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Thank you so much for your note.  You have done a wonderful job...(although I have not yet reviewed it in detail).  More to follow, if I find little things.  The only obvious correction I would propose is the spelling of Rees.  There is no doubt that my branch spells the name Rees...that goes back to Thomas Rees, Sr. (eldest to immigrate from Wales).  There are Reese families in Jefferson County at that time, but, so far as I can establish, are of no immediate relation.   I hope to visit Clayton this spring and check out , William C. Hudson, Amasa Cook and Catherine's gravesites.  The Cemetery Association has given me general directions.  I have lots of pictures and other stuff on the Rees branch. Please do stay in touch.  I do appreciate your sharing.    Smile.   Wayne Johnston, Lake Placid. Wayne descends from Alzada Hudson and Thomas Rees. Thanks for your note, Wayne! Hopefully, we can get some pictures to share on the Rees line. 

 Kathy, that is absolutely great. Such a nice job of getting everything together and arranging it like that. I'm just glad that someone in the family had the gumption to take on the task. Thank you so much. I can only guess at the time you have spent on these family history things. Well, I'm gonn'a go thumb through the Bryan archives. This could get scary. LOL. Thank's again Kathy. Love, Uncle Bob. Bob Bryan is the son of Celeste Jane Gilbert and George Jerome Bryan and resides in Biwabik, MN.

Nice to hear from you.  Thanks for all the work on the family tree.  I hope I can be of some help. Looking forward to going on the site. I have a photo of me when I was small (very small and in grade school, which ever you would like).  I'll send both you can use which ever you want. Michael Bryan is the son of Celeste Jane Gilbert and George Jerome Bryan and resides in Colorado (and Yes, Michael, we want the pictures -- please send.)