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A Partial List of Those Who Are
Buried at Old Burial Hill,
Marblehead, Massachusetts

The following gravestones are located on two sides of a lower level walkway as one enters the cemetery, using a stairway from Orne Street. Information from the Marblehead Vital Records is noted for most, and the dates on the markers have been checked against the published record. This list contains the names of 423 burials in the two large sections. The oldest marker at Old Burial Hill is that for Mrs. Mary Lattimore, wife of Christopher, who died 8 May 1681, aged 49 years. Her stone is in a section of the cemetery other than the two sections listed below, but her death is recorded in the Marblehead Vital Records. Five stones from the upper cemetery are included at the end of this list, with more to follow as time permits. The Marblehead Vital Records are incomplete, in that some records of death do not indicate burials at Old Burial Hill for which we found markers. There are instances of recorded burials at Old Burial Hill for which no stones are to be found. A few of the names listed here do not appear at all in the published record. The sequence of the names which appear here represents the order in which we found the gravestones. The rows of markers at this cemetery are highly irregular and include many bare spots where there must have been burials. In addition, many of the stones are difficult, or even impossible to read, due to age, breakage, settling, or in some cases, the material from which the marker was carved. Of interest are the "family plots". This list is divided into two parts, one for each side of the entry path on the lower level.

Part I, Right Side of the Path:

  1. Archibald Selman , 17 Mar. 1778, a.63y., 6m., 17d. (Marblehead Vital Records: Archibald, first s. Joseph of Great Britain, and Patience (alias Beal), b. "about 4 of the clock in the afternoon", 24 Aug. 1714)
  2. Patience Selman, w. Joseph, 22 July 1768 in 72d y.
  3. John Pitman, s. Benjamin and Sarah, 5 Apr. 1827, a. 29y., 9m. (Marblehead Vital Records: "Drowned"; Benjamin Pitman m. Sarah Conway, 17 Feb. 1791; Sarah Conway, dau. John and Sarah (Laskin) Conway)
  4. Benjamin Knight , 27 Dec.1843, a.76y., 3m., 27d. (Marblehead Vital Records: "Late Collector"; m. Elizabeth Selman, 28 Nov. 1789; Benjamin Knight, s. William and Mary, bp. 6 Sept. 1767, C.R.1)
  5. Elizabeth Stanley, w. Thomas, dau. Archelaus and Elizabeth Selman, 25 Nov. 1771, a.23y. (Marblehead Vital Records: Thomas Selman m. Elizabeth Selman , 9 Jan. 1779; Elizabeth Selman, dau. Archibald and Elizabeth, bp. 30 July 1749, C.R.1)
  6. Mary Selman, 28 Nov. 1800, wid. Archibald, a.78y., 1m., 12d. (Marblehead Vital Records: (Deaths - Mary (Gale); Mary Gale, dau. Samuel and Mary, bp. 21 Oct. 1722, C.R.1)
  7. Hannah Striker, w. Joseph, 26 Feb. 1758, a.25y., 4m. (Marblehead Vital Records: Joseph Striker m. Hannah Griffin, 17 Dec. 1754; Joseph Striker son of Samuel and Miriam Ashton, m. 7 Dec. 1724; Miriam Ashton dau. of Samuel and Mary (Sandin, dau. Ephraim), m. 15 July 1696)
  8. Hannah Striker, dau. Joseph and Hannah, 10 Dec. 1757, a.4m.
  9. Joseph Roundy, Jr., 7 June 1823, a.43y. (Marblehead Vital Records: "consumption")
  10. Elizabeth Dennis, w. Benjamin, 27 April 1796, a.24y., 6m. 1796 (Marblehead Vital Records: Benjamin Dennis, Jr. m. Elizabeth Roundy , 12 Aug. 1792)
  11. Mr. John P. Wyman, 13 Jan. 1818, a.43y. (Marblehead Vital Records, "consumption", 24 Jan. 1818; John P. Wyman m. Sarah Dennis, 1 Nov. 1801
  12. John Blackler Selman,29 Oct. 1814, a.37y.(Marblehead Vital Records: s. Capt. John and Deborah, of a "lingering disorder", 25 Nov. 1814; John Selman m. Deborah Girdler, 17 Dec. 1765; John Blackler Selman s. John and Deborah, bp. 5 July 1778, C.R.2)
  13. Mr. Elias Hulin, 1809, a.75y. (Marblehead Vital Records: "in an advanced age", 2 Aug.1808; Elias Hulin m. Elizabeth Selman, 2 Feb. 1762)
  14. Elizabeth Selman, w. Archibald, 10 July 1759, a.38y.: (Marblehead Vital Records: Archibald Selman m. Elizabeth Blackler, 11 Jan. 1738-9; Elizabeth Blacker, dau. John and Elizabeth, bp. 20 Aug. 1721, C.R.1)
  15. Eunice Selman, wid. Samuel, 14 Feb. 1792, a.57y., 4m. (Marblehead Vital Records: Samuel Selman m. [Mrs., int.] Eunice Grist, 13 Aug. 1769)
  16. Thomas Standley, 1809, a.37y. (Marblehead Vital Records: "At home, has been confined", 22 Sept. 1809; Thomas Standley, s. Joseph and Elizabeth, bp. 17 Nov. 1771, C.R.1)
  17. Mary Owens Dodd, dau. Thomas and Mary, 4 Oct. 1823, a.15y., 10m. (Marblehead Vital Records: Mary Owen Dodd, dau. Thomas and Mary, bp. 27 Dec. 1807, C.R.1)
  18. Susanna Goodwin, w. James, Jr., dau. Thomas and Mary Dodd, 29 Oct. 1823, a.20y. (Marblehead Vital Records: James Goodwin, Jr., m. Susanna Dodd, 5 June 1823; Susanna Goodwin, dau. (twin) Thomas and Mary, bp. 2 Oct. 1803, C.R.1)
  19. (Three Dennis daughters), 1802
  20. Mrs. Elizabeth Patten, w. Capt. John, 12 Feb. 1827, a.73y. (Marblehead Vital Records: "suddenly")
  21. W. Bartoll, 8th Mass. Infantry
  22. Abigail Bartlett, 6 Nov. 1817, a.28y., 10m. (Marblehead Vital Records: Wife of Capt. John, 4th, "consumption"; John Bartlett, 4th, m. Abigail Union, 6 June 1816)
  23. James Aborn, 28 Sept. 1803, a.57y. (Marblehead Vital Records: James Aborn m. Hannah Dove, 21 Mar. 1771)
  24. Mrs. Hannah Nowland, w. Andrew, 6 Jan.1793, a.21y. (Marblehead Vital Records: Andrew Nowland m. Hannah "Aborns", 31 May 1792; Hannah "Ebens", dau. James and Hannah, bp. 2 Feb. 1772, C.R.1)
  25. Mary Bailey, wid. Capt. John, 13 May 1840, a. 79y., 7m., 13d. (Marblehead Vital Records: John Bailey m. Mary Huling, 13 Feb. 1783)
  26. Augusta/Caroline (__?__) 1869
  27. Susanna Dodd, wid. Capt. Thomas, 20 Nov. 1825, a.75y. (Marblehead Vital Records: Thomas Dodd m. Susanna Dennis, 26 Sept. 1769)
  28. James Dennis, 1818 (Marblehead Vital Records: s. John D. and Lois, "in the schooner with Capt. Stevenson", rec. 6 Sept. 1819; John Dennis m. Lois Hibbert, 30 Aug. 1789)
  29. William Thompson, 6 Dec. 1841, a.84y., 7m. (Marblehead Vital Records: William Thompson, s. Benjamin and Margarett, bp. 22 May 1757, C.R.1)
  30. Sarah Louise Bartol, 16 Jan. 1844 (Marblehead Vital Records: dau. William T. and Sally, "croup", a.6y.; William T. "Bartoll" m. Sarah L. Selman, 21 Apr. 1835)
  31. Charles Chadwick, __ Sept. 1815, a.41y. (Marblehead Vital Records: "Sailed in August last in a schooner belonging to Mr. Samuel Knight for the Grand Bank and never heard of since", rec. 24 Feb. 1816)
  32. Michael Haskell, s. Capt. Thomas and Mary, 22 Mar. 1819 (Marblehead Vital Records: "lockjaw")
  33. George Carew, 13 Aug. 1750 (Marblehead Vital Records: "Of Barbadoes, late from Jamaica, 15 Aug. 1750, a.27y.")
  34. Capt. Wm. Haskell, s. Mark and Ruth, 1 Jan.1798, a.24y., 11m. (Marblehead Vital Records: William Haskell, s. Mark and Ruth, bp. 31 Jan. 1773, C.R.3; Mark Haskell m. Ruth Coomes, 18 June 1751; See Nos. 40 and 41)
  35. Mr. James Harris, s. Capt. John and Mary, 8 May 1788, in 21st y. (Marblehead Vital Records: James Harris, s. John and Mary, bp. 31 June 1766, C.R.1)
  36. Martha Roundy (Marblehead Vital Records: Wife of Elijah W., 5 Oct.1806, a.23y., 3m.; Elijah Roundy m. Martha Jackson, 28 July 1805; Martha Jackson, dau. Thomas and Mary, bp. 3 Aug. 1783, C.R.2)
  37. Joseph Curtis, 28 Dec. 1804, a.48y. (Marblehead Vital Records: Joseph Curtis, s. Richard and Hannah, bp. 31 Oct. 1756, C.R.1; Richard Curtis m. Hannah Knights, 3 Feb. 1747)
  38. Margaret Nurse, dau. Benjamin and Margaret, 24 Aug. 1778, a.1y., 2m.
  39. J. Curtis (Footstone, See #37)
  40. Mrs. Ruth Haskell, wid. Mark, 28 Aug. 1811, in 85h y. (Marblehead vital Records: "At the Ferry")
  41. Mark Haskell, 28 Aug. 1811, in 84th y. (Marblehead Vital Records: "At the Ferry"; Mark Haskell, s. Mark and Susanna, bp. 16 Mar. 1728-9, C.R.1)
  42. Capt. William Haskell (Marblehead Vital Records: s. Mark and Ruth, 1 Jan. 1798, a.24y., 11m.)
  43. Mrs. Jane Haskell
  44. Benjamin Hooper, s. Benjamin and Susanna, 6 May 1796, a. 10y., 7m. (Marblehead Vital Records: Benjamin Hooper m. Susanna Wilson, 6 Mar. 1785)
  45. Sam (?) __?__ster 1822
  46. Susanna Hooper, 1796
  47. Joseph Meservey, 1892
  48. Sarah Swett, 1815-48 (Marblehead Vital Records: "Sarah Salter Swett "Messervy", w. Joseph W. H. "Messervy", b. ___, 1815, d. ___, 1848"; Sarah Swett, dau. Samuel, deceased, and Sarah, bp. 7 July 1815, C.R.1)
  49. Elizabeth Russell, 7 June 1818, a.60y. (Marblehead Vital Records: Wid. Samuel, butcher, 8 June 1818)
  50. John Doliber, 1880
  51. Francis Doliber, 1887
  52. Thaddeus Ridden, 6 Jan. 1690, a.66y.
  53. Abigail Hawkins, 20 April 1751, in 83rd y. (Note: Marblehead Vital Records has Joan "Hawkins" m John Riddan, 12 Mar. 1692, and they named a son "Thaddeus")
  54. Mrs. Ruth Bartlett, w. John, 4 Feb. 1803, a.52y. (Marblehead Vital Records: John Bartlett m. Ruth Phillips of Lynn, at Lynn, 26 May 1778)
  55. Wm. Hawley, 6 Dec. 1741, a.21y., s. Richard and Mary (Marblehead vital Records: William Hawley, s. Richard and Mary, bp. 18 Dec. 1720, C.R.1)
  56. Richard Hawley, 1 Oct. 1698, in 63rd y.
  57. John Power, 2d., s. John and Mary, 18 July 1801, a.7m., 8d.
  58. Thomas 25 Aug., 1796, a.62y., 8m.
  59. Mary Anderton, w. Thomas, 29 Nov. 1793, a.52y., 8m.
  60. David R. Pierce, 1824-1906 (Marblehead Vital Records: David Ropes "Peirce", s. David R. and Tabitha, bp. 3 Apr. 1825, C.R.1; David R. Pierce m. Tabatha P. Green, 31 Aug. 1819)
  61. George Cash, 11 Jan. 1838, a.81y., 10m. (Marblehead Vital Records: "A Revolutionary Pensioner"; George Pitman Cash and Eleanor Sweetland, m. int., 3 Aug. 1776; George Pittman Cash, s. James and Ruth, bp. 28 Mar. 1756, C.R.1; James Cash m. Ruth Pittman, 6 Dec. 1744 )
  62. Hannah Atkins, w. Robert, 4 Nov. 1839, a.56y., 1m. (Marblehead Vital Records: Robert G. (Giles), m. Hannah Cash, 14 Dec. 1806; Hannah Cash, dau. George and Eleanor, bp. 26 Oct. 1783, C.R.1)
  63. Tabitha Green Pierce (Marblehead Vital Records: Tabitha Green m. Benjamin "Pearce", 30 July 1767)
  64. James Edgecomb, 7 July 1704, in 17th y. (Marblehead Vital Records: James Edgecomb, s. Rachel, bp. With 2 siblings, Judith and Nicholas, 24 Apr. 1692, C.R.1)