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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
Caswell, Steven WaynePrivate   
Caswell, Tamara LynnPrivate   
Chaney, AnnPrivate PrivateWatkins, Jeffery
Chaney, ThelmaPrivate Private 
Chapin, Darlene MichellePrivate PrivateReynolds, Richard Allen
Chase, FrancesFebruary 13, 1812Aft. 1870Abt. 1829Estep, Elijah
Cline, MyrtlePrivate PrivateWadkins, Newton
Clounch, LolaPrivate PrivatePerkins, Arnold Wayne
Cole, AdamUnknownUnknownUnknownMcCarty, Nancy
Cole, AliceAbt. 1872Unknown  
Cole, AlliePrivate   
Cole, ArnoldPrivate   
Cole, BeecherPrivate   
Cole, BettyUnknownUnknown  
Cole, Biddy WatkinsMay 1840April 06, 1908August 19, 1861Perkins, George Washington
Cole, CarolineAbt. 1870Unknown  
Cole, Charles1829Unknown  
Cole, CharlesPrivate PrivateWood, Nancy Ann
Cole, Cynthia1845UnknownAugust 13, 1869Auxier, French
Cole, DenisPrivate   
Cole, Dennis LynnPrivate   
Cole, DialJanuary 14, 1836July 03, 1916March 13, 1856Fletcher, Rebecca Mary
Cole, DoshPrivate PrivateWadkins, Riley
Cole, DudleyAbt. 1878Unknown  
Cole, Elizabeth1847Unknown  
Cole, EmilyOctober 20, 1861Unknown  
Cole, EssiePrivate   
Cole, EzekielUnknownUnknown  
Cole, Farish18731962  
Cole, FlorenceFebruary 07, 1912October 03, 1982  
Cole, FloydPrivate   
Cole, Frank DennisPrivate   
Cole, GeorgeMarch 31, 1890April 30, 1967UnknownFletcher, Mousie
Cole, JackUnknownMarch 07, 1864  
Cole, Jason DeanPrivate   
Cole, JohnUnknownUnknownUnknownAnderson, Cuzzie
Cole, JohnUnknownUnknown Minix, Katherine
Cole, LauraPrivate PrivateCollyer, Donal Elery, Jr.
Cole, LogamAugust 23, 1859Unknown  
Cole, LolaUnknownUnknownJanuary 21, 1896Perkins, Allie Mander
Cole, LonziePrivate   
Cole, LuanaUnknownUnknown  
Cole, Luanna1840Unknown  
Cole, Lydia MayPrivate   
Cole, MabelPrivate PrivateJohnson, Addison Kenneth
Cole, MabelPrivate   
Cole, Marilla1856Unknown  
Cole, Martha MariePrivate   
Cole, Mary Marilla1856Unknown  
Cole, MilesMarch 03, 1857Unknown  

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