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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
Reynolds, MyrtleSeptember 01, 1896March 07, 1924UnknownKnapp, Algie G
Reynolds, Orrie GenePrivate Private 
Reynolds, Orrie UlysesAugust 24, 1868March 30, 19341899King, Vada May
Reynolds, PatPrivate   
Reynolds, Ralph OrloPrivate   
Reynolds, Reed OrrinPrivate   
Reynolds, ReneePrivate   
Reynolds, Richard AllenPrivate PrivateChapin, Darlene Michelle
Reynolds, Richard LeeSeptember 05, 1938October 11, 1959  
Reynolds, RickPrivate   
Reynolds, Robin ReneePrivate PrivateSmith, Coy Allen
Reynolds, RonPrivate   
Reynolds, RussellPrivate   
Reynolds, RustyPrivate   
Reynolds, Ryan PatrickPrivate   
Reynolds, ShellyPrivate   
Reynolds, Suzanne ElainePrivate PrivateBetts, Harry Lee
Reynolds, Terry LeePrivate PrivateDenise
Risner, AngelineUnknownUnknownUnknownStone, John
Rocke, Mandy M RencemerJune 16, 1882January 17, 1969November 03, 1910Wilkins, Dent K
RosallePrivate PrivateNapier, Ernest James
Rose, ElizabethUnknownUnknown1864Wadkins, William
RosileePrivate PrivatePerkins, Lonnie
Row, AlexanderOctober 1826UnknownUnknownFletcher, Bethany
Rowland, Angela KayPrivate PrivateWatkins, Christopher Cally
Rowland, Ava GwynethPrivate   
Rowland, BertiePrivate PrivateMelvin
Rowland, Billie JeanePrivate PrivateFraley
Rowland, CervellPrivate   
Rowland, Chlo'e ElizbethPrivate   
Rowland, CoraPrivate PrivateDavis
Rowland, DanielUnknownUnknownSeptember 13, 1913Pennington, Maranda Jane
Rowland, Eric JamesPrivate   
Rowland, Henery ArmstrongSeptember 10, 1895September 20, 1969October 14, 1915Pennington, Lula
Rowland, James DouglasDecember 10, 1942May 12, 2004PrivateReynolds, Linda Marie
Rowland, James EmersonFebruary 08, 1920August 02, 1973PrivateCollins, Elsie
Rowland, James L.May 1892UnknownJune 21, 1911Fannin, Sarah
Rowland, Jeremy DouglasPrivate   
Rowland, JohnUnknownUnknownUnknownSturgill, Sarah
Rowland, John S.April 1893Unknown  
Rowland, John W.UnknownUnknownNovember 16, 1910Pennington, Sarah Ellen
Rowland, Keith JamesPrivate PrivateBoham, Jennifer Marie
Rowland, Leslie MariePrivate PrivateJordan, Rex
Rowland, MaePrivate   
Rowland, MagdaleneFebruary 09, 1922March 18, 1997PrivateCantrell, Mitchell
Rowland, MargarettePrivate   
Rowland, Martha S.June 1900Unknown  
Rowland, OlaPrivate PrivateKestner
Rowland, Phyllis JeanNovember 15, 1946October 26, 2000PrivateNapier, Truman Ray
Rowland, RichardJanuary 1871March 08, 1960April 21, 1891Estep, Sarah Margaret

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