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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
Wadkins, Ireland1905UnknownPrivateBarnett, Allie
Wadkins, JamesUnknownUnknown  
Wadkins, James MonroeMay 1830UnknownMarch 26, 1851Poe, Mary Elizabeth
Wadkins, JohnJanuary 25, 1850November 07, 1927August 30, 1873Prater, Louannah
Wadkins, JohnOctober 1862UnknownAbt. 1896Perkins, Rose Ann
Wadkins, LiddaJune 1884Unknown  
Wadkins, Lydia ElizabethMarch 11, 1849February 04, 1952Abt. 1873Perkins, George Washington
Wadkins, Margaret1857UnknownSeptember 18, 1879Patrick, Jackson
Wadkins, MarryOctober 30, 1891January 27, 1983April 05, 1908Hampton, Robert
Wadkins, MarthaNovember 03, 1901October 04, 1985UnknownBarnett, Miles
Wadkins, Mary1831UnknownJune 30, 1847Poe, John
Wadkins, Mary1848UnknownDecember 24, 1868Copper, John W.
Wadkins, MaudieJuly 16, 1909November 05, 1982PrivateConley, Raney
Wadkins, Nancy Ann1857Unknown  
Wadkins, NewtonNovember 05, 18951968PrivateCline, Myrtle
Wadkins, NoahJanuary 18, 1855November 10, 1927  
Wadkins, NoahMarch 04, 1876Unknown  
Wadkins, NoahSeptember 1886September 1953September 07, 1912Fletcher, Susanna
Wadkins, Rebecca1822Aft. 1880June 25, 1870Cole, William
Wadkins, RileyJanuary 18981936PrivateCole, Dosh
Wadkins, RobertAugust 1888Unknown  
Wadkins, SammyOctober 10, 1898May 10, 1924PrivateWhitaker, Ocie
Wadkins, Sarah1852UnknownJanuary 28, 1972Wadkins, Brice
Wadkins, Sylvester1827January 12, 19121848Tussey, Hester Ann
Wadkins, SylvesterMarch 1863Unknown  
Wadkins, Thomas1823UnknownApril 26, 1846Snipes, Susan
Wadkins, ThomasDecember 1884Unknown  
Wadkins, WilliamAbt. 1842Unknown1864Rose, Elizabeth
Wadkins, WilliamMarch 01, 1855Unknown  
Wadkins, William1873Unknown  
Wadkins, William J.July 11, 1858UnknownAugust 09, 1890Collins, Margaret
Wagers, James Lee, Jr.Private   
Wagers, James Lee, Sr.Private PrivateWatkins, Diann June
Wagers, Leslie KaePrivate   
Wagers, Ollie EdwardPrivate PrivateCrouse, Martha
Wagers, Tracy LynnPrivate   
Ware, Ethyel M.Private PrivateSwihart, Walter
Warren, Arlen VincentPrivate PrivateBurkhalter, Sandy
Warren, Arnold WesleyPrivate PrivateSanders, Carrie
Warren, Arthur LeroyPrivate PrivateWright, Olga
Warren, CarriePrivate   
Warren, ChadPrivate   
Warren, DanialPrivate   
Warren, Debra DenisePrivate PrivateAlsept, Danial
Warren, FrankUnknownUnknown  
Warren, LanyaPrivate   
Warren, LeroyPrivate PrivateDelaney, Wilma Helen
Warren, LisaPrivate   
Warren, Paul VincentSeptember 13, 1912December 20, 1983August 08, 1938Watkins, Burchie
Warren, PaulaPrivate   

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