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Alexander Bryan & Samantha Hudson

Alexander Bryan was born in 1818, New York. His parents are unknown at this time, however, there are several strong possibilities. It is believed that he descended from another Alexander Bryan, who helped to settle the town of Milford, the 1700's. This Alexander Bryan had many descendants and the subject of this web site would be about 4 generations down from the Milford, CT. Alexander. Our Alexander Bryan and wife, Samantha Hudson were living in the town of Camillus, NY, Onondaga County on the 1860 census. With them were 2 sons, Charles, age 3 and George Adelbert, age 3 months. In 1862, William Clark was born and he lists his birthplace on census records as New York. The family is next found on the 1870 census in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and another daughter is listed with them, Eleanor, age 3 months. By 1872 Alexander and Samantha had moved their family to Appleton, WI, where Genevieve was born in 1872. We have not been able to locate Alexander or Samantha after the date of 1872, but we have a lot of information about their descendants. Samantha was born in 1839 in Jefferson County, NY and since she was much younger than Alexander, it is possible that Alexander died before 1880 and Samantha may have remarried. It is also possible that they both died before 1880, as their children are listed in other households in the Outagamie County area; ie., Ella is listed with a Warren Whitney family in Appleton, Genevieve is listed with an Oren Adcock family in Grand Chute and the two Bryan brothers, George and William are living with Samantha's brother George Hudson on the 1880 census in Appleton. These possibilities have made it difficult to locate them.
(Please see Hudson family on the index page for information about Samantha's lineage). Alexander was a carpenter/joiner by trade. A joiner often meant "ship carpenter". Since Samantha's family lived in a strong ship-building and water-travel area, it is assumed that they met in Jefferson County, New York. The Hudsons lived there for many years.

Children of Alexander & Samantha
Charles, born 1857, NY
George Adelbert, born 1860 (near Syracuse)
William Clark, born 1862, NY
Eleanor (Ella), born 1870, Wisconsin
Genevieve, born 1872, Appleton, Wisconsin

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