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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
Harmon, JasonPrivate PrivateReynolds, Annette Kay
Hartley, Nancy BeimdickPrivate PrivateReynolds, Larry Leroy
Hatfield, CarolPrivate PrivateDale, Eugene Dear
Haynes, Angela MariePrivate   
Haynes, Marlin, Jr.Private   
Haynes, Marlin, Sr.Private PrivateWarren, Phylis
Hensley, Donald WaynePrivate PrivateTackett, Sherry Lynn
Hensley, Dustin WaynePrivate   
Hensley, Justin DeanPrivate   
Hensley, Tiffany NicolePrivate   
Henson, Robert FredrickPrivate PrivateTackett, Sherry Lynn
Hernandez, RosaleePrivate PrivatePerkins, Alvil Claren
Hill, Ada Mae1865November 09, 1938UnknownColley, George
Hlavna, Allen MichaelPrivate PrivateGulan, Geralyn Agunes
Hlavna, Petra JaynePrivate PrivateWatkins, Douglas Allen
Hockney, SadaPrivate PrivateDale, Charles Earl
Holbrook, John T.UnknownUnknownJanuary 08, 1910Pennington, Pheobe A.
Horath, WandaPrivate PrivatePerkins, Melvin Franklin
Hunter, Danial AllenPrivate   
Hunter, RandyPrivate PrivateCaswell, Lisa Anne
Hunter, Sally SuePrivate PrivateWatkins, Larry
Jarvice, LesterPrivate PrivateReynolds, Diana Mae
Jenkins, LydiaUnknownUnknown Pitcock, William Gerard, Sr.
Jennings, JosephPrivate PrivateKyer, Sherry Lynn
Jennings, KerryPrivate   
Johnson, Addison KennethPrivate PrivateCole, Mabel
Johnson, Donna SuePrivate PrivateBoham, Stephen Duane
Johnson, Louisa DicyUnknownUnknownSeptember 30, 1815Fletcher, George
Jordan, GlendaPrivate PrivatePerkins, Alvil Claren
Jordan, James Hanson, Jr.September 11, 1957November 1974  
Jordan, James Hanson, Sr.Private PrivatePitcock, Donna Jean
Jordan, Karen SuePrivate PrivateCore, Scot
Jordan, Reba LouPrivate   
Jordan, RexPrivate PrivateRowland, Leslie Marie
Jordan, Yvonne LynnUnknownJuly 1985  
Joseph, EdnaPrivate PrivateFletcher, Willie
JuliaUnknownUnknown Fannin, T. D.
Keathley, Casey AnnPrivate PrivateMason, Christopher
Keathley, Crystal AnnPrivate PrivateDavidson, Jason
Keathley, Garrett GenePrivate   
Keathley, Graydon GenePrivate PrivateReynolds, Cheryl Ann
Keathly, Zona SmithUnknownUnknownUnknownPerry, Marion
Kelling, Gail DianaPrivate PrivateReynolds, Dale Jay
Kent, Jacqueline LousiePrivate PrivatePerkins, Nelson Willard
KestnerPrivate PrivateRowland, Ola
Kidd, LizzieUnknownUnknownNovember 1894Fletcher, Robert Lee
Kilgore, CassiePrivate PrivateBarnett, Riley
Kilgore, LucillePrivate PrivateBarnett, Woodrow
King, Vada MayMay 23, 1879February 18, 19101899Reynolds, Orrie Ulyses
Kissinger, AvanellPrivate PrivatePerkins, Clyde Wallace

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