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The Coppage-Coppedge Family Association is a non stock (non-profit) corporation, incorporated under Federal Law Code as a 501(c)(7) non-profit organization. We accumulate some of our funding by requiring a membership fee. Anyone who is a lineal descendent or collateral relative (includes spouses) of a Coppage-Coppedge may become a member. If you choose to join the association, your name will be put in the database so as to receive our communications.

 Print this page on your computer printer and send to the address shown below

Name: _____________________________________________


City, State, Zip Code: __________________________________

Single (Per Person) $15.00

Joint $20.00
(Husband and/or wife, or single parent with one child of 18 years or younger)

Family $25.00
(Husband and/or wife, plus one or more children 18 years or younger)

Once a child becomes 18 years and older they are then required to have their own membership.

Optional Information

Telephone Number: ________________________

E-Mail Address: ___________________________

Send to:

Coppage-Coppedge Assoc., Inc.
Christopher Coppage, Treasurer
1903 Bowen Way
Forest Hill, MD 21050


Coppage-Coppedge Assoc., Inc.
Christopher Coppage, Treasurer

Remember, you must pay dues to vote at the corporate meeting or to receive our communications.

ęCopyright 2001 Coppage-Coppedge Family Association, Inc.