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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
Collins, MargaretUnknownUnknownAugust 09, 1890Wadkins, William J.
Collins, Mary EllenPrivate   
Collins, Mary JanePrivate   
Collins, MonroePrivate   
Collins, NolanPrivate   
Collins, OttoPrivate   
Collins, Regena LeePrivate   
Collins, Renda LouPrivate PrivateGales, Danial L.
Collins, Rhonda SuePrivate PrivateCummins, Edward Eugene
Collins, Richard LeePrivate   
Collins, RobertApril 08, 1933August 20, 1975August 22, 1953Cole, Virginia
Collins, SylviaPrivate   
Collins, WinfordPrivate   
Collins, ZackUnknownAbt. 1927UnknownEvens, Ethal
Collyer, Daniel E.Private   
Collyer, Donal Elery IIIPrivate PrivateWhitley, Amy
Collyer, Donal Elery, Jr.Private PrivateCole, Laura
Collyer, Katelynn AdellPrivate   
Conley, DonaldPrivate   
Conley, EugenePrivate   
Conley, JamesPrivate   
Conley, JohnnyPrivate   
Conley, RaneyPrivate PrivateWadkins, Maudie
Cooper, SarahUnknownUnknownAugust 18, 1868Cole, Wilson
Copper, John W.UnknownUnknownDecember 24, 1868Wadkins, Mary
Core, ScotPrivate PrivateJordan, Karen Sue
Cornett, Glimna MaePrivate PrivateOyer, Melvin
Cousins, Kimberly CarolPrivate PrivateEdwards, Frederick Leo
Cross, Michael PaulPrivate   
Cross, Rickey GlennPrivate PrivateEdwards, Donna Belle
Cross, Rickey Glenn, Jr.Private   
Cross, Timothy CharlesPrivate   
Crouse, MarthaPrivate PrivateWagers, Ollie Edward
Cullwell, BarbaraPrivate PrivatePerkins, Arnold Wayne
Cummins, Edward EugenePrivate PrivateCollins, Rhonda Sue
Cummins, Frederick E.Private   
Cummins, KennithPrivate PrivateBlowers, Phillis
Cummins, Lori LynnPrivate   
Cunninham, Betty JunePrivate PrivateDale, Albert Jock
DalePrivate PrivateWatkins, Stella
Dale, Albert JockPrivate PrivateCunninham, Betty June
Dale, Albert Jock, Jr.Private   
Dale, Amy MachellPrivate   
Dale, BarbaraPrivate   
Dale, Barbara JoanPrivate PrivateColeman, Fred
Dale, Bobby EdwardPrivate PrivateBently, Glenda
Dale, Charles EarlPrivate PrivateHockney, Sada
Dale, Clifford EstilPrivate PrivateCasey, Evelyn
Dale, Deena MariePrivate   
Dale, Eugene DearPrivate PrivateHatfield, Carol

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