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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
Rowland, Seth DouglasPrivate   
Rowland, VernaSeptember 10, 1924July 28, 1977UnknownSalyer, Estil
Rowland, William E.1904Unknown  
Rowland, William RichardPrivate   
Ruder, BarbaraPrivate PrivateNewton, Albert
Salyer, EstilAugust 29, 1901January 11, 1973UnknownRowland, Verna
Salyer, FlossiePrivate PrivateCole, Nobel
Salyer, HeneryUnknownUnknown Barker, Misour
Salyers, CoarsiePrivate PrivatePerkins, George
Sanders, CarriePrivate PrivateWarren, Arnold Wesley
SarahUnknownUnknownUnknownPoe, James
Sarver, Willaim Carl, Sr.Private PrivateKyer, Tessy Lynn
Sarver, William Carl, Jr.Private   
Sauviac, Barbara AnnPrivate PrivateBrinkman, William Albert
Sauviac, James ThomasPrivate PrivateAntoinette Ross
Schillins, Hazel ElizabethPrivate PrivateEly, Dell Ellsworth
Sexton, PaulUnknownMay 06, 1996January 1996Reynolds, Ada Mae
Shank, RichardPrivate PrivateOyer, Shirley Ann
Shank, Steven WaynePrivate   
Shank, Sundy SuePrivate PrivateStoner, Edward
Shepard, DonaldPrivate   
Shepard, JasperPrivate PrivateWatkins, Flossie
Shepard, Lisa MariePrivate   
Shepard, Michelle ReneePrivate   
Shepard, RobertPrivate PrivateMacro, Stella Barbara
Shepard, RogerPrivate   
Shepard, SchorchUnknownUnknown Slone, Nancy
Shepherd, LilPrivate PrivateBarnett, Benny
Simer, Nancy P.Abt. 1826UnknownOctober 10, 1844Fletcher, Henly
Simkins, EliUnknownUnknownUnknownPerkins, Elizabeth
Simkins, GeorgeUnknownUnknown  
Slone, NancyUnknownUnknown Shepard, Schorch
Sluss, DavidPrivate PrivateWatkins, Pam
Smith, AlvinPrivate PrivateEdwards, Donna Belle
Smith, Brittney RaePrivate   
Smith, Coy AllenPrivate PrivateReynolds, Robin Renee
Smith, Edward LouisPrivate PrivateWatkins, Lorene Michelle
Smith, Erin BluePrivate   
Smith, Eunice JoanPrivate PrivateReynolds, Jay Orrin
Smith, Harry A.September 21, 1910March 02, 1983PrivateSzegedy, Gertrude Teresa
Smith, HillaryPrivate   
Smith, James AllenPrivate PrivateOffiener, Harriet Phyllis
Smith, James EdwardPrivate   
Smith, Kennith J.UnknownUnknownPrivateFlower, Velma
Smith, Mary LouPrivate PrivateWatkins, John
Smith, Michael AllenPrivate   
Smith, Michelle CalliePrivate   
Smith, Robert LeePrivate Private 
Smith, SaraPrivate PrivateCaswell, Charles
Smith, SilasPrivate PrivateBarnett, Marble

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