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The Coppage-Coppedge Family Association was formed in 1948 and after that first meeting they began to collect information for the first chronicle.  A. Maxim Coppage and Dr. John E. Manahan authored the first chronicle in 1955.  At the point of finishing the book they had additional information that did not get in the book of 1955.  The information kept on coming in, so we decided to update with a new publication.  The second book was authored by Dr. John E. Manahan and published in 1975.  As you can imagine with this type of publication it is never up-to-date at any time.  In 1995 our ex-officio genealogist took on the task of again gathering information for a future (our third) publication.  We set deadlines many times to cutoff and print the book, but someone else would come along with more info or pictures.  We felt that each piece of data was important and finally a deadline of June 1st of 1998 came and it was composed and sent to the printer.   The books are for sale to family association members, general public and libraries for $45.00 a copy (postage & handling included).  Copies may be purchased by sending a check for $45.00 to the following address:

Christopher Coppage
1903 Bowen Way
Forest Hill, MD 21050
Make checks payable to: Coppage-Coppedge Family Assoc., Inc.

If you are a Coppage-Coppedge and can provide proof of your lineage, you may be included in the next publication or supplement to the current Family Chronicle. Please send this information to our genealogist at the following address:

Michael D. Oaks
5204 Zion Road
Jefferson City, MO 65109-9059

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