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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
Watkins, Jodi KaePrivate   
Watkins, JohnPrivate PrivateWyckoff, Rita Darlene
Watkins, Jordan DouglasPrivate   
Watkins, Joshua CallyPrivate   
Watkins, KatherinePrivate   
Watkins, Kennith19331933  
Watkins, LarryPrivate PrivateHunter, Sally Sue
Watkins, LeRoyMarch 04, 1929March 12, 1997PrivatePitcock, Vicky Lee
Watkins, Lorene MichellePrivate PrivateSmith, Edward Louis
Watkins, Louisa FayeMarch 23, 1948November 23, 1948  
Watkins, MadgePrivate   
Watkins, Margaret AnnPrivate   
Watkins, Mary LouisePrivate   
Watkins, Melissa JeanPrivate   
Watkins, MichalePrivate   
Watkins, MickeyPrivate   
Watkins, NelsonFebruary 02, 1915January 04, 1979PrivateBelcher, Luella
Watkins, Nora LeeUnknownUnknown  
Watkins, Norma LouPrivate   
Watkins, OpalPrivate   
Watkins, Orbin TommyMay 22, 1919December 30, 1991PrivateMcGinnis, Evelyn
Watkins, PamPrivate PrivateSluss, David
Watkins, Paul JenePrivate   
Watkins, PhyllisPrivate   
Watkins, RalphPrivate   
Watkins, Rebecca LynnPrivate   
Watkins, Richard DanielOctober 31, 1958July 15, 2002UnknownBeck, Tamara
Watkins, RobertPrivate   
Watkins, Robert HarryPrivate   
Watkins, RodneyPrivate   
Watkins, RubyPrivate   
Watkins, Ryan AllenPrivate   
Watkins, Samuel, Jr.February 28, 1923September 28, 1989PrivateParvin, Shirley Ann
Watkins, Sandra LeePrivate   
Watkins, SanfordPrivate   
Watkins, Shelly LynnPrivate Private 
Watkins, StellaPrivate PrivateDale
Watkins, StevenPrivate   
Watkins, Steven NoahApril 25, 1969July 11, 1988  
Watkins, Theresa HelenFebruary 04, 1928May 18, 1996PrivateEdwards, Donald Leon, Sr.
Watkins, Thomas, Sr.Abt. 1751Abt. 1854  
Watkins, Toni AnnJune 21, 1963August 28, 1964  
Watkins, Velma SuzettPrivate PrivateFrank, Thomas Phillip
Watkins, VinselPrivate   
Watkins, Willis FranklinJuly 05, 1951January 14, 1998  
Watson, Barbara EllenAugust 11, 1933March 24, 1983February 06, 1961Cardinal, Francis LeRoy
Watson, BranchSeptember 19, 1877February 23, 1972Abt. 1903Perkins, Linda
Watson, ClarenceMarch 20, 1904UnknownJuly 02, 1926Stone, Lillie
Watson, Daniel BooneFebruary 08, 1909March 1985  
Watson, FrankUnknownUnknownUnknownAllen, Katherine

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