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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
Cole, MyrtlePrivate   
Cole, NobelPrivate PrivateSalyer, Flossie
Cole, NormanNovember 17, 1911November 22, 1949  
Cole, OdaPrivate   
Cole, RoyPrivate PrivatePerkins, Elizabeth Ann
Cole, RubeyPrivate   
Cole, SamUnknownUnknown1910Wadkins, Marry
Cole, SammiePrivate   
Cole, SanfordPrivate   
Cole, ThomasPrivate   
Cole, TroyPrivate   
Cole, TurnerUnknownUnknownAugust 26, 1907Perkins, Merkia
Cole, Virginia19371988August 22, 1953Collins, Robert
Cole, WellieAbt. 1874Unknown  
Cole, Wick KendallPrivate PrivatePerkins, Goldie
Cole, William1791Aft. 1880June 25, 1870Wadkins, Rebecca
Cole, William J.1842UnknownAugust 01, 1866Williams, Margaret Jane
Cole, WilsUnknownUnknown  
Cole, Wilson1844UnknownAugust 18, 1868Cooper, Sarah
Cole, WinfordPrivate   
Cole, WoodrowPrivate   
Cole, Woodrow, Jr.Private   
Cole, Woodrow, Sr.August 28, 1931March 05, 1982PrivateNelson, Harriet Jean
Coleman, Angela MariePrivate   
Coleman, DixieUnknownUnknownAugust 31, 1907Perkins, John Henry
Coleman, Dustan AllenPrivate   
Coleman, FredPrivate PrivateDale, Barbara Joan
Colley, Bertha18961973  
Colley, Della FernMarch 04, 1894July 15, 1991December 01, 1923Reynolds, Jay Tyler
Colley, Elvin19001931  
Colley, George1861February 19, 1945UnknownHill, Ada Mae
Colley, Lloyd18971960UnknownKnapp, Elizabeth E
Colley, Myrtle1890Unknown  
Collins, AnluePrivate   
Collins, AshlandPrivate   
Collins, BenniePrivate   
Collins, BenniePrivate   
Collins, BennyPrivate   
Collins, Buddy LeeUnknownUnknownFebruary 05, 1919Perkins, Goldie
Collins, Daniel B.UnknownUnknownOctober 12, 1913Perkins, Lola
Collins, DavidUnknownUnknown1889Perkins, Delaney
Collins, DavidPrivate   
Collins, DorothyPrivate PrivateWilliams, James G.
Collins, EddieNovember 28, 19221987  
Collins, ElsiePrivate PrivateRowland, James Emerson
Collins, EmzyAugust 01, 1920May 26, 1979  
Collins, FlimPrivate PrivateWilliams, Ruth E.
Collins, FreelandPrivate PrivateBarnett, Maggie
Collins, JamesJanuary 22, 1922June 22, 1974  
Collins, LazarethPrivate   

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