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Samantha Hudson married Alexander Bryan near Jefferson County, NY in 1856. The children of Alexander and Samantha are listed on the First Generation page. Samantha's parents were William Clark Hudson and Catherine Timmerman. William was born 1797 in Vermont and Catherine was born June 7, 1801, Manheim, Herkimer County, NY. The Hudson generation chart and the Timmerman generation chart is listed below.

As a young man William Clark Hudson arrived in Jefferson County, NY from Vermont. There he met and married Catherine Timmerman. There were many Timmerman families in Jefferson County during this time period and they had been there for some time.

The children of William C. Hudson & Catherine Timmerman
(all born in Jefferson Co)

Alzada, born 1821, married Thomas Rees
Adeline, born 1822, married Isaac Cleveland
Enos, born 1825, married Alida Consaul
Henry, born 1827
Fidelia Jane, born 1830, married Orson King
Eliza, born 1833, married Wiliam H. Stevens
Samantha, born 1839, married Alexander Bryan
George, born, 1841, married Martha Bacon

There is a lot of information about these Hudson children and their families available. If interested please contact me. More information on these families will be posted.

Descendancy of Samantha HUDSON
Daniel Hudson, born 1585, Essex, England
Daniel Hudson, born 1625, Kent, England
Nathaniel Hudson, born 1671, Worcester, MA
Seth Hudson, born 1705, Middlesex, MA
Seth Hudson, born 1728, Middlesex, MA
Enos Hudson, born 1759, Oakham, MA
William CLark Hudson, born 1797, Windham, VT
Samantha Hudson, born 1839, Jefferson Co., NY

The above Daniel Hudson (b. 1625) was slain, along with his wife, Joanna, two daughters and two grandchildren in the Lancaster, MA Raid of 1697. One-third of the Town of Lancaster was wiped out in that raid and many people taken captive, including Daniel's two daughters, Joanna and Elizbeth,
ages 37 and 40. They were never heard from again. The townspeople made a valiant effort to defend their homes during the raid, but many of them were killed, including the above Hudson family. For more information about this raid by the Indians and several other raids in Lancaster, please see Early Records of Lancaster, MA.

Timmerman Decendancy
Johann Jacob Zimmerman, b, about 1665, married Anna Maria Jung

Jacob Zimmerman, b. about 1690 in Germany, married Anna M. Schultz

Lawrence Timmerman, b. about 1720, m. Margaretha Schutz.

Henry Lawrence Timmerman, b. 1750, in Herkimer Co., Town of Manheim, NY,
married (1) Anna Failing and (2) Elisabeth Keller.

Catherine Timmerman, born 1801, Herkimer County, NY-
(daughter of Henry Timemrman and Elisabeth Keller)

William Clark Hudson died May 19, 1851 in Jefferson Co. Catherine was left with several children still at home. On August 25, 1857, Catherine married Amasa Cook, who was also from Jefferson Co. at one time. Amasa and his wife, Rhoda Cleveland left Jefferson Co. and settled in Scott, Columbia, WI and had many children. When Rhoda died in Wisconsin, Amasa was a widower with many little children to care for. He returned to New York and he and Catherine married at the home of her daughter and son-in-law, the Clevelands in Ballston, Oswego Co. Amasa and Catherine returned to Wisconsin, as they are found on the 1860 census in Columbia, WI. Amasa had 2 sons that served during the Civil War from Wisconsin, Maurice, who was killed at Shiloh and Albert. There is a letter in Albert's military documents that states his parents met him at the train when he returned from the War. Catherine and Amasa returned to Jefferson County some time between 1870 and 1880. Catherine died there in 1881 and is buried in the Clayton Cemetery, alongside Amasa, who died in 1882.

As mentioned before, we don't know what happened to Samantha Hudson, but we have found two of her sons living with her brother, George Hudson on the 1880 census in Appleton, WI; George Adelbert and William Clark Bryan. Samantha's daughter Ella, born 1870 was living with a Warren Whitney family in Appleton, WI on the 1880 census and Samantha's daughter Genevieve, born 1872 was living with an Oren Adcock family on the 1880 census in Grand Chute, WI. The children of Samantha seemed to be close to their uncle George and were often found living near him as they grew to adulthood. The fact that all of the Bryan children were living in separate households with other families in 1880 indicates that perhaps both Samantha & Alexander had died by this time.


Catherine Timmerman Hudson

George Hudson, Civil War Vet
Son of William & Catherine Hudson

And . . . a very interesting letter concerning the HUDSON line recently received. Anyone wishing to correspond with Reverend Izzo -- I'm sure he would love to hear from you about your Hudson connection!

Dear Ms Bryan:   April 27th 2003. Hi: my name is Rev. Dan Izzo. I live in Syracuse, New York, we share  great, great, great, great great, great  parents, Enos Hudson born Jan 15 1759  and Patty Hudson born Sept 10 1756, they had seven children:
 (1) Patience Hudson ( Barrett) born May 20 1790, in Vermont. She died on June 10 1859 and is buried in Watertown, New York my great+ grandma your great+ aunt)
 (2) William Clark Hudson born Sept 19 1797 (your great+ grandfather my great+ uncle)
 (3) Samuel Smead Hudson born Mar 23 1784
(4) Joshiah Hudson born Mar 2 1786
(5) Rebecca Hudson born Mar 16 1788
(6) Seth Hudson born Jul 12 1792
(7) Abigail Hudson born Feb 1795

According to an old letter from Patience Hudson's daughter with Isaac Barrett of Vermont/NY), Sophia Barrett, her letter from 1890 says that Patience Hudson was a relative of Henry Hudson, the famous English/Dutch Explorer who discovered the Hudson River and Hudson Bay. I can't believe you where able to track the Hudson Family so far back, I had a tough time verifying Patience last name, other than Sophia's letter. Both Patience Hudson (Barrett) and Isaac Barrett (b April 3 1789 d Sept 1857) are buried in Watertown NY...Their son.Francis Barrett (b  Nov 27 1809) lived in Clayton NY. The 1850 census records show a Hudson lived next door to him, his family farm's barn still stands and he and his wife Eliza are buried in the Clayton NY cemetary....directly behind the family barn....I think the Hudson Family who lived next door must be related somehow. Francis Barrett's farm in 1850 was valued at $8000, it was one of the largest in the area. I believe relatives still live in the area...I spoke to a Mrs Betty Street, who lives on Mary St in Clayton, with the same great grand  parents  (Francis and Eliza Barrett) she may be alive still..( or it was Mary Street on Betty St.?I forget) Thank You for Posting the Family tree, my Sister Sheryl Hedrick (41) and  2 Nephews, Jeffery Hedrick (18), Ryan Hedrick (14), and Niece, Alisha Hedrick (16) will be so happy to have the Hudson Family update, they love to talk about the family tree, the Barretts and Henry Hudson story, now they have another 200 years of  Hudson family ancestors thanks to your work.   Their address is The Hedricks 8340 Azimuth drive Baldwinsville, NY 13027 They have the records of the Barretts...and the letter..I'm sure they would like to hear from you, if you like to talk.   May God Bless You! Rev Dan Izzo, 512 Onondaga Ave. Syracuse, NY 13207