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Photos of the family of William Anning Milne

These photos are courtesy of who says in part: " The story of how I acquired the Milne/Leroy photos is even more amazing to me. I have to tell you because even one lead can open up a huge window so don't ever give up. I was emailing someone at a North Dakota library town where the Leroy's settled after leaving Canada. I usually email local libraries because some of my most amazing genealogical finds I have, have been found there, not online or on Ancestry, but the library.

" This person stated there were no records of the Leroy family in the library, but that there was a Leroy family in the area and that she would contact them for me. Well, it turned out they were distant Leroy family, us having descended from different children of the Robert Leroy family . . . . Anyway, after some introductions and emails I was told they had found some pictures and they would make me copies. . . . . I was expecting a few photos, but received probably 50+ with all of the Leroy generations included. In the mix was a few Milne photos that I have sent you.

" Now the best part . . . all of these photos were located in an old trunk in an attic in North Dakota with my great grandmother's name on it (she died in the early 1960's). I would have never expected someone to keep those photos for so long, and they knew who all the photos were of and labeled them for me! I was delighted when I got them. I had never seen any photos of the Leroy's or of their descendants and my grandmother's albums don't have any of these pictures in them. Now I wish I knew more about the history of the Milne family but I don't. So enjoy the photos. "

family of William Anning Milne

This photo must have been taken about 1891, before the death of Georgena in May, 1893.
Left to Right: Harriet (Hattie) LeRoy (later married William Anning Milne after the death of her sister Georgena); Helena, Harriet's sister; Helena's daugher, Mary; Alexander Milne (William's father); Inglis Milne, on stool; Georgena (LeRoy) Milne; probably George Francis (Frank) Milne; daughter Helena Irene Milne; probably John Clarence Milne; and far left, William Anning Milne.

family of William Anning Milne

Children of William Anning Milne and Martha Georgena (Jennie) Leroy:
Left to Right: Clarence, Frank, Helena (Lena), with Inglis in the middle.

family of William Anning Milne

The two youngest daughters of William Anning Milne and Harriet Loretta Leroy:
Betty (left, born 1907) and Margaret (born 1904).

family of William Anning Milne

Jean MacAulay Milne, the eldest daughter of William Anning Milne and Harriet Loretta Leroy.

Georgena Leroy

Martha Georgena (Jennie) Leroy, first wife of William Anning Milne.

Hattie Leroy

Harriet Loretta (Hattie) Leroy, second wife of William Anning Milne.