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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
Fletcher, MaryFebruary 06, 1852UnknownUnknownVires, Richmond
Fletcher, MasonAbt. 1845December 03, 1853  
Fletcher, MatthewAugust 18871899  
Fletcher, MendaAbt. 1836Unknown  
Fletcher, MenifeeJune 07, 1872Aft. 1900  
Fletcher, MeredithMarch 08, 18551893  
Fletcher, Meredith P.October 15, 1837August 17, 1918  
Fletcher, MousieDecember 21, 1893September 22, 1943UnknownCole, George
Fletcher, NancyFebruary 23, 1883UnknownFebruary 12, 1899Patrick, Sherman
Fletcher, Nancy JaneJune 05, 1856November 06, 1929  
Fletcher, RebeccaAbt. 1848Unknown  
Fletcher, RebeccaAbt. 1852Unknown  
Fletcher, Rebecca MaryMarch 14, 1840November 01, 1897March 13, 1856Cole, Dial
Fletcher, ReubenMarch 1823Aft. 1900May 06, 1842Puckett, Martha Peerless
Fletcher, Robert LeeMarch 01, 1871UnknownNovember 1894Kidd, Lizzie
Fletcher, RosaFebruary 09, 1858UnknownFebruary 03, 1881Patrick, Leander
Fletcher, SerildaDecember 02, 1855UnknownNovember 14, 1880Whitaker, Willian C.
Fletcher, SimeonAugust 28, 1827September 16, 1875  
Fletcher, SimonAbt. 1854Unknown  
Fletcher, SusanAbt. 1845Unknown  
Fletcher, SusannaFebruary 10, 1891September 28, 1960September 07, 1912Wadkins, Noah
Fletcher, SylvesterAbt. 1846Unknown  
Fletcher, Thomas S.Abt. 1869Unknown  
Fletcher, VioletAbt. 1843Unknown  
Fletcher, VioletMay 1868May 1929  
Fletcher, WalterAbt. 1847Unknown  
Fletcher, WillieJuly 29, 1892UnknownPrivateJoseph, Edna
Fletcher, WinsonAbt. 1844Unknown  
Flower, VelmaPrivate PrivateSmith, Kennith J.
FraleyPrivate PrivateRowland, Billie Jeane
Frank, Amanda ReinePrivate   
Frank, Thomas PhillipPrivate PrivateWatkins, Velma Suzett
Frye, AnnPrivate PrivateDale, James Walter
Frymeyer, CharlesOctober 18, 1924May 15, 1991UnknownPitcock, Donna Jean
Gales, Danial L.Private PrivateCollins, Renda Lou
Gallope, JoycePrivate PrivateWatkins, LeRoy
Gilbert, SusannahUnknownAft. 1880January 04, 1844Fletcher, Issac C.
Given, JohnPrivate PrivatePitcock, Patricia Ann
Gulan, Geralyn AgunesPrivate PrivateHlavna, Allen Michael
Gullett, Arthora BarbaraOctober 23, 1905September 28, 1986  
Gullett, Carl CrawfordNovember 10, 1907February 26, 1987  
Gullett, Carrie SueJune 08, 1912June 1983  
Gullett, William HaydenUnknownUnknownDecember 29, 1904Perkins, Barbara Ellen
Hackworth, VernicePrivate PrivateBarnett, Marie
Halcomb, Vernon A.Private PrivatePerkins, Carolyn Navdene
Hammond, MichellePrivate PrivateEdwards, William Alexander
Hampton, RobertUnknownUnknownApril 05, 1908Wadkins, Marry
Hardy, Christopher AllenPrivate   
Hardy, Randy AllenPrivate PrivateKyer, Sherry Lynn
Hardy, Randy Allen, Jr.Private   

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