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Earnest Syrette and
Harriet Sellers Glover

Earnest Syrette and Harriet
with grandson Kenny Jornlin

Earnest Syrette Glover

Ernest Syrette Glover
with granddaughters:
Barbara Innis, Joanne and Dorothy Eager

Harriet Albert Sellers Glover




Billie Glover Johnson

Burtis Henry "Burt" Glover

Ester, Alice, Billie and Burt Glover


Dorothy Glover



Lydia Glover



Harriet Glover with Lydia

Harriet Glover and Lydia

Billie, Margaret, Lydia, Dorothy and Alice

Billie, Lydia, Margaret, Alice, Dorothy

back row: Margaret Winter, Lydia Eager
front row: Sidney Hill, Alice Hill, Billie Johnson, Dorothy Innes


Lydia, Peggy, Margaret, Dorothy and Billie

Glover Family Dinner

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