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Index to Family Manuscripts

The Manuscript Section is a collection of rare, unusual or interesting documents which relate to our family. If you would like to add to this collection, please send me an email. 

  1. Grant of Arms to Sir Frederick Fitzjames Cullinan of Dublin, Ireland by the Principal Herald of Ireland on January 28, 1910.
  2. Biography of Thomas Allen Cullinan of Junction City, Kansas prepared by the Kansas State Historical Society - Volume 9, 1905
  3. Biography of Mother Emma Cullinen of St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada - Sister of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  4. Address Delivered before the Hibernian Society and Association of Friends of Ireland by Rev. James Cullinan.
  5. Gelasius O'Cullenan O.Cist., Martyr--Abbot of Boyle. -- From Hallel, A Review of Monastic Spirituality and Liturgy (Vol. 17, No 2, Autumn 1992)
  6. The Cullinans of County Clare --by John W. Cullinan
  7. History of Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois - biographical notes.
  8. The Cullinan Diamond - a historical perspective.
  9. Letter from Mrs. Nora Liddy, 3 College road, Ennis, County Clare dated 25 May 1993.
  10. Some Old History of Your Relations by Patrick J. Cullinane

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