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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
Warren, Pauline AnnPrivate PrivateManlet, Harold P.
Warren, Perry ThomasPrivate PrivateNatalie
Warren, PhylisPrivate PrivateHaynes, Marlin, Sr.
Warren, RandyPrivate   
Warren, Ronald GeorgePrivate PrivateEdwards, Susan Ann
Warren, Tiffany KayPrivate PrivateBurger, Thomas G. II
Warren, TimothyPrivate PrivatePatrick, Kimberly
Warren, TimothyPrivate   
Warren, TinaPrivate   
Warren, ValeriPrivate   
Warren, WesleyPrivate   
Watkins, Anne NeoimaSeptember 19, 1925September 05, 1983December 06, 1943Perry, Burt
Watkins, Anthony RoyPrivate   
Watkins, ArabellaPrivate   
Watkins, Austin AronPrivate   
Watkins, BeatriceApril 14, 19281930  
Watkins, Beverly KayPrivate PrivateSnyder, James L.
Watkins, BillUnknownUnknownUnknownPerkins, Laura
Watkins, BoydUnknownUnknownUnknownWadkins, Della
Watkins, BurchieJune 15, 1920December 1989August 08, 1938Warren, Paul Vincent
Watkins, CallawayMarch 05, 1931September 23, 1975PrivatePitcock, Patricia Ann
Watkins, Carol AnnPrivate   
Watkins, Carol AnnPrivate   
Watkins, CatherinePrivate   
Watkins, Charles WadePrivate   
Watkins, Charles WaynePrivate   
Watkins, ChesterPrivate   
Watkins, Christopher CallyPrivate PrivateRowland, Angela Kay
Watkins, Christopher ShawnPrivate   
Watkins, CliskieUnknownUnknown  
Watkins, Debra LynnPrivate   
Watkins, DelbertOctober 02, 1927March 19, 1988PrivateWright, Mary Elizabeth
Watkins, Della19141914  
Watkins, Denzil RayPrivate   
Watkins, Diann JunePrivate PrivateOnie, Glenn Michael
Watkins, Douglas AllenPrivate PrivateHlavna, Petra Jayne
Watkins, EllaPrivate   
Watkins, ElmerPrivate   
Watkins, Fanny MayPrivate PrivateFilson, Albert William, Jr.
Watkins, FlossieMarch 30, 1917February 12, 1977PrivateShepard, Jasper
Watkins, Hattie MaePrivate   
Watkins, Heath RayPrivate   
Watkins, James HaroldPrivate   
Watkins, JanicePrivate   
Watkins, JasonPrivate   
Watkins, JefferyPrivate PrivateChaney, Ann
Watkins, Jeffery, Jr.Private   
Watkins, JessePrivate   
Watkins, Jesse StevenPrivate   
Watkins, JimmyPrivate   

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