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Courty Family

This page is dedicated to the Courty family. Charles Henry Courty was my father. The family tree I have so far is:

1 Louis COURTY Source: Louis Courtey in entry for Louis Courtey, Iowa, County Death Records, 1880-1992
2 Louis COURTY b. 4/27/1842 Auchel, Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France. d. 3/11/1914 Colfax, Jasper, IA, USA. Sources: Louis Courtey, Iowa County Death Records 1880-1992, Find A Grave Index
+Leona (Leonia, Leonay) CARLIER (or CARRIER) b. 1845 Auchel, Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France. Source: Henri Courty/Adele Petit Application for Marriage License, Cambria County, PA d. 8/1/1927 Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN, USA.
Father=Adolph Carey Source: Minnesota Deaths and Burials, 1835-1990
Louis and Leona were married in 1862 in France.
Louis Courty in entry for Henri Courty and Ida Or Ada Haga Or Hague, Pennsylvania, County Marriages, 1885-1950
Louis Courty in entry for Leon Courty and Victoria Ledent, Pennsylvania, County Marriages, 1885-1990
Based on the above facts, I believe that Henri and Leon, sons of Louis and Leona, are brothers.
1910 Census: Colfax Ward 2,Jasper, IA. (Louis and Leona). Louis is Coal Miner. Residence on Front Street. Leona had 12 children, 5 are living.
Louis immigrated to the US on 9/27/1883. Source:, New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891
3 Leon COURTY b. 8/7/1866 Auchel, Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France d. 4/10/1942 Windsor, Henry, MO, USA
+ Victoria LEDENT b.1876 France d. 1971 Windsor, Henry, MO, USA
Leon and Victoria were married in Hastings, Cambria, PA, USA on 7/23/1892. Source:, Pennsylvania, County Marriages, 1885-1950
Leon, Victoria, and their children are found in the 1900 Census in Nineveh, Adair, MO, USA. Source:
Leon and Victoria are found in the 1940 Census at 600 West Benton, Windsor, Henry, MO, USA.
Leon's death certificate lists his parents as Louis Courty and Leona Carrier.
4 Louis A COURTY b. 10/12/1894 Cincinnati, Appanoose, IA d. 7/17/1967 Henry County, MO Source: United States Social Security Death Index
+ Opal K BOWEN b. 3/7/1895 MO d. 7/16/1967
Louis is found in the 1900 and 1910 Censuses in Nineveh, Adair, MO, USA. Source:,
Louis and Opal are found in the 1940 Census in Windsor, Henry, MO, USA. Louis's occupation is Pit Boss, Steam Shovel.
Louis and Opal were killed in a car accident.
4 Leonard R COURTY b. 3/6/1897 Ardmore, Macon, MO, USA d. 3/14/1969 Auburn, Sangamon, IL, USA
+ Georgania DELABY b. 10/5/1899 PA, USA d. 4/3/2001 Auburn, Sangamon, IL, USA
Leonard and Georgania are found in the 1940 Census in Auburn, Sangamon, IL, USA. Leonard's occupation is Electrical Supplies Merchant.
5 Leonard L COURTY b. 11/20/1924 Auburn, Sangamon, IL, USA d. 6/20/2016 Springfield, Sangamon, IL, USA
+ Cecilia Marie CELMER> b. 3/7/1927 d. 9/28/2004
Leonard is found in the 1940 Census in Auburn, Sangamon, IL, USA
4 Leopold COURTY b. 8/2/1899 d. 8/20/1975 Windsor, Henry, MO, USA
+ Margaret JACH b. 12/6/1901 Lincoln, Benton, MO, USA d. 3/16/1994 Warrensburg, Johnson, MO, USA
Leopold and Margaret were married on 9/30/1923 in Windsor, Henry, MO, USA
5 Marilyn COURTY
+ Larry Eugene KROGH Source: Obituary for Margaret Courty, Rootsweb
5 Paul Jach COURTY b. 9/14/1925 Auburn, Sangamon, IL, USA d. 12/10/2008 Tampa, Hillsborough, FL, USA
+ Billie Dolores KILLAM
Paul and Billie were married on 8/14/1948 in Oklahoma, OK, USA. Source:
4 Leslie COURTY b. 11/30/1901 d. 6/15/1992 Edmond, Oklahoma, OK, USA. Source: Genealogybank
+ Gladys L ? b. 1901 MO, USA d. 25 JUL 1990 Oklahoma, OK, USA
5 Halter Lum COURTY b. 1934 MO, USA.
Leslie, Gladys, and Halter Lum are found in the 1940 Census at Main St Leeton Town, Johnson, MO, USA.
4 Leon COURTY b. 8/23/1904 Novinger, Adair, MO, USA d. 6/29/1915 Windsor, Henry, MO, USA
4 Lillian Victoria COURTY b. 5/23/1915 Windsor, Henry, MO, USA d. 7/30/1993 Galena, Jo Daviess, IL, USA
+ Ira Milton MOUNTS b. 1906 d. 1999
3 Josephine COURTY b. 5/10/1874 France d. 2/1968 Winnetka, Los Angeles, CA, USA. Source: US Social Security Death Index
+ Philip VALEZ b. 1867 France d. between 1914-1920
Philip immigrated to the US in 1888.
Josephine and Philip were married on 5/20/1890 in Houtzdale, Clearfield, PA, USA.
Josephine immigrated from Loos, Nord, France to the United States on 6/24/1887. Source: J. Courty, United States Germans to America Index, 1850-1897.
In 1900, Josephine and Philip lived in Beccaria Township, Utahville Precinct, Glen Hope Borough, Clearfield, PA, USA. Last name listed as VALYZ. Source: 1900 United States Census.
In 1910, Josephine and Philip lived in Colfax Ward 2, Jasper, IA, USA. Philip was a miner in a coal mine. Source: 1910 United States Census.
In 1920, Josephine lived in School District 18, Valley, MT, USA. Source: 1920 United States Census.
In 1930, Josephine lived in Minneapolis (Districts 318-328), Hennepin, MN, USA. Source: 1930 United States Census.
In 1940, Josephine lived in Ward 10, Minneapolis, Minneapolis City, Hennepin, MN, USA. Source: 1940 United States Census.
4 Mary VALEZ b. 1891 PA d. 10/15/1963 Los Angeles, CA, USA
+ Robert Romaine ELLIS b. 6/20/1889 IA, USA d. 1/23/1965 Temple City, Los Angeles, CA, USA Sources: Iowa County Births, 1880-1935, California Death Index 1940-1997.
Mary and Robert were married on 3/9/1911 in Palo Alto, Jasper, IA, USA.
4 Augo VALEZ b. 1893 PA, USA
4 Philip Samuel VALEZ b. 3/7/1895 PA, USA d. 6/24/1972 Hennepin, MN, USA. Source: US Social Security Death Index.
+ Dorothy VOOK b. 1902 Croatia d. 1984
Philip and Dorothy were married on 2/15/1920 in Colfax, Jasper, IA, USA.
4 Pete VALEZ b. 1897 PA, USA d. after 1900
Pete is found in the 1900 Census in Clearfield, PA, USA.
4 Louise VALEZ b. 1900 PA, USA d. ? Billings, MT, USA
+ John AMESTOY b. 1896 France
4 Louis VALEZ b. 1902 PA, USA
+ Carrie M ? b. 1908 ND, USA
Louis and Carrie were married on 7/21/1930 in Phillips, MT, USA.
4 Leo Joseph VALEZ b. 11/14/1903 PA, USA d. 7/17/1968 Hennepin, MN, USA. Source: US Social Security Death Index.
4 William VALEZ b. 1907 PA, USA
4 Albert VALEZ b. 6/30/1909 IA, USA d. 8/20/1959 Hennepin, MN, USA
+ Ethel ? b. 1912 MN, USA
4 Lawrence John VALEZ b. 12/29/1911 Colfax, Jasper, IA, USA d. 5/25/1986 Priest River, Bonner, ID, USA. Source: US Social Security Death Index.
+ Florence Marie DAY b. 4/12/1912 Plymouth, Hennepin, MN, USA d. 8/16/1997 Priest River, Bonner, ID, USA
4 Florence VALEZ b. 12/29/1911
Florence appears to be twin of Lawrence.
3 Henri COURTY b. 1875 France d. 12/28/1901 Portage, Cambria, PA, USA
According to the Registry of Accidents in and About the Coal Mines of the Sixth Bituminus District, he was injured in a fall of slate at the Portage Slope on 12/28/1901. He was 26 years old at the time of the accident, married, and of French nationality, also according to the Registry.
+ Adele PETIT b. 11/28/1875 France d. 4/2/1942 Puritan, Cambria, PA, USA. Source: Pennsylvania Death Certificate, File No. 35381
Henri and Adele were married on June 25, 1901 in Cambria County, PA, USA. Source: Cambria County Marriage License, Second Series, No. 873
Henri and Adele's marriage license application lists Henri's parents as Louis and Leona Courty.
4 Henry COURTY b. 4/17/1902 Martindale, Cambria, PA< USA d. 5/3/1969 Penn Hills, Allegheny, PA, USA. Sources: Social Security application, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Obituary.
+ Pearl Della ELLIS b. 7/14/1908 Gilmore, Greene, IN, USA d. 5/7/1992 Johnstown, Cambria, PA, USA Sources:, Greene County, IN Index to Birth Records, 1885-1902; Social Security Application.
Henry and Pearl were married on February 9, 1924 in Terre Haute, Vigo, IN, USA. Source: Original Marriage License.
They are buried in Deer Creek Cemetery, Cheswick, Allegheny, PA, USA.
Henry lists his parents as Henry Courty and Idele Petit on his Social Security application, dated 1937.
5 Marjorie COURTY b. 9/3/1924 Gilmore, Greene, IN, USA d. 8/24/2014 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT, USA
+ Walter K YUTE b. 1920 d. 3/1991
Walter and Marjorie were married on July 15, 1950 in Allegheny County, PA, USA. Source: Pennsylvania, County Marriages, 1885-1950.
Marjorie's ashes were scattered on the graves of her parents in Deer Creek Cemetery, Cheswick, Allegheny, PA.
5 Charles Henry COURTY b. 9/11/1926 Portage, Cambria, PA, USA d. 6/4/2014 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA, USA
Charles is buried at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies, Cecil, Washington, PA Sources: BillionGraves Index, Find A Grave Index.
3 S COURTY b. 1883 France d. after 1910
S (a female) immigrated from Loos, Nord, France to the United States on 6/24/1887. Source: S. Courty, United States Germans to America Index, 1850-1897.
3 M COURTY b. 1887 France d. after 1910
M (a female) immigrated from Loos, Nord, France to the United States on 6/24/1887. Source: M. Courty, United States Germans to America Index, 1850-1897.

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