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Lost at Sea

Adams, Nicholas G., "Lost overboard out of the Schooner [Friendship,P.R.8], Samuel Thompson, Skipper, on Grand Bank, 11 Nov.1831; Nicholas Gordon Adams,s. John and Sarah (Reed), bp. 3 July 1796, C.R.2

Dennis, John Devereux, lost at sea, Schooner Splendid, 1831 [P.R.8]; John D. Jr., m. Sally Tisho, 29 Mar. 1818; son of John Devereux Dennis and Lois (Hibbert), bp. 15 Mar. 1795, C.R.1

Goodwin, John 3d, "On board Schooner Midas, on Grand Bank", rec. 22 June 1831

Millet, Philip B., "Lost at sea, Schooner Splendid, ____, 1831 [P.R.8]; m. Tabitha Bartlett, 28 June 1829; Philip Brimblecomb Millet, s. John and Alice (Brimblecomb), bp. 22 Sept. 1811, C.R.1

Ramsdell, Winslow, lost at sea, Schooner Splendid, ____, 1831

Bartholomew, Francis, "Lost overboard out of Schooner [Friendship, P.R.8], on Grand Bank, 11 Nov. 1831; m. Miriam F. Reynols, 24 Dec. 1815; (No birth in pub. record)

Snow, Samuel, Skipper, lost at sea, Schooner Splendid, ___, 1831 [P.R.8]


Ramsdell, Benjamin R., "At sea, Schooner Borneo", rec. ___, Dec. 1834 [1832, P.R.8 and G.R.1]; Benjamin R. Ramsdell m. Annis Smith, 1 Nov. 1818; Benjamin Riddan "Ramsdill", s. James and Margaret, bp. 7 Sept. 1795, C.R.2

Green, John F., lost at sea, ____, 1832, G.R.1

Millet, John, lost at sea, ____, 1832, G.R.1


Richardson, Benjamin A., at sea, Schooner Van Buren, 2 Jan. 1836 [1835, P.R.8, 1834, G.R.1]; m. Sally Forness, 30 Nov. 1826; Benjamin Andrews Richardson, S. John and Mary, bp. 29 Oct. 1797, C.R.1; John Richardson m. [Mrs. Int.} Mary Clues, 14 Sept. 1794

Adams, Thomas H., "Died on Grand Bank", Schooner Statesman [P.R.8], 20 June 1834, a. 56y.

Devereux, Robert, Jr., lost at sea, ____, 1834, G.R.1


Vickery, Thomas E., "On Grand Bank, from Schooner John Adams, 3 Sept. 1836; m. Mary Russell, 24 Dec. 1822; Thomas Elkins Vickery, s. William and Mary (Elkins), bp. 6 Dec. 1795, C.R.1


Nowland, Benjamin, on board Schooner "Only Son", rec. 28 Dec. 1839


Cloutman, Robert, at sea [Schooner Varico, P.R.8], 18 June 1839, a. 45y. [a.41 y., 9m., G.R.1]


Atkins, Nathaniel H., "On board Schooner Patriot", 13 Aug. 1840, a.32y.; Nathaniel Homan Atkins, s. Isaac and Sarah, bp. 6 Mar. 1808, C.R.1

Doliber, Benjamin F., "One of the crew of Schooner Ocean, lost on the passage from Grand Bank", about 8 Nov. 1840

Russell, Benjamin, "Skipper of Schooner Ocean, lost on the passage from Grand Bank", about 8 Nov. 1840 [a.28y., G.R.1]; m. Rachel T. Cruff, 16 Feb. 1836; s. Ezekiel and Mary (DuParr), bp. 25 Oct. 1812, C.R.1


Knapp, Aaron B., lost at sea, ____, 1842, G.R.1; m. Rebecca Morse, 11 Dec. 1825 [18 Dec., C.R.2]; Aaron Beale Knapp, s. Peter and Sarah (Girdler), bp. 23 Sept. 1798, C.R.2; Peter Knapp m. Sarah Girdler [Sarah Andrews, Int.]

Laskey, William, lost at sea, ____, 1842, G.R.1

Powers, Thomas, Captain, at sea, ____, 1842, a. 49y., G.R.6; s. Thomas and Meriam (Sawins), bp. 19 May 1793


Goodwin, John, Jr., lost at sea, ____, 1843, G.r.1


Bridgeo, Philip, m., Master Mariner, s. Philip and Hannah, drowned at sea, 11 June 1844, a. 61y., 9m., 14 d.; "Jr.", m. Jane Goodwin, 1 Sept. 1805; Philip [s. Philip and Hannah, C.R.1], b. 29 Aug. 1782; Philip "Brigeo" m. Hannah Knight, 11 Dec. 1780, C.R. 1


Crowninshield, William, m., Master Mariner, s. Edward and Mary (Dixey), rec. 30 Mar. 1846, a. 35y. [1845, G.R.1]; m. Mary [A., Int.] Brown, 22 Nov. 1835

Brown, John, m., Master Mariner, drowned [Schooner Dorchester, P.R.8], rec. 18 Feb. 1846, a. 42y. [1845, G.R.1]

Trefry, Thomas, m., seaman, s. William and Mary, drowned [Schooner Good Exchange, P.R.8], rec. 18 Feb. 1846, a. 44y. [1845 - P.R.8]; m. Sarah Procter, 29 Aug. 1824; William Trefry m.Mary Thompson, 10 Sept. 1779


Felton, Thomas, m., fisherman, at sea, Schooner Mugford, supposed 6 Oct. 1847, a. 56y.; Thomas "Folton", s. Thomas and Martha (Conway), bp. 2 Oct. 1791, C.R.2


Tucker, Nicholas, Jr., unm., seaman, s. Nicholas and Hannah, "Drowned from Schooner Independence, 4 Apr. 1848, a. 43y.; s. Nicholas and Hannah(Brimblecom), bp. 12 May 1805, C.R.1

C.R.1: First Congregational Church Records
C.R.2: Second Congregational (Unitarian) Church Records
G.R.6: Gravestone Record, Waterside Cemetery
P.R.8: Bible Record

Source: Vital Records of Marblehead, Massachusetts to the end of the Year 1849, Volume I, Births, Volume II, Marriages and Deaths