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Cece Bibby attends Space Autograph Show


Artist Cece Bibby participated in a Space Autograph Show over Labor Day weekend.  Shown are (left to right) Scott Carpenter, Dee O'Hara, Gordon Cooper, Bibby and Wally Schirra.  Bibby worked as an artist with the original Mercury astronauts at Cape Canaveral. 
Local artist Cece Bibby was invited to participate in a Space Autograph Show held over Labor Day weekend at the Burbank Hilton Convention Center, near Los Angeles.

The show featured astronauts, cosmonauts, aerospace engineers/scientist, movie and television stars and others.

In attendance were 17 astronauts who had flown Gemini, Apollo, Skylab and other missions.  Among them were Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, and Gene Cernan who was the last man on the moon.

Three of the four remaining Mercury Seven astronauts were also there: Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra and Gordon "Gordo" Cooper.  The show was a reunion for Bibby who worked as an artist with the original Mercury astronauts at Cape Canaveral,  Bibby designed and painted the logos for John Glenn's Friendship 7, Scott Carpenter's Aurora 7 and Wally Schirra's Sigma 7.

Also at the show was Dee O'Hara, the first nurse to the astronauts.  O'Hara established the biomedical medical facility at the Cape.

Two Russian cosmonauts were also at the show.

A formal banquet was held on Saturday night and guests were seated with an astronaut at each table, which made for an interesting and entertaining evening.

The master of ceremonies at the banquet was comedian Bill Dana, known as Jose Jimenez, who entertained with his spaceman act using Wally Schirra as his straight man.

The next space autograph show is tentatively scheduled for August 2005, possibly in New York City, and Bibby has been invited to participate in that show.  For more information about these events, visit



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