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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
McGuire, EdnaSeptember 25, 1929June 1931  
McKenzie, AlexUnknown1976UnknownWatkins, Flossie
MelvinPrivate PrivateRowland, Bertie
Michaels, DonaldPrivate PrivatePitcock, Patricia Ann
Michaels, Lois FrancesPrivate PrivateWyatt, Franklin Ward
Miller, Bertha LouiseUnknownUnknownUnknownStrait, Asa C
Miller, EmmaUnknownUnknownUnknownPerkins, John Henry
Miller, Frances ElizabethPrivate PrivateNelson, Elmer Guy
Miller, FredUnknownUnknown  
Miller, JamesUnknownUnknown Tow, Louisa
Miller, Maggie BellUnknownUnknownNovember 03, 1912Perkins, Jasper Newton
Miller, Mary MeryriaFebruary 14, 1858October 27, 1926May 10, 1881Wilkins, Nathenial, Jr.
Minix, KatherineUnknownUnknown Cole, John
Monk, Patricia I.Private PrivatePerkins, Clyde Raburn
Monson, Charles EugenePrivate PrivateBrinkman, Rachel Elizabeth
Morales, Angalena MoniquePrivate   
Muliagan, RuthiePrivate PrivateReynolds, Dale Jay
Myers, BerthaDecember 30, 1892UnknownOctober 15, 1913Wilkins, Dure
Myers, EdwardApril 21, 1891October 1972October 12, 1912Wilkins, Cora
Myers, WayneNovember 02, 1915April 10, 1946  
Myers, WilhelminePrivate   
Napier, BeveralyPrivate   
Napier, Brandan RayPrivate   
Napier, Calvin RayPrivate PrivateLeAnn
Napier, Damian Yoshio KaloniPrivate   
Napier, Ernest JamesPrivate PrivateRosalle
Napier, JessePrivate   
Napier, John WesleyPrivate PrivateWohiford, Sherry Ann
Napier, Kyle RayPrivate   
Napier, RoseannPrivate   
Napier, Summer LashayPrivate   
Napier, TrumanPrivate   
Napier, Truman RayPrivate PrivateRowland, Phyllis Jean
NataliePrivate PrivateWarren, Perry Thomas
Needham, KennethPrivate PrivatePerkins, Carolyn Irene
Nelson, Elmer GuyUnknownUnknownPrivateMiller, Frances Elizabeth
Nelson, Harriet JeanPrivate PrivateCole, Woodrow, Sr.
Nelson, JacobUnknownUnknownFebruary 05, 1860Wadkins, Barbara
Nelson, Nancy1791Bet. 1830 - 1832Bef. 1810Estep, Joel
Nesbitt, ArthurPrivate PrivateBates, Dorothy Melda
Newton, AlbertPrivate PrivateRuder, Barbara
Newton, AnthonyPrivate PrivateWatkins, Beverly Kay
Newton, Randy ScottPrivate   
Nichols, Toney L.Private PrivateBates, Velma Christine
Nickel, FloydUnknownUnknownJuly 14, 1882Fletcher, Lucretia
Nolan, ElizabethUnknownUnknown Marshall, Reuben
Novak, Emma LOctober 14, 1900March 15, 1969October 16, 1918Wilkins, Dana C
Offiener, Harriet PhyllisAugust 02, 1941February 13, 1990PrivateSmith, James Allen
Oliver, JoshuaUnknownUnknown1898Perkins, Merkia
Oliver, NancyUnknownUnknownBef. 1908Perkins, Lee Ander

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