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The Early Ministers at Marblehead

At the top of Old Burial Hill stand several monuments which have been enclosed in granite in order to preserve them. There are stones marking the grave sites of Rev. William Whitwell and Rev. Ebenezer Hubbard, as well as two others marking the grave sites of Rev. John Barnard and Hannah, his wife. Another stone, not encased in granite, is that of Rev. Samuel Cheever. My ancestor, Rev. William Walton, the first Preacher at Marblehead, Is presumed to be buried at Old Burial Hill, but the exact site is unknown. The first church at Marblehead, a simple box-like structure which stood at the top of the hill, and at which Rev. Walton preached, no longer exists. The following pages show photos of four of these markers, as well as genealogical and historical information pertaining to each of the five early ministers at Marblehead. _____________________________________________________________