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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
Watson, KernieOctober 06, 1906June 1985  
Watson, LilliePrivate   
Watson, MadgePrivate   
Watson, MargePrivate   
Watson, OrvillePrivate   
Watson, RissiePrivate   
Watson, Rose AnnUnknownUnknown1898Perkins, James Monroe, Sr.
Watson, ShermanPrivate   
Whitaker, Johnson M.UnknownUnknownUnknownFletcher, Izana
Whitaker, MellisFebruary 1875July 26, 1947December 18, 1897Brown, Ellen
Whitaker, OciePrivate PrivateWadkins, Sammy
Whitaker, Willian C.1832UnknownNovember 14, 1880Fletcher, Serilda
Whitley, AmyPrivate PrivateCollyer, Donal Elery III
Whittington, RodgerPrivate PrivatePerkins, Marilyn Jane
Wilkins, CoraJuly 13, 1887UnknownOctober 12, 1912Myers, Edward
Wilkins, Dale BennettMarch 10, 1891June 12, 1945May 04, 1926Strait, Lusetta Viola
Wilkins, Dana CJune 03, 1889March 17, 1968October 16, 1918Novak, Emma L
Wilkins, Darlene MaePrivate PrivateReynolds, Lester Leroy
Wilkins, DellMarch 21, 1883Unknown  
Wilkins, Dent KOctober 21, 1885March 25, 1972November 03, 1910Rocke, Mandy M Rencemer
Wilkins, DonnaPrivate   
Wilkins, DulyOctober 26, 18951986August 30, 1914Knapp, Martha
Wilkins, DureMarch 10, 1893October 14, 1968October 15, 1913Myers, Bertha
Wilkins, DwightSeptember 01, 1898September 20, 1900  
Wilkins, EarlPrivate   
Wilkins, EarnestPrivate   
Wilkins, EmilyPrivate   
Wilkins, ErvinPrivate   
Wilkins, EstherPrivate PrivateBonnett, Don
Wilkins, EthelPrivate   
Wilkins, FrancesPrivate   
Wilkins, FredPrivate PrivateKreck, Mary L
Wilkins, GordonPrivate   
Wilkins, LeuwelynPrivate   
Wilkins, Nathenial, Jr.March 23, 1838February 08, 1911May 10, 1881Miller, Mary Meryria
Wilkins, Nathenial, Sr.UnknownUnknown  
Wilkins, PearlPrivate   
Wilkins, RobertPrivate   
Wilkins, RosemaryPrivate   
Wilkins, RusselPrivate   
Wilkins, Ruth AnnPrivate   
Wilkins, WalterPrivate   
Williams, James G.Private PrivateCollins, Dorothy
Williams, Margaret JaneUnknownUnknownAugust 01, 1866Cole, William J.
Williams, Ruth E.Private PrivateCollins, Flim
Wilson, Tasha JoPrivate   
Wilson, Thomas A.Private PrivateCollins, Rhonda Sue
Wohiford, Sherry AnnPrivate PrivateNapier, John Wesley
Wood, Nancy AnnPrivate PrivateCole, Charles
Workman, Valerie FaithPrivate PrivateKyer, Patrick Michael

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