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Jim Baird wrote:


I ran across your site looking for info on my ancestor Moses Baird/Beard/Bard, etc., born circa 1736 in Pa, possibly in Bucks Co.

Could you please send me some more information on this Bard Book. I am assuming that the three different titles are just different sections in one book, i.e.:, Chronicle of the Bards, Bards of Carroll's Delight, and the Bard Kinship. If they are three different books could you send me the information on them?

Thank You Kindly

Jim Baird (


Hi Jim, Nice to hear from you.

I find a Moses BEARD in our Bard Book, (Pg. 63): Conjecture is being applied on this page in reference to Moses. It discusses that: Andrew BAIRD (BEARD) may have been the father of Moses BEARD, who was an elder of the Presbyterian Church at Lifford, County Donegal, opposite Strabane, and was a delegate to General Synod of Ulster, with his pastor, John Ball, in 1724. This is all within the context of a discussion about a John BAIRD's antecedents.

We also show a Moses Alexander BAIRD on page 71: This Moses is said to be one of four who were the sons (also 4 daus.) of Dr. Robert BAIRD (b.26DEC1756). Dr. Robert BAIRD served in the American Rev. Army, in 1776, and apparently had two wives; Elizabeth REEVES (m.20FEB1781) and Sarah _____. This discussion centers around the Christiana Hundred, New Castle County, Del., and PA areas.

There are other details and much surrounding genealogy, concerning BEARD/BARD/BAIRD lineages going as far back as 1191, and the Valley of Aosta in NW Italy.

* Some brief background on the history, and constituent elements, of the "Bard Book" follows:

The complete title is:


A History and Genealogy of the
Together with
And Genealogies of

"A CHRONICLE OF THE BARDS" addresses the groupings of early genealogies of "probable," and "possible" lineages that *may* have been the antecedents of our Irish immigrant ancestor, Archibald BEARD (BARD). (No connections were established.)

"A History and Genealogy of the BARDS OF 'CARROLL'S DELIGHT'" deals with the genealogies of the direct descendants of our immigrant ancestor; Archibald BEARD (BARD) and his three sons Richard BARD, William BARD, and Rev. David BARD.

"THE BARD KINSHIP" section is concerned with related genealogies, (those that married into the BARD line).

The book has full indexes of each section, which can be found on our Web site.

Thomas Robert BARD (b.8DEC1841) was the first born son of Robert McFarland BARD + Elizabeth Smith LITTLE. His ancestry in the USA can be traced back to the Bards of "Carroll's Delight," as an ancestor of Archibald BEARD (BARD)'s first son Richard BARD (b.8FEB1736). Thomas R. BARD left the Franklin County PA area about 1864 to oversee his benefactor's land in California, and later became a California Republican State Senator (1900).

Sen. Thomas R. BARD commissioned the research and compilation of; THE BARD FAMILY, by G. O. Seilhamer, which was subsequently published by the Kittochtinny Press as a 507 page hard bound edition in 1908. The bulk of the 300 originally numbered books published were donated to various immediate family members, extended family members (those found & included in the book), and various libraries across the country (and in Ireland).

Many of these original books have been passed down from one generation to another, and are presently in the hands of various descendants, throughout the USA and the world, - and that brings us to our charter; which is to help find the descendants of the early individuals who were mentioned in the Bard Book, and to try to track and publish the totality of their genealogy on-line. A bold undertaking to say the least.

One way we use to help finance this project & Web site is to offer Bard Book reprints to interested parties, and keep track of them (and also any originals we locate), on our Book Registry Page:

I hope this helps answer some of your questions about this very useful genealogy research tool - for anyone directly or indirectly related to the BEARD/BARD/BAIRD lines. Price: ($59.95 + $4.00 S&H)

Thanks again for your inquiry, and be sure to let me know if you wish to purchase the volume we all now fondly refer to as our; "Bard Book."

Don't forget to leave your genealogy query on our: BARD FAMILY Genealogy Query Page.

Best regards, curt

Curtis Bard 5876 Woodlee Court Orchard Park, NY 14127-3827 - (CB JUN1998)

Hi Curtis,
I wonder if you might be able to tell me where to start to look up the ascendants of Oscar Newton Bard, born Jan. 23, 1921 in Coleman, Texas? His father was George Rufus Bard, and that and info below is about all we know.

George Washington Bard, Sr. His father is said to have been brought to America from Ireland
Died about 1864
Buried Pilot Point, Denton County, Texas

George Washington Bard, Jr. Born Feb 11, 1857
Died 1906
Buried Bearshead Cem. Gainesville, Texas

George Rufus Bard Born June 3, 1891 Commanche, Texas
Died June 1, 1958
Buried Shawnee, Oklahoma

Oscar Newton Bard Born Jan 23, 1921 Coleman-Brown County Line, Texas Still living

Steven Craig Bard (ME) Born Dec 2, 1947

Children of G. W. Bard Sr. Samuel Henry Bard:
James Alexander Bard
Mandy Ann Bard
Molly Bard (White)
Rebecca Bard (Becky Payne)
George Washington Bard Jr.

Children of G. W. Bard, Jr. Charley Bard:
Rachel Jociephene Bard (Sturch)
George Rufus Bard
Aulcy Fred Bard
Annie Elizabeth Bard (Moore)
Gracie Alice Bard
Loda Pearl Bard
Lillie and Lillian Bard (twins died in infancy)

Can you help?

Steve Bard

Hi Steve,
I'm fairly new at this type of thing myself, but here are some things that might get you started:

1. We don't have much actual genealogical info yet on this Web site, but you can search our on-line Bard databases for names. Included is an index of names found in the "Bard Book" (our rather extensive volume of Bard and Bard related genealogies). This may help determine if the book contains genealogies that are part of your lineage:

2. You can use search engines (like Alta Vista) to find mention of various names and genealogies you are interested in:
(Alta Vista retains the text of millions of Web pages it finds automatically- While most of the other search engines require a URL to be submitted to it- and then searches keywords or subject categories.)
You can also use our special Bard-Google search page.

3. You can leave inquiries (like you did here) on the genealogy newsgroups such as:

4. There are a lot of nice net people willing to help you in your search:

5. We can also put a query on the "What's New" segment of our site.

6. You can keep an eye on the new LDS (Latter Day Saints) page and/or go to one of their libraries/history centers (they have literally millions and millions of names / genealogies on file in their CD-ROM database- & they will help you search!):

7. You can sometimes get lucky with on-line birth indexes (if you have a birth date), and/or Surname indexes:

8. You can investigate some of the sites listed on our genealogy bookmarks page (the short list):

(the long list is; "Bard and genealogy" on advanced search Alta Vista)
(the VERY LONG list is; "genealogy" on advanced search Alta Vista)

9. If you know your country of origin, you can find certain resources there:
And don't forget the Ellis Island Immigration Records:

10. * Your BEST resource lies in your own perseverance - Don't Give Up!

Good luck. Check back, and keep us informed of your progress (or lack of it) as time goes on. I will broadcast this message to some others who may have some additional ideas on how to go about your search.


Discussion List:
Our BEARD to BARD name change really throws a monkey wrench into our genealogy. Here are, as I see it, the relevant facts:

1. The make-up of the BARD crest is fairly consistent, although there are subtle variations (as is common and expected, and even sometimes officially sanctioned).

2. Here's the rub: name usage was anything but exacting in the old days because of illiteracy, language differences, accents, etc. Anyway, Archibald, our ancestor who came over from the old country, was named BEARD. This is documented. His children (Richard, William, and Rev. David) sometimes used the spelling BAIRD or BARD (but never Beard!).

3. * NOTHING is factually documented beyond (earlier than) Archibald's father (David BEARD) and Archibald's grandfather (William BEARD), it's ALL conjecture as admittedly described by G. O. Seilhamer: BB page 142: "As to the ancestry of the Bards of Carroll's Delight, NOTHING THAT IS CERTAIN IS KNOWN"; the foregoing SPECULATIONS are given not as a settlement of the question but as facts and conjectures that may aid in future research."  (CB- my emphasis)

BB page 143: "Archibald Beard, the emigrant ancestor of the Bards of "Carroll's Delight," was a son of David Beard, and a grandson of William Beard. He was PROBABLY born in County Antrim, Ireland, and was PRESUMABLY of Scotch antecedents. Among his POSSIBLE Scottish forebears was William Baird of...". "The American family, whose genealogy follows, has ADOPTED the uniform spelling - BARD -...."  (CB- my emphasis)

4. So, is the early BARD crest really ours?? It's basic description is mentioned (no picture) in the Bard Book, (page 42) as part of a line that died out. AND, THAT'S PART OF THE INFORMATION THAT SEILHAMER DESCRIBES AS CONJECTURE!! (the undocumented parts about SUPPOSED, and PROBABLE events). More likely, (I think) the BEARD or BAIRD crest would be ours, but since nothing is factually determined before the American Beard to Bard spelling change was adopted, we have to say- we don't know!

Other than the crest situation, this name problem has other adverse effects too. For instance; did Archibald's brothers, sisters, and other relations use the BEARD name, or use BAIRD or BARD?? Did they come here to America??- I don't think anyone really knows.

This is why I've tried to center communication and exchange of information on what we do know; (I.e.: things after our ancestors came here and took up the BARD spelling). But research should be centered on the things we don't know.

An important "find" would be documented ancestral links to the early BEARDS- Archibald, his father, and his grandfather.

This "name issue" is probably the single most problematical aspect of this, (normally) straight-forward genealogy.

If anyone has any information or opinions concerning this issue- please let me know.-  (CB- 1996)

Curt Bard
5876 Woodlee Court
Orchard Park, NY 14127


Baird Family discussion list wrote:
Hi Curtis and Richard,
I understand that Bardstown, Kentucky was originally named Bairdstown, Kentucky. Do you have any information on the history of the name for this town and the reason for the name change?

Hello Bruce,
Perhaps Richard ( can better answer questions concerning Bardstown, I can tell you what G. O. Seilhamer in our "Bard Book" has to say on the subject. (A Chronicle of the Bards- The Bard Family - 1908 by G. O. Seilhamer) Re. Pgs. 263-266:

  "WILLIAM BARD, Second son of Archibald
Beard, or Bard, was born June 7, 1738, and
died at Bardstown, KY., July 31, 1802. He was
reared in Hamiltonban township, York, now Adams
county, Pa. By deed dated April 2, 1761, his father
conveyed to him a tract of land in "Carroll's Delight,"
which was surveyed to Robert McPherson, October
7, 1765. Another conveyance from Archibald to
William dated November 20, 1764, was for a tract
of 74 acres of land in Antrim, now Quincy township,
Franklin county, near the Seventh Day Baptist
plantation, known as the Nunnery. William also
owned a tract outside of Carroll's Delight, which he
sold to the Rev. John McKnight and Ebenezer Fin-
ley and removed to the Cumberland Valley. The
Quincy tract, which Archibald Bard obtained on a
Proprietary warrant, was conveyed by William Bard,
of Cumberland county, to Richard Bard, of York
county, December 21, 1767. After this sale he went
to western Pennsylvania, and finally settled in Ken-
  According to the tradition of the Bard family, of
Bardstown, William Bard first visited Kentucky in
1768. The story is that salt being scarce at Pittsburgh,
he proposed to three other men, Brown, Evans and
Doe, to go down the Ohio river, on a flat-boat, to the
salt licks of Kentucky. Doe's wife went with them
to cook for them. They landed near the site of
Louisville, and then went to Drennon's creek, twelve
miles distant, where they built a cabin preparatory to
beginning the manufacture of salt. The Does had
with them an infant six months old. The party had
not been many days at the salt licks when they were
attacked by a band of Indians. Doe and his wife
were both killed and Brown was severely wounded.
Bard killed one Indian with his own gun, and with
the gun of the dead man he shot another. These
fatalities had the effect of intimidating the Indians,
and they retired, leaving Mr. Bard with the wounded
man and the helpless babe on his hands. He succored
the child by chewing bread, that it might have
sustenance. In the meantime, Evans made his way to
the river in search of assistance. At midnight of the
following night, the wounded man died. Bard then
barred up the cabin and taking the child in his arms
followed after Evans. He had gone only three miles
when he was attacked by wolves. He escaped them
by climbing a tree, where he remained until daylight.
Resuming his journey, he "soon afterward met Mr.
Evans with a company of men coming to his rescue."
The reality of the rescuing party is taken for granted
in the tradition, but it is not easily explained, as this
was a year before Boone and his companions had
made their way from the Yadkin, and before any per-
manent settlements had been made in Kentucky.
  The Bardstown tradition further asserts that Mr.
Bard and Mr. Evans returned to their homes in Vir-
ginia, taking the little girl with them to its relatives;
that later William Bard and his brother, Richard, went
to Kentucky and located at Danville; that Richard
built a cabin that entitled him to a thousand acres
of land, but afterward returned to Pennsylvania; and
that William settled where Bardstown now stands.
There is no tradition among the descendants of
Richard Bard in regard to this early visit to Ken-
tucky, but land entries copied by Colonel Durrett,
of Louisville, and deeds and other instruments of
writing on record, at Bardstown, Nelson county,
show his ownership of land adjacent to Bardstown,
  When William Bard went to Kentucky to settle,
or soon afterward, he built a cabin about four miles
north of Bardstown and acquired a large tract of land
on Buffalo creek. A part of this land remained in
the possession of some of his descendants until within
a few years. There is a family burying ground on
the old Bard homestead in which four generations of
the Bards are buried. William Bard and his son,
James, were both buried there, but there is no stone
to mark the place of sepulture of the pioneer.
  The town of Bardstown was laid out by William
Bard on lands of David Bard. It was named after
the latter. The following announcement taken from
the records of the city of Bardstown, originally called
Salem, shows the initial steps toward the erection of
Nelson county and the creation of Bardstown as the
county seat:..."

Sorry if this is a little over-long, but I wanted to convey the color of the whole context.

Please let us know if you come across any info concerning our emigrant ancestor Archibald Beard (Bard) who came over from Ireland about 1740, and settled in Maryland and then Pennsylvania:

BB page 143: "Archibald Beard, the emigrant ancestor of the Bards of "Carroll's Delight, "was a son of David Beard, and a grandson of William Beard. He was PROBABLY born in County Antrim, Ireland, and was PRESUMABLY of Scotch antecedents. Among his POSSIBLE Scottish forebears was William Baird of...". "The American family, ... has ADOPTED the uniform spelling - BARD -...."  (CB- my emphasis)

Curt Bard
5876 Woodlee Court
Orchard Park, NY 14127

Thank you Curtis for the very interesting story on the origins of Bardstown, KY. Clearly the town is correctly called Bardstown after David Bard who owned the lands on which the town was founded and David spelled his surname "Bard." The confusion with the name of the town originally being Baird's Town evidently comes from the fact that others spelled his name "Baird." This is illustrated in the following references:

From a brochure published by the Historic Bardstown - Nelson County Tourist Commission, titled "Visit Bardstown - Nelson County, Kentucky." "Historic Bardstown - The Bardstown area, originally called Salem, was explored in the mid 1770's. William Bard came here in 1780 as agent for his brother David and John C. Owings. He laid off Bardstown from an original land grant of 1000 acres issued by the Virginia General Assembly in 1785. The first courthouse of hewn logs was built in 1785; by then the town was called Baird's Town, a variation of the family name. It was designated Bardstown when incorporated in 1788."

Henings's Statutes at Large by William Waller Hening 1820, vol 12, has the following reference to Baird's Town. p719 Oct 1788... that 100 acres of land, lying at a place called Baird's town, in the county of Nelson, the property of David Baird and John C. Owing, to include the lots which may have been laid off, shall be, and the same are hereby vested in Isaac Morrison, Walter Beall, James Baird, John Reid, Andrew Hynes, Philip Philips, John Caldwell, Gabriel Cox, James Adams, James Morrison, and Michael Campbell, gentlemen, trustees..and established a town by the name of Baird's town..and pay the money arising from the sale thereof, to the said David Baird and John C. Owing, or their respective legal representative.

It is interesting to note from your message that the names "Beard" and "Baird" appear in the ancestral line. My "Baird" records are full of "Beards" with the two names often appearing in the very same record. Throughout my life, if I don't spell my name for someone they will consistently write the name "Beard". Thank goodness here in Texas we have a very popular bread named "Mrs. Baird's Bread" and so I usually say, "It's spelled just like the bread." :-)



"Ruth E. Michunovich"

Ruth E. Michunovich wrote:
> Curtis,
> Thanks for the quick reply. When I checked your surname index, I found a
> BARDIN. Who and where did it come from?
> Ruth
You don't miss a trick, Ruth!
Yes, there is a single mention of the Surname BARDIN in our Bard Family "Bard
Book" and on-line index. It is mentioned in the book concerning
the early BARD history and origin of the BARD name, but not in direct relation
to our particular genealogy.
The text quote is from page 10 of The Bard Family (1908) by G. O. Seilhamer, as follows:

"It has also been asserted that the Bard name is of Saxon origin, an assertion that is sustained by the fact that the name has been a common one in Germany for many generations. MacFirbis ("Irish Genealogies," p. 412 3/4) claims Barde as Celtic, saying it was Maghaidh Saxonta (magadh- Irish, mocking,jeering), meaning that it was only in jest that it was said to be of Saxon origin. According to Dr. O'Hart ("Irish Pedigrees," Fifth Edition, Vol I, P. 349). Owen Mac-an-Bhaird (bhard: Irish, a bar; Heb. baar, was famous), of Monycassan, was descended from Eocha, son of Sodhan, (Arms- Ar. two bars, gu. each charged with as many martlets or.). From Owen the surname, Mac-an-Bhaird, was anglicised Mac Ward, modernized Ward. Some of the descendants of Owen rendered the name O'Bairdain, variously anglicised Baird, Bard, Barde, Barden, Bardin, Barding, Barten, Barton, Berdan, Berdon, Purdon, Verdon, and Wardin."

Interesting background.
Hope it helps,

The reunion will be held on July 19, 20, 21. 1996. Friday evening is
usually a travel day for everyone. We have members coming in from
various places such as Calif., Wash. State, Florida, Georgia, New Orleans,
New Jersey, Detroit, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Wash. D.C., and other
locations. We have set up the Hampton Inn as a welcome center. We
will have a conference room setup with drinks and food. Saturday
we have rented a pavillion in one of the local parks. We'll start at
around noon with an introduction of family members, especially the first
timers. Then we play various games for the kids and adults. The family
Historian will give an oral update as to new information she has discovered
regarding the family history as well as new additions to the family (births).
A meeting will be held to re-elect officers for the Reunion Board of Directors.
The President will give an address, the treasurer (ME) will provide a financial
update, a date for the next reunion is decided by all, and any other business
that is on the agenda will be discussed.
Later in the evening we will have a DJ play various styles of music for
dancing and mingling. Refreshments will of course be served. Awards
are giving out for the eldest member, furthest traveler, youngest member, etc..
After the reunion activities on Saturday, some of the younger members usually
hit the night clubs and others meet at the hotel or some other location for talk and relaxation.
Sunday is a day when most out of towners will take advantage of historic
sites and activities such as visiting "My Old Kentucky Home", a carriage
ride thru town, visiting distilleries, and the Stephen Foster Drama. Church
services are held at St. Monica Catholic Church, St. Joseph's Cathedral or
Bardstown Baptist. Other churches of other denominations are available if needed.
The donation for attendance is $10.00 minimum per adult (18 & Over).
More may be given if desired. Usually, most give $10 to $30, however there are
a few who donate $50 to $100. If by the end of Saturday, if we don't have
enough to pay all debts we'll ask for more donations. We also have a
donation basket to help the historian pay for expenses incurred while
researching our family. Expenses include: travel, cost of copies, paper,
stamps, and other required materials.
If you need more info, please write or call.

Note: It has been brought to our attention that there exists some
confusion concerning this reunion: All are welcome at this get-together,
but it is not specifically organized by, or for, the Bards of "Carroll's
Delight". This reunion represents a very interesting and exciting peripheral
connection to the history of the Bards of "Carroll's Delight" in that it
is hosted by the descendants of the slaves of some of the early Bard
families (Slaves often took the names of their owners). There has been
some sincere conjecture that there may be a direct link between the two
genealogies but this is apparently unverifiable. We hope to receive more
information concerning this special group of Bards and their genealogy sometime
in the future.- CB 1996

> Dear Curt,
> I read with interest your post regarding the Bard Family reunion. I even
> tried accessing your home page, but found that it is still under construction
> and your related database links where not readable with my "lynx browser".

> Could you direct me to someone within your family who may know some details
> of a Helen BARD, b 22 Sep 1903, married Fred Foster RUDDER in Chicago in
> 1921/22 and died in Atlanta, GA, 16 Jan 1985. She was my great aunt, and
> sadly we do not know much about her ancestors. We heard her speak of coming
> from or living in Kalamazoo, MI before she was married, and that is all we
> know. She had two sons, Fred Foster RUDDER, Jr. and Bard RUDDER. Sadly, their
> whereabouts are also unknown to us.
> Thank you,
> David Jones
> 3441 Contessa
> Mesa, AZ 85213
> (602) 807-8778
Hi Dave,
Sorry you could not access our Bard page with Lynx.
I don't see Helen BARD or RUDDER names in any of our databases,
but all we have available now are the indexes that refer to our genealogy-
the hard bound book; "The Bard Family" by G. O. Seilhamer.
Hope you can access in the future with a Web browser-
we may have more info and actual genealogy lineages up by then.
I'll put your Query up on a section of our Web page-
Maybe someone will be able to help.
Good luck,
Curt Bard
5876 Woodlee Court
Orchard Park, NY 14127

Below is the result of your feedback form. Submitted Tue Jun 4 15:33:37 EDT
Name: Kay Kelso
Street Address: 639 P Street
City: Sacramento
State: CA
Zip: 95814-6320
Phone: (916)653-2953
Not Sure if Bard Relation: Checked
Guest Book Textbox: Type your Guest Book message here... and click SUBMIT.
My fourth great grandfather was David Bard, born abt 1776 in Derby, CT. His
eldest son, Peletiah Bard, was also my ancestor; he was born in 1801 in New
Milford, CT, and died in 1851 in Portage County, OH. I have some evidence that
David Bard's progenitors lived in Geneva, NY, and in Hyde Park, NY; I would like
to confirm this. I would welcome any genealogical stuff about these people's
ancestors or my collaterals.
May your reunion be a great success!
recipient: Curt Bard

*P. S.: Thank you for asking about our reprinted "Bard Book". This gives me a wonderful opportunity to unabashedly solicit a donation to our Web page... We really have no way to support and maintain our Bard Family World Wide Web Page other than through the meager and spotty trickle of funds that we receive from interested parties like yourself. We charge $59.95 + $4.00 S&H for the book, but to be quite honest with you, I feel a duty to distribute these books as a Johnny Appleseed-like tribute to G. O. Seilhamer and Thomas R. Bard for all the work, time, and money they poured into the compilation of the original. I feel the same way about the work we all put into this Web site- it's another way to thank them.
(And also to advocate; "Bard's Delight" or; "Bardism," the "One World... One Family" wholistic world view, of brotherhood, equality, liberty, and unity, and the recognition that All is One - Everything is interconnected. Just one more way of appreciating the Gift Of Life and it's symbyotic bio-diversity.)

Subject: Re: Bard Family
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 02:28:01 -0400
From: Curt Bard
To: Peter Sroufe
References: 1
Peter Sroufe wrote:
> Curtis, How's this for the Name Game??
> Peter

> Subject: Re: Bard Family
> Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 10:58:01 +0100
> From: Jonathan Bard <>
> To: Peter Sroufe
> At 18:30 07/06/96 -0700, you wrote:
> Jonathan Bard wrote:
> At 14:51 01/06/96 -0700, you wrote:
> Any relation to Bard family described in the book, The Bard Family,
> by G. O. Seilhamer, Esq., published by KITTOCHTINNY Press, 1908??
> Subtitled, "A History and Genealogy of the BARD'S OF 'CARROLLS'S
> DELIGHT' together with A CHRONICLE OF THE BARDS and Genealogies of THE
> If there is a connection suggest you contact:
> E-Mail: Curt Bard
> Thanks, Peter L. Sroufe, Downey, California
> Found you in new search engine: HOTBOT:
> I have now looked at the Website - and most interesting it is too.
> Sadly our Bards are of a different brand: being originally from
> Lithuania or the like and the derivation is "Ben Ruv [rabbi] David"
> or "son of rabbi david" and brd is unpronounceable [outside of
> Yugoslavia].
> Many thanks for making contact
> Regards
> Jonathan Bard
> Department of Anatomy, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh EH8 9AG, UK
> T: 44 or 0 131 650 3107 F: 650.6545 email:



Very interesting how names develop in different ways- don't you think?
I've had similar communications from people from Russia, England, etc. Each
with a unique story about name changes in new situations, spelling variations, and so forth.
It never ceases to amaze me how names, (and ideas, inventions, and probably life
itself) can originate and evolve.

The derivation of individual words and language (and names) has always interested me;
I guess because it's a micro view of the larger processes of life and the
evolution of the Family of Man.

Thanks again for staying in touch, and keeping me (and other interested parties,
via the Web site) informed of your latest findings.
Best regards,
P.S.: Yet another place to search!:

Curt Bard
5876 Woodlee Court
Orchard Park, NY 14127

BARD Home Page

Hello all:
I attended the Bard family reunion (descendants of Bard slaves) in Bardstown Kentucky
July 19,20.(Bardstown is best known for The Stephen Foster story and it's ties to
the state song "My Old Kentucky Home")
    My family and I had a GREAT time, we were made to feel very welcome and quite at
home. I met many people and hopefully made some lasting friends.
    Special thanks to Kathy Garrison and Rich Allen and all involved as they are
doing a great job.
    We have already exchanged some documents and info, and as I mentioned at the
picnic my brother Curt and I will do our best to help in their search for information
concerning their ancestry. We are already looking forward to the next reunion in two
Doug Bard
   (^ ^)
Douglas Bard  WA2JRQ
159 Orleans Street
Buffalo, N.Y. 14215 USA
- Entered: Jul/25/1996 CB.

Submitted Sat Jul 20 22:06:33 EDT 1996
Name: Jan Oldham


Guest Guest Book Registration: Checked

Not Sure if Bard Relation: Checked

Guest Book Textbox: We are researching the Cochran family arriving in VA from Scotland 
during the revolution. We have hit a stonewall with Landon or Charles Landon Cochran
who served with Adm. Perry during the battle of Lake Eerie. Medal and original
Sheepskin land grant are in our possession, but we have no history or information
on the family. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Subject: Re: Linking Up...
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 11:49:16 -0400
From: Bonnie Strawn-Miller <>
To: Curt Bard

Will link your page up with my next weeks updates under "More Genealogy Home Pages".

At 03:57 AM 8/23/96 -0400, you wrote:
>> Would you consider linking my page to your site?
>Sure Bonnie,
>No problem, and you can link with ours also if you wish.
>Curtis Bard
>5876 Woodlee Court
>Orchard Park, NY 14127-3827
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Best regards,
Bonnie Strawn-Miller


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Submitted Sat Aug 24 11:10:45 EDT 1996
Name: Richard A. Bard
Street Address: 12520 SW 106th Street
City: Miami
State: FL
Zip: 33186-3706
Phone: (305) 279-1250
Guest Guest Book Registration: Checked
Bard Book Relation: Checked
Order a Bard Book: Checked
Guest Book Textbox: Greetings (to Curtis Bard): As I've indicated before, I'm a direct descendant of Richard Bard of Carroll's Delight, who is a subject of the 1908 book that chronicles the Bards. In fact, I was named after Richard Bard, who was captured by Indians in Pennsylvania in 1758. I'm descended from his son, Archibald, then from Archibald's son Isaac, then from Isaac's son, David Humphrey. (They are all mentioned in the Bard book.) My father was Asher Humphrey, the son of David Humphrey from a second marriage. He was born in Westerville, Ohio, on Nov. 30, 1906, not long before David Humphrey Bard died. My father eventually moved to Oklahoma, where I was born in Oklahoma City on Nov. 16, 1945. My wife Karen and I have two children, Marsha, an MBA student at Duke University, and Ryan, a senior at the University of Florida. We live in Miami, Fla. Regards, Rich Bard. P.S. Curtis, your Bard web site has been much improved since I last checked!!

Subject: Bard Directory Names
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 1996 09:44:22 -0800
From: Phil Bard <>
Organization: Phil Bard Photography
To: Curt Bard


Just found that I was listed here:


We've moved. Please change it to read:

301 Congress Place
Pasadena, CA 91105
818 403-0652


Subject: [Fwd: Bard Trivia]
Date: Tue, 08 Oct 1996 00:42:22 -0700
From: Douglas Bard <>
Organization: Bozo's Unlimited
To: "C. Bard" Curt Bard


Douglas Bard WA2JRQ

Subject: Bard Trivia
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 1996 09:58:03 -0500
From: matthew moran <>
Organization: Bard College

Hi there, if you would please update the Bard College History Link to
<> that would be great.
Thank you,
matt moran
Bard Web <>
ass't webmaster

Submitted Sat Oct 26 14:34:44 EDT 1996
Name: Frank J. Rosaio
Street Address: 19 Dunbar St. #6
City: Keene
State: NH
Zip: 03431
Phone: daytime--(603) 352-1600
Guest Guest Book Registration: Checked
Not Sure if Bard Relation: Checked

Guest Book Textbox: My great-great grandmother was Margaret Baird/Bard, born 3 Aug 1850
in New Jersey (probably in Millville, Cumberland Co.). Her parents were William and Thankful 
(Daniels) Baird/Bard. The father, Williams Bard/Baird was born in New Jersey about 1818 and 
died in Millville, NJ on 21 Oct 1887. His parents' names were James and Margaret Baird/Bard
and both were born in New Jersey.

Margaret Baird married about 1868 in Millville to Benjamin Watson, son of
John and Charlotte (Beebe) Watson. I do not have any information on
my Bard line beyond Margaret's grandfather, James Baird/Bard. I don't
know if the Pennsylvania line of your Bard's is connected somehow with
my NJ Bard's, so if you have any information, I would appreciate it. I
have names, dates, info. on the other children of William and Thankful
(Daniels) Baird/Bard and also some information on a couple of the siblings
of William. I can send that to you if you'd like.

Dear Mr. Rosaio,
Re your above information; I don't see a connection off-hand, but I
will put your information, with your e-mail address, up on our Web
site... Our site is specifically dedicated to the Bard's of
"Carroll's Delight", and generally dedicated to the One World Family,
and to all BARD/BEARD/BAIRD and similar names and relations,
so you fit right in! Maybe someone else will notice a connection or
have more knowledge concerning your BAIRD/BARD relations.

You probably are already aware of the BAIRD/BEARD/BARD e-mail
list... But just in case you are not, here it is:
To subscribe to the list, send a message to
and put SUB BAIRD in the body of the message (not the subject line).

Don't hesitate to contact us again if there is any way we can help.

We are looking for any mention of an Archibald BEARD. He was our
immigrant ancestor who arrived in the US from Ireland about 1740.
His sons (Richard BARD, William BARD, and David BARD changed our
family name from BEARD to BARD and we have no substantiated info
about earlier or co-lateral BEARDS. If you ever see or hear
of an Archibald BEARD in anyone's genealogy that provides info
about that person's brothers and sisters, or his ancestors
or modern descendants, (we know about his early descendants), 
please let us know!

Thanks for the inquiry, and good luck with your search.

Submitted Sun Oct 27 16:29:21 EST 1996
Name: Shelly (Beard) Peyton
Street Address: 601 Madison Street
City: Manchester
State: TN
Zip: 37355
Phone: (615)723-0503 or (615)723-0625
Guest Guest Book Registration: Checked
Not Sure if Bard Relation: Checked
Guest Book Textbox: Type your Guest Book message here... and click SUBMIT.
This is my first attempt to trace my birth name. 
My father is Dayton Crockett
Beard who resides at 5284 kelly Rd. Cross Lanes, WV 25313.
Any added information
would be helpful.

Subject:(Beard genealogy)
Date:Mon, 28 Oct 1996 10:35:26 -0600
From:"the peyton's" <>
To:Curt Bard

>This is my first attempt at tracing my birth name (Beard)
>Unable to find a connection off hand
Dear Mr. Bard,
Thank you for your response. I am not having much luck in my quest.
Although I have found some information on my grandfather, Charles
William Beard, born on either Nov.11 or 13 in 1901 or 1902. He died in
Jan.1962. His parents came to America from Ireland. I guess it is a
start. I've only had a computer for 3 weeks now as I learn maybe it
will get easier. If you have anymore information please let me know.
Thank you again for your time. Shelly (Beard) Peyton e-mail:

There is a lot of info to wade through on the Web,
especially if everything is new to you.
Perseverance is your greatest asset!
Keep at it and you'll come up with something!

There is an excellent search engine called AltaVista:
(Just search on: Beard, or even: genealogy)

There are also Genealogy discussion groups such as:
The genealogy newsgroups, like this one,
are the places to ask questions.

And here are some misc bookmarks that might help:
Cyndi's List

There are also huge cd-rom databases of names of presently living
people that can be accessed for potential living relations/contacts.

And don't forget the BAIRD/BARD/BEARD e-mail list
I sent you info about in the last message.

Good luck, & keep in touch,
Let me know if you hit on a really comprehensive and helpful
source of assistance or information- I'll tell everyone else!

Subject:Re: Archibald BEARD from PA...
Date:Sun, 10 Nov 1996 18:53:21 -0500
To:Curt Bard
I'm wondering if any of my BARD'S are descendants of your Archibald BEARD. I
have a Thomas BAIRD, married to Dorothy VanNote. I don't know where Thomas
was born, but he resided near Tom's River, Ocean Co., NJ in the late 18th
century. He had a son Benjamin BAIRD b. 1815 in NJ, married Phebe, they had
a son Andrew BARD b. 1852 in NJ, married Henrietta Kears. Their son Lewis
BARD b. 1876 ,m. Rachel Hyson, their son Lewis Joseph BARD b. 1916, m. Betty
Sainsot, and their son is David BARD who m. Cindy Hamilton.
Lewis Joseph BARD died, but Betty and her children still live in Millville,
Cumberland Co. NJ. 

Subject: Re: Archy
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 18:43:18 +0000
From: Curt Bard
Organization: "Bard's Delight"
References: 1 wrote:
> I also have an Archibald Beard in my ancestry. He is not the same one as yours
> - he was born 1813 in Allagesh, Tydavnet parish, Monaghan county in
Ireland and
> immigrated to Manvers, Ontario, Canada in 1838 or so.
> But it is worth exploring to determine if there is a relationship between
> two Archibalds. It was very common to name children after parents and
> relatives. Davids and Williams are also common among my other ancestors
> about that time.
> My Archibald's father was David Beard, born 1776, and David's wife's
name was
> Jane. This information came from Gertrude Thrift's extract from the
1821 census
> for Monaghan county. You can find this on LDS microfilm 596418, item
2, frame
> 4638.
> I recommend you search any Monaghan county records you can find for
the early
> 1700s. There is a good chance you will find your Archibald there. Please
let me
> know of any results.
very interesting!
Obviously two different Archibalds, as you stated...
but my Archibald BEARD's father's name was David BEARD also!

There is only one more item of information we have concerning
this Archibald- his grandfather's name was William BEARD.

* I agree that we should do some research in Ireland. (Maybe someday!)
Our primary genealogy source (the "BARD Book") states a "probable"
origin of our Archibald as being in Antrim County, Ireland. Either way-
yes, we should do research there.

Thanks for the info, we will put your info/query up on our
BARD genealogy Web page sometime in the near future.
I will keep my eyes open for anything on your Archibald;
Please let us know if you spot our William-David-Archibald
chain in your research.

Good luck with your BEARD genealogy/research.

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 18:18:25 -0500
From: ()
To: Curt Bard

Below is the result of your feedback form. 
It was submitted by () on Thur,
Nov 14, 1996 at 18:18:25

Guest Book Textbox: I believe I may be a descendant of the Bard's of Carroll's
Delight. My
grandfather was Charles Frederick Bard, son of John Patton Bard of
Curwensville, PA. He was married to my grandmother Edna Klair. My mother
was Lorrain May Bard who married my father Harold L. Odgers. My mother's
brother was Richard Klair Bard and his son, my first cousin, is Richard Bard
of Vashon, Washington.

Order a Bard Book: Checked

State: MO

Name: Joseph Frederick Odgers

Zip: 63131

Instructions: Genealogy_Guest registration Submitted.


Not Sure if Bard Relation: Checked

Guest Guest Book Registration: Checked

City: St. Louis

Phone: 314-821-4121

Street Address: 12948 Briar Fork Road

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 11:24:01 -0500
From: ()
To: Curt Bard

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by () on Friday,

November 22, 1996 at 11:24:01

Guest Book Textbox: Type your Guest Book message here... and click SUBMIT.

State: Mi

Name: Joseph C. Bard, Jr.

Zip: 48911

Instructions: Genealogy_Guest registration Submitted.


Not Sure if Bard Relation: Checked

Guest Guest Book Registration: Checked

City: Lansing

Phone: 517-882-6520

Leave a Link: Checked

Street Address: 3818 Stratford Ave.

Subject: WWW Form Submission
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 13:03:55 -0500
From: ()
To: Curt Bard

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by () on Saturday,

November 23, 1996 at 13:03:55

Guest Book Textbox: Hi Curtis: Disorganized as I am, I have temporarily misplaced

some of our past correspondence. My wife Karen and I returned from California
Tuesday night, where we had an opportunity to visit Sen. Thomas Robert
Bard's home, 
the Bard Mansion, now the officers' club at the naval center
at Port Hueneme, Calif. 
A Bard Family tree is displayed on the wall of one
of the upstairs rooms. As we know, 
Sen. Bard was instrumental in having the
Bard Family book published in 1908. 
He died in 1915. One of his sons, who
is mentioned in the book, was Richard Bard. 
I believe he died in 1969. I
was told that one of his sons, Archie Bard, lives in Ojai,
 Calif. One of
the e-mail messages from you that I can't find is your own genealogy -- 
the names of your ancestors who were descended from Richard Bard, your children's

names, etc. Could you e-mail that again? I couldn't find anywhere on the
Bard web site. 
I was putting together a summary of Bard family history and
course I have information for my branch and for Sen. Bard's branch. You can
e-mail me at ... By the way, I do plan to order a couple
of more books soon.

Rich Bard

State: FL

Name: Richard A. (Rich) Bard

Bard Book Relation: Checked

Zip: 33186-3706

Instructions: Genealogy_Guest registration Submitted.


Guest Guest Book Registration: Checked

City: Miami

Phone: (305) 279-1250

Street Address: 12520 SW 106th Street

Subject: Download
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 07:58:51 -0500
To: Curt Bard

Hi Curt: I downloaded your new material. I've only had time to scan it, but
it looks like it contains lots of good information about your branch of the

I mailed you the summary of the Bard family that I prepared. It makes an
effort to put in narrative form info about my branch, Sen. Bard's branch,
your branch (generation by generation). Naturally, the latter is VERY
sketchy, because I didn't have much information. But there appears to be
much more detail in the downloaded data. After I mailed you a copy of the
summary, I made additional changes and corrections. I'll try to plug in some
of the info you sent me and mail you another copy.

Did I read correctly that you were born in 1944?
I was born in 1945. However,
by my calculations, you are of the same generation as my kids (born in 1971
and 1974). I'm a strange case: My grandfather was born in 1848 and my father
was born in 1906. My father was born very late in his father's life (about
years old), then I was born late in his own life (he was about 39 when I
born). Such a spread in time is unusual for most people.

(I believe I was told in Port Hueneme that Archie Bard was 68 years old,
by my calculations, he is of my generation, if my info is correct that he
a son of Sen. Bard's son, Richard.) By the way, I saw Oxnard Calif. mentioned
when I scanned your data. Oxnard, as you know, is adjacent to Port Hueneme,
where Sen. Bard's home -- the Bard Mansion -- is located.

Some of this may make more sense when you receive the summary I mailed you.
I'm eager to update it to include more info about your branch. Obviously,
are more closely related to Sen. Bard than I, having descended from Capt.
Thomas Bard. I, on the other hand, descended from Capt. Thomas Bard's
brother, Archibald.

I must leave for work. Until later ..


Subject: Bard's Delight
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 08:08:18 -0500
To: Curt Bard

Dear Curtis Bard: Thanks for your response. Rich Bard had told me to look
you up on e-mail, but I couldn't find the info re. the book on the page.
Anyway, please reserve a copy of the book for us. I will send the purchase
order to our office and that will be sent with check to you soon. Regards,
Joan Lanphear, Burlington Co. Hist. Soc. (Bard-How House)

Subject: Bard Family Summary
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 19:22:12 -0500
To: Curt Bard

Curt: What I mailed you a few days ago is already outdated, as I have
attempted to incorporate information from your chart (and also made a few
other improvements and corrections). It's possible -- very possible -- that
made errors in the process of trying to interpret the chart as it came to
via e-mail. I'll mail you a revised copy and you can let me know if I made
errors, etc. (especially in your branch, which you know best). I apologize
advance if I did introduce serious errors.

I can account for 10 generations of Bards starting with Archibald (d. Feb.
Anyway, I'll get that off in the mail soon, probably this weekend, 
if Christmas preparation doesn't overwhelm me!


P.S. One of many questions I may have is, who is the Richard Bard in
Washington State who appears to be a frequent source on the chart?

Subject: Bard Family Summary/Revised
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 1996 01:56:22 -0500
To: Curt Bard

Curt: Here is a revised summary, incorporating information about your branch.
Please don't hesitate to tell me if I've messed up, misunderstood information,
I welcome your corrections. This may not be as pretty as the printed version,

but you'll see it sooner!


Nine Generations of the Bards of "Carroll's Delight"

(See: The Bard Family Summary)


Subject: Re: Baird line
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 14:28:21 +0000
From: Curt Bard
Organization: "Bard's Delight"
To: Matthew LaRosee <>
References: 1

Matthew LaRosee wrote:
> Does my Baird line figure into the family treated in the Bard book?
> great-great grandmother was Margaret Baird/Bard (yes, spelled both ways
> on various records) who was born August 3, 1850 in Millville, Cumberland
> Co., NJ, dau. of William Bard and Thankful Daniels. William Bard was
> born about 1818 in NJ and was a son of James Bard (b. ca. 1790 in NJ)
> and Margaret (-----). I have nothing beyond James on this line. I had
> sent you a similar message some time ago and never received a response.
> I would certainly appreciate your input, even if you don't have any
> information. I am not in contact or aware of any other Bard/Baird
> family researchers other than yourselves.
> Thank you and I do hope to hear from you soon.
> Frank J. Rosaio
> Keene, NH

Mr. Frank J. Rosaio,
Sorry I missed your first message.
I was receiving BAIRD discussion group messages in a digest form,
and now for some reason they are coming as individual messages.
So I may have thought your message was a list message.

I don't see any connection via our BARD Book index or via our other
info, and we don't show any New Jersey locations at all.
(most of our early people were located in PA around this time and migrated
to other areas later- but apparently not NJ.)
Do you show any connections to the PA area?

There really is a problem with the different names.
We have a Archibald BEARD whose sons sometimes used the names
BAIRD, and eventually adopted the use of BARD.

You might have better luck with the BAIRD/BEARD/BARD list:
To subscribe to the list, send a message to
and put


in the body of the message (not the subject line).

I'll also try to put this info up as a query on our next Webpage update
(soon I hope).

Hope this helps!

Curt Bard
"Bard's Delight"
5876 Woodlee Court
Orchard Park, NY 14127-3827

"Bard's Delight" = "One World... One Family"
BARD Home Page

Date: Wed, 25 Dec 1996 11:51:15 +0000
From: Curt Bard
Organization: "Bard's Delight"
To: BAIRD family genealogy list <>
CC: "Meddy (Bard) Mills" <>, Peter Sroufe <>,
Richard Allen <>, Richard Bard <>,
Koko Oswald <>, Douglas Bard <>,
Curt Bard
References: 1


TO: All the Wide World's Bairds, Beards and Bards.

May the new year bring you peace, love, joy, opportunity and learning.


P.S: We're Still searching for ancestors of Archibald BEARD:

Our Web site:
BARD Home Page
is specifically dedicated to the Bard's of
"Carroll's Delight", and generally dedicated to the One World Family,
and to all BARD/BEARD/BAIRD and similar names and relations.

You probably are already aware of the BAIRD/BEARD/BARD e-mail
list... But just in case you are not, here it is:
To subscribe to the list, send a message to
and put SUB BAIRD in the body of the message (not the subject line).

There are many people who might be able to help you on the Internet.
Don't hesitate to contact us again if there is any way we can help.

We are looking for any mention of an Archibald BEARD. He was our
immigrant ancestor who arrived in the US from Ireland about 1740,
and settled in Pennsylvania. Archibald was, "born the son of David
who was the son of William."
Archibald's sons (Richard BARD, William BARD, and David BARD changed our
family name from BEARD to BARD and we have no substantiated info
about earlier or co-lateral BEARDS. If you ever see or hear
of an Archibald BEARD in anyone's genealogy that provides info
about that person's brothers and sisters, or his ancestors,
(we know about his descendants), please let us know!

Thanks for all the help you have given to us and to others this past year.

Subject: Archie Bard
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 17:46:53 -0500
To: Curt Bard

I have just received a package from Archie Bard of Ojai, Calif.; he says
he is indeed a son of Richard Bard, the son of Sen. Thomas Bard. He has one
sister who is deceased, a brother Richard (perhaps the one in Washington
State?), and two sisters. He gave me the name and address of his sister who
he calls the family historian. I'll send her my updated copy of the Bard
family summary. This Archie Bard is 73 years old.


Subject: Thank You!
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 05:54:39 -0500
From: "Peter L. Sroufe"
To: Curt Bard

Thanks for the Greetings, Curtis. Been quite a year. Seems I have been
nurturing family relationships this year;
Looking forward to getting back in touch with the Bard Page. Will be
ordering more books for second cousins; all direct descendants of
David Bard.
I wish you and yours the best for the
holidays and trust you will continue to perform your inspiring
leadership in the maintenance of the Bard Family website during the
coming Year.
Best Regards, Peter
"American is at an awkward stage. It's too late to work
within the system, and too early to shoot the bastards"
--- Claire Wolfe

Subject: Bards from Germany
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 13:52:34 -0600 (CST)
From: "Kimberlie J. Groth" <>
To: Curt Bard

Hi there!
I signed your guestbook earlier, but wanted to email you separately with
some info on the Bard family I'm seeking. One of my relatives, Clara Groth
(1864 - ?) of Germany married Paul Bard (1865 - ?) also of Germany. They
immigrated to USA in 1890 and started a family together in Detroit,
Michigan. The only thing I know about Paul is that he was a musician. Paul
and Clara were divorced, most likely, since other records indicate Clara
remarried. Their children are: Elezebeth (b 1891), Paul (b 1892), Balthasar
(b 1895), Gutta (b 1897), and Magdalena (b 1899). Any info on possible
connections would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Thanks for your time!
Kimberlie J. Groth

Subject: Re: Thanks
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 1997 02:48:33 +0000
From: Curt Bard
Organization: "Bard's Delight"
References: 1 wrote:
> Curt: Thanks very much for the PAF software. We've loaded it and I'm
> forward to reading about how to use it. Happy New Year!
> Rich

Sorry I didn't respond to you sooner-
but I was knocked off-line for awhile with a computer (TCP/PPP) problem.
(I had over 720 messages when I finally got back on today)

Well, you're welcome for the PAF program...
But, I'm not sure it is better than your other gen. program.
(They are overdue for a windows updated version),
but, it does do GEDCOM!

I hope to finally put up a merged GEDCOM file on the Web site soon;
that anyone can access.
Of course, it will be rather incomplete until we get more data.

Hope you and your family had a nice holiday.

BTW, You are doing an excellent job of tracking down,
and contacting the various Bard family members!

It's nice to have others to discuss, and help pull this info together.

Subject: BAIRD/BARD NJ Connection...
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 01:50:22 +0000
From: Curt Bard

Organization: "Bard's Delight"

Frank J. Rosaio wrote:
> My great-great grandmother was Margaret Baird/Bard, born 3 Aug 1850
> in New Jersey (probably in Millville, Cumberland Co.). Her parents
> were William and Thankful (Daniels) Baird/Bard. The father, Williams
> Bard/Baird was born in New Jersey about 1818 and died in Millville, NJ
> on 21 Oct 1887. His parents' names were James and Margaret Baird/Bard
> and both were born in New Jersey.
> Margaret Baird married about 1868 in Millville to Benjamin Watson, son of
> John and Charlotte (Beebe) Watson. I do not have any information on
> my Bard line beyond Margaret's grandfather, James Baird/Bard. I don't
> know if the Pennsylvania line of your Bard's is connected somehow with
> my NJ Bard's, so if you have any information, I would appreciate it. I
> have names, dates, info. on the other children of William and Thankful
> (Daniels) Baird/Bard and also some information on a couple of the siblings
> of William. I can send that to you if you'd like.

Dear Mr. Rosaio,
Re your above information; I don't see a connection off-hand, but I will put your information, with your e-mail address, up on our Web site... Our site is specifically dedicated to the Bard's of "Carroll's Delight", and generally dedicated to the One World Family, and to all BARD/BEARD/BAIRD and similar names and relations, so you fit right in! Maybe someone else will notice a connection or have more knowledge concerning your BAIRD/BARD relations.

You probably are already aware of the BAIRD/BEARD/BARD e-mail list... But just in case you are not, here it is: To subscribe to the list, send a message to and put SUB BAIRD in the body of the message (not the subject line).

Don't hesitate to contact us again if there is any way we can help.

THE QUEST FOR ARCHIBALD BEARD: We are looking for any mention of an Archibald BEARD. He was our immigrant ancestor who arrived in the US from Ireland about 1740. His sons (Richard BARD, William BARD, and David BARD changed our family name from BEARD to BARD and we have no substantiated info about earlier or co-lateral BEARDS. If you ever see or hear of an Archibald BEARD in anyone's genealogy that provides info about that person's brothers and sisters, or his ancestors (we know about his descendants), please let us know!

Thanks for the inquiry, and good luck with your search.

Subject: Clans, Tartans, Baird Standard
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 10:21:35 -0500 (EST)
To: "BAIRD family genealogy list" <>

This is some interesting information I received from Scotland from a genealogist who also works for a clan chief. I have permission from them to send this on to the group:

CLAN: The Clan system can seem very confusing to those unfamiliar with it but it is very similar to the American Indiana "Tribes". The Gaelic word "clann" means children and the central idea of clanship is kinship. A Clan is a family and theoretically the Chief is the father of it. It was the blood tie itself which held together the people whose ancestors had inhabited a particular area from earliest times. In theory the word Clan should only apply to the family of the Chief and the branches which can prove descent from him but it has been extended to embrace all who acknowledge the authority of a Chief and accept his protection. Chieftainship is hereditary. A Clan is now accepted as consisting not just of people with the same surname but also of those who follow the same Chief. Early records describe these as "Kin, Friends, Servants, Assisters and Part-takers" or those united by blood or by place of dwelling. This explains why some surnames are regarded as Septs, or Branched, of a particular Clan.

TARTAN: Originally was the home spun, home dyed, and hand woven cloth from which lengths were used by males to wrap around themselves in a particular way. From this evolved the modern version of the kilt. Because vegetabel dyes from plants readily to hand were used, there was a local predominance of certain colors. The weaving of cloth in a particular pattern of colours was the forerunner of the clearly labelled major tartans seen today. Some tartans were more recently developed for Scottish Regiments. Tartan became a fashio item around the time that Queen Victoria bought BAlmoral Castle on Deeside, Scotland, but it is still regarded very seriously as associated with particular Clans by true Scots and their descendants. Some families who held lands in southern Scotland were descendants of Clans and so there is no dividing line between North and South Scotland as regards Clan and Tartan. Some plants are also associated with Clans and are thought to have originally been worn as Talismans. Clan badges are a more recent item and only began to be associated with individual Clans in the 1800s.

STANDING COUNCIL OF SCOTTISH CHIEFS: The cluster of societies formed or revived during the early 1950s. It can be mainly attributed to the Gathering of the Clans held in 1951 as part of Scotland's contribution to the Festival for Britain. There had been some sporadic collaboration among clan societies previously, in providing "comforts" for men serving in the Military during the two world wars. The Council of Clan Societies formed to promote the Clan Gathering did much to bring them together. Some Chiefships which had been in doubt for a long time had recently been determined by the Lyon Court judgements on the right to "undifferenced arms", and a Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs was formed to look after their interests.

STANDARDS, BANNERS and PENNANTS: Clan Chiefs have standards which are long narrow flags forked at the end. The standard shows the Scottish National Flag and the crest of the Chief. The standard was the rallying flag in times of war and is now flown at the Chiefs Headquarters at a Clan gathering or similar occasion. The banner is a square flag showing the Coat of Arms but not the Crest motto. The earliest banners were rectangular in width being one half or two thirds of the height. At Clan gatherings the Chief's banner is carried before or flown at the tent of the Chief when he is present. Chief's also have Pipe banners which are hung on the pipes of his personal pipe or band. A pennant or Chief pinsel is flown in his absence by his representative for example at a clan gathering.

CLAN BADGES: Have the motto of the Clan and a small protion of the coat of arms displayed on them.

CHIEF'S COAT of ARMS: Only the Chief of the Clan is entitled to use the full Arms.

BAIRD STANDARD: Only the direct descendants of the original family of BAIRD granted the Coat of Arms would be entitled to use that. Information on the original Coat of Arms if still available, would be held by the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland which is called the Lyon Register and is in Edinburg. Many of these records were destroyed during the rampage of Cromwell through Scotland in the mid 1600's.

BAIRD: Is a surname which has appeared in Scotland under various spellings since the 1200's. "Blacks Surnames of Scotland" says that the name appears to be territorial in origin and that a family deBard or deBarde held considerable land in Lanarkshire. Many prominant Scottish families were/are Armigerous. This simple means that at some time they have been granted a particular coat of arms and that the right to use and display this has been handed down through inheritance. Baird is not a Clan and do not appear to have had any affiliation to the Chief of any other clan. (Perhaps I should explain that many surnames have an affiliation to a Clan because in early times they lived in the same area, probably worked land belonging to the clan, and in times of trouble fought for and came under the protection of the Clan Chief. These are usually referred to as being a "sept or dependant" of a Clan).

This is from a Family History Researcher in Banchory Scotland near Aberdeen who is also a genealogist for one of the local Clan Chiefs.

This completes the information on Clans, Tartans, Baird Standard and Surname.

Marilyn 1/11/97

Subject: Clans
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 00:33:10 -0500 (EST)
To: "BAIRD family genealogy list" <>

This information was sent to me from Eileen Bailey from Scotland. Eileen works for a Clan Chief.

Re the Baird Family. BAIRD is not regarded as a Clan or a Sept(associated with) of a Clan. It is an armigerous family - a family of importance which was formally granted the right to use a Coat of Arms and motto. According to "The Scottish Nation - Biographical History of the People of Scotland" by William Anderson pub. 1867 - - "Baird is a surname of ancient standing in Scotland. Tradition states that whilst William the Lion was hunting in one of the south west counties he happened to straggle from his attendants and was alarmed by the appearance of a wild boar which was slain by one of his retinue by the name of Baird. For this service the King confered upon him large grants of land and assigned him a coat of arms with the motto "Dominus fecit" ". [ This motto means The Lord has done this]. Baird is not listed in the member clans of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs. Official confirmation of this position can be obtained by consulting the Court of the Lord Lion, New Registry House, Princes Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. The World Directory of Scottish Associations lists the Baird Family Society (Florida)[ I previously sent you the address of the lady who runs this] and the Baird Family Association (New South Wales, Australia). In this publication Baird is not listed under the Clans. Hope this is of help to you.
Regards Eileen & Bill.


Subject: Re: Bard - Banner Connection
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 1997 23:54:47 -0800
From: asbjorn kvam <>
To: Curt Bard

References: 1 , 2

Curtis Bard wrote:
Guest Book Textbox: I am related to the Bards from the Bard Book. My family has done extensive research on the Bard Family. We have many photos as well as a daily diary. My grandfather is Russel Banner of Liberty Ohio. His home office is full of Bard history. Russel had seven children and has some 21 grandchildren. He passed away in December of 1996. His whole family was home for the funeral and several of his sons are continuing his research. I will get in contact with them and they can share their information with you. Russel has several photos of the Bard family. Have you ever thought of having photos scannned and put on CD?

State: Wa
Bard Book Relation: Checked
Zip: 98043
Instructions: Genealogy_Guest registration Submitted.
Guest Guest Book Registration: Checked
Phone: 206-672-8145
Street Address: 22506 45TH PLACE WEST

Nice to hear from you!
First of all I'd like to say how sorry we all are to hear of your grandfather's recent passing. I wish we could have corresponded with him, or gotten to know him.
We are indeed very interested in communicating and sharing genealogy info with/about links to the Bard family. We are updating our Web site GEDCOM info and will be looking forward to hearing from the Banner connection, and incorporating the info in with ours.
* That is an excellent suggestion about the CD-ROM. I'll try to eventually touch base with others, and pursue this possibility.
* Can you tell me a little more about the Banner connection to the early Bards? Ie: which son of Archibald; Richard, William, or David?
* Also, do you or your family own an original Bard Book?
Thanks for your information, and inquiry.

Curt Bard

5876 Woodlee Court
Orchard Park, NY
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Well, I spoke to Duane, Russel's oldest son today. He has been doing much of the Bard research. His phone # is 909-337-2889 and his wife's email is He has traced our Bards back to Ireland around 1750. He seems to think that both Richard and John (our Bard) came to Chambersberg PA around the same time. One had 3,000 acres and one had 5,000 acres. He thinks that they are probably related back in Ireland but we have not found a connection here. They did come from the same area in Ireland around the same time but I don't think that the link has been established. He was most interested in the Bard family reunion and has much history on your Bards.

* I did also find out that the Bard book is an origional (#36) bought by Russel at a Bard museum in Chambersberg PA probably 10-15 years ago. So, I believe we started with John Bard form Ireland around 1750 then William - William - William Squire - John Linus? An interesting note - When we were all home for Russel's funeral in December, all of the kids talked about old times. It seems that alot of their family trips revolved around long drives and trepsing around grave yards looking for relativies. good ole grandpa

Thank you for your time today.

Subject: Your corrections, questions
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 1997 07:49:22 -0500 (EST)
To: Curt Bard


* (1) David Humphrey Bard: My dad always indicated that the date of birth of his father was incorrect in the Bard book ... should be: 15 Dec. 1848.
(Note: The conventional genealogy wisdom states that secondary sources of compiled genealogies such as our Bard Family "Bard Book," often contain errors. In date discrepency cases such as this, it is considered appropriate to go directly to the primary source, meaning the actual birth record. We will try to note these kind of discrepencies in the Bard Family Summary and GEDCOM information, until a more exacting determination can be made from original records. - C.B. 3/1997)

(2) Mary McDowell Bard Sherman: She married Harry Sherman.
They had four children, Dorothy (deceased); another daughter, William, and Robert (both of whom are still living, I believe). We knew Dorothy the best. She married Ralph Smith and they had one son, Richard Smith, who lives in Columbus, Ohio.

(3) Thanks for the other corrections, some of which are on your GEDCOM and perhaps one is in my family summary.

And finally, thanks very much for your P.S. note about a PAF. So there is a Santa Claus!

My sister from Denver has arrived in Florida and we'll be seeing them tomorrow. I plan to take some of my newly acquired Bard family information to show her.

Merry Christmas,

Subject: Military Form available at this address
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 14:18:26 -0500 (EST)
To: "BAIRD family genealogy list" <>

Hi, Just ran across this address that I used to request forms for passenger lists and military records. Thought they might come in handy for our group.
National Archives e-mail refernce and information service;
Operated by the staff of the User Services Division. The forms that are shown below must be filled out and sent in to get the genealogy information you want:

Form 80: Military service and pension records prior to WW1 including the Revolutionary War, War of 1812 Civil War and Spanish American War.
Form 81: Passenger arrivals.
Form 82: Copies of Census Records.
Form 83: Eastern Cherokee Applications.
Form 180: Military Service Records WW 1 and later.

When submitting the e-mail you need to indicate the FORM NUMBER, the QUANTITY needed, and YOUR POSTAL MAILING ADDRESS. The forms and related leaflets are usually sent within 3 working days. (I received mine in 3 days).

Note from Marilyn: when requesting ie: civil war pension records - ask for the complete record which will include everything in the file. If you have never requested one you are in for a real treat as you can find much information in them. David Baird mentions General George Washington in his request for pension file papers!


Subject: Re: BAIRD
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 10:46:16 -0500 (EST)
To: "BAIRD family genealogy list" <>

I'm putting my two cents worth in here. Feel free to agree or disagree!

In a genealogy class that I took several years ago at a local Community College taught by a genealogist in Vermilion County, Illinois. We were always told to only use original records such as Birth and Death Certificates, Marriage licenses, Land Records, and Will Records, and legal records of this type. And consider Family Records, even Bible Records, and Census records as good sources of information but not always accurate. Some of the census takers of long ago had enough time finding the people let alone get the info straight!! And some of our ancestors did their best to keep Bible records straight but often didn't get the info recorded until several years later (proven by different writing and different colored ink). But I do agree with you that all most of us can do at times is just to consider the source of the information and document where it came from until the time that you have the actual proof. I don't even completely trust tombstone records for I know as a fact that my own mother's tombstone is incorrect. Isn't that sad - but true.


Subject: Re: Archibald BEARD...
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 15:57:29 +0000
From: Curt Bard
Organization: "Bard's Delight"
To: "BAIRD family genealogy list" <>, Richard Bard < >, Douglas Bard <>

Arch Baird , 405 Rio Concho Dr., Apt 211, San Angelo, TX 76903 who is now in his late eighties, sent me info about 5 years ago, re: Baird's of Ireland: Records of the Portaferry Presbyterian Church, County Down, Ireland the following entry: Marriage, 16 Feb 1786 Archibald Baird of Montross to Ann McCulloch (Murland) of Newcastle, a widow. I am not sure of this source: William Baird, b. ca 1804 in Ireland, came with his grandfather, William Baird, Jr to America from Ireland in 1817 and settled in Garrard County KY. He married Mary "Polly" McCllary 31 Oct 1828. They had a son Archibald L Baird, b. 7 Jan 1834 d. 9 Jul 1860.

There is a George Bard, 1617 University Drive, Richardson, TX 75081. I do not know George's lineage. He is the Texas State Representative for the Clan Baird Society which indicates he is probably interested in genealogy.

Hope this will be of help to you.

John C. Baird

John, et. al:
Thank you very much for the information. I think that this is not our Archibald BEARD/BARD lineage, but we are always interested in any mention of an Archibald, or possible connection to our genealogy.
(of course there could be a connection back in Ireland)

P.S.: Another interesting point that recently came to our attention is "The Bard Family" book reference to Sir William Wallace (as in Mel Gibson's, "Braveheart") who had a Jordan BAIRD as his constant companion during eight years of his battles! (See B.B. page 15 Line 1) - (info via: Douglas Raymond Bard ( and Andre Bard). Of course this info, for us, still lies in the area of the vast amount of general, as yet unconnected, pre-Archibald BEARD lineage and data collected by G.O. Seilhamer in his attempt to find our early ancestors.

Curt Bard
5876 Woodlee Court
Orchard Park, NY 14127-3827

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Subject: Re: Your Most Wanted query
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 1997 03:19:25 +0000
From: Curt Bard
Organization: "Bard's Delight"
References: 1

Rosemary E. Bachelor wrote:
I'm writing to ask permission to use your "Most Wanted" query on Archibald Beard in THE SECOND BOAT, a magazine devoted to Colonial families. You're welcome to submit two additional queries, as long as they cover people born before 1800. There's no charge, of course. The magazine is 16 years old, but new to the net. As part of our transition to the electronic age we are devoting one issue's query section to net genealogists. I would need your snailmail address for the print medium. You may read about THE SECOND BOAT at http// See the publications section for some genealogical humor, research tips and a sampling of what is in our publications. Wishing you wonderful journeys on the ancestral trail!
Rosemary <>

Hello Rosemary,

That would be just fine. Could you please send me the URL address of the site where you saw the Archibald Beard query? (if you have it readily available) Also, when do you expect the query to appear in THE SECOND BOAT? Thanks for including us & good luck with the new on-line extension of your magazine.


P.S.: I'm sure some of our site visitors would be interested in learning more about your magazine; OK if we provide a link on our site to your site?

Curt Bard
5876 Woodlee Court
Orchard Park, NY 14127-3827
Bard Family Genealogy Web site


Your query on Archibald Beard was at "Most Wanted Queries":
It would be great to have you link your site to mine!
Thanks for your interest!


Subject: Thrifty Beards
   Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 04:59:31 -0500 (EST)
     To: "BAIRD family genealogy list" <>

Here is an information gift for the group.

The destruction by fire in 1922 of many Irish records was a significant loss
to genealogists. Fortunately a Ms. Gertrude Thrift had extracted some of the
data prior to to this event, and it is available on LDS microfilm 596418. The
following portion is an extract of Beard surnames from this microfilm for the
1821 census portion. Perhaps you may find a long lost ancestor here.

The standard caveat applies here. I've done my best to decipher the
handwriting on the microfilm, but the possibility of errors occurs, so check
the source if you have doubts. One thing I have noticed - elder ages tend to
be in multiples of 5, so perhaps some of the ages here are estimates.

Also, display this in a fixed font like Courier to line up the columns.

Frame 4603, Townland of Curholland
  Ann Beard        widow     age 50    Spinner
  Stephen Beard    son           15    Laborer
  John Beard                     40    Pensioner T Cotter
  Mary Beard       wife          30    Spinner
  Mary Beard       daughter       9
  Rose Martin                    20    Servant girl

Frame 4615, Town of Tullybrian, Barony of Monaghan
  Alexander Beard                40    Laborer
  Alexander Beard  son           15    Laborer
  Elizabeth Beard  daughter      20    Spinner

Frame 4616, Town of Termaclone
  Charles Beard                  40    Weaver     11 acres
  Elizabeth Beard  wife          35    Spinner
  William Beard    son           18    Weaver
  Charles Beard    son           15    Cabine
  Margaret Beard   daughter      19    Spinner
  Jane Beard       daughter      12    Spinner
  Bess Beard       daughter      10
  Mary Beard       daughter       6
  Biddy McCullen                 22    Servant girl

Frame 4617, Town of Drumacaslin
  John Beard                     50    Weaver      5 acres
  Richard Beard    son           25    Farmer
  John Beard       son           10
  Ann Beard        daughter      20    Spinner
  Kiddy Beard      daughter      18    Spinner
  Sally Beard      daughter      14    Spinner

Frame 4618, Town of Anghalish
  James Beard                    20    Journeyman weaver

Frame 4619, Town of Annacriff
  Patt Beard                     40    Weaver cotton house garden
  Mary Beard       wife          30    Spinner
  John Beard       son            8
  James Beard      son            6
  Patt Beard       son            5
  William Beard    son            3
  Ellen Beard      daughter      16    Spinner
  Ann Beard        daughter      10

Frame 4620, Town of Annacriff
  William Beard                  45    Taylor
  Catherine Beard  wife          40    Spinner
  Mary Beard       daughter       2
  William Beard    son           infant
  Charles Conlans                      Servant boy

Frame 4621, Town of Annacriff
  Ann Beard                      50    Spinner

Frame 4623
  William Beard                   5    Orphan child

Frame 4624, Town of Killnahalter
  William Beard                  45    Coachman

Frame 4625
  Catherine Beard                40    Spinner    4 acres
  Edward Beard     son           11    Calnire
  Patt Beard       son           14    Calnire
  William Beard    son           16    Calnire
  Margaret Grinch  niece         20    Spinner
  John Beard       son           infant
  Ann Beard        daughter       9
  Catherine Beard  daughter       3

Frame 4636, Town of Irish Gola
  William Beard                  40    Weaver
  Benjamin Beard   son           18    Laborer

Frame 4637, Town of English Gola
  Humphrey Beard                 50    Weaver
  Bess Beard       wife          35    Spinner
  Malcom Beard     son           11
  Robert Beard     son           Infant
  Elizabeth Beard  daughter      12    Spinner
  Ellen Beard      daughter       4

Frame 4638, Town of Allygest (actually Allagesh)
  David Beard                    55    Weaver    6 acres
  Jane Beard       wife          49    Spinner
  Joseph Beard     son           22    Labourer
  John Beard       son           20    Labourer
  Charles Beard    son           20    Labourer
  Humphry Beard    son           16    Labourer
  Robert Beard     son           13    Labourer
  Archy Beard      son            8    Labourer
  Ann Jane         daughter      11    Spinner

Frame 4639, Town of Drumslarog
  Joseph Beard                   60    Weaver    8 acres
  Bess Beard       wife          25    Spinner
  Humphry Beard    son           19    Labourer
  James Beard      son           17    Labourer
  George Beard     son           13    Labourer
  David Beard      son           11    Labourer
  James Beard      son            9
  Charles Beard    son            5
  Ellen Beard      daughter      20    Spinner
  Ann Jane Beard   daughter      18    Spinner
  Elizabeth Beard  daughter      16    Spinner

Frame 4640, Town of Drumslarog

  David Beard                    25    Weaver cotton
  Ellen Beard      wife          30    Spinner
  Bess Ann Beard   daughter       1
  Margaret Higgins               18    Servant girl

Frame 4641, Town of Mullahara
  Adam Beard                     48    Weaver
  Hanna Beard      wife          30    Spinner
  Samuel Beard     son            3
  Caroline Beard   daughter      12    Spinner
  Bell Jane Beard  daughter       6

Frame 4642, Town of Yurnaskew ? Turnaskew ?
  Widow Beard                    70    Spinner
  Mathew ? Beard                 26    Labourer
  Easter ? Beard   daughter      31    Spinner
  Mary Beard       widow         24    Spinner

Frame 4643, Town of Yurnaskew ? Turnaskew ?
  Jane Beard       widow         50    Spinner    5 acres
  Mary Beard       daughter      22    Spinner
  Jane Beard       daughter      10
  Felix Beard                    35    Labourer

Frame 4644, Town of Killadonally
  John Beard                     30    Labourer
  Margaret Beard   wife          32    Spinner
  Richard Beard    son           11    Labourer
  Patt Beard       son            9
  William Beard    son            5
  John Beard       son            2
  Isabella Jane Beard daughter   13    Spinner

Frame 4645
  John Beard                     22    Weaver  cotton
  Thomas Beard     brother       50    Weaver
  Susan Beard      wife          50    Spinner
  Thomas Beard     son           17    Labourer
  Bess Beard       daughter      14    Spinner
  Mary Beard       daughter      12

Subject: BEARD vs. BAIRD
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 09:21:43 -0500
To:"BAIRD family genealogy list" <>

Bob Skinner wrote,
"I'm researching a line of Beards who I often find misspelled in records as Baird. In my part of the country there are both Beards & Bairds, but they are pronounced totally different ("ear" in the middle vs. "air" in the middle). Are these names the same or what ? They certianly aren't pronounced the same. Could I get your comments or thoughts on this ?"

My personal experience is you can never rely on spelling of peoples names to be correct. This is especially true as your research takes you back farther in time. I have legal documents that show my BEARDs' names spelled as BEARD and BAIRD and my MULLENs' names as MULLINS, MULLENS, MULLIN, MULLEN, MULLINEAU, and MULLINEX!!! Also, my TUTTLEs' names as TUTTLE, TUTHILL, TOOTHILL, etc. Many people could not read or write in the 1700's and 1800's and someone else would write their names for them, and the name would be as how it sounded to the person writing it. Then there are the errors ... I found one husband and wife buried together with the same family headstone engraved with (his name) as MULLINS and (her name) as MULLEN; thereafter the family name seems to have been more consistantly spelled as MULLEN. Before the Civil War it was mostly MULLINS and before 1790 it was sometimes MULLINEAU or MULLINEX.

Bob MULLEN (or MULLINS, ... ) :-)

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by () on Tuesday, February 18, 1997 at 16:34:47 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Guest Book Textbox:
I don't know what Bard book you're talking about, but I'm descended from Abraham Bard, thru his son James, his son Samuel, his son Samuel, his son Daniel, and his daughter Marie. Abraham and James were born in Ireland. If this is the same family, please let me know.

Name: Mary W. Fox
State: PA
Zip: 15666
Not Sure if Bard Relation: Checked
Guest Guest Book Registration: Checked
City: Mt. Pleasant Phone: 412/423-4762
Street Address: R. D. #1, Box 164

Subject: Re: Beards of Cumberland Co. PA
   Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 23:59:25 -0500 (EST)
     To: Curt Bard

Hi Curtis: 
          Just wrote a message to Yvone Wyrick who is interested in Archibald Beard.
Unless he had a son or nephew named John there is no connection.  My John
Beard was supposed to have d. 16 Nov 1805 in Guliford twp. Cumb. Co.  Found
in 1780 Guiliford Tax List. Wife named Agnes (1730 - 16 Nov 1810)  All I know
for sure is that he had twin daughters Agnes & Hanna (b. 25 Nov 1770 in
Cumberland Co.) who married twin McKibben's Hugh & John (b. 4 May 1770 in
Lurgen twp Cumb. Co.)  Marriage took place 22 June 1790, performed by Rev.
Robt. Cooper (Middle Springs Pres. Church).  This lies on the border of the
present Co's. Record says Clarkes Gap, which no one has ever heard of.
           In 1737 Scotch-Irish settled Guilford twp. In 1739 they settled
Middle Spring Southhampton twp. PA had abt. 350,000 of them by 1749. I don't
know when they got to Lurgen twp. Wish I could get a copy of Rev. Coopers

Subject: Genealogy Encyclopedia
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 97 05:47:04 -0400
Organization: Southeastern Information Depot, A Non-Profit Corporation
To: "BAIRD family genealogy list" <>

While you are sitting on the sidelines waiting for your genealogy ship to come in, so to speak, here is a very comprehensive web site to browse put up by Pam Middleton. It contains excellent links to archives, genealogical organizations, a genealogists guide to the Internet, etc. Enjoy !

Regards. Hal

Subject: Baird Family Tree
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 1997 20:24:09 -0800
To: Curt Bard

I am working on my Baird/Potter/Adams Family Tree. I'm not sure if you can help me, but when Iwas looking at the Bard Homepage. It showed in the Baird (Bard) Kinship index quite a few James Potters, and a Mary Potter, and a Martha Baird, and a James Baird. But it doesn't give any info on them, and that makes it hard to see if they are related or not. If they are related, I may want to buy the Baird/Bard family book. I wonder if you might know.

Here is something on my family tree I am trying to find a connection to: William Adams Born: Dec.25,1748 York, PA. He married: Martha Baird Daughter, of Capt. James Baird and Mary Potter. Capt. James Potter of Cumberland County, PA. James and Mary Potter, I believe had 7 children: James, Martha, Thomas, John, Samuel, Mary, Joseph. Martha Baird Married again: John Bartmess

If you can help me, and cheak this out, I would most appreciate it. Thank you. Please e-mail me when you get a chance. Michelle Adams


Hello Michelle,
Nice to hear from you.

We don't show a William ADAMS in our GEDCOM database, or in the Bard Book. We do show Martha ADAMS (b.1792) who (m.May 27, 1805) James BARD (b.Feb 17, 1782). This James BARD was the son of William and Mary (KINCAID) BARD. But, they had no children- so I don't think they will help you much.

We do show many POTTERs, as they were closely related to our BARD family from the time of arrival in the US from Ireland and thereafter.

We do show a James BAIRD (b.1748) who was the son of Thomas and Mary (DOUGLASS) BAIRD. James was a surveyor, and he represented Nelson County in the convention that made Kentucky a state. He married Mary POTTER, who was the daughter of Capt. John POTTER the first sheriff of Cumberland County. This info shows siblings of James BAIRD and descendants of those siblings, but for James & Mary BAIRD it stops, and doesn't show their children. Only mentioned is: James Potter BAIRD (no dates or other info), and it is stated that there was probably at least another son named Thomas BAIRD, and two daughters (unnamed).

There is also a chart of the "BAIRD Family of Falling Spring" (Thomas and Mary (DOUGLASS) BAIRD & descendants) But as I said, it does not show the children of James & Mary BAIRD.

We don't show the BARTMESS name at all.

Sorry we couldn't help more, but we will put your query up on our Web page.
(Maybe someone else will see it and reply to you)

Thanks for your inquiry, & good luck with your search.

P.S.: We also have a lot of things For Sale for donations (including "Bard Books")
to support our Web site (see the URLs below).
Let me know if you see anything you like, or if there is some other way we can help.

Curt Bard
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Orchard Park, NY 14127-3827

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Subject: Award for Genealogy Web Site Excellence 
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 02:14:47 +0000 
From: Curt Bard
Hello again Michelle,
Thanks again for putting our BARD Web site link on your page.

Now you can really show off your link to us because...
Your great Web site has been submitted for nomination, and has just won our new Award for Genealogy Web Site Excellence!

You can pick up your digital plaque at this address:
Feel free to copy the plaque, and resize it to fit on your page. (With the above address as the plaque link)

We all know how hard you work on your site, and how much of your free time you devote to helping others in their genealogy quests. We hope you will accept this award as a small token of our appreciation.

Keep up the good work!

Best Regards, Curt.

P.S.: Please feel free to nominate one or more of your favorite genealogy Web site links for this award.

Curt Bard

Subject: Award for Genealogy Web Site Ecxellence
   Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 08:25:39 -0500 (EST)
     To: Curt Bard


Thanks so much for the great surprise yesterday morning.  I have always felt
that genealogy is rewarding and helping others in the process is just as much
gratification.  I'm glad others out there have appreciated the web site and

Thanks again, 

Michelle Bley

Subject: Award for Baird/Beard Web Page
   Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 08:32:36 -0500 (EST)
     To: "BAIRD family genealogy list" <>

Hi everyone,

Wanted to pass along that my web site was nominated and awarded the 
Award for Genealogy Web Site Excellence.  I just hung the plaque for all to see. 

I want to thank all of you for your help and support with the Beard and Baird
families, recognizing my web page and keeping this Discussion Group active.

If you would like to stop in at the web page it is located at:

Thanks again,

Michelle Bley

Subject: Finding 1880(and up) BIRTH CERTIFICATES
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 1997 11:14:25 -0500 (EST)
To: "BAIRD family genealogy list" <>

Hi group,

This article from the IL genea list was interesting to me and thought it might give someone an idea for those "ever needed" birth certificates. Here goes:
Date: 97-03-13 03:44:59 EST
From: (nciufo)
To: (ILLINOIS-ROOTS genealogy list)

Hi everyone. Maybe the following will help some of you locate birth certificates for those born 1880+:

My grandfather was born April 1880. He also had a social security number. I first sent for his SS-5 (yes it does take 5 months!!). I sent his birth date, possible marriage date, and Social Security application date to the county courthouse of his county and state. I figured he had to have some sort of birth certificate for one of those events. It turned out he had a delayed birth certificate issued in 1944(when he applied for a social security number); it also listed the documentation he provided to prove his birth which has provided me with some invaluable leads. My father and all his brothers also had delayed birth certificates. They needed them when they enlisted for WWII. No luck on my grandmother's yet (she was born in 1887) but since she also had a social security number, I'm sure her birth certificate will turn up eventually.

Basically, list any events and possible dates in your ancestor's life where a birth certificate might be required and check those dates with the county courthouse. I would also mention the true birth date and the fact that you are probably looking for a delayed birth certificate.

I could not have obtained these documents without the wonderful help of the Assistant Recorder of Deeds. I had given her 3 possible dates and received back from her within the week my grandfather's birth certificate, my grandparent's marriage certificate (I had given her an approx. year for this one), and a week later (she actually wrote me a personal note of apology for not noticing that I had requested the death certificates) both of their death certificates. The state of Wisconsin and the County of Shawano are to be commended for their work ethic and promptness in answering their requests for documentation....unlike some of the other states and counties who seem to take it as an affront to be asked to do the job that they were hired to do.

Good Luck and I hope this helps.

Nola Ciufo

Subject: B test
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 15:32:36 -0500 (EST)
To: Curt Bard

I work as a page coordinator for Genealogy's Most Wanted.
Our web site is located at

This e-mail is a test to verify that your e-mail address from your listing on the GMW page is still accurate. The page I located your listing on is the letter page indicated in the subject line of my e-mail.

Thanks for your support of GMW.

No reply to this e-mail is necessary.

Thanks for taking the time to read this....