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The Ancestry and Family History of John H. Camp
The Ancestry and Family History of John H. Camp

Howdy cousins both near and distant...

Welcome to my homepage.  As you can see, there's not much to look at yet, but
I hope to change that in the coming years.  I created this site so that I
could share ancestral information with my closest cousins, but all are welcome
to view it.

I set a goal for myself to have this website up and running by the end of
2005.  What I have uploaded is more of a bare bones version of what I someday
(some year?) hope to expand upon.  For now all you will find is a chart of my
ancestry with some very basic information about my ancestors followed by
tables of what I consider to be famous, notable, or interesting descendants of
my ancestors.  I chose the presentation format because I liked it, but
currently it requires anywhere form 170-240+ pages to print it off depending
on your printer.  I suspect that this display format will by necessity need to
be changed.

The pages currently online: 
Favorite Links
My work is currently unsourced, and I think that that will be my next major project. Not only will it weed out the misinformation, but lend credibility to what remains. So please, don't ask about sources for now. If the work is unsourced, treat it with the usual cautions. I suspect some information currently listed will disappear during this process, but I hope it will be kept at a minimum. All are free to incorporate any portion of my site for use in their personal research, but may not be used for financial profit (i.e don't print it off and sell copies of it, nor incorporate it into a web site that requires a fee to view). For questions, comments, additions or (shudder) deletions, please contact me at jcamp at (replace the "at" with an "@" symbol before using). Thanks for taking the time to check out this site - I hope your visit will be enjoyable and profitable.

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