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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
Baum, JamesPrivate PrivateBarnett, Betty Lou
Beck, TamaraPrivate PrivateWatkins, Richard Daniel
Belcher, LuellaPrivate PrivateWatkins, Nelson
Bently, GlendaPrivate PrivateDale, Bobby Edward
Betts, Harry LeePrivate PrivateReynolds, Suzanne Elaine
Betts, Tina LeePrivate   
Betts, Tonya LeePrivate   
Betts, Troy LeePrivate   
Blankenship, SusieUnknownUnknownOctober 29, 1903Perkins, Thomas Jefferson
Blanton, SarahUnknownUnknownUnknownLemaster, James
Blowers, PhillisPrivate PrivateCummins, Kennith
Boeser, Dora MetildaPrivate PrivateCardinal, Joseph Leroy
Boggs, LurleyPrivate PrivateOnie, John J.
Boham, Jennifer MariePrivate PrivateRowland, Keith James
Boham, Stephen DuanePrivate PrivateJohnson, Donna Sue
Bolden, SallyUnknownUnknownUnknownWadkins, Henry
Bolton, MarlinPrivate PrivateWatkins, Fanny May
Bolyn, CeliaUnknownUnknownUnknownPerkins, Daniel Martin
Bonnett, Barbara EPrivate PrivateZaleske, Mike
Bonnett, DonPrivate PrivateWilkins, Esther
Bonnett, Rryon EPrivate   
Bonnett, Steven RayFebruary 16, 1962July 29, 1979  
Boyde, Doris AnnPrivate PrivateReynolds, Dale Jay
Brackett, UdoxiePrivate PrivatePerkins, McClellan
Bradford, AmericaUnknownUnknownNovember 25, 1875Wadkins, Benjamin
Brinkman, Barbra AnnPrivate   
Brinkman, Julie AnnPrivate   
Brinkman, Rachel ElizabethPrivate PrivateMonson, Charles Eugene
Brinkman, William AlbertPrivate PrivateSauviac, Barbara Ann
Brown, EllenApril 19, 1882April 10, 1962December 18, 1897Whitaker, Mellis
Brown, LauraPrivate PrivateEdwards, William Alexander
Bryant, Neil RobertPrivate PrivateRowland, Leslie Marie
Burger, Lexie TheresaPrivate   
Burger, Thomas G. IIPrivate PrivateWarren, Tiffany Kay
Burke, Joseph Fred1923September 05, 1988PrivateCollins, Elsie
Burkhalter, SandyPrivate PrivateWarren, Arlen Vincent
Campbell, LusindaUnknownUnknownAugust 25, 1908Perkins, Lee Ander
Cantrell, ElizabethOctober 1868UnknownDecember 05, 1887Pennington, William Riley
Cantrell, MitchellPrivate PrivateRowland, Magdalene
Cardinal, Dena DorothyPrivate   
Cardinal, Francis LeRoyJanuary 04, 1930September 19, 1996February 06, 1961Watson, Barbara Ellen
Cardinal, Joseph LeroyUnknownUnknownPrivateBoeser, Dora Metilda
Carpenter, WalterDecember 11, 1898January 17, 1945July 27, 1916Fletcher, Arizona
Cary, Mary AnnPrivate PrivateStevenson, Robert Hume
Casey, EvelynPrivate PrivateDale, Clifford Estil
Castle, LudemmyUnknownUnknownUnknownFletcher, Alexander
Caswell, CharlesPrivate PrivateSmith, Sara
Caswell, Christina ReenePrivate   
Caswell, Lisa AnnePrivate PrivateHunter, Randy
Caswell, Melvin LeePrivate PrivatePerry, Barbara Ann

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