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Luttrell - Littrell

Simon Luttrell
We have a LUTTRELL surname project at DNA Heritage where we are getting 23 high diversity markers tested. To-date we have 6 people tested and would like to broaden our test pool. We have four Luttrells descendants, none known via paper records to be related, that have matched each other 23/23 - these four are all descendants from Luttrells that had connections with Laois/Queens County Ireland. The other two Luttrell descendants have connections with County Kilkenny Ireland, and also not known to be related via paper trail, and matched each other 22/23. The Kilkenny Lutttrells only matched 14/23 with the Laois Luttrells. We would dearly love to have Luttrells that are known descendants from Dunster and or Luttrellstown, Ireland participate in the project. None of the above 6 can confirm Dunster or Luttrellstown connections. If you or any of your readers are interested please contact me at or visit to find out more about the test which costs $137 US Dollars, and participants must be male Luttrells. To see the results posted on ybase log onto and search by surname. Thank you for your help. Regards, Simon Luttrell

Marcine Lohman
Researching the line of Richard LUTTRELL of Fauquier County, Virginia backwards to Geoffrey DE LUTERAL, the first Baron of Irnham in England (the Dunster Castle branch).  Am especially interested in the Ireland part of the family and any information on the above Richard.  I am descended from Richard, Sr., through his son, Michael and grandson Nathaniel of who's family eventually resided in Camden/Miller County, Missouri.
Marcine's Genealogy

Sue Terminella
Researching LUTTRELL.  Has the line going back to Geoffrey.

Frank Tate, Jr.
Researching Michael LUTTRELL who married Anne SHELTON.

Sue Luttrell
Researching Aubrey D. LUTTRELL of Middletown, Tennessee.

Researching Richard LUTTRELL and Deby HEFLIN of Faquier County, Virginia.

Mary Van Tassel
Researching LUTTRELL.

Tony Smith
Researching Richard LUTTRELL through the LUTTRELL's of Illinois.

Researching Sarah LUTTRELL, born circa 1805, married to William F. CARTER either in Lancaster County or Northumberland County.   Knows of at least two children, William T. and Hanna Carter Stephens/Stevens.

Dan Jarvis
His grandmother married William LUTTRELL.  Doing research on the line.

Joy Shannon
Researching Richard LUTTRELL of Virginia and his wife Mary.  Descended through their son, John LUTTRELL and his wife Winnifred LARRANCE.

Lynda McCallon-Espinoza
My great, great grandmother was Mary Jane LUTTRELL according to her son's Bible. She married James Henry BENGE, we think was his name. They had three children: James Almond, Easter, and Fanettie.  The father, James Henry died when James was four years old about 1836 and the widow took her three children and moved back to Kentucky with her family.   Fanettie died in her early teen years.  James A. and his sister Easter married in Roane Co., Tenn.  in 1849. The same year his Mother died.  I'm searching for the LUTTRELL and BENGE family lines.

Betty Jaekle
Researching Richard LUTTRELL line.  She is descended from Richard, through his son, John and John's son, Edward.

Teresa Hester Edsall
I'm doing research on Elizabeth she married Thos. STALLARD her father was Richard LUTTRELL, Jr. I have quite a bit of info will trade my great, great aunt was born in 1900 and she is the source of the info. or

Rick Luttrell
Researching LUTTRELL families.

Rich Southers
My ggggrandmother was Elizabeth LUTTRELL, b. 12 June 1801 in Virginia.  The only information I have on her father is an article that appeared in the Orange County Genealogy Society newsletter.  This article contained an interview with Charles SPAULDING, who was a grandson of Elizabeth LUTTRELL.  In the article, it states that Elizabeth was the daughter of Francis LUTTRELL of Virginia who came to Orange County, Indiana about 1817.  There is no name for his wife, and no age given for Francis.  He died in 1820, apparently before the census was taken as he does not appear in these records.

Jennifer Dixson
Looking for additional information on James L. LITTRELL of KY. Born @ 1832, married Mary Frances BURKLEY(?) b. 1842 and had the following children: Dillard, Flora Belle, Lucy and Martha Jane.

Joyce Delahoussaye
Looking for parents of James Leroy Martin LUTTRELL that married Francis TAYLOR in Lincoln County, Tenn app 1842.  Family is said to have lived in Franklin County but county seat in lincoln was closer to them, looking in both counties.   Who was John LUTTRELL that was on James SHELTON's estate settlement with Nathan and Michael Luttrell in Lincoln county in 1816.

Wanda Byrd Click
I am a descendent of Rodham  LUTTRELL & Matilda(???).  Their son Richard R. LUTTRELL  b. 1818 in Casey Co., Liberty Ky. d. abt. 1895 same Co. was my gggrandfather.   He married Nancy Jane RUSSELL.

I have a note in some of my info that John Perry LUTTRELL & Rebecca Jane  LUTTREL (my gggrandparents) arguetively were related!  Info is fairly sure that Richard R.. (father of John Perry) is probably the son of Rodham & Matilda, also that Richard LUTTRELL b. 1804 in Va. (father of Liberty & grandfather of Rebecca (my ggrandmother) is most likely the son of Richard LUTTRELL & Deborah H. HEFLIN  who married in Fauquier Va. in 1800's & a few sparse records show them definitely in Casey Co. 1810, 20 & 30.

J. Howard Loomis
I am searching for information on Richard LUTTRELL, who married Deborah HEFLIN 29 Mar 1800 in Fauquier Co.  If you have any information on this family, please let me know.

Researching Vincent LUTTRELL born about 1785 in Virginia.

Jim Stein
LITTRELL is the surname on which I'm working, starting from John LITTRELL and Miranda HOWARD, my great great grandparents.  I have John born 1820 in Lauderdale Co., Alabama and Miranda born 1823 in Alabama.  My great grandfather would have been Elijah LITTRELL and my grandmother was Edith LITTRELL.  I see now that LUTTRELL is the original surname but LITTRELL was the surname spelling in our branch.  Delbert HUGHES authored a book on the LITTRELLs from John and Miranda and there are some references in his book that may help in a couple of areas.   Before I too write a book let me say my records bring a part of John's line down to the 1980s and some descendants into the 1990s.

Michael Ann Luttrell Baker
I am researching James Madison LUTTRELL from Kentucky.  He is buried here in Vernon, Texas and his son was my great grandfather Ranza LUTTRELL.  He was born in the 1840's.
Web Site URL:

Lynette Irene Luttrell Franklin
I am looking for information relating to my grandfather, Harvey Tennesee LUTTRELL, born at Halls Crossroads, Knox County, Tennesee.  Born Dec.29,1896 died Barberton, Ohio Aug. 15,1943.   His father was John LUTTRELL and mother was Malvina Gibbs LUTRELL.   John's siblings are listed in my family bible as Robert, Mark and Elizabeth.   This family moved to Fairbury, Illinois prior to 1917.   My father, Robert Lorne LUTTRELL was born there.   His siblings were Helen Irene, Harvey Floyd and Dale.   Havey Tennesee married Artie Elizabeth CURRINGTON in Illinois and moved to Barberton, Ohio in 1924 or 1925.   Harvey had two sisters, Jessie and Maynie (sp?).   Any information on this line would be appreciated.   Note: Harvey died of a possibly genetic illness called Ankylosing Spondylitis or AS.  Does anyone have a family member with this disease?

Evelyn Luttrell Lolley
I am looking for anyone that has come across any LUTTRELL's that link to the Luttrell's of Erwin (Unicoi County) Tennessee. My grandfather was Thomas LUTTRELL and he was married to Margaret?.  They had two sons (Which neither has a middle name that I know) named Isaac (Ike) and he was married to Violet Marie McINTOSH.  Also Albert LUTTRELL.   Ike and Violet moved to Jacksonville, Florida. We don't know if there were anymore brothers or any sisters. The only thing that I know about My Luttrell line is that It seems that all of the Luttrell's have usually the first child born (stillborn).  My father did not tell us much about his family and the family that is still in TN, I don't really talk to much but will try and get more info from them if I can.  Anything would be truly greatful.  Thank You!

Adrianna Luttrell Griffey
I am researching my father's family. His parents were Bryant LUTTRELL (died 1945, Casey County) and Annie Potts LUTTRELL (Died 1950, Casey county).  He had four brothers (Hugh, Wyatt (died 1998), Clyde, Max) and one sister, Mary Sue. This is all I know about the family. My father lost all contact with his family after he left Kentucky in the late 1920's. We didn't know he had any living relatives until after my father's death in 1968. Would really like to know more.

Mark Henry Luttrell
We Know we can trace our family line of LUTTRELL's in Tipton Co., Tennessee back to the Civil War. My grandfather was Terrell LUTTRELL born around 1884 and his father Mark LUTTRELL was born in the 1860's. We have heard they came to Tipton Co., Tennessee from North Carolina.  If anyone has any information regarding the Luttrell name and our history here in the U.S. please let us know.

Larry Joe Luttrell Jr.
I'm looking for any LUTTRELL in the Western US (OK, CA)

Shirley Ross
I am searching for Elias LUTTRALL born early 1800's in Tenn. He was in Green County Wisc., by 1838.  He married the widow Eliza Hale (Maiden name possibly FOSSETT) in 1840. They had two children John born 1840 & Margaret born 1843. He died about 1845 in Wisc.   His widow married a Lemuel CARY had several more children and this couple along with the HALE, LUTTRALL & CAREY children moved to Fannin Co., Texas about 1853.  I would like to make the connection to the other form of the spelling of Luttrell/Luttrall.

I'm looking for information on the LUTTRELL name. I'm seaching for a Luther Luttrell/Litrrell born about 1800. He married a Flora BERRYMAN/BEERMAN. They had a daughter Francis LUTTRELL born 1900. I appreciate any help. I have little information to share but I am willing to do so. Thanks you for your time!

Mabel Lewis
I am a descended of John LUTTRELL and wife Winifred LAWARENCE. Edward LUTTRELL and wife Ann?, Silas LUTTRELL and wife Stacey BURNET.

Ruth Guest
My 3ggfather was Bluford LUTTRELL b. 1810 TN; md. Malinda Jane SHELTON in Marion Co., IL. 1832; lived Hardeman Co., TN 1840-1850. Appeared 1850 Marion Co., IL. census and by 1860 he was in Miller Co., MO. where he d. 1891. Need to prove parentage of Bluford LUTTRELL. Malinda Jane SHELTON was dau. of Haman SHELTON. Would love to know who her mother was?

Anita Hartman
I am looking for David Paul LUTTRELL that was born in October of 1901. He was born in Zenia Ohio. He married Ina Pauline REXRODE, not sure of what year. They produced three children, Richard Garland, Norma Ellen, and Kenneth. David Paul passed away in Tysons Corner, Virginia in April 1974. He is buried in Shockeysville, Virginia. Ina Pauline REXRODE was born June 9 1906 in Doehill, Virginia. Currently is living in Winchester, Virginia. Any added information of this family would be appreciated. I can be contacted at:

Teresa Edsall
I'm doing research on Elizabeth, she married Thos. STALLARD and her father was Richard LUTTRELL, Jr. I have quite a bit of info will trade. My great, great aunt was born in 1900 and she is the source of the info.

Carol Wolf Britton
Researching the LUTTRELL and GARRETT families of Schuyler County. Illinois. I am a descendant of Delilah LUTTRELL and George Washington GARRETT.

Jan Rutledge Roggy
I am descended from Richard & Mary Rachel STALLARD-LUTTRELL  to John & Winifred LAWRENCE-LUTTRELL,  to Edward & Ann ? Luttrell  to Martin Luttrell   who married Elizabeth Booth GOFORTH, to Columbus Campbell & Lydia PALMER, to Marshall Lafayette & Clara Louisa FORSTER, to Mina & Freeland Douglass RUTLEDGE to Willis Marshall & Jean Eloise Elliott RUTLEDGE to me. I would love to share information with anyone researching these lines.  They were in Virginia, Tennessee, and Illinois. Elizabeth Booth GOFORTH and her descendents (ones named above) are all buried here in Illinois.

I am looking for Feldon/Fielding LUTTRELL/LITERAL/LITTRELL b.1799/1800 ky. on 1850 Laderdale co. AL.census and 1860 Carroll Co. AR. census also Fielding son John b.1829 Laderdale co. AL. Who is Fielding parents? and brothers and sisters? Did Fielding have three marriages? Need to know when and where John died, and is buried.

Misty Ann Morse
I am researching the family of Thomas LITTRELL/LUTTRELL. He is my 8g grandfather. I'd appreciate any help I can get and can offer what I have in return. Thank You.

Kathy Welder
I am connected to LUTTRELL via Catherine LUTTRELL b. 1744 daughter of Richard & Mary, who wed Champe CORUM of Fauquier Co. Virginia on my father's line.  I am again connected to Luttrell via my mother's line by Elizabeth LUTTRELL b. about 1388 daughter of Sir Hugh and Catherine BEAUMONT, Elizabeth wed John STRATTON.  Do these two LUTTRELL lines connect?  I think so, but I'm not sure.  Thanks.

Val Date
Edward LUTTRELL b.1756 Saunton Cour, Somerset, England died 1824 Tasmania, Australia. Married Martha WALTER, emigrated to Australia in 1804 with 10 children. Hoping to make contact with any people who consider themselves descendants of this couple.
Web Site URL:

Susan Williams
Sending this page to my mother who is researching her mother's side of LUTTRELL's  My great grandmother was Edna WHETSTONE whom married Walter William LUTTRELL so I thought I would send this to her.   Thank you so much for your help.

Pat Lawson Kittelt
I am researching Stacy Catherine LUTTRELL, born in 1846 around Roane Co. TN died 1926-1928 in Loudon Co. TN,  She married a James Melvin LAWSON. They together had 8 children.  Her parents were William LUTTRELL and Susannah FRITTS.  My Stacy Catherine LUTTRELL is the granddaughter of Silas LUTTRELL and Stacy BURNETT.
Web Site URL:

Donald Ernest Raby
UPDATED 03/02/2001: 
"Lucinda Jane LUTERAL w/o Thomas HORD was born about 1800. In 1810 and 1820 Census in Fauquier Co VA there are two adult females that could be born at that time. I think one of these is Lucinda, as she was married in 1825 and was 20-30 years old in 1830 census in TN.  The head of House in 1810 and 1820 was Mary Luttrell  and no adult males present. I am looking for information that would identify any of the family members. Father,  wife Mary's maiden name, children.... Does anyone have tax list information that would identify Mr. Luttrell as William? or Samuel? Is there a will that indicates a death of male Luttrell before 1810 in Fauquier Co VA?  Any other clues will be appreciated..." Donald Raby
Web Site URL:

Carolyn Whaley
My Husband's Grandmother, Hester SLOVER, married Thomas LUTTRELL in Dec. 1899.  In the 1900 TN Census, it said he was 23 years old, born in TN, Father born in TN.  I looked in the 1880 Census and found a "Thomas" of the right age whose Father was Thomas and Mother was Elira.  The younger Thomas died in the Fraterville Mine Accident in Coal Creek, TN, in 1902.  I can't locate this LUTTRELL family other than what I found!  Any help would be appreciated!

His headstone say "Father" but no off-spring is known.

Leo B. McDowell
Theresa "Thursy" Matilda (LUTTRELL) HANEY b. 22 June 1822 d. 26 Nov 1893 was my gg grandmother - daughter of Bluford and Malinda Jane (SHELTON) HANEY. Thursy and husband Benjamin Haney's daughter Sarah Ann "Sally" Haney m. my great grandfather Joseph Calvin "Cal" McDOWELL of Hawkeye, Miller County, Missouri.
Web Site URL:

James T. Luttrell
I am researching the LUTTRELL family.  By using several sources I have gone back to Geoffrey de LUTEREL, a confidant of King John, brother of Richard the Lionhearted.  I am having it checked now by a genealogist.

Bill Padilla
I am researching William LUTTRELL b. 1776 married Mary ? b.1781 both born in NC their daughter America b. 1821 TN. married Jefferson SIVILS b. 1802 NC according to 1850 census Bradley Co., TN

Timothy Mark Litral
I am researching the LUTTRELL-LITERAL-LITRAL line.

Susan Blakeney
I am researching the family of Lonnie Buford LUTTRELL.  He was married to Elizabeth HONEA.  My grandmother is their daughter, Flora Itery LUTTRELL.   The records that I have show that Lonnie and Elizabeth married 4-1-1859 in Eulogy, Texas.  I cannot find any record of that.  Any information that you have will be greatly appreciated.

Linda Bernhardt
My grandmother, Margarette Euphemia LUTTRELL born in Missouri in 1880 is the daughter of Harrison LUTTRELL and Margaretta SMITH.  Harrison, born in Ohio in 1839 is the son of Richard LUTTRELL and Mary GROVE.  Richard, born in Frederick County, Virginia in 1797 is the son of Robert LUTTRELL and Barbara BUZZARD.  Robert, born about 1766 is the son of John LUTTRELL and Winifred LAWRENCE of Fauquier County, Virginia.

Jan Rutledge Roggy
I am a descendant of Martin LUTTRELL (great grandson of Richard b. 1700). I have considerable documented information from Martin to the present.

Margaret Twitty Solis
Pleasant LUTTRELL, born 1835 in Casey Co., Kentucky and married Susan DELK, Dec. 1858, in Casey Co., KY. Their daughter Larcena LUTTRELL is my grandmother.  She married John ROBINSON Jan. 27, 1889, married Johnathon S. TWITTY Sept. 2, 1905 in Pike Co., IN.

Leonard H. Luttrell Jr.
Am trying to get from my gggrandfather Simon LUTTRELL, b 1797, d 13 Nov 1883, to his birthplace in Ireland.  He  married Elizabeth RYAN, b abt 1800, d 17 Dec 1862 buried Prince Edward Island.  Simon and Elizabeth came from County Queens Ireland, to Mirimachee (sp) New Brunswich, then to PEI in 1825.  I am descendant of them through Alexander (Sandy), his son, Alexander Thomas Luttrell, his son Leonard Howard Luttrell Sr.   Simon buried on PEI, both Alexander's buried in Milo, Maine.

Debby Harbison
Michael LUTTRELL married Ann SHELTON (dates unknown) but Michael was a Rev War Veteran.   There are pension records, which I have a copy of but are very hard to read. They have one daughter Susannah Luttrell (dates unknown).  Susannah married Mark SHELTON in 1805 in Adair Co, KY.  Mark was born 1784 and died 1853.

Barb (nee Wells) Henderson
My great great grandfather was Richard LUTTRELL born in the 1840's probably in Ireland, who may have immigrated to Quebec, Canada in 1853. He died August 1, 1895 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  He was married to Eliza J. (nee WILSON) who died March 10, 1882. He had at least two brothers named Joseph and Alexander LUTTRELL.  Do not as yet know the names of their parents.  Joseph was born November 5, 1840 in Ireland and immigrated to Quebec, Canada in 1853 according to the Quebec, Canada census of 1901. Joseph Luttrell was married to Elizabeth.  The other brother Alexander was born August 12, 1839 and died August 16, 1900 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and his wife Maria DIBB survived him. Maria (nee DIBB) Luttrell was born January 17, 1844 and died February 20, 1925.

I am the great granddaughter of Amanda Wilson LUTTRELL who married Philip ENMAN.  She was the daughter of Richard and Eliza J. (nee WILSON) LUTTRELL.

I am searching the LUTTRELL name in Canada.


Simon Luttrell
Based in England, I'm researching my own direct family tree which changes to LUTTRELLE one generation back.  I think my family is descended from the Irish family, as opposed to the Dunster Castle branch.  I am over in Dublin next week (11th July 2001) to research records.

Carolyn Perkey Luttrell
Richard LUTTRELL, Jr. born abt. 1783 in Virginia. Son of Richard Luttrell and Sarah CHURCHWELL. First Marriage was to either Frances RANDOLPH or Frances HAMILTON-conflicting data from family members. Son James McDowell LUTTRELL was my husband's great-great grandfather.  James M's wife was Nancy Lee ARRINGTON.

Becky Stewart
I am researching Robert W. LUTTERELL/LITTERL/LITTERELL, b. 3/16/1803, KY d. 11/3/1886, McNairy Cty., TN and wife Nancy RAINS, b. 10/25/1807, TN d. 1/15/1883, McNairy Cty., TN. Robert has a sister listed Silva/Cilva LUTTRELL living with them in 2 different census for McNairy Cty., TN. Their children: James Madison, Sarah Ann, Lot, Elizabeth Jane, John Andrew, twins Louisa Jane & Sylvia Jane, Robert J. Mary Ann, Martha Ann, Hugh W., Lucinda S. and William C.
Web Site URL:

William Kenneth Luttrell  (1924-????)
Father Wm. Henry LUTTRELL (1898-1981), Mother Lena Opal PETERSON (1902-1991), Grandfather   Bluford LUTTRELL.

Russ Lutrell
Looking for parents/family of Ephragm P. LUTRELL b. TN around 1830. Lutrell to Luttrell? I don't know. WE'VE always used LUTRELL. Any info helpful.....

Joline Bergmeier
Knox Co TN Luttrells.
Robert Jackson LUTTRELL (g-grandfather) 14 April 1852 married Myrah Evaline CATE on 2 April 1871 in Knox Co, TN. Robert was the son of Peter Jackson LUTTRELL & Sally/Sarah FISHER. Peter was the son of John & Annis JACKSON. I have census and other information for Peter Jackson & Robert.

I am looking for confirmed ancestry of John's grandfather John, as I have seen the line several different ways. Also, any other information on this line.

Marilyn Pittman
I am searching for the parents of Willis E. LUTTRELL, born 27 April 1783. He married Sarah VIA, born 7 Nov 1788, on 10 Aug 1810. Bond Rocky Mount, Franklin County, Virginia. Came to Jackson County, Missouri around 1830.  I have been told, different parents, that could be his parents  but no proof has been offered. A brother Samuel was also in the wagon train that came to MO.

Sharon McKeever
Researching Dunster Castle LUTTRELLs and have some information from Marcine Lohman but would like as much as I can get on the line of Thomas LUTTRELL who married Ann AYLMER - need dates of births and deaths and marriages of this line.  Need this line because it's my husbands line starting with Mary Evalina LUTTRELL b. 1857 in AL and her husband John William MCKEEVER b. 1847 in IL.
Web Site:

Mike Luttrell
Liberty LUTTRELL - Martha TURPIN
Buried at Maple Grove Cemetary, Boonville, IN.  They have no grave stone I'm looking for dates and their parents.

Emma A. Harris
This is my husband's family.  John LITTRELL 1791 VA and Catherine (Kitty ) BENNETT married 1818 in Fayette Co., KY.
Their Children:  Robert abt. 1822, Richard abt. 1821 married Rachel HILL, John Jr., abt. 1824, Stephen 1835 married Serilda (Mittie) THOMPSON (This is my husband's great grand parents), James T. abt. 1833, Jane abt. 1832 married Leonard HILL, Kitty Ann abt. 1827 married Stephen D. COMBS.

Connie Luttrell Hargroder
I am attempting to research the LUTTRELL family in Louisiana.  Most of the Luttrells that I have found are from much farther east.  Any information about the parents of John Alexander Luttrell, born 10/5/1865 and died 12/20/1926, Desoto Parish, Louisiana.  He was married to Minnie P. STUART who died 9/17/1959.  They were my greatgrandparents.

Linda Thompson
Silas LUTTRELL and Stacy BURNETT, in TN. Really interested in finding Silas' mother's (Ann) maiden name.  She was born abt. 1761 and died between 1830-1840 in Knox Co., TN wife of Edward Luttrell. They were my 6th great grandparents.

Michael Luttrell
Looking for LUTTRELL in Illinois, in or around Springfield and Decatur areas. My father Claude Edward (Mickey) LUTTRELL (1920-87), from Maurice Hal ("Red") LUTTRELL and Ella Marie PRUITT. My ggrandfather was John W. LUTTRELL, who married Annie E. ENGLAND in 1887 in Sangamon County. Just getting started on this project; any and all assistance deeply appreciated.

Ray Littrell
My name is Ray LITTRELL I need your help to find my grand parents where abouts after 1870.   They are William F. (Frazier) LUTTRELL born 1835 Graves, Ky.   Married Sarah GIBSON from Ohio in 1860.  They were on the 1860 and 1870 census in Xenia po, Marion Co., Illinois.  They had three children by 1870: Hamon J., Sarah A., and Melvin S.  My grandfather Raymond S. (Sasbastian) LITTRELL was born 1874.
Oral history has them going to Rich Hill, Missouri and on to Kansas.  Anything on these folks would sure be helpful.

Garry Luttrell
I am from Prince Edward Island, Canada and am looking for other persons with this last name. My ancestors came to New Brunswick in the early 1800 then to P.E.I. around 1825-26. They settled in the Western part around Roseville or Miminegash.

Phyllis Spencer
Looking for info on LUTTRELLs. On marriage bond of Silas LUTTRELL and Stacy BURNETT in 1812 in Roane Co. Tenn., a person named Moses BURNETT signed the bond. There is a relationship here somewhere, but do not have any information on Moses family. Am most interested as I cannot find him anywhere that Silas LUTTRELL was. Need help. Thanks Phyllis

Patsy Curliss-Leiker
My LUTTRELL connection is through my great-great-grandmother, Mary Evalina LUTTRELL, b. abt. 1857 in AL. She married John William McKEEVER 31 Oct 1872 in MO. The Luttrell family have been researched from here to Sunday, but I know very little about John William McKEEVER. Does someone else out there have an interest in John William McKEEVER of IL and Mary Evalina LUTTRELL? I'd love to hear from you...

Kelly Luttrell Overton
My dad is Marc Owen LUTTRELL , his father is William Orin LUTTRELL, and his father is George Smith LUTTRELL. We are from Kentucky (Edmundson County). I believe we are related down the line. I find family history fascinating and would love more info if you have it.

Ruby Genell Luttrell Ware
My great grandfather John W. LUTTRELL was born in Union County TN. I believe 3-20-1874 his parents were Will LUTTRELL and Martha CAMPBELL. If you know any thing about my ancestors please E- Mail me @

Shauna Lutrell Johnstone
Hi, I am researching G.V. LUTTRELL (George Volney--my grandfather b. abt. 1873) who was married 3 times with 18 or so kids. His father was George LUTTRELL (birthdate unknown) and was married to Sarah Catherine NEWSOME who was born about 1837. George was killed by a tree falling fairly early in his life around 1875(?) I understand he came to Henderson Tennessee from Texas, but cannot get any further. I would be grateful for ANY leads.

Russ Lutrell
Researching LUTRELL. Ephragm P. LUTRELL, born in TN around 1830, moved to SE Arkansas, married twice. My family is from he and M. Bell.

Dana Luttrull
I am looking for my gggrandfather, William Joseph M. LUTTRELL (Billy Joe). He was born in 1860 and died in 1937 in Indiana. He was married to my gggrandmother, Ida FERGUSON and they had one child, a daughter, Helen Ethel. He and Ida divorced and he later married a Roxie or Ronie DAVIS. I would like to know his parents names.

Gary Luttrell
Urbon LUTTRELL, b. circa 1895, married Esther CAREY (b. 1892). Marriage date unknown. Farmed in Indiana until his death in 1969(?). Esther died in 1976 in IN. Any help greatly appreciated.

Tom Shipley
Researching an itinerant painting (watercolor) signed O. LUTTRELL. It is of a house/farm in a shallow ravine with a stream running through with hatch fencing (like you see in Civil War sites). A stand of trees flanks the house on one side with one single tree in the foreground next to fence. I guess I am looking for the LUTTRELL line that has a family member with a first name O.....(The painting was found in Indiana.) Thank you.

Faith Pope Rollins
Researching George W. LUTTRELL b. July 31, 1863, d. May 7, 1888, married to Margaret PHILLIPS in Miller County, MO. This is not the George W. who married Martha THORNTON. I am assuming that this the son of Henry J. LUTTRELL and Celia Frances WITT. I need to verify who the parents are of the George W. LUTTRELL who married Martha Ann THORNTON in 1889. Thank you.

Patricia Phillips
I am searching for information on Jamie (James) LUTTRELL.  Possibly born in Missouri.  His daughter was Elgenia I. LUTTRELL b: 01/08/1862 in Polk County, Missouri, d: 06/24/1932, Ozark, Missouri. Elgenia LUTTRELL married George W. McCOY on 01/18/1882.


Garry Luttrell
I am from Prince Edward Island, Canada and I am interested in anyone with this last name. Please respond at my e-mail address. Thank you!!

Amy Wilson
I am researching the family of Mary K. LUTTRELL (b. 1853) and Julian Adolphus WILSON (b. 1843). Mary was the daughter of Eli LUTTRELL (b. 1829), and Mahala A. EASLEY. Mary and Julian were married in Coles Co., Illinois and resided in Manteno, Illinois. He was a veteran of the Civil War, and she died in Montague Co., Texas. Any information you can provide would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Pam East
I am researching relatives of Ernest Paul LUTTRELL. He was married to Rosetta MARTIN. They had six children: Junior, Franklin, J. T. (John Thomas), Jane, Louise, and Jewel. I am beginning to research both my husbands and my side of the families. We now have a granddaughter and this is something I can leave behind for her. Thank You.

Glee Krapf
I descend out of Theresa LUTTRELL who married Benjamin HANEY in 1849. Her father was Bluford LUTTRELL. Theresa's daughter Minerva married Charles Alexander NEEL who are my great grandparents. I am related to Leo MCDOWELL. He descends out of Sarah a sister of Minerva. I am interested in the full line of descent from the early Lutterells who I believe is Godfery. Like to know more about the Irish branch who I think most of the American Luttrells descend out of. They were once part of the Dunster branch of the family. I am looking for the parents of Benjamin HANEY but so far have not found them. Looking foward to hearing from my cousins.

Kenzie and Lauren MacNeil

Also looking for other LUTTRELL descendants in Canada and Britain to correspond with.

Dyanna Luttrell-Quisling
My father was Thomas Joe LUTTRELL born in Nora Springs, Iowa and dies in Roswell, New Mexico in late 1978. His father was Archie LUTTRELL married to Mary. This is as far back as I know anything about. Any info would be helpful.

Rev. Terril Littrell
Author of "The Luttrell Family". I am searching for David LITTRELL or LUTTRELL who married Mary Ann McARTHUR in Bullit County, Kentucky on January 15, 1852. Their son was James Matthew LUTTRELL born August 11, 1853, died on October 16, 1923. Matt was my great great grandfather.  Who were the parents of David Luttrell and Mary Ann McArthur?  Were the parents of David Luttrell, Rhodam and Matilda Luttrell from Casey County, Kentucky?  Can anyone out there verify this for me ?

Lydia Littrell Butts
My family is the same downline as Terril D. Littrell PH.D. I'm just interested in any of my family downline or possible kin folk that we don't know. My father heard that there was a LUTTRELL or COTTRELL, that jumped off his fathers wagon and claimed that he would never claim the LUTTRELL name again. That named could be spelled LUTTREL or LUTTRELL or any of the others. But we are not sure if it was a LITTRELL or COTTRELL who did this, however, we did meet a COTTRELL preacher from VA, that favors the LITTRELL clan and would pass as brothers. So?? My father is a descendant from James Mattison (Matt) LITTRELL of Beach Grove, KY.
Lloyd Littrell's daughter,
Lydia or

Darlene Finnegan
Looking for Stacy Catherina LUTRELL. (LUTTRELL) she is my gg grandmother. Stacy was married to James Melvin LAWSON. Their childrens names are as follows: ***Amanda Victoria LAWSON (who was married to Samuel EARLY), Rachel (Huldah), James Turner, John M., William Charles, Maud, Marshall Sylivan (Mike) and Addie. If any one has any information please email me at Thank you for your time.

Charlene Hance
Decendants of John Bradford LUTTRELL bn. 1831 d. 1911. Was in Ky. Inf., C.S.A. His son was Benjamin Howard bn. 12-13-1896 d. 3-25-1915. His son was my grandfather Silas Bradford LUTTRELL bn. 2-16-1908 d. 3-6-1985. I've been told we have family in Texas. John Bradford had a lot of kids. Some of them traced him to Scipio, OK and put a military headstone on his grave. Would like to be contacted by some of them as I don't know anything other than he came to Okla. from Texas. Thanks.

Steven Luttrull, Jr.
Nothing specific. I am related to the LUTTRULL's in Arkansas.

I am researching Earl LUTTRELL and Flora Alene TABOR. They are my gggrandparent`s. They had twelve kids total, that we know of. Earl was b: 1890 d: 1985 in Hopkins Co., Texas and Flora b: 1895 in Oklahoma d: 1985 in Hopkins Co.,Texas. Their first home was a Tee-Pee in Oklahoma. This is about all the info I know about them. Does anyone else know them?

William James Dodson
My family comes from Brumley, Miller County, Mo. My grandmother was Lucy (GODFREY) DODSON (5-9-1881 to 12-7-1971). She married Fred DODSON, Son of Frank DODSON and Elizabeth ASH. Her family lived in Brumley and many are buried at the Robinett Family Cemetery. Lucy's mother was Emline PHILLIPS (9-1-1860 to 12-9-1941). Emline married William James GODFREY. Emline's parents were my GG Grandfather, Irwin (aka Lewis) PHILLIPS b abt 1826, d abt 1882, married Louisa ROBINETT in 11-11-1845.

When my g. uncle, Carl GODFREY died in 2-11-1987, a legal document was received listing decendants. Those in Missouri included GODFREY's, BROWN's, ASH, ROBINETT, LUTTRELL's, a CLARK and a TABOR.

My Grandfather Fred DODSON's Death Cert listed Frank as his father and Elizabeth ASH as his mother. His sister (half sister?) Edith Elizabeth RUTTER listed ASH as her mother, (blank) as her father. Recently received really good information from Marcine Lohman and Becky Ash-Mitchell. Gave me a real big jump start.

Jeanne-Marie Luttrell-Berardicelli
I do not know too much. My father was Lawrence William LUTTRELL, he had one brother James. Parents were James and Jeanne, AKA Anne or Anna. They lived in New York. My grandparents, father, and uncle died before passing on the family history.

Amanda Slaughter
Researching my mother's side of the family. My gggrandparents were Theodore and Senah? LUTTRELL who lived in Cleveland, Tennessee (Bradley Co.) before moving to Cedar Bluff, Virginia. They had 7 children: John, Theodore, William, Anna, Lacy, Orma, and George. I can't seem to find any information past that. If anyone has any information on this line, please let me know.

Michael W. Luttrell
Researching, Churchwell LUTTRELL, killed Knoxville, Tennessee during a political argument shortly before his son, James Madison, was born (14 Jan 1869). According to his granddaughter Beulah LUTTRELL. She states that Churchwell had 5 children; Horace, John, Milt, Cynthia and James. Mother died about 6 mos. after James birth. Children were taken in by relatives.

John and James ran a livery stable in Knoxville till James moved to Illinois around 1903.

John Fredric Luttrell
As far back as I know my grandfather was Earl LUTTRELL who lived in Attalla, Alabama. I can't remember my grandmother's first name, but her maiden name was "BIRD". She was half Cherokee Indian. My grandparents had four children. Milford Howard (my father), Benjamin Glover, Louise, and Claire Belle. My father (Milford Howard) married Margaret ELLIS and they had two children, John Fredric LUTTRELL born in 1934 and Margaret Ann LUTTRELL born in 1938. Both of us born in the vicinity of Gadsden, Alabama. My mother died in 1990 and my father died in 1996, both in Tampa, Florida. I, John Luttrell am married to Mary Jean REGAR LUTTRELL (born in 1943 in Tampa, Florida) and we have one daughter, Laura Ann LUTTRELL born in 1973 in Atlanta, Georgia.

C. Garrett
Looking for any information on George or William George LUTTRELL who married Martha Jane RAMSEY in TN 1869, as well as his possible son George Luttrell born 1877 who married Isabelle BASS in Indian Terr. OK 1900. Also in search of Florence LUTTRELL born 1874 TX who married David OCKERMAN  in I.T. Ok.   I think these Luttrell's are connected to Newton C. LUTTRELL.

Lisa Petersen
I am searching the family of Newton C. LUTTRELL. His Daughter was Sarah Jane (Sally) LUTTRELL. Sarah's Husband was John Thomas BRUNK. and their children were, Essie, Bessie, Bunnie, Hester (Esther/Ida).
Web Site URL:

Ron Luttrell
I am not researching but I am always interested in the LUTTRELL name. We have info on our family from the Norman times. My family is from the Waterford, Ireland area and have been there for centuries.

Ed Luttrell
Researching:  SHELTON, LUTTRELL and ancestors
Looking for info on family of Shelton B. LUTTRELL who married Elizabeth or Mary PIERCE.
Web Site URL:

Becky Dunnell
I am researching the Littrell name. My great-grandfather (Samuel Ruben LITTRELL) was the son of George Washington LITTRELL (Son of Samuel, son of Jesse, son of Michael, Jr., etc). We just had a family reunion of the kids of George Washington Littrell's children.

Andrea Eaton
I am researching Locky LUTTRELL and Joseph CARTER. She is the daughter of Silas LUTTRELL and Stacy BURNETT.

Julie Neel
John H. LITTRELL and Lettice E. KNOX also known as Letticia E. KNOX. I am looking for John H. Littrell's ancestral line. I have Letticia's information. But I have nothing on the Littrell side. John was born about 1821 - 1832 in Pennsylvania or Virginia...and died in 1863/67 time period in Illinois... I know of four children that he had my great grandmother Angeline Henriette, Sarah, Henry or Harry and possibly Albert Littrell. Albert and Angeline were born in Dubuque County, Iowa and the other two were born in Mercer County, Illinois.

Melanie Johnson
I am researching the LUTTRELL family from Dr. Edward LUTTRELL.  A man named William LUTTRELL (1896 - 1967) married Blance Ella JONES in Tasmania and they had my Grandfather Allan Raymond Luttrell. I was trying to get some more information on Blanche Ella JONES.

Pat Luttrell
I am researching my husband's family from the Texas area and I'm the one who has been poking into the genealogy. This has been interesting because his grandfather Ollie (now I don't know if that is his given name as you read on it will make some sense) b. December 4, 1895, in Mansfield, TX d. October 29, 1969, in Kerrville, TX. Buried in the Ft. Sam Houston Cemetery in San Antonio, TX. He was married to a Bessie May ANDERSON b. ? in Myrtle Springs, TX. They had 4 children:

(1) Lonnie Calvin (nickname LC) b Nov 10, 1928 in Headley, TX (He told us last year his real first name is Edward, his son who is 47 never knew so we wonder if Ollie was his father's real first name.); (2) Audrey; (3) Virginia; (4) Carroll born circa 1930's was very premature and he was less than 2 lbs at birth and they said it was a miracle he survived. He died in 1980 in Mtn. Home, Idaho.

About all I know about the family is they lived up near Amarillo for a bit, south of Ft. Worth, and his father grew up very poor in Corpus Christi. I know that Ollie and Bessie LUTTRELL were in a car accident in a Rambler in 1966 that killed Bessie. Ollie was an alcoholic and he went up an off ramp and hit someone head on.

Ollie gave my husband a genealogy book that is titled "Allied Families of Read, Corbin, Luttrell, ByWaters" dated 1930 and said that it contained his history and his father or grand father was listed in it.

Does anyone have any information that you might have ran across that can shed any light on who Ollie's parents are?
Pat Luttrell, Boise, Idaho

Rosie (Luttrull) Ellis
Only have made it back to my great-grandpa. He's name was John LUTTRULL Born 1826 Died ? have only found him in the 1880 Census. He was married to a Nancy ? (all dates approximate) 1833. This is my fathers Dad's family: Jourdan 1865, Mary A. 1864, Arminda J. 1866, Andrew J. 1868, William R 1870, Charles Luttrull 1873 (my grandfather), and Mariel 1877. Did meet Mariel but, know nothing about him. My fathers name was Sie (of Mo) his brothers were: Omer(LA) Perry (CA) Esco (MO) Ernest (IL). All are passed now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Judith Hackworth
I am looking for Elizabeth (Bettie) LUTRILL/LITRILL/LUTREAL; born January 1851/53 married Jerry HACKWORTH and was living in Clark County, Kentucky according to the 1900 census. I hope to find where she fits in the family. All help is very much appreciated.

Garry Mullins
I am researching a connection of my Australian LUTTRELL family to the Irish Luttrell's. I have a William Vincent LUTTRELL born in approx. 1863 in Monasterevin IRL to parents Thomas and Catherine. He emigrated to the Australian (Victoria) goldfields in the 1880's and eventually to Western Australia. I have extensive details of this Australian LUTTRELL family available if required. William may have had a twin brother, Thomas, who emigrated to Canada, but this is unproven. Other siblings may be Mary & Kitty.

Kelly Luttrell
I am researching the LUTTRELL Family. Currently focusing on Maritime links. Please contact me if you have any information that links the LUTTRELL family with Maritime information.

I'm researching the LITTRELL Family of Lee County, VA.

Daniel (Dan) LITTRELL born abt. 1892 married Bessie Lee "Vance" LITTRELL. They lived in Swanee, TN for a while and some in Wise County, VA. The story is that Daniel was a sheriff of Middlesboro, KY and was shot about 1911-1913. He and Bessie had two children, Ruth and Dewey Clyde LITTRELL. I have a picture of him and that's about it.

Can anyone help me in my quest to find his family????

Rebecca Lance
I am researching my g-grandfather's name. He was George Washington LITTRELL. Most people called him Wash. We believe he was from Tennessee and we were told that he lived there until he was made to leave because of a weapons charge of some kind. He married (1) JONES and moved to Buncombe Co., NC he married Fannie GREEN second and moved to Fontania, NC and lived there until his death in 1930's. On his marriage license for Fannie he states his father as Melvin LITTRELL and mother Catherine LITTRELL. All census records say he was born in TN. I am stuck at this point and can't get any further. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

Rhonda Luttrull Jeffery
I am researching the LUTTRULL's from Missouri. Grandfather-Lawerence Elmer, Great Grandfather-Allen Talbert LUTTRELL or LUTTRULL, Great Grandfather-Richard R. Luttrell and his father Rodham. I would like pictures and information on Civil War Service. Thanks !!

Tama Luttrell
Searching for John Wesley LUTTRELL m. Emma M. MOORE 17 November 1883 in Allen, Ohio. Had son's Mark Foster Luttrell, Sr. born 20 Dec 1897 in Ohio and Paul Reverie Luttrell b. 02 February 1889 in Ohio, tho I'm not sure where in Ohio. I beleive that I did locate John Wesley on 1880 Fayette Co. Ohio, Jasper Twp. This family moved to Oklahoma and settled at Nowata, Nowata County. I have info regarding their lives in OK, but nothing back in Ohio and I am DESPERATE!! for info. Please let me know if this rings a note for someone. Thank you!

Angela Morton Brooks
I am researching the LUTTRELL's from Kentucky, Indiana and ending up in Stoddard County, Missouri. My gggrandmother was Beldevera LUTTRELL b. 1869 in Indiana d. 1926. She married a Natha N. HOLIGAN, 14 March 1886 in Stoddard County, Missouri. They had one daughter Fannie Letitia HOLIGAN who married a Thomas DOWDY. Beldevera's 2nd husband was ?? GLENN. They had one daughter Bessie GLENN. Beldevera's father was Joseph Luttrell b. 1829 in Kentucky. Family records has Beldevera's mom as Joan NOLLIANS. Beldevera has a brother, Wm. Berry Luttrell b. 1864 in Indiana. This information came from the 1880 Stoddard County Missouri Census, which has Joseph's wife listed as Cynthian b. 1825 in Kentucky. I do not know if this is a 2nd wife or another name for Joan Nollians. Any help or info would be welcome.

Janet Luttrell
First Of All, I was brought to tears to see how many Luttrell's there are, Im just starting to research our family. I'm from the Luttrell Family that came from Roswell, New Mexico. My Grandfathers name was Charlie LUTTRELL and my grandmther was Ruby LUTTRELL. I don't know much about their parents so I'm really hoping that someone out there can help me. I know a lot about the family now. and I would gladly do anything to help someone else find out what they need. I really enjoy finding out where we came from. God Bless you all in your search. Janet in Austin, Texas
You can e-mail me at or

Stacie Scott Lyle
I am researching to find THOMAS LUTTRELL.  His daughter Maude J. Luttrell was my grandfather's mother. My grandfather, Thomas Henry PRIVETT was born and lives in Tennessee, is 96 years old so I think THOMAS would have been born around the middle of the 1800's. My grandfather said he was from Ireland. Maude died shortly after my grandfather was born so I have zero info on my grandfather's side and would appreciate any help or information.

Jan "Mercer" Barker
I descend from: Michael LUTTRELL, ll b. Oct. 1751 Fauquier Co., Va. -d.19 Dec., 1844 Marion Co., Il. -m. Susanna Ann SHELTON 1787 Patrick Co., Va. (dau. of James & Susanna "Vardiman" Shelton) // Michael Luttrell, lll b. c. 1810 Sumner Co., Tn. or Lauderdale Co., Ala. -d.(will probated 23 Dec. 1837) Marion Co., Il. -m. Elizabeth Shelton 1826 Lincoln Co., Tn. b. c. 1810 Ala. d. 1851 Marion Co., Il. (dau. of Jarman & Martha "Winfrey" Shelton). she m. *2 Joseph WHAM. // Henderson Luttrell b. 20 Feb. 1830 Marion Co., Il. d,13 Oct., 1889 Raccoon Twp., Marion Co., Il. -m. Moriah L. Huff 13 Jan, 1848 Marion Co., Il. b. 13 Dec., 1829 Marion Co., Il. & d. there 2 Mar. 1911. (dau. of Joshua Pennington Huff & wife Margaret Ann Gaston) // Ada Eldora Luttrell b. 9 Sept., 1871 Marion Co., Il. d. 2 Mar, 1958 Marion Co., Il. - m. Estle Porter Mercer 9 Aug., 1900 Raccoon Twp.. Marion Co., Il. -b. 29 Aug, 1800 Marion Co., Il. -d. 9 Feb., 1920 Raccoon Twp., Marion Co., Il., (son of David & Elizabeth "Searcy" Mercer). // Berthold Henderson Mercer b. 20 Jan, 1910 Raccoon Twp., Marion Co., Il.- d. 27 Mar, 1997 Marion Co., Il. - m. Elma Louise "Parker" 13 Oct, 1928 Vincinnes, Ind. -b. 26 Dec., 1906 Marion Co., Il. -d. 24 Apr. 1977 Marion Co., Il. (dau. of Samuel Henry & Effie Mae " "Easley" Parker // Then to me Janice "Mercer" Dwire-Barker. I lived in Marion Co., for 18 yrs. & am much involved in research of my family genealogy of the county. I am in the Dar under Michael Luttrell, ll.
Jan "Mercer" Barker, 3127 S. Hiram, Wichita, KS 67217-2025

Ron Luttrell
Grover Cleveland LUTTRELL, my grandfather, and his father Jasper Newton LUTTRELL.  Jasper Newton Luttrell's wife Francis Irena MURPHY, is buried in Granite, Oklahoma, along with many other Luttrell's.

Jean R. Landers
Researching:  Reynolds/Runnels
Mother:  Sarah Reynolds
   John Calvin Reynolds md. Martha Mashburn
   William H. Reynolds md. Frances Jane Shelton
   Nancy Reynolds md. Thomas C. Floyd
   Cynthia Reynolds md. Shelton Luttrell

I descend from (1) MICHAEL LUTTREL,II b. Oct. 1751 Fauquier. Co., Va. & d. Dec. 19, 1844 Marion Co., Il. m. 1787 Patrick Co., Va to SUSANNA ANN SHELTON dau of JAMES SHELTON & SUSANNA WALL. (2) MICHAEL LUTTRELL,III b. c 1800 Ala. or Tn & d. c. 1837 Marion Co., Il. m. 1826 Lincoln Co.,Tn. ELIZABETH SHELTON dau. of JARMAN C. SHELTON & MARTHA WINFREY. (3) HENDERSON LUTTRELL b. Feb. 20, 1830 Marion Co., Il. d. Oct., 13, 1889 Marion Co., Il. m. Jan 13, 1848 Marion Co., Il MORIAH L. HUFF b. Dec. 13, 1829 Marion Co., Il. d. Mar. 2,1911 Marion Co., Il. dau. of JOSHUA PENNINGTON HUFF & MARGARET ANN (PEGGY) GASTON. (4) ADA ELDORA LUTTRELL b. Sept. 8, 1871 Marion Co., Il. d. Mar. 2, 1958 Marion Co., Il. m. Aug. 9, 1800 Marion Co., Il. ESTLE PORTER MERCER b. July 29, 1880 Marion Co., Il. d. Feb. 9, 1920 Marion Co., Il. son of EDMOND MONTGOMERY MERCER & ELIZA JANE EASLEY. (5) BERTHOLD HENDERSON MERCER & ELMA LOUISE PARKER.
3127 S. Hiram, Wichita, KS 67217

Lynn Klotz
Researching:  Thomas, Mircale, Rowland, Littrell, Ely
I am looking for the parents of Nancy LITTRELL who married Peter ROWLAND. They lived in Lee County, Virginia.

Mae Retta (Littrell) Condray
Researching:  Littrell
I am looking for information on the John Riley LITTRELL family, He was also known sometimes as John Riley LUTTRELL for some reason. My father was his grandson through his son James Henry and his wife Alva Retta DRIVER. His name was James Harold Littrell. My father lost contact with most of his relatives back in the thirties, I think he was disinherited or disowned by the family because of something that happened then. He died in 2001. I would like to find something about the family and what happened back then. He never discussed it with us at all.
P.O. Box 541, Cassville, MO 65625

Dianna Littrell
Researching:  Littrell, Littrel, Moore
My name is Dianna, born in Boston Mass. to Beatrice Moore/James Littrel/Moore. I have a funny last name - that only my actual father would know. I am in search of James Littrel - his mothers name was Beattie Moore - for some reason they whet by the last name Moore and Littrel/1. James served in the service in 1967 and prior. He and his mom lived in New York 1971-1972 last time I seen them both. Just wondering if anyone know of them or their family's whereabouts. I've been searching for several years now.

Jean Keith
Researching:  Luttrell
Barbra (nee: Warsback) married a Lutrrell--they had Effie Jane and James(aka as Cheek) Luttrell---who had a roofing co. in Joplin, Mo. in the 1930 or 1940's--James wifes' name was Virgina. Both James and Effie were born in the early 1920's.

Kimberly Fryar Smith
Researching:  Smith, Dodd, West, Luttrell, Wheeler
I am a descendant of Malinda Ann Dodd SMITH who was b. 13 Jun 1834 in TN & d. 28 May 1902 in Edwards, Benton Co., MO. She was the dau of James Monroe DODD and his 2nd wife, Milly WALKER. I have James Monroe's parents as Josiah DODD & Mary LUTTRELL. Malinda m. Evandrew Berton SMITH, son of William Thomas SMITH and Mary WHEELER. Evandrew was born in 1835 in TN, his parents were m. in TN. Malinda and Evandrew's youngest, IEP Smith, m. Sophrona WEST in Benton Co., MO, dau of Isiah WEST and Elizabeth SHULL. IEP & Sophrona came to Blaine Co., OK in Dec 1898, when their son Leonard Franklin was 2 mos. old. Leonard Franklin SMITH was my g-Grampa.

Barbara Stowell
Researching:  Andrew Jackson Littrell
I am researching the Littrell family. My Great Grandfather was Andrew Jackson LITTRELL / LETTRELL. I believe he came from Iowa, USA, this information was on his death certificate. His father was Samuel LITTRELL mother Sarah ASHER. Andrew emigrated to Australia and married Elizabeth HUNT in 1872. I would appreciate any information.

TracyLynn JONES
Susie Carolina LUTTRELL Dob 1857 Lenoir City, Loudon Co. Tn. Dod Jan 31 1929 in Oliver Springs, Morgan Co. Tn. Buried in Oliver Springs Cemetery Tombstone has her name as Carlion LITTRELL. Here's where it gets interesting. She was married to Henry LILES. A relative has said that he was killed in Stoneacre, VA. in a Coalmine accident around 1899. I have not been able to confirm that. She gave birth to 4 children that I know of. Harvey LILES 1899-1966 married Edith STONE, Annie Mae LILES 1897-1980 Married John BATES.

Let me see if I can explain this right. On the 1900 census Record for Morgan County, Tn. Susie Caroline/Carolyn Littrell Liles is living with her cousin Robert FRITTS with her two children Harvey Liles and Anna. Now on the 1910 Census she has Reverted back to her maiden name of Littrell and so have the children. I have also been informed that she had 2 more children Mamie Liles/ Littrell and Sam Littrell. I have also been told that she had a child with her cousin. I would like to get more information on Harvey Littrell he is my Grandfather and most of his children with Edith Stone have no information on him, Apparently their mother Edith Stone would not let them contact him. Susie Carolina Death Certificate which states her parents as Bill Littrell and Susie Fritts. Can anybody help? Thank You. TracyLynn Jones

Archer Lay
Researching:  LUTTRELL and LAY
I'm looking for info on my grand parents Virgil R. LAY, born 7-8-1908 died 6-29-1974 & Bessie Jane LUTTRELL LAY, Born 8-13-1909 Died 2-31-1983. Virgil's parents are Welby J. LAY, Born 5-7-1883 Died 11-11-1963 & Rhoda AUSTIN, Born 4-26-1892 Died 2-18-1970. Who were their parents, grandparents, etc?

Bessie's Parents are William Riley LUTTRELL, Born 3-10-1860 Died 3-18-1946 and Rusha Bell LUTTRELL, Born 10-14-1870 Died 11-03-1946. Who were their parents, grandparents, etc? All of the relatives in this inquery were born or lived most of there lives in Casey County, Ky and they are all buried there in the Luttrell family cemetery near Teddy & Thomastown cemetery.

Please help me I have came to a brick wall. Email me with any info at or Thank you. OR

Archer Lay
Researching:  LUTTRELL
I am looking for the relatives of my grandmother Bessie Jane LUTTRELL LAY. She merried Virgil Ray LAY. Her Parents are William R. LUTTRELL 3-10-1860 to 3-18-1946 & Rusha Bell LUTTRELL 11-14-1870 to 4-4-1946. Both are burried in Casey County Ky.  William R. Luttrell's parents are John Charles LUTTRELL (What is his date of Birth? Death?) and Nancy PALSTON I think! (What is her date of birth? Death?) Rusha Bell Luttrell's parents are John Perry LUTTRELL 8-17-1853 To 8-14-1909 & Rebecca Jane LUTTRELL. (What are their dates of Birth? Death?) John Perry Luttrell's parents are Richard Reney Luttrell 1818 TO 1895 & Nancy Jane Russell, I think! (What are their dates of Birth? Death?) Richard Raney Luttrell's parents are Rodham Luttrell & Matilda Horton? (What are their dates of Birth? Death?) Can anyone help me please help me with this family line? OR

Bebe Hayes Garcia
My gr-gr-grandfather was James LITTERAL who was born around 1801, possibly in North Carolina, and died in 1882 in Washington County, Arkansas (possibly lived in Wheeler). He was married to Ruhama WELTY.

Ann Hood
Researching:  LITTREAL
George P. LITTREAL was born in North Carolina about 1807, he married Catherine HOLLOWAY in Lawrence, Tennessee. Their children were: Henry Dee Littreal, Mary Littreal, Louisa Littreal, and John Littreal. All of their children were born in Tennessee. Their son, Henry Dee Littreal was a civil war veteran.

Jennifer Ferris
After some research, I believe that I am a descendant of Richard Luttrell, SR. father of Joshua Luttrell (1811-1875). My great-grandfather, William Else LUTTRELL was raised by his uncle, Joshua. Willam's father is Liberty LUTTRELL of Casey County, Kentucky. My grandfather was Casey Littrell (1900-1998).  I'm interested to know if anyone has information on Richard Luttrell, SR. (1770 Virginia-d. 1845 Casey County, Kentucky) or John Luttrell (b. ??-d. c 1790 Fauquier County, Virginia), Richard's father.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Jenny Ferris (nee Littrell), Cincinnati, Ohio

Jennifer McCoy
Researching:  LITTRELL
I am a descendant of Daniel LITTRELL and Anna LITRELL of Lee County, Virginia. Their daughter, Mary Ann Littrell married my gggrandfather, David CHADWELL on or about Oct 30, 1870, in Lee Co Virginia. Family lore says that Grandma Chadwell (Mary Ann Littrell) was half Cherokee. Her son, my ggrandfather, George Chadwell, was born in Knox County, Kentucky in 1890. I am interested in any information about her ancestry.

Karen Wade Loveless
Researching:  LUTTRELL
I am researching my Luttrell line. My great great grandfather was Isaiah Murray LUTTRELL (wife Mary Emiline Norman Luttrell). Isaiah's father was Joshua and mother was Susanna Damron Luttrell, Casey Co, Ky. If anyone has information on this line would appreciate any information you would be willing to share. I am also very interested in photographs for a scrapbook of my ancestors. Any and all information greatly appreciated.

Judy Charbonneau Leblanc Stevens
Researching LUTTRELL.
A friend of MaryJean Luttrell from Tampa, FL in the 1950's, I'd like to contact her. I'm also looking to followup on family search from the Virginia area.
14570 Rancheros Dr., Reno, NV 89521

Helen Louise Secola
Researching:  LUTTRELL
Five (5) Luttrell brothers came from Scotland in the 1700s. I am the great grandaughter of Samuel Lee Luttrell, who ended up in settleing in Rural Retreat Virginia. Any one related to me, please email me, to find other relatives. Thank You!

Virginia Hobbs Luttrell
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I am researching "John M. LUTTRELL, born 1833 in Knox County, Tennessee and died unknown". Can anyone help me connect John M. Luttrell to his wife and children? He was the son of James Churchwell LUTTRELL (b. 1803 Knox County, Tennessee and d. 1866 same) and Dicey Ann MURPHY and the grandson of William LUTTRELL (b. 1760 Amherst County, Virginia) and Elizabeth C. WITT (b. 1770 in Knox County, Tennessee).

Adam Luttrell
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I'm looking for any information on Francis Herbert LUTTRELL, photos etc he was born in Tasmania, Australia 3rd Dec 1905 and died 5th Oct 1967.

Barbra Spencer (Finley)
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I am doing Luttrell search for the parents of a Effie Jane LUTTRELL (she was a nurse) who married John Joseph BOUCHER (navy man) and they lived in Webb City, Missouri. Mothers maiden name is: Barbra WARESBACK/? LUTTRELL, they came from Brumley, Missouri. If anyone can help me I would be so happy, hitting brick walls.

Kim Owen
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Augustus H. or Augustus W. or Gustavus LITTRELL, b. 30 Nov 1825 d. abt Mar 1900. Married Eliza PARRISH (b. 15 Sep 1826) on 14 Sep 1848 in Roanoke County, Virginia. He is in the 1880 Census in Roanoke County, VA. He was a farmer and a carpenter. I know he and Eliza had abt 12 children. I don't know where he came from or what happened to him after he died. I don't know where he's buried. He died without a will, so his property and belongings were sold at public auction. One of his sons, John T. LITTRELL, married Emma/Emily OWENS and they had 10 children. One of their children, Grace America LITTRELL, was my grandmother. His wife, Eliza, was living w/some of her children in 1900 Census. Augustus and Eliza attended the Salem Baptist Church in Salem, VA.

Jerry Luttrell
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George LUTTRELL B. 1832 D. about 1890 in Casey Co., Ky. Where is he buried at? Was his father Richard? Also who was he married to I think Matilda, born 1842. I am the grandson of James Martin Luttrell B. 1878 in Casey Co., Ky. D. 1953 in Russell Co. Ky. Any information on where they are buried at? I have been to Casey Co and no luck. Thanks Jerry.

Jacqueline Gaines
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I am trying to determine what happend to Caroline America LUTTRELL, when she was born, died and so forth. I know she was born in a log cabin in TN and her father was gored to death by a bull in Missouri. Her daughter Alice BLOCK was born in 1868 in Mississippi.

Deborah Durkin
The same as you, I'm one of your cousins. Also, the Skiles/Parkers of Illinois as well. Seems I have a HUGE family :)

Other names as well, but taking this slow.

Coriana McDonald
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I am the daughter of Ana McDonald, daughter of Jessica Luttrell (1931-1993), daughter of William Richard Luttrell (1905-1972, b Vermont d Texas, m Dorothy Renick), son of William Patrick Luttrell (b 1873 in Canada, m Jessica Pardo), son of William Richard Luttrell (1840s?-1895?, m Eliza Jane Wilson). If anyone knows any more information on the Texas or Canada Luttrell line I'd appreciate it!


Bruce K Thompson
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Helen Pemberton

Paul Coleman
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My great grandmother Nora Luttrell (married Peter Coleman) of Jamestown, Queen's Co (Laois) emigrated to Albany NY on the 23rd Nov 1915 with my Grandfather William and his brother Simon. I have her ancestry back to Alexander "Sandy of the Roads" Luttrell. Looking to go back beyond that.

Betty A. Luttrell Bendschneider
Grandfather, Richard L LUTTRELL.. I have been told he come from Tennessee and I have been told that there is a Luttrell Tenn. He was born September 1874 and died October 12,?? He was married to Alice ROSS. They had five children one was my Dad, James Kenton Luttrell. Went by the name (Bud) they lived in Liberty, Ky. (Casey County).

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Not much info yet. Any info on Littrell (any variation). It is spelled so many ways. It is also pronounced Little.

Pauline Sinclair
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I am searching Annie Edith Luttrell who died 23 Sept 1943 in Cawnpore, India. She married George Moulton HOGAN... had a son Cecil frederick and a daughter Edith who died in infancy I think.

Michael Long
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A story in our family passed down from my grandfather, from his father, and his father's grandfather (George HORTON) is that George is the son (however conceived) of Anne LUTTRELL who eventually became Duchess of Cumberland. What little research I have done leaves more questions than answers. I would like to know more about Christopher HORTON (Anne's first husband) and any brothers or sisters he might have had. And why George Horton's daughter (Mary Ann) was born in Ring, Waterford County, Ireland. Were there any Luttrells around there about 1812?