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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
Pope, FrancisPrivate PrivateEdwards, William Alexander
Prater, LouannahUnknownUnknownAugust 30, 1873Wadkins, John
Prater, Susie MargaretUnknownUnknownAugust 08, 1894Perkins, McClellan
Puckett, Martha PeerlessAbt. 1826Abt. 1896May 06, 1842Fletcher, Reuben
Ratliff, Charles RatliffPrivate   
Ratliff, RussellPrivate PrivateRowland, Verna
Reynolds, AbrahamJanuary 11, 1824January 27, 1896  
Reynolds, Ada MaeOctober 18, 1926July 13, 1998UnknownFeist, Harold
Reynolds, Amanda LynnPrivate   
Reynolds, Amber DarlenePrivate   
Reynolds, Annette KayPrivate PrivatePainter, Thomas Clifford II
Reynolds, Anthony JayPrivate   
Reynolds, ArnoldPrivate   
Reynolds, Betty JeanPrivate PrivateFagen, Robert
Reynolds, Beverly AnnOctober 07, 1972October 07, 1972  
Reynolds, BobPrivate   
Reynolds, Brandy AnnPrivate   
Reynolds, Bryon LeroyOctober 07, 1972October 07, 1972  
Reynolds, CathyPrivate   
Reynolds, Cheryl AnnPrivate PrivateKeathley, Graydon Gene
Reynolds, Christopher LeroyMarch 24, 1971March 25, 1971  
Reynolds, ChristyPrivate   
Reynolds, ClaranceOctober 15, 19091935PrivateSnirely, Fern
Reynolds, Cody LeePrivate   
Reynolds, Curtis LeroyPrivate   
Reynolds, Dale JayPrivate PrivateMuliagan, Ruthie
Reynolds, David BMay 22, 1796May 1856  
Reynolds, DebbiePrivate   
Reynolds, Dee Anna LynnPrivate PrivateLeasure, Dana
Reynolds, Diana MaePrivate PrivateKyer, Patrick Michael
Reynolds, Don EugeneJanuary 26, 1908July 11, 1987PrivateLong, Dorothy
Reynolds, Donald GlenPrivate PrivateTrees, Joan
Reynolds, DonniePrivate   
Reynolds, Dustin JayPrivate   
Reynolds, GaryPrivate   
Reynolds, GlenPrivate Private 
Reynolds, Hollie Ann LemastersPrivate   
Reynolds, Jamey LesterPrivate   
Reynolds, Jay OrrinPrivate PrivateSmith, Eunice Joan
Reynolds, Jay TylerOctober 03, 1901February 16, 1988December 01, 1923Colley, Della Fern
Reynolds, Joshua AllenPrivate   
Reynolds, KimPrivate   
Reynolds, KimPrivate   
Reynolds, Kim JamesPrivate   
Reynolds, Larry LeroyPrivate PrivateEly, Phyllis Ann
Reynolds, Lester LeroyPrivate PrivateWilkins, Darlene Mae
Reynolds, LindaPrivate   
Reynolds, LindaPrivate   
Reynolds, Linda MariePrivate PrivateRowland, James Douglas
Reynolds, Michael AaronPrivate   

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