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George and Celeste met in Rockland Township, MI. when they were about 12 years old. Celeste's parents were David Gilbert and Florence Watts and they were neighbors of the Bryan family (see section on GILBERT to read all about this family). Celeste was born at Victoria, MI on November 22, 1899. George was born March 22, 1899, as stated earlier, near Hurley, WI. George and Celeste married in Minneapolis in 1924 and the following children were born to them:

Marilyn, born 1925, died at age 2, pneumonia
George William, born March, 1927
Beverly Jane, born 1929,
Robert, born 1933
Patricia, born 1935
David LeRoy, born April 9, 1938
Michael, born 1945

Celeste Gilbert Bryan

George Sr. & friend

George Jerome Bryan, Sr.
Golden Years


Celeste Jane Gilbert
Pretty, huh?, Age 17

George & Celeste Wedding, 1924

George, Celeste &
George Thomas Bryan 1954

George Sr. & George Jr. 1929

George & Celeste, 1940's


"More Info on the Children"

George William, married Gloria Mae Oliver in 1925, Memphis, TN. where George was stationed in the Navy. Three children born to them, Thomas, Kathryn, Stuart.

Beverly Jane, married Buster Montgomery.Two children born to them, Diane (Hafterson) and Terry Montgomery (deceased). Beverly died in 2001 and is buried in Mpls. Buster is now 86 years old and resides in Crystal, MN

Robert married Loretta Schrunk and had the following children: Steven (deceased), Cynthia, Dennis, Sandra, Charles. Second marriage to Geraldine Racette and they had Scott, who is presently stationed on the US Nevada Nuclear Submarine as a navigator. Third marriage to Dianne Heikkinen and they presently reside in Biwabik, MN.

Patricia, married Darwin Klinzman and had the following children: Carol, Debbie (deceased), Brad, Bruce and Marilyn. Second marriage Elvis Baggett, no children and they reside in Lakeland, Florida.

David LeRoy, married Betty (?) and had the following children ________________. Second marriage to Jackie (?) and they had the following children: ___________. David died in Mpls. in 1967 and is buried at Crystal Lake Cemetery, Mpls.

Michael, married Gayle Quanrud and they had the following children: Randi Jo, Joe and Tom. Second marriage to Kathy Hulse and they have no children together, but nine step-children in all. They reside in Cotapaxi, Colorado, where they own an ethanol consulting firm.

Bryan kids: L-R Pat, friend, Beverly, Gloria Oliver Bryan (kneeling), David and Bob, about 1946.

George Bryan, Sr.
Bryan Hardware, 1932

Michael Bryan
Age 12

Robert Bryan
Age 11

George William Bryan Age 3

L-R: Bob, Bev &
George Bryan
About 1937

A big thank you to Bob Bryan for providing some of these Pictures!

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