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160. Col. John MARSHALL was born about 1725 in England.  He died about 1779. 

    { Warren Co., NC; DB A, Pg 85; March 24, 1764} Joseph Montfort of Halifax Town to John Marshall of Granville Co: £240 for 240 acres in Granville on Richneck Creek adjacent Col. McCulloch. Witt: John Linton.

    That Isaac Marshall's father was a John Marshall is not proven.   I do not have documentation as to the validity of this family group.  I welcome any information or help to prove or disprove this information.

    I have no proof that this John Marshall existed or that he was the father of Isaac Marshall. This is placed here as very tentative information in the hope that someone can verify the accuracy of the information or give me information as to the actual parents of Isaac Marshall.
These records give me some indication that there was a John Marshall who was associated with the Berry family and others.

    {Mecklenburg Co., VA; DB 7, Pg 222; Nov. 14, 1787} Thomas Berry to John Marshall of Granville Co., NC: £10 for 13 acres in Mecklenburg adjoining lands of Thomas Wilborn, John Marshall and Thomas Berry. Witt: Richard Jefferies, William Marshall, John Hicks, Daniel Hicks.
    {Mecklenburg Co., VA; DB 7, Pg 223; Nov. 14, 1787} John Marshall of Granville Co., NC to William Richards of King & Queen Co: £250 for 233 acres on Great Bluestone Creek. Witt: William Marshall, Richard Jefferies, Daniel Hicks, John Hicks.
    {Mecklenburg Co., VA; DB 8, Pg 313; May 13, 1793}  William Call of Prince George Co. to John Marshall late of Mecklenburg but now of Granville Co., NC: £1109 for 583 acres being part of 1742 acres sold in trust to Marshall & Moody. Witt: Thomas Fitzpatrick, William Call, Jr., James Oliver, Archibald Swepson, E. B. Holloway, Peyton Skipwith, Joseph Butter, John Puryear, Jr.
    {Granville DB P, Pg 7; May 13, 1793} John Marshall of the 1st part, William Green of Mechlenberg Co., VA and Robert Burton of the 2nd part, and Richard Jones (of Halifax?), William Marshall , Dancy McGraw, and Arthur Moody of Mechlenberg of the 3rd part: John places as security for payment of £1109 owed to William Marshall (late of Prince George Co., VA) his Granville property on Tarr River plus 10 slaves. Witt: Jeconias Yancy, Robert Crawley, Thomas Wilson. 

    Note: This record probably belongs to the John Marshall of Warren Co., NC, who married Tabitha Dixon.
    {Granville DB P, Pg 253; Aug. 2, 1795} Samuel Peck et al to John Marshall of Granville Co: £500 for land bounded by Naper Reed Creek.
Note: Mecklenburg County was named, like Charlotte County, for Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, consort of George III. It was formed from Lunenburg in 1764. Its area is 665 square miles; and Boydton is the county seat. Population 31,428.
    John Marshall married Ann Berry.

161. Ann BERRY. I was told88 that Isaac Marshall's father was John Marshall, who married a Berry. 

Possible Children were:

child i. Richard MARSHALL was born about 1753. He was named in the Witnessed a Deed from Peter Coleman to Dudley Ballard on 21 Apr 1781 in Warren Co., NC. {Warren County Deed, 1776-1783, Film # 0020067}  Transcribed by Judi Dyckman.

    Warren Co., NC; 21 April 1781;  Peter Coleman to Dudley Ballard; 50,000 proclamation money for tract up plantpack branch to Dover’s line to Fred Talley’s line to Park Orchard Branch to Ready/Reedy Branch; 171 acs.  Witnessed by Richard Marshall, Jr. and Nancy Richardson.  Recorded 3 Feb 1784. Vol. 7, Pg 17.

    He was named as a Witness in the Deed of William Brintle to John Ballard, along with Isaac Marshall & William Ballard on 14 Dec 1781 in Warren Co., NC.  

    Note:  This would have been right after Isaac Marshall returned from his service in the Revolutionary War.
Warren Co., NC; 14 Dec 1781;  William Brintle to John Ballard; 10,000 for 40 acs. at mouth of Allen Springs Branch down Hawkins Cr. Signed. Witnessed by Richard and Isaac Marshall and William Ballard.  Recorded 29 March 1784. Vol. 7, Pg 31 {Warren County Deed, 1776-1783, Film # 0020067} Transcribed by Judi Dyckman.)
    {Warren Co., NC; WB 3, Pg 188} Acct 1751 Est of Walter Campbell. Among those named: John Marshall, Clement Read, Littleton Tazewell, & David Townes.  {Halifax Co., VA; DB 14, Pg 150} Aug. 11, 1787.  Richard Marshall and Mary [X] his wife formerly Mary Read of Warren Co., NC to Thomas Fambrough of Halifax Co., VA: 100# for 125 acres bounded by lines of Guin, Randolph, and Bird which parcel was transferred by order of Almon Guin [or Gwin] to Mary Read dated March 18, 1773 and patented in the name of Mary Read now Mary Marshall. Witt: William Walden, Charles Jenkins, Michael Clardy, James White.
    {Warren Co., NC; WB 7, Pg 119} March 13, 1794; May Ct. 1794. Acct. sale Est. Tabitha Dent, decd., by Benjamin Moss, Shf. Purchasers: Richard Marshall for Jno. Smith, Susannah Dent, John Wetherington, Brittain J. Haymour, William Patterson, Andrew Samuel, Carter Coleman, Richard Glover, John Clark, John Tucker, Zack Ellis, George Allen, Wood King, Ben Ellis.
child ii.
John MARSHALL was born about 1757 in Maryland. 
child iii.
William MARSHALL was born about 1759.
child iv.
Thomas MARSHALL was born about 1763 in Maryland.
Warren Deed Book 7, Pg 175, Feb. 8, 1779. Simon Williams to John Prince, both of Bute Co: £26 for 150 acres in Bute on Little Creek adjacent Thomas Marshall.  Witt: John Williams, Joseph Mangum.
child v.
Eleazer MARSHALL was born between 1768 and 1770.  Estimated, based on fact that he seemly became active in the community at a later date than Isaac Marshall and married at a later date. Land office records indicated a record on 6 Nov 1804 in Smith's Creek District, Warren Co., NC.
Warren Deed Book 17, Pg 275, Nov. 6, 1804.  Joseph White of Warren and Sterling Harwell of Halifax, extrs. of John Pettway, dec'd, to Eleazor Marshall of Warren: £25 for 65 acres bounded by Benjamin Ellis, Smith's Creek, and Hawkins' line. Witt: John Paulson, Matthew Harwell, Robert R. Johnson. He was taxed on 17 Aug 1812 in Warren Co., NC.
*****Warren Will Book 17, Aug Ct. 1812. Pg 135, Taxable Property Hawtree District: Henry Foot, Eli Marshall , David Towns.
    He was named in the Acct. Sale of Elizabeth Tucker in May 1813 in Warren Co., NC.
*****Warren Will Book 17, Pg 165, May, 1813. Acct. of estate sale of Elizabeth Tucker: Nancy Tucker, John E. Tucker, Eleazar Marshall .
    He died before 19 Nov 1819 in Warren Co., NC.87 Copies of the Petition of Mary Marshall, his widow, are from a folder "Eli Marshall. "  (Gretta Marshall gathered and made these copies on her last trip to NC sometime in the 1980's.)  His estate was probated on 19 Nov 1819 in Warren Co., NC.  Inventory of the Estate of Eleazer Marshall, was taken by Thomas Paschell on Nov 19, 1819.  He was named as the deceased in the records as follows: Thomas Paschall Posts $2,000 Administrator Bond for Eleazer Marshall dec'd on 23 Nov 1819 in Warren Co., NC. (Copy of Original Bond.) 

    His estate appeared in probation in May 1823 in Warren Co., NC.
    Warren Co., NC Estate Records 1768-1920 (Loose Papers), May Ct. 1823. Recorded Pg 120. Estate of Eleazor Marshall dec'd. Current account by Thomas Paschell, Jr., admtr. Mentions: Richard Russell, John H. Hawkins, William Andrews (Bond), Richard Russell, John F. Marshall , Fred. Hawks, Mary Marshall , John White, Thomas Pachall, Senr., Anderson Wright, John P. Rose, Charles King, Charles Mabry, Joshua Rivers, Sherwood Wilson, John Hicks, Sen'r, Clayton Lambert, Elizabeth M. Marshall , John Hawks, Benjamin Hawks, By Cash paid for (hire of Mitchell) Wm. White (Hatter), Charles Mabry, Smith Palmer, James H. Keys, Fitts & Riggans, Edmond White, Drury Andrews, William Andrews (by Bond), Ransom Walker, Henry Woodworth, Robert Paschall, Phillip C. Pope. Inventory of estate recorded Pg 228. [cf. NC State Archives, C.R. 100.508.33, folder on Eleazor Marshall]
    Warren Estate Records 1768-1920 (Loose Papers), Estate of Eli Marshall. Recorded on Pg 401, Oct. 28, 1845. Processioners' report: "proceeded to lay off and allot to General John H. Hawkins, his share, which he held by purchase of the land which Eli Marshall died seized and possessed of; John Hicks and Robert D. Paschell claiming the other part of the land ~ Hawkins' part commencing at a white oak . . . . .to the hickory on the creek should be considered the processioned line between General Hawkins' share and the balance of the Marshall tract." [cf. NC State Archives, CR 100.508.33, folder on Eli Marshall]. 

    Note: Records indicate that his name was Eleazer Marshall, and he was so named in the file as such. This Eleazor Marshall in Warren Co., NC, is either a brother, uncle or cousin of Isaac Marshall. I believe him to be a brother.
    Warren Will Book 10, Pg 273, March 10, 1796, Feb. Ct. 1800. Acct sale Est. of Charles Hammock, dec'd., by A. Paschall, Admr. Names Philemon Kinnemon, Anderson Paschall, John Hogwood, John Perry, Mathew Sims, Abner Sears, Rubin Smith, Harbert Sims, Ely Marshall, James Caller, John Paschall, Thomas Paschall, Thomas Hilliard, Samuel Paschall, William Wortham, Phillemon Hawkins, William Williams, James Sandefer, Armstead Hilliard, John Wood, Henry Turner, Henry Willson.
    Warren Will Book 12, Pg 275, March 5, 1803, Nov Ct. 1803. Thomas Clark of Warren Co., about to remove into the State of Georgia to Henry Hays: Power of attorney to collection all owing him in Warren Co. and in the State of VA and for sale of 319 acres in Warren Co. (plat by county surveyor). Witt: Edmond Mayfield, Thomas Paschall, and Eleazer Marshall.
    William D. Marshall married Jane Hawks in Warren Co., NC, and Eli B. Marshall married Henney Ritter (Henrietta) Wood in Warren Co., NC. These two brothers went to TN, first to Maury Co., TN (1850 Census) and then Hardin Co., TN (1860 Census.)

    Eli B. is associated in records with Eleazor Marshall, and I believe him to be a son of Eleazer Marshall and William D. Marshall to be a son also.  {Warren WB 9, Pg 161; Dec. 12-13, 1796; May Ct. 1797} Acct. sale Est. of John Pettway, dec'd., by Sterling Harwell, Extr. Purchasers: John Harwell (618 1/2 acres land), Elizabeth Pettway, Martha Pettway (widow), Sarah Pettway (orphan), Ebenezer McGlovers, Richd. Fox, Jno. Hix, Ralph Neal, James Green, James Towns, John Smith, John Clark, John Walker, Fredk. Hawks, Robert Hix, Repps Mabry, Hugh Johnson, Eaton Walden, Mark Harwell, Eli Marshall, Charles King, Fredk. Tally, Thad. Murray, George Allan, Abner Sears, John Hastin, Anthony King, William Green, William Allan, John Mayfield, Mason Harwell, Peter Coleman, Stephen Ellis, Buckner Davis, Barnet Beasley, John Ellenton, James Ellenton, Jacob Langford, Capt. John Green, Sterling Harwell, William Christmas, John Saintsing, Gardner Harwell, William Andrews, Capt. William Davis, William Pettway, William Mayfield, Capt Saml. Walker, Peyton Harwell.
child80 vi.


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