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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
Perkins, Marilyn JanePrivate PrivateWhittington, Rodger
Perkins, Marvin WillardJanuary 22, 1935Abt. 1945  
Perkins, Mary Alta AllenePrivate   
Perkins, Mary ElizabethMay 22, 1881January 1970August 14, 1914Payton, Joseph
Perkins, Mary ElizabethJune 22, 1910February 15, 1982  
Perkins, Mary JaneJanuary 18, 1899June 25, 1982UnknownBates, Oscar James
Perkins, MaudePrivate   
Perkins, Maynard ElvinPrivate   
Perkins, McClellanAugust 26, 1873October 27, 1956August 08, 1894Prater, Susie Margaret
Perkins, Melvin FranklinPrivate PrivateHorath, Wanda
Perkins, MerkiaApril 15, 1880June 14, 19701898Oliver, Joshua
Perkins, NellieOctober 1890Unknown  
Perkins, Nellie AlicePrivate   
Perkins, Nelson WillardPrivate PrivateKent, Jacqueline Lousie
Perkins, Odath18991922  
Perkins, Opal AugustaPrivate   
Perkins, OraPrivate   
Perkins, OrmanPrivate   
Perkins, Ova LeePrivate   
Perkins, PearlSeptember 14, 1923March 25, 1956  
Perkins, Richard EverettPrivate   
Perkins, Rose AnnMay 1862October 17, 1941Abt. 1896Wadkins, John
Perkins, Ross EmersonMarch 05, 1926July 1982  
Perkins, RoxiePrivate   
Perkins, Ruby PerkinsPrivate   
Perkins, ThomasJuly 18, 1909June 10, 1970  
Perkins, Thomas JeffersonFebruary 21, 1878August 26, 1960October 29, 1903Blankenship, Susie
Perkins, VirginiaPrivate   
Perkins, William HaydenSeptember 05, 1923February 09, 1978  
Perkins, William RileyAugust 01, 1864UnknownSeptember 26, 1885Wadkins, Barbara A.
Perry, Barbara AnnPrivate PrivateCaswell, Melvin Lee
Perry, BillyPrivate   
Perry, BurtAugust 29, 1923Abt. 1987December 06, 1943Watkins, Anne Neoima
Perry, MarionUnknownUnknownUnknownKeathly, Zona Smith
Petsche, AlfredPrivate PrivateReynolds, Cheryl Ann
Pitcock, Donna JeanMay 06, 1939December 29, 1974PrivateJordan, James Hanson, Sr.
Pitcock, EarlPrivate   
Pitcock, HelenPrivate   
Pitcock, LouiePrivate   
Pitcock, MargePrivate   
Pitcock, Patricia AnnPrivate PrivateWatkins, Callaway
Pitcock, Vicky LeePrivate PrivateWatkins, LeRoy
Pitcock, William Gerard, Sr.UnknownUnknown Jenkins, Lydia
Pitcock, William Thomas, Jr.November 30, 1916April 01, 1985PrivateSzegedy, Gertrude Teresa
Poe, DonaUnknownUnknownOctober 03, 1912Wadkins, Frank
Poe, ElizabethUnknownUnknownFebruary 27, 1841Wadkins, Benedict, Jr.
Poe, JamesUnknownUnknownUnknownSarah
Poe, JohnUnknownUnknownJune 30, 1847Wadkins, Mary
Poe, Mary ElizabethAbt. 1830April 08, 1885March 26, 1851Wadkins, James Monroe
Poe, VioletUnknownUnknownUnknownBarnett, Dial

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