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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
Fannin, Sarah1896UnknownJune 21, 1911Rowland, James L.
Fannin, T. D.UnknownUnknown Julia
Farthing, Doris MayPrivate PrivateMacro, Arthur S.
Feist, DonniePrivate   
Feist, HaroldNovember 08, 1918March 1980UnknownReynolds, Ada Mae
Feist, VictorPrivate   
Filson, Albert William, Jr.Private PrivateWatkins, Fanny May
Fletcher, AlexanderAbt. 1816UnknownUnknownCastle, Ludemmy
Fletcher, AlseyAbt. 1868Unknown  
Fletcher, ArizonaMay 30, 1894March 20, 1987July 27, 1916Carpenter, Walter
Fletcher, BethanyAbt. 1847UnknownUnknownRow, Alexander
Fletcher, BirchieMay 1895Unknown  
Fletcher, BreinerPrivate PrivateBarnett, Ollie Barnett
Fletcher, BuellAbt. 1861Unknown  
Fletcher, CalebAbt. 18591921  
Fletcher, CynthiaAbt. 1846Unknown  
Fletcher, CynthiaAbt. 1848Unknown  
Fletcher, DarkieDecember 17, 1888UnknownJanuary 15, 1904Marshall, Sherman
Fletcher, ElinderAbt. 1868Unknown  
Fletcher, ElizabethAbt. 1850Unknown  
Fletcher, Elizabeth EmmaMay 1832Unknown1868Back, Henery Vincel
Fletcher, Emeline ElizabethAbt. 1842Unknown1872Back, Henry Vincel
Fletcher, EppersonAbt. 1774Unknown Elizabeth
Fletcher, EppersonAbt. 1834Unknown  
Fletcher, GardnerMay 14, 1862April 28, 1940  
Fletcher, George1796Aft. 1860June 24, 1819Marshall, Louisa
Fletcher, George M.July 09, 1850March 18, 1926  
Fletcher, George W.July 02, 1857UnknownNovember 18, 1888Adams, Bashie
Fletcher, GilbertOctober 22, 1849August 07, 1924September 09, 1875Bailey, Synthia
Fletcher, Henery JohnsonSeptember 10, 1863January 31, 1937  
Fletcher, HenleyFebruary 22, 1853Unknown  
Fletcher, Henly1824Aft. 1880October 10, 1844Simer, Nancy P.
Fletcher, Issac C.1821Bef. 1880January 04, 1844Gilbert, Susannah
Fletcher, IzanaAbt. 1864UnknownUnknownWhitaker, Johnson M.
Fletcher, JacobMay 30, 1861Unknown  
Fletcher, JasperAbt. 1848Unknown  
Fletcher, JennieOctober 22, 1881UnknownJanuary 22, 1899Fletcher, Joe
Fletcher, JesseAbt. 1845Unknown  
Fletcher, JoeUnknownUnknownJanuary 22, 1899Fletcher, Jennie
Fletcher, JohnFebruary 22, 1864June 02, 1940  
Fletcher, JohnDecember 1889Unknown  
Fletcher, Johnson M.May 15, 1840October 23, 1914  
Fletcher, JoseOctober 1885Unknown  
Fletcher, KateMarch 05, 1890UnknownSeptember 29, 1908Penix, Floyd
Fletcher, LevicaAbt. 1844Unknown  
Fletcher, LewisNovember 29, 1853Unknown  
Fletcher, LouisaAbt. 1857Unknown  
Fletcher, Louisa ElizabethAbt. 1847Unknown  
Fletcher, LucretiaMarch 01, 1856UnknownJuly 14, 1882Nickel, Floyd
Fletcher, MarionAbt. 1864May 25, 1928  

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