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NameBirth dateDeath dateMarriage dateSpouse
Adams, Bashie1853UnknownNovember 18, 1888Fletcher, George W.
Aley, Gerald RichardPrivate PrivateOyer, Shirley Ann
Allen, KatherineUnknownUnknownUnknownWatson, Frank
Alsept, DanialPrivate PrivateWarren, Debra Denise
Anderson, CuzzieUnknownUnknownUnknownCole, John
Anderson, EthelPrivate PrivatePerkins, Homer
Anderson, GeorgeUnknownUnknownUnknownEddie, Netter
Antoinette RossPrivate PrivateSauviac, James Thomas
Auxier, FrenchUnknownUnknownAugust 13, 1869Cole, Cynthia
Back, Henery VincelUnknownUnknown1868Fletcher, Elizabeth Emma
Back, Henry VincelUnknownUnknown1872Fletcher, Emeline Elizabeth
Bailey, SynthiaDecember 08, 1852December 06, 1933September 09, 1875Fletcher, Gilbert
Barker, MisourUnknownUnknown Salyer, Henery
Barnett, AdamPrivate   
Barnett, AlliePrivate PrivateWadkins, Ireland
Barnett, AlliePrivate PrivateWadkins, Arline
Barnett, BennyPrivate PrivateShepherd, Lil
Barnett, Betty LouPrivate PrivateBaum, James
Barnett, DencyPrivate   
Barnett, DialUnknownUnknownUnknownPoe, Violet
Barnett, DollyMarch 17, 19121919  
Barnett, DoraPrivate PrivateBarnett, Lacy
Barnett, FrankUnknownUnknownSeptember 04, 1911Perkins, Bertha
Barnett, GlessiePrivate PrivateVanderpool, Robert
Barnett, JamesPrivate   
Barnett, KellyPrivate PrivateVanderpool, Judy
Barnett, KellyPrivate PrivateBarnett, Myrtle
Barnett, LacyPrivate PrivateBarnett, Dora
Barnett, MaggiePrivate PrivateCollins, Freeland
Barnett, MarblePrivate PrivateSmith, Silas
Barnett, MariePrivate PrivateHackworth, Vernice
Barnett, MellisPrivate PrivateBarnett, Mollie
Barnett, MilesSeptember 10, 1891UnknownUnknownWadkins, Martha
Barnett, MolliePrivate PrivateBarnett, Mellis
Barnett, MyrtlePrivate PrivateBarnett, Kelly
Barnett, NoahJuly 27, 1927January 03, 1991UnknownPerkins, Avonelle
Barnett, Ollie BarnettPrivate PrivateFletcher, Breiner
Barnett, RileyPrivate PrivateKilgore, Cassie
Barnett, RussellJune 03, 19161917  
Barnett, WarrenUnknownUnknownUnknownPerkins, Gracie
Barnett, WoodrowPrivate PrivateKilgore, Lucille
Barr, Veronica KathrynPrivate PrivateRowland, Keith James
Bartley, JamesPrivate PrivateRowland, Verna
Bates, AllinePrivate PrivateMathiew, Jessie
Bates, Dorothy MeldaPrivate PrivateNesbitt, Arthur
Bates, Luther JamesPrivate   
Bates, Nellie IrenePrivate PrivatePerkins, Clyde Wallace
Bates, Oscar JamesUnknownUnknownUnknownPerkins, Mary Jane
Bates, RuthPrivate PrivatePerkins, Lonnie
Bates, Velma ChristinePrivate PrivateNichols, Toney L.

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