:  Henry Rinn, Old Glory;  H. C. Rinn, Mrs. Richard Galle, Mrs. Otto Heinsohn, Post Oak Point;  Mrs. Louis Galle and Mrs. Richard Henniger, Willow Springs;  Mrs. H. Veith, Rockhouse; Louis Rinn, Pisek; and Mrs. O. Sonnenberg, Ballinger.

Jacob Rinn, surviving child:  Ernst Rinn, Ben Arnold.

 ___Runge, surviving children:   Herman Runge, New Ulm;  Willie Runge, Yoakum;  Carl Runge, New Braunfels;  Mrs. Paul Dittmer, Cat Spring.


D. Schweke, surviving children:  Ernst. and Louis, New Ulm;  R. F. Glaeser, Post Oak Point and Mrs. Charles Heinsohn, Bartlett.

Lorenz Sailer, surviving children: August W. Sailer, Brenham;  Mrs. Bettie Shelburne, Somerville and Mrs. Emma Shelburne, Wallis.

Henry Schuette, surviving children:  Mrs. Otto Wienke, New Bremen; Mrs. Anna Ernst, Rule;   Mrs. Otto Klump, Old Glory;  L. A. Schuette, Alice and Robert Schuette, Brazil, S. A.

___Schiller, surviving child:  V. C. Schiller, New Ulm.


John Voskamp, surviving children:  H. L. Voskamp, New Ulm; Mrs. Henry Trojan, Miss Pauline Voskamp and Henry Voskamp, Weimar.


Adam Wangemann, surviving children: Mrs. Henriette Becker and Mrs. Hugo Becker, Brenham;  Mrs. F. B. Miller, Post Oak Point;  Arthur Wangemann, Corpus Christi, Texas.

Ernst Wangemann, surviving children: E. H. Wangemann, Industry, Mrs. Louise Meyers and Mrs. Almietha Walcak, San Antonio, Texas

Thomas Wangler, surviving children:  August Wangler, New Ulm; Mrs. Fritz Hattermann, Fayetteville, Texas.

Wolters, surviving children:  Max Wolters, Shiner;  Robert Wolters, Schulenburg, Texas.

P. Witte, surviving child:  Mrs. Joe Holzmann, New Ulm.

C. A. Weige, surviving children: Adolf, Mrs. Minna Peschel, and Mrs. Emma Altmann, New Ulm; Mrs. Sophie Luedecke, Hallettsville, and Herman Weige, Bartlett, Texas.

Wm. Voelkel, surviving children:  Mrs. Herman Schroeder and Mrs. Emil Rinn, Industry.


Heinrich Zulauf, surviving children:  Mrs. Anna Sternenberg and Miss C. Zulauf, Star Hill.


The whereabouts of the following named pioneer families or their posterity is not known: Colonel Henderson, Georgie, Muckleroy, Sullivan, Waddel, Helweg Daniels, Schoelman, Kroll, See, Baur, Bauer, Sitter, Hinze, Tafel, Roedel, Fahrenholdt, Wagner, Lueschner, Wischnevski, Heinemann, Haemerlein, and scores of others.




Fredrich Boelsche, surviving children:  W. F., H. H. and Mrs. Herman  Lahrmann, Industry; Mrs. C T. Koch, New Ulm, and Mrs. Lina Eckermann, Houston.

Henry Breihan, surviving children:  August and William Breihan, Rt. 1, New Ulm, Texas.

Andreas Buenger, surviving children:  Adolf Buenger, Mrs. R. D. Franke and Miss Emilie Buenger, Industry.

Albert. Beckmann, surviving children: Robert. and Reinhold, Industry, Mrs. F. A. Weige, New UIm; Dr. Paul Beckmann, La Grange; Dr. Willie Beckmann, Missouri; Mrs. Franke, EI Campo, and Miss Alma Beckmann, Temple.


Theodore Daum, surviving children:  Herman and Miss Auguste Daum, Industry; Mrs. Robert Berndt, Perry, Falls County.


August Eckermann, surviving children: Mrs. Herman

Dudensing, Post Oak Point; Mrs. Theodore Fertsch. Halletsville;  Mrs. R. Henniger, Ballinger, and Herman Eckermann, Houston.

Henry Eckermann:  F. H. Eckermann and Mrs. Wm: Neumann, Rockhouse;  Otto Eckermann, Holland.

Ernst Eckermann: Rudolf, Welcome;  Edmund and Alex and Mrs. Theo Koch, Industry;  Ernest of Greenvine and Mrs. August Gramms, Cost, Texas.

Louis Eckermann (Mrs. Eckermann is still living at the

age of 90).   Surviving children: Mrs. Henry Luetge, Sr.;

Mrs. Fritz Hupe;  Mrs. Otto Lindemann, Industry;  Edwin, Fayetteville, Rt. 4; Adolf, San Antonio;  Louis and Mrs. ___, Miles, Texas.

Fredrich Ernest, surviving grand children:  Herman, Ferdinand, August, Fredrich and Mrs. Ed. Schroeder, Industry;  Adolf, Alice, and Mrs. Herman Buenger, Ellinger.


Charles Fordtran, surviving children:  R. L. Fordtran, Industry;  Tom Fordtran, Fayetteville.

Charles Franke, surviving children:  Ernst and Miss Bertha Franke, Industry;  Mrs. H. W. Huebner, Welcome;  Mrs. A. A. Laake, Cuero;  Mrs. Agnes Ringener, Bellville;  Mrs. A. F. Wotipka, Smithville;  Mrs. John Light, La Grange;  Mrs. Alex Eckermann, Schoenau;  Oscar Franke, Mexico and Max, New Ulm.  Mrs. Franke is still living.

Rudolf Franke, surviving children:  R. D. Franke and Eddy Franke, Industry;  Mrs. W. O. Schramm, Glenflora;

Friedrich Fisches, surviving children:  Mrs. Edward Lindemann and Willie Fisches, Industry;  Mrs. Willie Moeller, Bartlett.


Christian Gollmer; no surviving children.

Hugo Gloss. surviving children: Gustav and Henry Gloss, Runnels County; Mrs. Max Ernst, Mrs. Henry Ernst and Mrs. Willie Ruppert, address unknown


Henry Haverlah, surviving grandchildren.


____Kliem, surviving children:  W C. Kliem and Mrs. Otto Kohlloeffel, Sealy.

Ernst Knolle, surviving children:  E. M Knolle, New Ulm.

William Knolle, surviving children:  Dr. W. L. F. Knolle, Washington, Texas;  A. L. Knolle, and Mrs. A. L Baring, Houston;  Mrs. A. W. Brill, Austin and Chas F. Knolle, Industry, Texas.

Herman Knolle:  surviving-children:  Dr. B. E. Knolle, Industry and Dr. A. P. Knolle, Ellinger, Texas.

John Kroulik, surviving children:  Mrs. J. J. Frnka, New Ulm;  Dr. John Kroulik, Nelsonville;  Dr. Frank Kroulik, Joe Kroulik and William Kroulik, Smithville, and Rudolf Kroulik, Shiner.


August Lindemann:  Edward Lindemann and Mrs. Henry Raeke, Industry;  August Lindemann, Willie Lindemann, Mrs. August Raeke and Willibald Lindemann, Gonzales;  and Otto Lindemann, Rockhouse.


Max Meissner, surviving children:  Mrs. Robert Beckmann and Mrs. C. O. Sternenberg, Industry;  Mrs. Julius Steck, California;  Miss Ella Meissner, Bellville;  George Meissner, Ft. Worth and Oscar Meissner.

Audreas Muenzler, surviving children:  L. C., Willow Spring;  Mrs. Sophie Breihan, Bartlett;  G. G. Muenzler, Avoca, Texas;  Mrs. Rosina Walter, Amarillo, Texas.


Fritz Niebuhr, surviving children:  F. H. and L. A. Niebuhr, Industry.

Henry Neumann:  H A. Neumann, Robert Neumann and Ben Neumann, Houston.


Christian Rudloff, surviving children:  Otto, Bellville;  Mrs. Bertha Dorbritz, New Ulm;  Albert, Industry; and Mrs. Augusta Schlabach, Goliad County.

Henry Raeke, surviving children:  Henry Raeke, Rockhouse; Carl Raeke, Bartlett;  August Raeke, Gonzales and Willie Raeke, Rockhouse.


     Franz Schramm, surviving children:  H. A. Schramm, Industry; Joe and Robert Schramm, Brenham;  Dr. Chas. Schramm, Fayetteville;  William Schramm, El Campo; August and Hugo Schramm, New York;  Mrs. Chas. Find, El Campo; Mrs. Walters, San Antonio.

     Carl Schulze (Mrs. Schulze is still living at a serene old age), surviving children;  C. A. Schulze, and Mrs. Adolf Buenger, Industry;  O. L. Schulze, Houston.

    Fritz Schroeder, surviving children;  Herman, Otto and Eddy, Industry.

    F. W. Sterneberg, grandchildren survive.

    Fredrich Schmidt, surviving children:  Mrs. R. C. Find, New Ulm;  Otto Schmidt, Austin;  August Schmidt, and Mrs. Ella Neumann, Yoakum.

    Max Schmidt, surviving children:  Mrs. George Koch, Temple;  Mrs. E. H. Sternenberg, Norheim;  and Mrs. ___El Campo.


     Jacob Wuertz, surviving child, Mrs. C. H. Berndt, Industry.

    Ernst Witte; surviving children:  Mrs. B. E. Knolle, Industry;  Mrs. Arthur Warnasch, Shelby;  Mrs. O. G. Pophanken, EagIe Lake;  Dr. Wallie Witte, Waco;  Dr. Kenney Witte, New Orleans, and Mrs. Hodde, Brenham.



Louis Brune, surviving children:  Florenz Brune, Frelsburg;  Herman Brune, Columbus;  Mrs. Paul Machemehl and Mrs. Ernst Laas, Bellville.

Henry Bruedigam, surviving children:  Fred Bruedigam, Mrs. Sophie Brune;  Mrs. Fredericka Warschak and Mrs. Ed. Venghaus, Frelsburg.

Theodore Becker, surviving children:  August Becker, Frelsburg;  Willie Becker, Bellville;  Mrs. Louis Pflughaupt, Post Oak Point;   Mrs. Mary Schmidt, Welcome.

Fred Kollmann surviving children:  F. G. Kollmann, Frelsburg;   Louis Kollmann, Edwin A. Kollmann, Kenedy;  Mrs. H. A. Buescher, Columbus;   Mrs. L. H. Baron, Bellville;  Mrs. Dr. H. E . Mitshel, Shiner;  Mrs. Wangemann, Mrs. Moeckel and Miss Ophilea Kollmann, San Antonio.

D. Pophanken, surviving children:  R. E. Pophanken, New Ulm;  T. A. Pophanken, Post Oak Point;  O. G. and Willie Pophanken, Eagle Lake.

John Moeckel, surviving child:  Emil Moeckel, Frelsburg.



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