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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
Onie, Glenn MichaelPrivate PrivateWatkins, Diann June
Onie, John J.Private PrivateBoggs, Lurley
Onie, Jon RyanPrivate   
Onie, Kraig MichaelPrivate   
Oyer, MelvinPrivate PrivateCornett, Glimna Mae
Oyer, Shirley AnnPrivate PrivateAley, Gerald Richard
Painter, Angle MariePrivate   
Painter, Thomas Clifford IIPrivate PrivateReynolds, Annette Kay
Painter, Thomas Clifford IIIPrivate   
Palmer, MarcusUnknownUnknownUnknownTriplett, Cora
Palmer, SelmaPrivate PrivatePerkins, Arthur
Paris, LarryPrivate PrivatePerkins, Carolyn Irene
Parvin, Brady ErnestAbt. 1907March 08, 1951December 15, 1934Dean, Rinda
Parvin, Shirley AnnPrivate PrivateWatkins, Samuel, Jr.
Patrick, JacksonUnknownUnknownSeptember 18, 1879Wadkins, Margaret
Patrick, KimberlyPrivate PrivateWarren, Timothy
Patrick, LeanderUnknownUnknownFebruary 03, 1881Fletcher, Rosa
Patrick, ShermanAbt. 1869UnknownFebruary 12, 1899Fletcher, Nancy
Payton, JosephUnknownUnknownAugust 14, 1914Perkins, Mary Elizabeth
Payton, VernaMarch 17, 1916February 08, 1948  
Penix, FloydUnknownUnknownSeptember 29, 1908Fletcher, Kate
Pennington, HiramBet. June 1819 - 1825Aft. 1905January 17, 1846Lemaster, Sarah
Pennington, LulaAugust 1897April 12, 1941October 14, 1915Rowland, Henery Armstrong
Pennington, Maranda JaneNovember 30, 1893February 10, 1975September 13, 1913Rowland, Daniel
Pennington, Pheobe A.June 1889December 17, 1915January 08, 1910Holbrook, John T.
Pennington, RonaldNovember 08, 1906November 1980  
Pennington, Sarah EllenSeptember 1888February 10, 1917November 16, 1910Rowland, John W.
Pennington, William RileyJanuary 18, 1869November 12, 1944December 05, 1887Cantrell, Elizabeth
Perkins, AdaPrivate   
Perkins, Allie ManderJanuary 26, 1874September 26, 1962January 21, 1896Cole, Lola
Perkins, Alphus JamesPrivate   
Perkins, Alvil ClarenPrivate PrivateJordan, Glenda
Perkins, Andrew JacksonPrivate   
Perkins, Annie MerlApril 13, 1919October 01, 1984  
Perkins, Annie OletaSeptember 08, 1929June 30, 1932  
Perkins, Archie19121913  
Perkins, Arley NealPrivate   
Perkins, Arnold WayneFebruary 02, 1933August 08, 1967PrivateCullwell, Barbara
Perkins, ArthurMarch 01, 1907October 12, 1988PrivatePalmer, Selma
Perkins, Aubrey GenePrivate PrivateMcDonald, Delpha
Perkins, Audrey JeanPrivate   
Perkins, AvonelleJanuary 21, 1934January 30, 1999UnknownBarnett, Noah
Perkins, Barbara EllenSeptember 14, 1882December 22, 1969December 29, 1904Gullett, William Hayden
Perkins, Benjamin FranklinAbt. 1884Unknown  
Perkins, Benjamin FranklinApril 23, 1924November 20, 1980  
Perkins, BerthaDecember 1893February 26, 1920September 04, 1911Barnett, Frank
Perkins, Burnam1902Unknown  
Perkins, Byron LafayettePrivate   
Perkins, Carolyn IrenePrivate PrivateNeedham, Kenneth
Perkins, Carolyn NavdenePrivate PrivateHalcomb, Vernon A.

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