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Name Index

V 1.0

These are the names found in the hardbound Bard Book Index, and some of their descendants.

The hardbound reprint version of the "Bard Book" is now available at this site.

We hope to have a more complete Electronic Addendum to the printed book on this site in the future, listing descendants of the individuals found in the book. These index names may be linked to; The Bard Family Summary, The Directory of Bard Names, and/or The Bard Family Genealogy Chart.

The names not  found in the hardbound Bard Book are indented on this index, and will have a different source listed on the Summary page.

Linked names will have a code displayed in the link window when the pointer arrow touches the link. This code gives clues as to the particular identity of the individual, and allows each name to be unique:

Son # (1 Richard, 2 William, or 3 David) - Generation # 1, 2, 3... 9- Parent's Initial(s) & Offspring #

For example, the first Richard is code #: 1-1-A1
(1st Son-1st Generation-Archibald's 1st born)






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(Use the above alphabetical find, or your browser find function to search this index)


Abercorn, Earl of


Acton, Charlotte

Acton, Henry

Ailsa, Archibald, Marques of

Aird, Margaret

Alexander of Scotland

Alloway, Lord

Amedio, Count of Savoy

Anderson, Alexander

Aosta, Viscount of

Arbuthnot, Andrew

Archdeacon, Edmund

Argyll, Earl of

Armistead, Mary

Ashe, General



Bahr, Frantz

Bahr, William


Baikie, Janet


Bairds of Auchmedden

Bairds of Aughtermony

Bairds of Ayshire

Bairds of Closeburn

Bairds of Cowdam

Bairds of Kilhenzie

Bairds of Lochwood

Bairds of New Jersey

Bairds of North of Ireland

Bairds of Saughton Hall

Bairds of Stichell

Bairds of Strichen

Bairds of West Jersey

Baird, Aaron

Baird, Abslom

Baird, Adam

Baird, Agnes

Baird, Alexander

Baird, Alicia

Baird, Andrew

Baird, Ann

Baird, Anna

Baird, Anna Blanche

Baird, Anne

Baird, Annie

Baird, Archibald

Baird, Arvilla E.

Baird, Avis

Baird, Barzillai

Baird, Bedent

Baird, Benjamin

Baird, Carrie

Baird, Catharine

Baird, Charles

Baird, Charles Augustus

Baird, Charlotte

Baird, Charlotte Marion

Baird, David

Baird, Douglas

Baird, Edmund

Baird, Eleanor

Baird, Eliza

Baird, Elizabeth

Baird, Emerson P.

Baird, Esther

Baird, Ezekiel

Baird, Francis

Baird, Francois

Baird, Gen. Sir David

Baird, George

Baird, George Alexander

Baird, Gilbert

Baird, Hanna

Baird, Helen

Baird, Henry Leslie

Baird, Henry M.

Baird, Hew

Baird, Howard

Baird, Hugo de

Baird, Isaac

Baird, Isabella

Baird, Jacob

Baird, James

Baird, James Alexander

Baird, Jane

Baird, Jane Isabella

Baird, Janet

Baird, Jean

Baird, Jenny

Baird, John

Baird, John H.

Baird, John Lawrence

Baird, John Quigley

Baird, Johnne

Baird, Jonathan

Baird, Jordan

Baird, Joseph

Baird, Leonard

Baird, Lillas

Baird, Lydia

Baird, Margaret

Baird, Martha Jane

Baird, Mary

Baird, Mathow

Baird, Mollie

Baird, Moses

Baird, Obadiah

Baird, Oliver

Baird, Patrick

Baird, Phoebe

Baird, Rebecca

Baird, Rei

Baird, Richard

Baird, Robert

Baird, Robert S. Q.

Baird, Samuel

Baird, Sarah

Baird, Sarah H.

Baird, Sidney

Baird, Simon

Baird, Sir Anthony de

Baird, David

Baird, Sir James

Baird, Sir James Gardiner

Baird, Sir John

Baird, Sir Robert

Baird, Sir William

Baird, Spencer Fullerton

Baird, Susan

Baird, Tabitha

Baird, Thomas

Baird, Thomas Harlin

Baird, Virginia C.

Baird, Walter

Baird, William

Baird, Willie

Baird, Zebulon

Baird-Hay, Capt. James George

Ball, John

Bar, Lords of Lorraine

Barclay, Alexander


Bards of Aosta

Bards of Banff

Bards of Billerica

Bards of Burlington

Bards of Carroll's Delight

Bards of Charlestown

Bards of Ferrisburgh

Bards of German Origin

Bards of Hammersmith and Caversfield

Bards of Lincolnshire

Bards of Maybole

Bards of New England

Bards of North Keisey

Bards of Staines

Bard, Abbie E.

Bard, Adam

Bard, Andrian

Bard, Agnes

Bard, Albert

Bard, Alice

Bard, Alison

Bard, Alpheus

Bard, Amos

Bard, Andrew

Bard, Ann

Bard, Annerol:>

Bard, Annie

Bard, Anselmo

Bard, Archibald

Bard, Austin

Bard, Aymone

Bard, Barbara

Bard, Barnet

Bard, Barnhart

Bard, Benjamin F.

Bard, Bennett

Bard, Benoist

Bard, Bernard

Bard, Bertram

Bard, Caroline

Bard, Casper

Bard, Catharine

Bard, Charles

Bard, Rupert

Bard, Charlotte

Bard, Christopher

Bard, Cora Julia

Bard, Count Federico de

Bard, Cruger

Bard, Daniel

Bard, David

Bard, David James

Bard, Deborah

Bard, Doffus de

Bard, Duncan

Bard, Edmond

Bard, Edmund

Bard, Edward

Bard, Elisha

Bard, Elisha

Bard, Eliza

Bard, Elizabeth

Bard, Elizabeth Greenwood

Bard, Emery A.

Bard, Emma Hannah

Bard, Emma Jane

Bard, Ezekiel

Bard, Fergus de

Bard, Frances

Bard, George

Bard, George Ingersol

Bard, George Parker

Bard, George Philip

Bard, Gilbert

Bard, Guglielmo

Bard, Harmon

Bard, Harriet

Bard, Harrison

Bard, Helen

Bard, Henry

Bard, Henry D.

Bard, Henry Ingersol

Bard, Herbert Barclay

Bard, Horace E.

Bard, Hoyt

Bard, Hugh

Bard, Isaac

Bard, Isabella

Bard, Jackson E.

Bard, Jacob

Bard, Jacobo

Bard, Jacques

Bard, James

Bard, Jane

Bard, Jane Orr

Bard, Jean

Bard, Jennie D.

Bard, Jeremiah

Bard, Jesse

Bard, Joan

Bard, Joel

Bard, Johan Georg

Bard, Johann George

Bard, Johann Philip

Bard, John

Bard, John Abraham

Bard, John Adam

Bard, John Christopher

Bard, John Michael

Bard, John Orr

Bard, John T.

Bard, Jonet

Bard, Joseph

Bard, Josuha

Bard, Julia Howard

Bard, Justus

Bard, Katharine

Bard, Levi

Bard, Lillias

Bard, Lorraine Reed

Bard, Magdalen

Bard, Magdalena

Bard, Marco

Bard, Margaret

Bard, Margaretta

Bard, Marie

Bard, Mark

Bard, Martha

Bard, Martin

Bard, Mary

Bard, Mary A.

Bard, Mary Ellen

Bard, Mary Ingersol

Bard, Mary Martha

Bard, Maximilian

Bard, Michael

Bard, Nancy

Bard, Nathaniel

Bard, Nicholas

Bard, Nicklaus

Bard, Olivia

Bard, Patrick

Bard, Patterson

Bard, Persiana

Bard, Peter

Bard, Peter Benoist

Bard, Rainero

Bard, Ralph

Bard, Rebecca

Bard, Ricardo de

Bard, Richard

Bard, Robert

Bard, Robert Jenny

Bard, Robert M.

Bard, Rosetto

Bard, Samuel

Bard, Samuel F.

Bard, Samuel M.

Bard, Sarah

Bard, Sarah Frances

Bard, Sevilla

Bard, Simeon Ingersol

Bard, Simon

Bard, Sir Alexander de

Bard, Stephen

Bard, Susan

Bard, Susanna

Bard, Susanna Catharine

Bard, Thomas

Bard, Thomas Orr

Bard, Ugone di

Bard, Ugone II

Bard, Ursual

Bard, Warren

Bard, Wedo

Bard, Willbert

Bard, William

Bard, William B.

Bard, William Henry

Bard, William Strong

Bard, William Webster

Bard, Zacharias

Bard, Zebedee

Bard, Zelmyra


Barde, Alexander

Barde, Ann

Barde, Bartholomew de

Barde, Bos de la

Barde, Gilbert

Barde, Henry de

Barde, Isabelle

Barde, Joan

Barde, John

Barde, John Louis

Barde, Magistratus de

Barde, Nicholas

Barde, Oliver

Barde, Patrick

Barde, Robert

Barde, Samuel

Barde, Seigneur de

Barde, Thomas

Barde, Walter de

Barde, William





Bardt, Michael

Bargany, Laird of

Barr, Ann

Barrington, Ellinor

Barrington, John



Bart, Dorothea

Bart, Jacob



Barth, Frantz Ludwig

Barth, Jacob

Barth, Johannes

Barth, John Jacob

Barth, Martin

Barth, Zacharias


Bartz, Jennie D.

Batem, Richard


Bear, Magdalena


Beard, Aaron

Beard, Agnes

Beard, Alexander

Beard, Amos

Beard, Amos H.

Beard, Andrew

Beard, Ann

Beard, Archibald

Beard, Arthur

Beard, Catharine

Beard, Clora

Beard, David

Beard, Dorcas

Beard, Elizabeth

Beard, Ellinor

Beard, Esther

Beard, Frederick

Beard, George

Beard, Henry

Beard, Jacob

Beard, James

Beard, Jane

Beard, Jeremiah

Beard, Jeremy

Beard, John

Beard, Jonathan

Beard, Joseph

Beard, Judith

Beard, Katharine

Beard, Lewis

Beard, Magdalena

Beard, Margaret

Beard, Matthew

Beard, Michael

Beard, Moses

Beard, Nicholas

Beard, Philip

Beard, Rachel

Beard, Rebecca

Beard, Richard

Beard, Robert

Beard, Rose

Beard, Samuel

Beard, Sarah

Beard, Thomas

Beard, William

Beason, Richard

Becker, Peter

Belcher, Annie

Bell, Francis

Bellamont, Viscount

Berd, John



Berryhill, William

Biggar, Waldevus de

Bilyeu, Eleanor T.

Bilyeu, Peter

Bingham, William S.

Bisset, Partick

Blantyre, Lord Charles

Blennerhassett, Francis

Blennerhassett, Leonard

Blennerhassett, Robert

Blennerhassett, Sir Edmund

Blennerhassett, Thomas

Board, Peter

Board, William


Bole, Isaac

Bowlsby, Elizabeth

Bowlsby, George

Bowlsby, John

Bowlsby, Richard

Bowlsby, Thomas

Boyles, Samuel

Bradshaw, John

Breckenridge, James

Breckenridge, Martha

Brooke, John

Brooke, Matthew

Brown, George

Brown, Jacob Hay

Brown, James A.

Brown, Martha

Brown, Susanna

Bruce, King Robert

Buckey, Ann M.

Buckey, Jacob

Buckey, Sarah


Buonaparte, Napoleon

Burdett, William

Burnet, Susanna


Butler, Jane


Calderwood, James

Calvin, John

Campbell, Archibald

Campbell, Charles

Campbell, Colin

Campbell, Hugh

Campbell, Jane

Campbell, John

Campbell, John Gardner

Campbell, Mary

Campbell, Mary Ann

Campbell, Preston

Campbell, Rebecca

Campbell, Sarah

Campbell, William

Carr, John

Carroll, Arthur

Carroll, William

Case, Emerson

Cassilis, Earl of

Castlehaven, Lord

Cathcart, Elias

Cawdor, Earl

Cerjat, Lieut. Col.

Chambers, Benjamin

Champagne, John

Charles I

Charles II

Clarence, Thomas, Duke of


Clark, David

Clevenstine, Henry

Clugston, John

Clugston, Robert

Clymer, Hiester

Code, Thomas

Cole, Viscount

Colin, Abbot of Crosraguel

Compton, Sarah

Cormont, Ann

Cornwall, Earl of

Corrie, George

Corrie, John

Corry, Mary

Corry, Robert

Cox, Abbie E.

Crawford, Margaret

Creighton, James

Crocket, David

Crosby, Dorcas

Crosby, Patrick

Crosby, Richard

Cross, Isabella

Crowar, Jane

Cruger, Catharine

Cruger, Nicholas

Cumberland, Duke of



Danner, Sarah

Davis, W. H.

Dearth, Elizabeth

Deboise, Catharine

Delafield, Rufus K.

Desmond, Earl of

Diamond, Elizabeth

Dick, Christian

Dietrick, Philip

Dik, John

Dillon, Arthur

Dorey, Richard

Doudle, Michael

Douglas, Earl of

Douglas, Lord Archibald

Douglas, Sir William

Douglass, Mary

Dren, John

Drummond, Sir John

Dudley, John

Dudley, Susan

Duff, Mary

Duncan, Augustus

Dunn, William

Dupont, John

Durbarrow, Margaret



Early, John

Eberly, Peter

Edward I

Edward II

Edwards, Mary

Ege, Michael

Egle, William Henry

Eichelberger, Jacob

Eichelberger, Michael

Eisenman, Dorothea

Eisenman, Michael

Eisenman, Peter

Elizabeth, Queen of England

Ellicot, Anne

Ely, Rebecca


Erskine, John

Ewell, Benjamin F.

Eyster, Christian


Farewell, A.

Farmer, Robert

Ferguson, Gilbert

Findlay, John

Findlay, Margaret

Fisher, John

Fitsimmons, James

Fitzgerald, Pierce

Fleming, William

Flemyng, Agneto

Fogliato, Duke of

Ford, William

Francois, Jacques

Frantz, Eva Juliana

Frazer, Colin

Frazer, William

Frutas, F. G.


Gallaher, Hannah

Gardiner, frances

Gardiner, James

Gardner, Lydia

Gardner, Philip

Gardner, Sarah

Gardonet, Henrietta Elizabeth

Gardyner, Anne

Gardyner, Sir William

Gartschoir, Margaret

Gaston, Lydia

Gave, David

Gaveston, Pierce

Geicght, Earl of

Gemelyng, John de

Genning, Israel

George, Dorothea

Gerber, Henry

Gerrier, Henry

Getz, John

Giacosa, Guiseppe

Gian Guiseppe, Fillippo Agostino di

Gibb, Hugh

Gibson, Elizabeth

Gibson, Sir Alexander

Gilby, Margaret

Ginnens, Israel

Glass, Mary

Glenn, Catharine

Gordon, George, Esq.

Gordon, John

Gottofriedo, Viscount of Aosta

Grant, William

Gray, Elizabeth

Gray, Thomas, Esq.

Grazebrook, Elizabeth

Grazebrook, Rowland

Grover, Mary

Grubb, Casper

Grubb, Susanne

Grymmesby, Abbot of

Guttery, James


Haddo, George, Lord

Hahn, Daniel

Hahn, Frances

Haldeman, Catherine

Hall, Mary

Haller, Theodore M.


Hamilton, Alfred J.

Hamilton, Henderson

Hamilton, Hester A.

Hamilton, James

Hamilton, John

Hamilton, Margaret

Hamilton, Martha

Hamilton, Robert

Hansard, Eleanor

Hansard, Sir Richard

Harcourt, Henry, Esq.

Harcourt, Richard Bard

Harford, Constance Emilia

Harford, John Battersby

Hartpole, Ellen

Hartpole, Robert

Hartzell. Samuel

Harvey, Charles

Hatrick, Samuel

Hatton, Capt. Villiers Francis

Hatton, Cecilia

Hawke, Jacob

Hay, Caroline

Hay, Henry

Hay, Jacob

Hay, James

Hay, John

Hay, Isabella Agnew

Hay, Lucy

Hay, Mary E.

Hay, Sarah

Hay, William

Hayward, Hannah

Hendricks, Eli

Hendricks, John

Hendricks, Maria

Henry IV

Henry VI

Hill, William

Hipple, Kate E.

Hodge, William

Hulit, Jane

Hunt, Jane Frances

Hunt, John E.

Hunt, Joseph

Huyette, Henry


Ingersol, Mary

Innes, Cosmo


Jacobs, George

Jacobs, Margaret J.

Jacobs, Oliver Perry

Jacobs, Theodore

James I

James II

James IV

James V

Jamison, Robert

John, King of England

Johnston, Alicia

Johnston, Henrietta

Johnston, John Taylor

Johnston, Margaret Taylor

Johnston, Sir William

Johnston, Wynne

Johnstone, David

Johnstone, John

Johnstone, Margaret

Johnstone, Susanna


Juxon, John

Juxon, Thomas

Juxon, William

Juxon, Willie


Kelley, Barbara

Kelley, Thomas

Kemp, Lewis G.

Kennedy, Alexander

Kennedy, Archibald

Kennedy, Arthour

Kennedy, Elizabeth

Kennedy, Gilbert

Kennedy, Hugh

Kennedy, John

Kennedy, Katharine

Kennedy, Lady Anne

Kennedy, Margaret

Kennedy, Sir Thomas

Kennedy, Walter

Kerr, James W.

Kieffer, Ephraim

Kilgore, Charles

Kilgore, David

Kilgore, Esther

Kilgore, Jane

Kroan, Elizabeth

Kurtz, David


Lacy, Sir Anthony

Lancaster, Earl of

Lancaster, Thomas of

Lauderdale, Earl of

Lebkecher, David

Lee, Margaret Le

Leisser, George

Lermont, Robert

Lindsay, Christine

Lisburn, Lord

Littell, George

Livingston, William, Lord

Locard, Symon

Lockhart, Charlotte

Lockhart, Malcolm

Lockhart, Robert

Loftus, Adam

Loftus, Anne

Loftus, Thomas

Lum, Mary


Mac-an-Bhaird, Owen



McArthur, Margaret

McBride, James

McCabe, Sarah

McCall, Elizabeth

McCarroll, Arthur

McClean, Catharine

McClennan, Catharine

McCurdy, Colin

McDowell, James

McDowell, Jane

McDowell, John

McDowell, Martha

McFall, Agnes

McFall, Brise

McGee, Phelemy

McGhea, George

McIlvain, Caroline

McIlvain, John

McIlvain, William

McIlvans, Patrick

McIntyre, John

McVicker, Ann

McVicker, Eliza

McVicker, John

McVicker, William Augustus

Machey, George

Mahon, Thaddeus

Maitland, William de

Mantz, Charles

March, Earl of

Marmion, Dinah

Marmion, Henry

Marmion, Samuel


Martin, Jane

Mary, Queen of Scots

Meakin, Elizabeth

Meakin, Robert

Meakin, William

Mercer, Hugh

Methele, Margaret de

Methele, Robert de

Middleton, Ellen

Middleton, Thomas

Miller, Jacob

Miller, George

Miller, L. Alice

Miller, Lydia

Miller, William

Moffat, Jane

Monferrato, Bonafacio di

Montbard, Counts of

Moore, Ann

Moore, Sir John

Morgan, Hannah

Morgan, Joshua

Morgan, Mary

Morris, Arthur B.

Morse, Lucinda Stowe

Morton, Mari Roger de

Mowrey, Joshua

Muirson, George

Murray, Alexander

Mussenden, Ellen

Mussenden, John


Newbyth, Lord

Newlands, Isabelle

Nicola, Count Giacoma


Noell, Sir Martin

Norfolk, Thomas, Earl of

Normandie, Andre de

Normandie, Guillaume de

Normandie, Henrietta Elizabeth

Normandie, Jean de

Normandie, John Abram de

Normandie, Joseph de

Normandie, Laurent de

Normandie, Marie de

Normandie, Mary de

Normandie, Michael de

Normandie, Rebecca de



O'Hara, George

O'Hara, James

O'Hara, Margaret

O'Hart, Dr. John

O'Niel, Owen Roe

Ogborne, Maria


Orr, Margaret

Orr, Martha

Orr, Thomas

Osney, Richard


Palk, Annette Maria

Palk, Sir Lawrence

Parker, Bernard

Parker, Elizabeth

Parker, Jerusa Gould

Parker, Olivia

Patterson, Samuel

Pembroke, Earl of

Pendleton, Anne

Pendleton, Eliott Hunt

Pendleton, George Hunt

Pendleton, James

Pendleton, Mary

Pendleton, Nathaniel

Pendleton, Nathaniel Greene

Pendleton, Susanna

Pepperman, Joseph

Perceval, Dorcas

Perrin, David

Pierce, Col.


Poe, Catharine

Pollock, James

Polsagh, Olivia

Pope, John

Potter, Ursula

Potter, James

Potter, John

Potter, Mary

Potts, Rebecca

Potts, Thomas

Prentice, John

Prime, Edmund

Pullen, Isaac

Pullen, Mary E.

Purden, Jane


Pyewell, Deborah


Quigley, John

Quigley, Tabitha

Quinton, Abbot of Crosraguel


Raine, James, Esq.

Ramage, James

Reeves, Elizabeth

Reichart, Barnard

Reside, Sarah

Richard I

Richard II

Richards, William

Ricksecker, Peter

Ricquart, Rebecca

Riddle, James

Riley, Margaret

Ritter, Magdalena

Riverdale, William, Baron of

Robinnet, Samuel

Robinson, Samuel

Roche, William

Ros, Gilbert

Ros, Oliver

Ross, Elizabeth

Ross, John

Rossiter, Elizabeth

Rutherford, Jane


Sandys, Ferdinand

Sarriod d' Introd

Sarriod de la Tour

Sarriod, Domina Leonardo

Sarriod, Guglielmo

Savoy, Duke of

Savoya, Tomasso di

Schaw, John

Schmeiser, Peter

Schober, A. B.

Schreiner, Henry

Seacrist, Isaac

Searles, John

Searles, Rebecca

Segrave, Anne

Segrave, Patrick

Segrave, Walter

Sellers, Jacob

Seymour, Horatio

Sharpe, Rev. John

Sheerman, Francis

Shields, John

Shindle, Caroline

Shoemaker, Emma Hannah

Shultz, Anna Maria

Shultz, John

Shultz, Sarah

Sidney, Sir Henry

Simson, William

Siter, Elizabeth

Smith, Anna

Smith, Sarah

Smyser, Sarah


Somerville, Lord

Somerville, Sir Thomas

Spangler, Alexander

Spangler, Anna Mary

Spangler, Balser

Spangler, Barr

Spangler, Edward

Spangler, Eleanor

Spangler, Elizabeth

Spangler, Frances

Spangler, Hamilton G.

Spangler, Hans Rudolf

Spangler, James

Spangler, Jane

Spangler, John

Spangler, Julian

Spangler, Juliana

Spangler, Leander

Spangler, Louisa M.

Spangler, Lucy

Spangler, Maria

Spangler, Maria Margaret

Spangler, Martin

Spangler, Rebecca

Spangler, Sarah

Spangler, Sarah Margaret

Spangler, Theodore

Spangler, William

Spangler, William A.

Spangler, William Nathan

Spangler, Zachariah

Sprogel, John Henry

Sprogel, Susanna

Stapleton, A.

Sterrett, S. P.

Steward, Hannah

Steward, John

Stirling, John

Stoever, Johan Casper

Stork, Hannah

Stouffer, Abraham

Strafford, Earl of

Strange, John

Strange, Margaret

Strange, Sarah

Strathern, Earl of

Stuart, Sir Alexander

Stuck, George

Stuck, Leah

Sussex, Earl of

Sweeting, Elizabeth

Swope, Catharine

Swope, Elizabeth

Swope, Henry


Thomas, the Rhymer

Thompson, S. F.

Tilden, Samuel J.

Tomaso I

Tonson, Esther Charlotte

Trowsdale, John

Tyler, Catharine

Tyler, John

Tyndail, Margaret


Unger, George

Upp, George


Valleau, Mary

Valleau, Susanne

Vandomo, Duke of

Van Norte, Dolly

Van Norte, Dorothy


Villiers, Frederick Ernest


Walker, Susanna

Wallace, Samuel

Wallace, Sir William

Walton, Margaret



Warren, Elizabeth

Warwick, Earl of

Watts, Anne

Watts, John, Esq.

Wauchope, Capt. Andrew

Webb, Mary

Webster, Benijah

Webster, Esther

Webster, Mary Jane

Weigle, Margaret

Welsh, Michael

Wheeler, Dorcas

Wheeler, John

Wheeler, Jonah

White, Andrew

Wicklein, Jacob

Wigton, Earl of

William the Conqueror

William the Lion

Wilson, James

Wilson, William

Wilsoun, Johnne

Winsley, Thomas

Wolff, Adam

Wolff, Ann

Wolff, Barbara

Wolff, Catharine

Wolff, Dorothea

Wolff, Elizabeth

Wolff, George H.

Wolff, Margaret

Wolff, Peter

Wolff, William W.


Yardley, Sibilla



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(Use the above alphabetical find, or your browser find function to search this index)


Abbott, Rachel

Abell, William Irving

Ackley, John Bolton

Adams, Celia

Adams, Martha

Adams, Mary Jane

Agnew, David

Alexander, Hezekiah

Allison, John

Alricks, Ann

Alricks, Hermanus

Anderson, Oliver

Antes, Susanna

Anthony, Henrietta


Armstrong, Alexander C.

Armstrong, James M.

Armstrong, John

Atherton, Ira

Aughey, John


Bagust, Agnes


Baird, Alexander

Baird, Archibald

Baird, David

Baird, George

Baird, James

Baird, Janet

Baird, John

Baird, Richard

Baird, William

Baker, John

Baltimore, Lord

Bard, Adele Douglas

Bard, Agnes Carson

Bard, Albert Marius

Bard, Alice Louise

Bard, Amantha S.

     Bard, Andre

Bard, Andrew Melville

Bard, Anna Greenwell

Bard, Archibald (Judge)

Bard, Archibald Philip

      Bard, Asher Humphrey

Bard, Bernard

Bard, Beryl Beatrice

Bard, Catharine

Bard, Catharine Elizabeth

Bard, Catharine Poe

Bard, Cephas Little

Bard, Charles

Bard, Charles D.

Bard, Charles Frederick

Bard, Charles Harlan

      Bard, Christopher Thomas

Bard, Clinton

Bard, Cora E.

     Bard, Curtis

Bard, Cynthia A.

Bard, David

Bard, David A.

Bard, David Humphrey

      Bard, David Humphrey

      Bard, Dean Thomas

Bard, Diemer

Bard, Douglas

      Bard, Douglas Raymond

Bard, Ebenezer

Bard, Elizabeth

Bard, Elizabeth Johnston

Bard, Elizabeth Parker

Bard, Elizabeth Susan

Bard, Eliza Catharine

Bard, Eliza Jane

Bard, Ellen Jane

Bard, Elliot

Bard, Eva Morehead

Bard, Fannie

Bard, Fannie Lee

Bard, Frances Elizabeth

Bard, Frances Genevieve

Bard, Francis

Bard, Georgetta

      Bard, Gina Rene

Bard, Grace D.

Bard, Harrison

Bard, Harry Dorsey

Bard, Henry Clay

Bard, Honora Foley

Bard, Isaac

Bard, James

Bard, James Donald

Bard, James Frazier

Bard, James H.

Bard, James Johnston

Bard, James William

Bard, Jane

Bard, Jennie

Bard, Jennie McFarland

Bard, John

Bard, John D.

Bard, John Edwin

Bard, John Livingston

Bard, John Patton

Bard, Joseph

Bard, Joseph R.

Bard, Kate

Bard, Katharine Virginia

      Bard, Lacey Anne

Bard, Lafayette

Bard, Levi

Bard, Lillian

Bard, Lillie Jane

Bard, Lillie Moore

Bard, Lottie Eliza

Bard, Louisa Jane

Bard, Lowrey

Bard, Lulu R.

Bard, Luther

Bard, Mabel

Bard, Margaret

Bard, Margaret Carson

Bard, Maria

Bard, Maria Jane

Bard, Maria Louisa

      Bard, Marsha Rochelle

Bard, Martha

Bard, Martha A.

      Bard, Martha Dell

Bard, Martha Olivia

Bard, Mary

Bard, Mary Agnes

Bard, Mary Blanche

Bard, Mary E.

Bard, Mary Emma

Bard, Mary Frances

Bard, Mary Louise

Bard, Mary McDowell

Bard, Mary Parker

Bard, Mary Talbot

Bard, Mary Wilkinson

Bard, Mattie Homes

Bard, Melville

Bard, Mildred Gentry

Bard, Nancy

Bard, Nanie Beck

Bard, Nellie Rowana

Bard, Oliver Barbour

Bard, Olivia

Bard, Pansy G.

Bard, Phoebe Annetta

Bard, Rachel

Bard, Ralph W.

Bard, Richard

Bard, Richard

Bard, Richard

      Bard, Richard Albert

Bard, Richard Alexander

Bard, Richard Irwin

Bard, Richard James

Bard, Richard Morgan

Bard, Richard R.

Bard, Robert

Bard, Robert McFarland

Bard, Robert Washington

Bard, Rowana Humphrey

      Bard, Ryan Thomas

      Bard, Samantha Kristen

Bard, Samuel

Bard, Sarah

Bard, Sarah Jane

      Bard, Sarah Marie

Bard, Sarah Rogers

Bard, Sophia McLaren

Bard, Sue Ella

Bard, Susan Emma

Bard, Susanna

Bard, Thomas (Capt.)

Bard, Thomas Carson

      Bard, Thomas Dysart

Bard, Thomas Gerberding

Bard, Thomas Henderson

Bard, Thomas Poe

Bard, Thomas Robert

Bard, Verona

Bard, Westanna

Bard, William

Bard, William Beatty

Bard, William Evans

Bard, William Fuller

Bard, William Henry

Bard, William Irwin

Bard, William Walter

Bard, William Waters

Bard, Zilpah Helen


Barnes, John

Bartlett, W. L.

Bates, Elizabeth

Baumeister, Charles F.

Baumeister, Max


Beard (or Bard), Archibald

Beard, David

Beard, Richard

Beard, William

Beatty, Elizabeth

Beatty, Henry

Beatty, William

Beeler, Christopher

Beeler, Margaret


Bernard,Albina Frances

Berry, Abel Sherman

Bevington, Florence

Bewley, Sir Edmund



Bindsly, Mary Ann

Blair, Andrew

Blair, Walter A.

Blazer, Ada

Boggs, Alexander

Boggs, Alexander L.

Boggs, Andrew

Boggs, Ann

Boggs, Clara Louise

Bolen, Dollie

Bowers, Samuel E.

Boyd, Hiram Elmer

Boyles, Edna Percy

Braxdale, John

Braxdale, John Basil

Braxdale, Mary Kincaid

Brenard, Martha

Brobst, John Valentine

Brobst, Mary E.

Brown, Cornet

Brown, Elizabeth

Brown, Enoch

Browne, Dewitt Clinton

Buchanan, Anna

Buchanan, Catharine

Buchanan, David

Buchanan, Eliza

Buchanan, George

Buchanan, James

Buchanan, Jane

Buchanan, John

Buchanan, John E.

Buchanan, Joseph

Buchanan, Mary

Buchanan, Matthew

Buchanan, Rachel

Buchanan, Sarah

Buckingham, Margaret


Campbell, Ann

Campbell, David Bard

Campbell, Eliza

Campbell, Esther

Campbell, Harrison Bard

Campbell, John

Campbell, Martha Jane

Campbell, Mary Catharine

Campbell, Stewart M.

Canan, Henry

Carroll, Charles

Carroll, Daniel

Carson, David

Carson, Eliza Jane

Carson, James O.

Carson, Thomas

Cellar, George Carson

Chambers, George

Chambers, James

Chambers, Mary

Chambers, Rowland

Chestnut, Benjamin

Clark, Frank

Clark, James

Clark, James D.

Clark, Mary

Clark, Nancy

Clemons, Adeline M.

Cochran, Jean

Cody, William

Coleman, Archibald M.

Coulter, Rev. John

Cowan, Hugh

Cowan, Matilda Van Lear

Craig, Robert Getty

Crawford, Armstrong

Crawford, Edward

Crawford, Thomas Hartley

Crobarger, Leonard

Culbertson, Alexander

Culbertson, Ferdinand

Culbertson, Lavinia

Culbertson, Nancy P.

Culbertson, Samuel D.

Cummins, Charles

Cunes, Alexander

Cunes, Catharine M.

Cunningham, Samuel Robert


Darragh, Archibald Bard

Darragh, Franklin

Darragh, George

Davis, Benjamin

Davis, Jane

Davis, Joseph

Dean, Robert

Dean, William

Deard, William

Dickinson, Harriet

Diemer, Elizabeth

Drake, Esther E.

Drake, Francis E.

Drew, Margaret

Dugdale, William

Dukin, Charles

Dunlap, Andrew

Dunlap, Anna

Dunlap, Annie V.

Dunlap, Archibald Bard

Dunlap, Clara A.

Dunlap, Elizabeth Bard

Dunlap, Elizabeth Violetta

Dunlap, Ella J.

Dunlap, Irwin C.

Dunlap, James

Dunlap, James McDowell

Dunlap, James Potter

Dunlap, Jennie M.

Dunlap, John

Dunlap, John Archibald

Dunlap, John William

Dunlap, Joseph

Dunlap, Joseph Irwin

Dunlap, Margaret

Dunlap, Margaret Jane

Dunlap, Martha

Dunlap, Mary

Dunlap, Mary E.

Dunlap, Mary Margaretta

Dunlap, Mary Poe

Dunlap, Richard

Dunlap, Richard Thomas

Dunlap, Robert McDowell

Dunlap, Thomas McDowell

Dunwoody, Hugh

Durrett, Reuben T.


Edie, Elliot Bard

Edie, Margaret

Edie, Mary Carson

Edie, William A.

Edie, William Woodburn

Edwards, Roger Gaythorne

Egle, William Henry

Erwin, Alexander

Erwin, Alice

Erwin, Anna May

Erwin, Catharine Poe

Erwin, Charles Shannon

Erwin, Edward E.

Erwin, Elizabeth Maria

Erwin, Ellen Whalley

Erwin, Frank Howard

Erwin, Henry Bard

Erwin, James

Erwin, James Bard

Erwin, Jane

Erwin, Jane Emily

Erwin, Jane Mary

Erwin, Jane Tracy

Erwin, Jay Clyde

Erwin, John

Erwin, John Dickson

Erwin, John Richard

Erwin, Joseph

Erwin, Katharine

Erwin, Katharine Bruce

Erwin, Louise Wilson

Erwin, Martha W.

Erwin, Mary

Erwin, Mary Belle

Erwin, Minnie Bell

Erwin, Olivia

Erwin, Olivia Bard

Erwin, Robert McElwaine

Erwin, Russell C.

Erwin, Sarah Belle

Erwin, Scott Ward

Erwin, Thomas McElwaine

Erwin, Walter Tracy

Erwin, William Kingsley


Evans, Jeremiah

Evans, Mary Poe

Evans, Rachel

Evans, Richard

Eveland, Harmon

Eveland, Ida

Eveland, James Turner


Falls, Rachel

Faulkner, George

Faure, Elie F. G. H.

Faure, Gustave, M. B.

Ferrick, Frederick

Findlay, Elizabeth

Findlay, James

Findlay, John

Findlay, Samuel

Findlay, William

Findley, Margaret

Finley, Edenezer

Finley, William

Foley, Honora Jane

Foley, William C.

Fowler, Arthur Norris

Fowler, Chester Patton

Fowler, Edward Clare

Fowler, Frances

Fowler, Frank

Fowler, James

Fowler, James Monroe

Fowler, Joseph Irvin

Fowler, Nora Catharine

Fowler, Susan E.

Fowler, Walter Monroe

Fowler, William Bard

Frazier, James

Frazier, Margaret

Frazier, Mary M.

Frederickson, Walter E.

Fuller, Abner M.


Garton, Marcellus

Geisseheiner, Charles A.

Gerberding, Albert

Gerberding, Annie Kendall

Gerberding, Christian Otto

Gerberding, Clara Winter

Gerberding, Edwin Otto

Gerberding, Frederick William

Gerberding, Mary Beatrice

Gerberding, Mary J.

Gill, David

Gillan, Charles

Gillan, James

Gillan, Rebecca Jane

Gillan, Sarah J.

Gilmore, John

Gilson, William

Glass, Fannie


Gourley, John

Grady, David

Grady, Elisha

Grady, Elizabeth Deborah

Graeff, Katharine

Greer, Susan

Gregg, Andrew

Gregor, Helen C.

Groff, Frederick

Grubb, Martha E.


Hagerty, Nancy

Hains, Al

Hamilton, A. Boyd

Hamilton, Hance

Hamilton, Hans

Hamilton, Isabella Potter

Hamilton, James

Hamilton, John

Harper, John

Harper, Robert

Harris, John

Harris, Mary


Hempson, Mary J.

Henry, Margaret

Hill, Alice

Hill, Emma

Hill, John

Hoch, Gideon

Hoge, David

Hoge, Eliza

Hollowell, Martha

Holmes, Mary

Houston, Annie

Huber, Benjamin

Huges, Daniel

Huges, Samuel

Huges, William T.

Humphrey, David

Humphrey, Jane

Humphrey, Rowana

Hunter, George

Hunter, Samuel

Hutchison, Rev. John

Hyatt, Harry E.


Ingraham, Eliza A.

Irvin, Bessie

Irvin, Elias

Irvin, Ellis

Irvin, Francis Carroll

Irvin, Hannah

Irvin, John

Irvin, Joseph Bard

Irvin, Joseph R.

Irvin, William Ellis

Irwin, Elizabeth

Irwin, George

Isbell, Anna


Jenkins, Alice

Johnson, Anna Cochran

Johnson, Charlotte

Johnston, Charles

Johnston, James

Johnston, James H.

Johnston, James McDowell

Johnston, Maggie

Johnston, Mary

Johnston, Nancy

Johnston, Nannie

Johnston, Samuel H.

Johnston, S. Houston

Johnston, Thomas

Jones, Mattie Davis

Jordan, John Morton

Junkin, D. X.


Kennedy, Martha

Kincaid, Joseph

Kincaid, Mary

King, Agnes

King, Charles

King, George

King, James

King, John

King, William

Kinsey, David

Klare, Edna

Knapper, Abraham

Knowlton, W. C.

Kraft, John

Kurtz, Benjamin

Kyle, James

Kyle, John


Larkins, Carroll

Latimer, George

Laughlin, R. G.

Laycock, John

Lee, Eliza

Leeper, Charles

Lintner, Ellen

Lintner, James E.

Lintner, Joseph P.

Little, Casper

Little, Elizabeth Smith

Little, Mary S. P.

Little, Peter W.

Little, Susanna

Livingston, Hugh

Livingston, Phoebe

Livingstone, Daniel

Livingstone, Edward

Lochery, Jeremiah

Lochery, William

Lowe, Sarah

Lowrey, Fanny

Lowrey, James

Lowrey, Joseph

Lowrey, Lazarus

Lytle, William


McBride, James

McBride, Hannah

McBurnie, John

McClain, James

McClean, Archibald

McClellan, James

McClellan, Mary

McCord, William

McCormick, William

McCracken, John

McCrae, James Turner

McCrae, Margaret

McCullough, James

McCullough, John

McDowell, Alexander

McDowell, Alexander E.

McDowell, Annabella

McDowell, Archibald Bard

McDowell, Catharine Poe

McDowell, Elizabeth

McDowell, James

McDowell, James Dunlap

McDowell, James E.

McDowell, James M.

McDowell, Jane

McDowell, Jane Smith

McDowell, John

McDowell, Margaret

McDowell, Mary

McDowell, Mary Bard

McDowell, Mary Jane

McDowell, Rebecca Jane

McDowell, Robert

McDowell, Robert Holmes

McDowell, Robert Smith

McDowell, Sarah Elizabeth

McDowell, Sarah Margaret

McDowell, William

McDowell, William Erwin

McDowell, William Findlay

McDowell, William M.

McDowell, William Smith

McElwaine, Andrew

McElwaine, Isabel McKee

McElwaine, Robert

McFarland, Catharine

McFarland, Isaac Bard

McFarland, Jane

McFarland, Jane C.

McFarland, Jeanney

McFarland, John

McFarland, Joseph

McFarland, Mary

McFarland, Robert

McFarland, Stephen

McFarland, Thomas

McGahan, James Erwin

McGahan, Katharine

McGahan, Olivia J. M.

McGahan, Valentine B.

McGee, John

McGinley, Amos

McGinley, James

McGrew, Alice

McGrew, Amanda

McGrew, Mazie

McIntosh, Lucia

McJimsey, Robert

McKean, Thomas

McKeefey, Neil J.

McKinnie, Adam

McKinnie, Alexander

McKinnie, Anne

McKinnie, Ann Jane

McKinnie, Bard

McKinnie, Catharine

McKinnie, David Elliott

McKinnie, Elizabeth

McKinnie, Elizabeth Bard

McKinnie, Harriet

McKinnie, Isabel

McKinnie, Isabella

McKinnie, James

McKinnie, John

McKinnie, Josiah

McKinnie, Margaret

McKinnie, Margarette

McKinnie, Martha

McKinnie, Martha Belle

McKinnie, Mary

McKinnie, Rachel

McKinnie, Richard Bard

McKinnie, Robert

McKinnie, Samuel

McKinnie, Sarah

McKinnie, Susanna

McKinnie, Thornton

McKinnie, Walter

McKinnie, William A.

McKnight,, Rev. John

McKnight, Levi A.

McLanahan, James X.

McLene, James

McManimy, Daniel

McMath, John

McMean, Rachel

McMullen, Alexander

McMullen, Elizabeth

McMullen, Henry

McMullen, James

McMullen, Jane

McMullen, John

McMullen, Margaret

McMullen, Mary

McMullen, Mary Poe

McMullen, Rachel

McMullen, Thomas

McPherson, Col. Robert

Mackey, Mary Goodman

Maclay, William

Marks, Esther

Marshall, James

Marshall, Joseph

Martin, Henrietta

Matthews, George

Menard, William

Mertz, Anna

      Meyer, John Carl

      Meyer, Karen Elizabeth

     Meyer, Matthew

Mitchell, James

Moffat, Susan

Moor, Samuel

Moore, Eliza Ward

Moore, Frederick H.

Moore, John

Moore, John P.

Moore, Mabel Pope

Moore, Matilda M.

Moore, Mary

Moore, Sarah

Moore, Susan

Morgan, Louise K.

Morgan, Sarah

Morgan, William

Morehead, Ellen

Morehead, Hugh H.

Morey, Arthur Paine

Morey, Jennie Jasper

Morey, Laura Calma

Morey, Richard

Morey, Walter

Morris, Cephas

Morrison, John W.

Morrow, James

Morrow, Margaret

Morrow, Namcy

Morrow, Rebecca

Morrow, Robert

Morrow, Sarah

Murphy, Francis

Mutchmore, Sarah


Neemes, Jennie Calhoun

Norris, Anna Catharine

Norris, Moses Arthur

Norris, Susan Mary


Oedl, Antione

Oliver, Jean

     Opheim, Brooke

     Opheim, Eric

Osborne, Susan


Palmer, William F.

Pancoast, Henry H.

Pancoast, Seth

Parker, Mary S.

Patterson, Zaccheus

Patton, John

Patton, Rachel

Patton, Samuel

Patton, Susan

Patton, William

Penn, John

Pipe, Captain

Poe, Catharine

Poe, Elizabeth

Poe, James

Poe, Mary

Poe, Susanna

Poe, Thomas

Porter, Boyd

Porter, Margaret

Potter, Catharine

Potter, James

Potter, John

Potter, Margaret

Potter, Martha

Potter, Mary

Potter, Samuel

Potter, Thomas

Prichard, John

Pringle, Jason

Purviance, Nancy


Ramsey, James

Ramsey, Mary

Ramsey, William T.

Rankin, Birdie

Rankin, Fannie Glass

Rankin, George

Rankin, James Erwin

Rankin, John Erwin

Rankin, Lewis

Rankin, Nancy

Rankin, Sarah Erwin

Rankin, William

Rea, John

Read, Philip

Reed, John

Reed, Margaret

Reed, Nancy

Rex, Margaret

Reyburn, J. C.

Rhodes, Mary Jane

Rhodes, Naomi

Richardson, William

Rivenberg, Grace

Robertson, Arabella

Rodgers, Rev. Dr.

Rogers, Antoinette

Rogers, Charles Bard

Rogers, David James

Rogers, Edgar B.

Rogers, Edwin Cosby

Rogers, Harrison

Rogers, James

Rogers, John Henry

Rogers, Jonathan

Rogers, Sarah Ellen

Rogers, Thompson

Rogers, William Richard

Ross, John

Rush, William

Russell, Elizabeth

Russell, Jane

Russell, Margaret

Russell, Samuel


Sample, Robert F.

Sansbury, William T.

Scott, Carrie

Scott, Jane

Scott, Thomas

Scott, Thomas A.

Sears, Elizabeth

Senseny, Abraham H.

Sellers, Fannie

Shannon, Jane

Shelton, Samuel

Sherer, Anna H.

Shields, Curtis E.

Shields, Daniel H.

Shields, Nellie Bard

Shultz, Ella

Shultz, John A.

Shultz, Pearl E.

Simonton, William

Skeen, Eunice E.

Sleigle, Lydia

Smith, Charles

Smith, Elizabeth

Smith, James

Smith, Jane

Smith, John L.

Smith, Neil J.

Smith, Robert

Snyder, Ella B.

Spence, Colin

St. Clair, Sir John

Steele, Hannah Bard

Steele, Hugh Exton

Steele, John Dutton

Stevenson, George

Stewart, Ann

Stewart, David

Stewart, David Bard

Stewart, Eliza

Stewart, James

Stewart, Margaret

Stewart, Margaret Edie

Stewart, Mary

Stewart, Nancy

Stewart, Rachel Ann

Stewart, Robert

Stewart, Sarah

Stewart, Thomas

Stitzel, George

Stitzel, Henry

Stitzel, William

Stow, Sherman P.

Stuchfield, Bessie Bard

Stuchfield, Cora Lotta

Stuchfield, Ellen Davis

Stuchfield, Frank Bard

Stuchfield, Frank H.

Stuchfield, William Davis

Sturges, Phineas M.

Swayze, Jason C.


Talbot, Sarah Elizabeth

Templeton, James

Thompson, Josiah

Thompson, Nannie J.

Thomson, Alexander

Thorn, Mary H. A.

Tod, John

Toms, John

Torrence, Albert

Tracy, Ann Ecca

Tracy, Bruce

Trotter, Alexander

Turner, Adam

Turner, Catharine

Turner, Catharine A.

Turner, Clara

Turner, Eleanor

Turner, Elizabeth Bard

Turner, Emily Jane

Turner, Ida May

Turner, Ida

Turner, James

Turner, James McKinnie

Turner, Joseph

Turner, Joseph Gardner

Turner, Lydia Jane

Turner, Margaret Porter

Turner, Margaretta L.

Turner, Mary

Turner, Nathaniel Porter

Turner, Richard Bard

Turner, Violette Louisa

Turner, William

Turner, William Lintner

Tussey, David P.

Tussey, John M.


Van Antwerp, Charles

Van Lear, Joseph

Van Lear, Mary

Vaughan, Theodore B.

Venning, Jesse T.


Wakefield, John E.

Warmcastle, Kate

Waters, Elizabeth

Waters, William

Waugh, David

Waugh, James

Waugh, Jane

Waugh, John

Waugh, Nancy

Waugh, Samuel

Waugh, William

Wayne, Anthony

Wenzel, Alice

West, Mary

Westfall, Ezra Billing

Westfall, Mary Ada

White, John Wesley

White, J. W. F.

White, William

White, William H.

White Eyes

Widder, John

Wilson, Catharine

Wilson, Catharine Poe

Wilson, Isabelle

Wilson, James

Wilson, John

Wilson, Martha

Wilson, Martha Bard

Wilson, Rachel McGee

Wilson, Thomas

Wilson, William

Winger, Andrew

Wise, Cora

Wise, Esther

Wise, Henry A.

Wise, Thomas

Wise, Vivian Stewart

Witherow, John

Witherow, Samuel

Witherow, William


Woods, Henry


Young, William S.



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Acheson, Eleanor McCullough

Alexander, James W.

Alexander, Isabella

Alexander, James

Alexander, John B.

Alexander, Margaret

Alexander, Mary

Alison, Francis

Allen, Jane

Allen, Jane Logan

Allen, John

Allen, Jotham

Allen, Stephen

Allen, Thankful

Allen, William Henry

Allison, Isaac

Allison, John


Andrews, Chase

Anderson, Elizabeth

Anderson, William

Annan, Andrew

Annan, Margaret Cochran

Annan, Robert

Annan, Robert L.

Annan, Robert Landales

Annan, William

Archibald, William

Archibald, William V.

Armstrong, Jenny

Armstrong, John

Arnold Family

Ashbaugh, Margaret

Audley, Lord


Baird, Esther

Baird, William

Baker, Daniel

Balfour, Charles

Balfour, Sir William

Balusky, Count

Banker, Andrew

Banker, Jacob

Banker, Maria

Banker, Mary

Banker, Catharine

Banker, Sarah

Bard, Archibald

Bard, Catharine Poe

Bard, David

Bard, Diemer

Bard, Elizabeth Diemer

Bard, Elizabeth Smith Little

Bard, Isaac

Bard, Jane C. McFarland

Bard, Jane McDowell

Bard, John

Bard, Martha

Bard, Mary Poe Evans

Bard, Richard

Bard, Robert M.

Bard, Thomas

Barde, William

Barnes, John

Barnhart, Harry R.

Barnhart, Henry

Barnhart, James B.

Barnhart, John G.

Barnhart, Julia

Barnhart, Margery

Barnhart, Sarah C.

Beard, Archibald

Beard, James

Beard, James Porter

Beard, Martha

Beard, Mary

Beard, Thomas

Beard, William

Beatty, Agnes Smith

Beatty, Ann Smith

Beatty, Catharine

Beatty, Elizabeth

Beatty, Harriet

Beatty, Henry

Beatty, James

Beatty, John

Beatty, Margaret

Beatty, Martha

Beatty, Ruth

Beatty, Samuel Smith

Beatty, Walter

Beatty, William

Bell, Anna Perry

Belmore, Earl of

Bender, Martha

Bennett, Mrs.

Bertman, Wesley

Besore, Alice

Besore, Daisy

Besore, Emma

Besore, George

Besore, Kate

Besore, Landis A.

Besore, Mary

Beverly, Harry

Bewley, Sir Edmund T.

Biddle, John

Biddle, Margaret Falconer

Bingham, Agnes Junkin

Bingham, Amanda

Bingham, Emma

Bingham, Hugh

Bingham, John Armor

Bingham, Lucinda Stuart

Bingham, Marian

Bingham, Marie Scott

Bingham, Martha

Bingham, Thomas

Bingham, William

Bixby, Grace

Bixby, R. F. P.

Black, Ann

Black, James

Black, Jeremiah S.

Black, John

Blair, Samuel

Blennerhasset, Thomas

Bodley, Eliza

Bodley, Elizabeth

Bodley, James

Bodley, John

Bodley, Thomas

Bodley, William

Boggs, Andrew

Boggs, Moses

Boone, Ann

Boone, Daniel

Boude, J. Evans

Boude, Thomas

Bouquet, Col.

Bowman, William

Boyd, Baptist

Boyd, Samuel

Brabazon, Sir Anthony

Brabazon, Sarah

Braddock, Gen.

Bradish, Eliza

Brasher, Camille

Breen, William

Bridges, C. N.

Briggs, Susie

Brooke, Andrew Parker

Brooke, Caroline A.

Brooke, Charles Wallace

Brooke, Charlotte M.

Brooke, Eliza Parker

Brooke, Elizabeth Mary

Brooke, Pierce Butler

Brooke, Robert

Brooke, Robert M.

Brooke, Stephen H.

Brooke, William P.

Brown, Alexander

Brown, Anne Potter

Brown, Clementina B.

Brown, Cornet

Brown, Elizabeth

Brown, Enoch

Brown, George

Brown, Martha

Brown, Mary

Brown, Rebecca

Brown, Robert

Brown, Samuel Potter

Brown, Thomas

Brown, William

Brownson, Abigail

Brownson, Alexander Acheson

Brownson, Asa

Brownson, Elizabeth

Brownson, Ellen Maclay

Brownson, Elliott C.

Brownson, James I.

Brownson, James Irwin

Brownson, John

Brownson, John Maclay

Brownson, Loretta Morgan

Brownson, Marcus A.

Brownson, Margaret

Brownson, Margaret McK

Brownson, Mary Elizabeth

Brownson, Mary McDowell

Brownson, Mary R.

Brownson, Mary W.

Brownson, Nancy

Brownson, Nathan

Brownson, Nathan Asa

Brownson, Richard

Brownson, Robert M.

Brownson, Robert Smith

Brownson, Sarah Jane

Brownson, Sarah Smith

Brownson, Timothy

Bruce, A.

Bruce, Fannie E.

Bruce, Robert

Bryan, David

Bryan, Richard R.

Buchanan, George

Buchanan, James

Buchanan, John Junkin

Buchanan, Joseph

Buchanan, Mary Junkin

Bullions, Alexander

Burnside, Amelia

Burnside, Thomas

Burnside, William

Byron, Sir John


Cairnes, Elizabeth

Campbell, Charles

Campbell, Charles Thomas

Campbell, Eleanor

Campbell, Elizabeth Charlotte

Campbell, Fannie E. Bruce

Campbell, Hugh

Campbell, James

Campbell, James E.

Campbell, John

Campbell, Joseph

Campbell, George

Campbell, Margaret Poe

Campbell, Michael

Campbell, Phanuel Rannels

Campbell, Rebecca

Campbell, Sarah

Campbell, Thomas

Campbell, William

Carman, Susan

Carnahan, Catharine Potter

Carnahan, James

Carothers, Andrew

Carothers, Catharine

Carothers, Catharine Potter

Carothers, Caroline Taylor

Carothers, Eleanor Findlay

Carothers, Eliza

Carothers, Elizabeth

Carothers, Elizabeth McClure

Carothers, Isabella Power

Carothers, James

Carothers, James (II)

Carothers, James P.

Carothers, Jane

Carothers, John

Carothers, John Richey

Carothers, Martha

Carothers, Mary

Carothers, Ruth Elliott

Carothers, Samuel

Carothers, William E.

Carothers, William Swan

Carpenter, Mary Elliott

Carpenter, Robert P.

Carroll, Barrister

Carroll, Daniel

Cathcart, Elizabeth

Cathcart, Margaret

Cathcart, William

Chambers, Arthur

Chambers, Arthur Campbell

Chambers, Benjamin

Chambers, Catherine

Chambers, Charlotte

Chambers, Eleanor C. Stockton

Chambers, Elizabeth Charlotte Campbell

Chambers, George

Chambers, James

Chambers, John

Chambers, Joseph

Chambers, Mary Patterson

Chambers, Robert

Chambers, Rowland

Chambers, Ruhamah

Chambers, Sarah Bella

Chambers, Sarah Patterson

Chambers, Thomas

Chambers, William

Charlton, Rebecca

Christie, Robert

Clanawley, Lady Susanna

Clark, Dr.

Clark, James

Clay, Henry

Clemm, Maria Poe

Clemm, Virginia

Clemm, William

Clendenin, Clara E.

Clendenin, John

Clingan, William

Clinton, James, Gen.

Cobourn, Dr., Margaret Crouch Potter

Cochran, Andrew

Cochran, Ann

Cochran, Ann Rowan

Cochran, Anna May

Cochran, Annabelle

Cochran, Anne

Cochran, Clifford Wilson

Cochran, David

Cochran, David Franklin

Cochran, Edgar Fitzgerald

Cochran, Edward Everett

Cochran, Eleanor

Cochran, Eliza Wilson

Cochran, Elizabeth

Cochran, Elizabeth C.

Cochran, Fannie

Cochran, Findley

Cochran, George

Cochran, George Wilson

Cochran, Gertrude Schuyler

Cochran, Grace

Cochran, Hannah Hill

Cochran, Hannah J. Wilson

Cochran, Isabel

Cochran, Isabella

Cochran, James

Cochran, James Beatty

Cochran, James Brown

Cochran, James Marion

Cochran, James Seward

Cochran, James W.

Cochran, Jane

Cochran, Jane Wilson

Cochran, Jean

Cochran, Jenny

Cochran, Jerre Morrow

Cochran, John

Cochran, John Lewis

Cochran, John Morrow

Cochran, John Webster

Cochran, Joseph Wilson

Cochran, Jonathan

Cochran, Laurence

Cochran, Liewellyn

Cochran, Louisa Deshler

Cochran, Margaret

Cochran, Maria Mary

Cochran, Martha Jane

Cochran, Mary

Cochran, Mary J. Hill

Cochran, Melinda

Cochran, Morrow

Cochran, Nannie

Cochran, Paul Garfield

Cochran, Rebecca

Cochran, Rebecca J.

Cochran, Rebecca Jane

Cochran, Rebecca Morrow

Cochran, Robert

Cochran, Robert Hill

Cochran, Ruth

Cochran, Samuel

Cochran, Samuel Dick

Cochran, Sarah

Cochran, Stephen

Cochran, Taylor

Cochran, Walter Livingston

Cochran, William

Cochran, William Annan

Cochran, William R.

Cochran, William Woods

Cochrane, John

Cochrane, John, of Bishopton

Cole, Cornelius

Cooper, Lieut.

Corbin, John

Cornwallis, Lord

Corry, James

Couch, Gen.

Covenhoven, Robert

Cowan, Mary

Coyle, A. L.

Coyle, Maria H.

Coyle, Mary

Craig, Capt.

Craig, Isabella

Craig, Joseph

Craig, Sarah

Crane, Mary Ellen Potter

Crane, Simeon H.

Crawford, George

Crawford, George Douglass

Crawford, John S.

Crawford, Mary Johnston

Crawford, Nannie

Crawford, Robert Smith

Crawford, William

Crawford, William H.

Crist, Josuha P.

Crosbie, Patrick, Sir Pierce

Crouch, Edward

Crouch, Hannah Brown

Crouch, James

Crouch, Margaret Potter

Crozier, Catherine

Crozier, John

Culbertson, Capt.

Culbertson, James

Culbertson, Samuel

Cumming, Annie

Cumming, Charles

Cumming, Joseph

Cumming, Maria Poe

Cumming, Mary Cuthbert

Cumming, Montgomery

Cumming, Thomas

Cumming, Wallace

Cumming, William Henry

Cunningham, James

Curry, Robert

Curtin, Andrew Gregg

Curtin, Austin

Curtin, Catherine Wilson

Curtin, Constans

Curtin, Ellen Honora

Curtin, James

Curtin, Jean Gregg

Curtin, Jennie

Curtin, John

Curtin, John I

Curtin, John Irvin

Curtin, Julia

Curtin, Margery

Curtin, Martha Gregg

Curtin, Martha M.

Curtin, Mary J.

Curtin, Mary W.

Curtin, Roland

Curtin, William

Curtin, William Wilson

Cuthbert, John


Dargent, H.

Davis, Mary S. Porter

Dawson, H. N. R.

Dawson, Katherine

Dean, Alexander Tracy

Dean, Elizabeth

Dean, Mary Ann

Dean, Robert Smith

Deemer, Catherine

Dickinson, John

Dickson, Ellen

Dickson, Hugh

Dickson, John J.

Dickson, William M.

Dougal, James

Douglass, Archibald

Douglass, Rebecca

Douglass, Sarah Agnew

Doyle, A. Elizabeth

Doyle, Alice

Doyle, Andrew G.

Doyle, Celia

Doyle, Dick

Doyle, E. Ormond

Doyle, George

Doyle, Jessie

Droup, George

Duffield, William

Duncan, Adelia

Duncan, Margaret

Duncan, O.P.

Duncan, Susan Irvin

Duncan, Susan Potter

Duncan, Thomas

Dunlop, Andrew

Dunlop, James

Dunlop, Sarah Bella

Dunwoody, Hugh


Echlin, Elizabeth

Edge, William

Edwards, Albert S.

Edwards, Charles

Edwards, Elizabeth E.

Edwards, Georgia

Edwards, Julian Cook

Edwards, Ninian Wirt

Egle, William H.


Elizabeth, Queen

Elliott, Bessie

Elliott, Christiana

Elliott, Elizabeth Wilson

Elliott, George

Elliott, James W.

Elliott, John

Elliott, John, Rev.

Elliott, Katie

Elliott, Laura Wilson

Elliott, Mary A.

Elliott, Ruth

Elliott, William W.

Emmet, Samuel

Erwin, James

Erwin, Mary

Erwin, Olivia Bard

Evans, Jeremiah

Evans, John McMullen

Evans, Mary Eliza

Evans, Mary Poe

Evans, Rachel McMullen


Fahnestock, Peter

Fallon, Margaret Beatty

Farnham, Lord

Fenton, James

Fey, John

Findlay, Amelia Frazer

Findlay, Ann Rebecca

Findlay, Anna Mary

Findlay, Archibald Irwin

Findlay, Alexander

Findlay, Charles

Findlay, Eleanor Johnston

Findlay, Elizabeth

Findlay, Elizabeth Brown

Findlay, Elizabeth King

Findlay, Elizabeth Margaretta

Findlay, Elizabeth Rice

Findlay, Emma Lash

Findlay, Grace Rice

Findlay, Henry

Findlay, James

Findlay, James Lash

Findlay, Jane

Findlay, Jane Smith

Findlay, John

Findlay, John King

Findlay, John Torrence

Findlay, John William

Findlay, Jonathan Smith

Findlay, Margaret

Findlay, Mary

Findlay, Mary Jane

Findlay, Nancy Brownson

Findlay, Nathan

Findlay, Rebecca

Findlay, Robert

Findlay, Robert S.

Findlay, Robert Smith

Findlay, Samuel

Findlay, Samuel B.

Findlay, Sylvester Larned

Findlay, Thomas

Findlay, William

Findlay, William Perry

Findlay, William Reynolds

Findley, Alexander

Findley, Archibald

Findley, David

Findley, Eleanor

Findley, Elizabeth

Findley, Elizabeth Junkin

Findley, John

Findley, John Junkin

Findley, Martha

Findley, Mary

Findley, Mary Cochran

Findley, Nancy

Findley, Patterson

Findley, William

Finley, Ebenezer

Finley, John

Fishburn, James F.

Fitzgerald, Marie

Fleming, Robert

Flora, Susan

Forman, Andrew

Forsyth, John, Mrs.

Franciscus, Margaret

Frederick, Samuel

Fremont, John C.

French, Susan

Frost, Alice

Fullerton, David

Fullerton, Humphrey


Galloway, Agnes Junkin

Galloway, James

Galloway, John Mason

Gates, Gen.

Gelwicks, Frederick

Gelwicks, Ida

George, Jeremiah

George, Matthias

Gerlach, Henry

Gibbes, Anna M.

Gibson, John B.

Gibson, William

Giesy, Ann

Giesy, Harry

Giesy, Mary E.

Giesy, Samuel H.

Glenawley, Hugh, Lord

Goddard, William

Goodwin, Anne Mansfield

Goodwin, Robert

Gordon, Alexander

Gordon, Samuel

Grant,, U. S.

Greeley, Horace

Green, G. Dorsey

Greenawley, Hugh, Lord

Gregg, Alice M.

Gregg, Andrew

Gregg, Ann E.

Gregg, David McMurtrie

Gregg, David McMurtrie (II)

Gregg, Eliza

Gregg, Eliza Wilson

Gregg, Elizabeth

Gregg, Ellen

Gregg, Ellen McKnight

Gregg, Ellen McMurtrie

Gregg, Ellen Sheaff

Gregg, George

Gregg, Henry H.

Gregg, James

Gregg, James P.

Gregg, James Potter

Gregg, Jean

Gregg, Jean Scott

Gregg, John

Gregg, John Irvin

Gregg, Julia

Gregg, Juliana

Gregg, Margaret

Gregg, Margaret Irvin

Gregg, Margery

Gregg, Martha

Gregg, Martha McM

Gregg, Martha Potter

Gregg, Matthew

Gregg, Matthew Duncan

Gregg, Mary

Gregg, Mary Jane

Gregg, Rachel

Gregg, Sarah

Gregg, Susan

Gregg, Thomas J.

Grier, Isaac

Grier, Margaret

Grier, Mary

Grove, David

Grubb, Jane McClelland

Grubb, Joseph

Grubb, Ruth


Hall, A. Oakey

Hall, Lodiska

Hamilton, Adam Boyd

Hamilton, Catherine

Hamilton, Elizabeth

Hamilton, Francis

Hamilton, Hans

Hamilton, Hugh

Hamilton, Isabella

Hamilton, James

Hamilton, Sir James

Hamilton, John

Hamilton, John of the Bawn

Hamilton, Katherine

Hamilton, Malcoln

Hamilton, Margaret

Hamilton, Robert

Hamilton, Sarah

Hanna, John

Harbison, Adam

Harbison, Isabella

Harbison, Martha

Harris, Eleanor

Harris, George F.

Harris, James

Harris, James R.

Harris, Thamasine

Harrison, William Henry

Hause, Cassandra

Hause, Victor

Hays, Jane Love

Hays, John

Hays, Sarah

Heagen, Amanda

Heagen, Anne F.

Heagen, Catherine

Heagen, Esther Alvina

Heagen, Henry

Heagen, John W.

Heagen, Mary

Heagen, Nelson

Heagen, Susanna

Heberton, A.

Helm, Ben Hardin

Hendricks, J. G.

Hendricks, Maria L. Potter

Herr, W. W.

Hibble, Lydia

Hide, Ann

Hiester, Eugenia

Hiester, Henry Melchoir Muhlenberg

Hiester, John Sylvester

Hiester, Joseph Muhlenberg

Hiester, Maria Catherine Muhlenberg

Hill, Alexander J.

Hill, Hannah

Hill, Martha Potter

Hill, Mary J.

Hill, William

Hodge, Rebecca

Hoke, Jacob

Hoke, Mary

Holliday, Samuel

Holmes, Sheriff

Hood, Thomas

Hopkins, C. D.

Hopkins, Elizabeth Arnold

Houston, Mrs.

Houston, William

Howe, Gen.

Hoy, Nancy

Humphreys, Alexander

Humphreys, Elizabeth

Hunter, Charles

Hunter, Eliza Carothers

Hunter, Gen.

Huston, Charles

Hutchinson, Daniel


Imlay, Julia

Imlay, William

Irvin, Ann Watson

Irvin, Eliza

Irvin, James

Irvin, John

Irvin, John and Ann Watson, children of

Irvin, Juliana Gregg

Irvin, Margaret

Irvin, Rowland Curtin

Irvin, Sarah

Irvin, William

Irvine, Catherine

Irvine, Gen.

Irvine, William

Irvine, William D.

Irwin, Adelia Duncan

Irwin, Archibald

Irwin, David

Irwin, Elizabeth

Irwin, James

Irwin, Jane

Irwin, Jane McDowell

Irwin, Nancy

Irwin, William


Jack, Elizabeth

Jack, James

Jack, John

Jack, Mary

Jackson, Thomas J. (Stonewall)

James, King

James, William H.

Jennings, Margaret Waddell

Johnson, Andrew

Johnston, Annabelle McDowell

Johnston, Elizabeth

Johnston, Elizabeth Brown

Johnston, George W.

Johnston, James

Johnston, Jane

Johnston, John

Johnston, Mary S.

Johnston, Mary Smith

Johnston, Rebecca

Johnston, Rebecca Smith

Johnston, Robert

Johnston, Samuel

Johnston, Thomas

Johnston, William

Jones, Mary

Jordan, Benjamin J.

Jordan, Isabella

Jordan, John

Jordan, Leonard C.

Junkin, Agnes

Junkin, Benjamin

Junkin, David X.

Junkin, Ebenezer Denny

Junkin, Eleanor

Junkin, Eleanor Cochran

Junkin, Elizabeth

Junkin, Elizabeth Wallace

Junkin, George

Junkin, John

Junkin, John Miller

Junkin, Joseph

Junkin, Julia Rush Miller

Junkin, Margaret

Junkin, Martha Findley

Junkin, Mary

Junkin, Matthew Oliver

Junkin, Rebecca

Junkin, William

Junkin, William Findley

Junkin, William Finney


Keiser, Michael H.

Kelly, Major

Kellogg, Charles B.

Killough, Allen

Kinney, Henry

Kinney, Sarah Gregg

Kinney, Sarah I.

Kirker, James

Kirker, Martha Carothers

Kirkpatrick, David

Klein, Casper

Klein, Peter

Knox, John

Koler, Anna Elizabeth

Koler, Elias

Krauth, John M.

Kuhn, Emanuel


Lafayette, Gen.

Lamb, John

Larimer, J. F.

Lash, Emma J.

Lash, James

Latimer, Arthur

Latimer, George

Latimer, James

Latimer, John

Latimer, Margaret

Latimer, Martha Robert

Latimer, Thomas

Latta, E. D., Mrs.

Laughlin, Elizabeth

Laughlin, Sarah Simpson

Laughlin, Thomas

Lawrence, Margaret

Leiter, Jacob

Lennox, Elizabeth Beatty

Lepler, Rebecca Jane Cochran

Lewis, Julia Ann

Lincoln, Abraham

Lincoln, Mary Todd

Lincoln, Nancy Hanks

Lincoln, Robert Todd

Lincoln, Thomas

Lincoln, William Wallace

Linn, James F.

Linn, Robert

Lionberger, Betty

Little, Adam

Little, Andrew

Little, Anna

Little, Anna Mary

Little, Anna Mary Schley

Little, Barbara

Little, Benjamin Franklin

Little, Benjamin Rush

Little, Casper

Little, Catherine

Little, Catherine Polly

Little, Cynthia D. Scarrett

Little, David

Little, Dorothy

Little, Edmund H.

Little, Elias

Little, Elizabeth

Little, Elizabeth Smith

Little, Esther

Little, Esther Baird

Little, Fannie

Little, Frederick

Little, George

Little, George Grier

Little, Hannah

Little, Henry

Little, Jacob

Little, Jemima

Little, Jemina Hause

Little, Jesse

Little, John

Little, Joseph

Little, Juliana

Little, Louisa

Little, Louisa Catherine

Little, Ludwig

Little, Magdalena

Little, Margaret

Little, Martha

Little, Mary

Little, Mary Ann

Little, Mary Eva

Little, Mary Grier

Little, Mary Parker

Little, Mary Smith

Little, Michael

Little, Nancy Jane Findlay

Little, Peter

Little, Peter Washington

Little, Rachel

Little, Richard

Little, Robert Aquilla

Little, Robert Parker

Little, Ruth

Little, Samuel

Little, Sarah

Little, Sarah F.

Little, Sophia

Little, Susan

Little, Susanna

Little, Thaddeus Stevens

Little, Ursula Schreiver

Little, Veronica

Little, William

Livers, Robert

Lockhart, Mary

Logan, Benjamin

Long, Agnes

Long, Alexander

Long, Catherine

Long, Mary

Long, Mary Poe

Lowden, John

Lowe, Charles Gillespie

Lowe, Elizabeth

Lowe, James

Lowe, Mary Smith McFarland

Ludlow, Charlotte

Ludlow, Israel


Maclay, John

Maclay, Sarah Ellen

Maine, Barbara Sedborough

Maine, John

Major, Robert

Mankowski, Count

Mansfield, John

Mansfield, Ralph

Markle, Cyrus P.

Markle, Gaspard

Markle, Leah

Markle, Mary Rothermel

Marlin, James

Marlin, Sarah

Martin, Col.

Martin, James

Mason, Dr.

Mason, John

McAllister, Archibald

McAllister, Sarah Bella

McBride, James

McBride, Jane

McBride, John

McBride, Robert

McCall, Elizabeth

McCall, Grizzel

McCalmont, Elizabeth

McClanahan, Matthew

McClanahan, Matthew Potter

McClanahan, William Elliott

McClelland, Mary Potter

McClelland, Robert

McClelland, William

McClure, Elizabeth

McClure, James

McConnell, John

McCullough, Francis

McDermott, Josephine

McDermott, William

McDonald the Smith

McDowell, Agnes Craig

McDowell, Alexander

McDowell, Annabelle

McDowell, Annie Catherine

McDowell, Archibald B.

McDowell, Edward Campbell

McDowell, Eliza Parker

McDowell, Elizabeth

McDowell, Franklin

McDowell, Henry C.

McDowell, James

McDowell, Jane

McDowell, Jane Cochrane McFarland

McDowell, Jean Smith

McDowell, John

McDowell, John Clendenin

McDowell, John McFarland

McDowell, Margaret

McDowell, Margaret Bard

McDowell, Mary

McDowell, Mary Davidson

McDowell, Mary C. Davidson

McDowell, Milton G.

McDowell, Robert

McDowell, Sarah

McDowell, Thomas

McDowell, Thomas Hugh

McDowell, William

McDowell, William Henry

McDowell, William Smith

McElhare Maria Harbison

McFarland, Alice Robison

McFarland, Ann

McFarland, Ann Patton

McFarland, Anna  Fullerton

McFarland, Arthur

McFarland, David Fullerton

McFarland, Eliza Parker

McFarland, Elizabeth Porter

McFarland, Ellen J. Robison

McFarland, James

McFarland, Jane Cochran

McFarland, Jean

McFarland, Jean Cochran

McFarland, Jennie H.

McFarland, John

McFarland, John Davidson

McFarland, John Franklin

McFarland, Joesph

McFarland, Margaret

McFarland, Mary

McFarland, Mary Louisa

McFarland, Mary Smith

McFarland, Prudence

McFarland, Rachel

McFarland, Robert

McFarland, Robert C.

McFarland, Robert Parker

McFarland, Robert Robison

McFarland, Stephen

McFarland, Susie Briggs

McFarland, Thomas Bard

McFarland, Thomas Franklin

McFarland, Virginia Martha

McGowan, David

McGowan, James M.

McGowan, Joseph

McGowan, Robert

McGowan, Stewart

McGowan, Thomas B.

McKee, Catherine Carothers

McKee, Joseph D.

McKeen, Thomas

McKinley, William

McKinnie, Anna Maria

McKinnie, Bessie F.

McKinnie, Catherine

McKinnie, Catherine Long

McKinnie, Elizabeth

McKinnie, Elizabeth Bard

McKinnie, Harold Austin

McKinnie, James

McKinnie, Josiah

McKinnie, Maggie Bell

McKinnie, Margaretta

McKinnie, Mary Isabella

McKinnie, Mary Jane

McKinnie, Rebecca Coyle

McKinnie, Robert

McKinnie, Rose Edna

McKinnie, Sarah Jane

McKinnie, Walter

McKinnie, William A.

McKinnie, William Waddell

McKinstry, Mary

McKnight, Elizabeth

McKnight, Elizabeth O'Hara Denny

McKnight, Robert

McLanahan, Andrew Gregg

McLanahan, George

McLanahan, Isabella Craig

McLanahan, James

McLanahan, James Xavier

McLanahan, Jane McBride

McLanahan, Mary

McLanahan, Mary Gregg

McLanahan, William

McLene, Daniel

McMillan, Hannah,

McMillan, John

McMullen, Alexander

McMullen, Alexander R.

McMullen, Catherine McKinnie

McMullen, Ellen

McMullen, Eva

McMullen, James P.

McMullen, James Poe

McMullen, John

McMullen, Joseph C.

McMullen, Margaret

McMullen, Mary E.

McMullen, Mary Poe

McMullen, Rachel

McMullen, Rebecca Campbell

McMullen, Sarah A.

McMullen, Thomas

McMullen, William Harvey

McMurtrie, David

McMurtrie, Ellen

McMurtrie, Martha Elliott

McMulty, Howard B.

McPherson, Robert

Mennon, Patrick

Mercer, Hugh

Mervyn, Sir Audley

Mervyn, Mervyn, Christiana

Mervyn, Henry

Mervyn, James

Michler, Eliza

Michler, Peter

Miles, Marston

Miller, Catherine

Miller, Catherine Little

Miller, Charles Harris

Miller, Frederick

Miller, Henrietta

Miller, John

Miller, John C.

Miller, Julia Rush

Miller, Margaret Irvin

Milligan, Mary

Milligan, Mary Jane

Mitchell, Alexander

Mitchell, David

Mitchell, Eliza Gregg

Mitchell, John B.

Mitchell, Sarah

Monckton, Col.

Montgomery, Major

Moore, Mary

Morris, Margaret

Morrow, James

Morrow, Jane

Morrow, Jeremiah

Morrow, John

Morrow, Margaret

Morrow, Maria

Morrow, Martha

Morrow, Mary

Morrow, Mary Lockhart

Moyer, Andrew G. C.

Moyer, Frederick

Moyer, Lucy Wilson

Moyer, William W.

Muhlenberg, Peter

Murray, Jeremiah

Murray, Sarah

Myers, Mary E.


Nead, Matthias

Neiz, Catherine

Neiz, John Henry

Nelson, William

Nesbet, Hattie

Nesbet, Thomas E.

Newell, Grizzel

Newell, Mary

Newell, William

Niccolls, J. A.

Nichols, John

Nichols, Mary Jane

Norman, Salina Shirley


O'Bannon, Minor

O'Caine, Richard

Ogden, Margaret

Oliver, Walter

O'Neal, Bryan

Ormond, Thomas


Pancoast, Dr.

Parker, Abraham

Parker, Alexander

Parker, Andrew William

Parker, Ann Eliza

Parker, Ann Maria

Parker, Archibald

Parker, Camille

Parker, Eliza

Parker, Elizabeth

Parker, Elizabeth Jane

Parker, Elizabeth Porter

Parker, Elizabeth Todd

Parker, Isabella

Parker, James

Parker, James Porter

Parker, Jean

Parker, John

Parker, John Allen

Parker, John Todd

Parker, Jonas

Parker, Joseph

Parker, Margaret

Parker, Martha

Parker, Mary

Parker, Mary Ann

Parker, Mary Eliza

Parker, Mary Smith

Parker, Mary Todd

Parker, Nancy

Parker, Nellie

Parker, Phineas

Parker, Robert

Parker, Robert Henry

Parker, Robert Porter

Parker, William

Patterson, James

Patterson, Mary

Patterson, Mary Stewart

Patterson, Nicholas

Patterson, Stuart

Patterson, Thomas

Patton, Andrew J.

Patton, Elias

Patton, Elizabeth

Patton, Harriet Scott

Patton, James

Patton, Jane Cochran

Patton, John

Patton, Margaret

Patton, Mary

Patton, Mary Ann

Patton, Mary Newell

Patton, Matthew

Patton, Rebecca

Patton, Rebecca Margaret

Patton, Rebecca Scott

Patton, Robert

Patton, Robert McFarland

Patton, Samuel

Patton, Sarah

Patton, Thomas

Peden, David

Perkins, George C.

Peters, Daniel

Pew, William

Phelps, Oliver

Piper, Margaret

Piper, Sarah McDowell

Piper, William

Poe, Adam

Poe, Alexander

Poe, Alice

Poe, Andrew

Poe, Ann

Poe, Anne

Poe, Anne Goodwin

Poe, Ann Hide

Poe, Anthony

Poe, Catherine Dawson

Poe, Catherine Ziegler

Poe, Charles

Poe, Daniel

Poe, David

Poe, Edgar Allen

Poe, Edmond

Poe, Edward

Poe, Eliza White

Poe, Elizabeth

Poe, Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins

Poe, Elizabeth Cairnes

Poe, Elizabeth Cochran

Poe, Elizabeth Laughlin

Poe, Elizabeth Rutan

Poe, Ellen

Poe, Frances Sedboroough

Poe, Frances Winslow

Poe, Francis Windslow

Poe, George

Poe, George Jacob Harris

Poe, James

Poe, Jane McBride

Poe, Jean

Poe, John

Poe, John P.

Poe, Kate

Poe, Leonard

Poe, Maria

Poe, Margaret

Poe, Mary

Poe, Mary Jones

Poe, Matilda

Poe, Nancy Hoy

Poe, Nannie

Poe, Nielson

Poe, Nelson

Poe, Oliver

Poe, Orlando Metcalfe

Poe, Patrick

Poe, Richard

Poe, Robert

Poe, Robert Forsyth

Poe, Rosalie

Poe, Sarah

Poe, Susan

Poe, Susanna Warner

Poe, Thomas

Poe, Virginia Clemm

Poe, Washington

Poe, William

Poe, William Henry Leonard

Poe Family of Conococheague

Poe, Alice Myrtle

Poe, Angeline

Poe, Martha

Poe, Anna Elizabeth Koler

Poe, Bruce Albert

Poe, Catherine

Poe, Charlotte

Poe, Eliza

Poe, Eliza C.

Poe, Elizabeth Cathcart

Poe, Elizabeth Cathcart Potter

Poe, Emma Elizabeth

Poe, Harriet

Poe, Hazel

Poe, Henry Franklin

Poe, Isabella Harbison

Poe, Isabella Marion

Poe, James

Poe, James Potter

Poe, John

Poe, John E.

Poe, John Edgar

Poe, Margaret

Poe, Mary

Poe, Mary Potter

Poe, Minnie Blanche

Poe, Susanna

Poe, Thomas

Poe, Thomas Harbison

Poe, William

Pollock, James

Porter, Alexander Parker

Porter, Andrew

Porter, Andrew Parker

Porter, Anna M.

Porter, Anna Maria

Porter, Cephas Little

Porter, Charlotte

Porter, Caroline Reily

Porter, David Rittenhouse

Porter, Eliza Michler

Porter, Elizabeth

Porter, Elizabeth McDowell

Porter, Elizabeth Riely

Porter, Elizabeth Parker

Porter, Emma

Porter, Emma W.

Porter, George B.

Porter, George Bryan

Porter, George W.

Porter, Gov

Porter, Harriet

Porter, Harriet P.

Porter, Henry

Porter, Horace

Porter, Humes

Porter, James M.

Porter, James Madison

Porter, John Biddle

Porter, John Ewing

Porter, Josephine

Porter, Josephine McDermott

Porter, Lafayette

Porter, Mary

Porter, Mary S.

Porter, Rebecca

Porter, Robert

Porter, Rose

Porter, Sarah Louise

Porter, Stephen

Porter, Susanna Little

Porter, William

Porter, William Augustus

Potter, Abraham

Potter, Amelia Burnside

Potter, Andrew Gregg

Potter, Annas

Potter, Anne

Potter, Annie Amelia

Potter, Catherine

Potter, Charles H.

Potter, Clementina B. Brown

Potter, Donald Somerville

Potter, Dudley Blanchard

Potter, Eliza A. Root

Potter, Elizabeth

Potter, Elizabeth Cathcart

Potter, Elizabeth Sanderson

Potter, Ellen Dorsey

Potter, George

Potter, George Latimer

Potter, George Latimer (II)

Potter, Hamilton

Potter, Hannah

Potter, Harris

Potter, Harry Melville

Potter, Henry Root

Potter, Irvin Walters

Potter, Isabella

Potter, Jacob Lex

Potter, James

Potter, James (II)

Potter, James (III)

Potter, James (IV)

Potter, James G.

Potter, James Harris

Potter, Jannet Harris

Potter, John

Potter, John Elmer

Potter, John Irvin

Potter, Linn

Potter, Louisa French

Potter, Lucy Maria

Potter, Lucy Winters

Potter, Margaret

Potter, Margaret Crouch

Potter, Margarite

Potter, Maria L.

Potter, Maria Wilson

Potter, Martha

Potter, Martha Gregg

Potter, Mary

Potter, Mary Ann

Potter, Mary Brown

Potter, Mary Elizabeth

Potter, Mary Ellen

Potter, Mary McMullen

Potter, Mary Myers

Potter, Mary P.

Potter, Mary Patterson

Potter, Mary Somerville

Potter, Olivia

Potter, Samuel

Potter, Sarah Irvin

Potter, Susan

Potter, Susan French

Potter, Susan Irvin

Potter, Susanna Poe

Potter, Thomas

Potter, Thomas Burnside

Potter, Thomas Duncan

Potter, Thamasine Harris

Potter, Thamasine T.

Potter, William

Potter, William Myers

Potter, William N.

Potter, William W.

Potter, William Wilson

Powell, Arthur

Powell, David

Powell, Jonathan

Powell, Isabella

Powell, James

Preston, John P. L.

Preston, Margaret

Proctor, Capt.

Proctor, Thomas

Putnam, Helen Maria


Quantrill, Charles


Rankin, Agnes Long

Rankin, Archibald

Rankin, David

Rankin, Frances

Rankin, James

Rankin, Jean

Rankin, Jeremiah

Rankin, Ruth

Rankin, William

Rannals, John

Rannals, Phanuel

Rannals, Ruth

Reed, Judge

Reiffe, David

Reily, Emily

Reily, Luther

Reily, Rebecca

Reily, Orth

Reynolds, Margaret

Reynolds, Thomas R.

Rhodes, Carrie R.

Rhodes, Mary Jane

Richards, Daisy

Richards, John Curtis

Richards, Mary

Richards, Sarah

Richardson, Elizabeth

Richardson, Jane

Richardson, John C.

Richardson, Robert Parker

Richardson, Sarah

Richey, Jane Carothers

Richey, John

Richey, Margaret Speer

Richey, Mary

Rice, John Findlay

Rice, Perry A.

Rice, Robert Smith Findlay

Rice, Sarah Findlay

Rice, Thomas Williard

Rice, William Perry

Riddles, George

Riddles, Mary Potter

Rippey, William

Riske, Charlotte

Rittenhouse, David

Robinson, Hannah

Robinson, John D.

Robinson, Thomas

Robison, Andrew

Robison, David  F.

Robison, Ellen J.

Robison, Esther

Robison, James

Robison, Jennet

Robison, Margaret

Robison, Mary

Robison, Rebeckah

Robison, Robert

Rogers, Mary

Root, Eliza A.

Rosecrans, Gen.

Roan, Flavel

Roan, John

Roan, Margaret

Ross, Isabella

Ross, John

Rowan, Abraham

Rowan, Ann

Rowan, Cornelius

Rowan, David

Runckle, Julia Ann Wertzel

Runckle, Wendel

Runkel, Aletha Malvina

Runkel, Anna

Runkel, Catherine

Runkel, Catherine Neiz

Runkel, Edwin

Runkel, Hannah Little

Runkel, John

Runkel, John Wilhelm

Runkel, John Williams

Runkel, Levesa Lassina

Runkel, Margaret

Runkel, Theodore Lilienthal

Runkel, William

Rupp, Elizabeth

Rush, Benjamin

Rush, Dr.

Rutan, Elizabeth


Sage, William H.

Sample, David

Sanderson, Elizabeth J.

Sanderson, W. C.

Sanks, James

Scarrett, Cynthia D.

Sehley, Anna Mary

Sehley, Georgiana Clem

Schreiver, Ursula

Schuyler, Gertrude

Schuyler, Peter

Schuyler, Philip

Scott, Abraham

Scott, Alexander W.

Scott, Anne

Scott, Archibald

Scott, Eliza Jane

Scott, Harriet

Scott, James D.

Scott, Jean

Scott, Margaretta

Scott, Mary

Scott, Rebecca Douglass

Scott, Sarah Ann

Scott, Thomas

Scott, Thomas Alexander

Scott, William

Scott, William B.

Scott, William P.

Scott, Ruhamah

Scribner, Ellen Dorsey Potter

Scribner, Henry Potter

Scribner, Louise

Scribner, Nelly Potter

Scribner, Percy Root

Scribner, Robert Winthrop

Scribner, Winthrop

Seaburn Susan

Sedborough, Frances

Sedborough, John

Seibert, Agnes Welsh Grove

Seibert, Barnard

Seibert, Charles Fremont

Seibert, Edward G.

Seibert, Joseph Warren

Seibert, Mary Virginia

Seibert, Rebecca Louisa

Seibert, Samuel

Serles, Louisa

Seward, William H.

Sheaff, Ellen F.

Shepler, J. T.

Sherfy, Joseph

Shields, David

Shissler, Lewis

Shissler, Sarah Humes Porter

Shunk, Francis R.

Sloan, D. D.

Sloo, Thomas

Smart, John

Smith, Abraham

Smith, Agnes

Smith, Allan

Smith, Ann

Smith, Anna Wilson

Smith, Annabella

Smith, Catherine

Smith, Charles K.

Smith, C. M.

Smith, Clara

Smith, Edward

Smith, Elizabeth

Smith, Elizabeth Irwin

Smith, Ellen A.

Smith, George E.

Smith, Grizzel Newell

Smith, Isaac

Smith, J.M.

Smith, James

Smith, James Findlay

Smith, Jane

Smith, Jean

Smith, Jennet

Smith, John

Smith, John Johnston

Smith, Jonathan

Smith, Marcella

Smith, Margaret

Smith, Margaret Piper

Smith, Mary

Smith, Mary Parker

Smith, Mary Rogers

Smith, Matthew

Smith, Minnie

Smith, Oliver

Smith, Rebecca

Smith, Robert

Smith, Samuel

Smith, Sarah

Smith, Sarah Rebecca

Smith, William

Smith, William Johnston

Snyder, Gov.

Somerville, Mary

Sourbier, Jemina

Sparks, Samuel

Spaulding, Annie Amelia Potter

Spaulding, W. C.

Speer, Alexander

Speer, Alexander A.

Speer, Elizabeth

Speer, James

Speer, John

Speer, Margaret

Speer, Margaret Windom

Speer, Maria

Speer, Maria H. Coyle

Speer, Mary

Speer, Mary Long

Speer, Nathaniel

Speer, William

Stabler, Arthur

Stanberg, Frances

Steck, George

Steedman, William C.

Steiner, Rachael M.

Stewart, George

Stewart, Mary

Stock, M.

Stockton, Caleb

Stockton, Eleanor C.

Stockton, Elizabeth

Stonehouse, Sir James

Stoops, Mary

Stoops, Thomas

Stouffer, Henry

Stouffer, Mary

Stouffer, Mary  Flickinger

Stout, Lettie A.

Stuart, J. E. B.

Sullivan, Gen.

Symmes, Dr.


Talbot, Elizabeth

Talbot, Hillary

Talbot, Jeremiah

Talbot, Mary Smith

Talbot, Rebecca Smith

Taylor, Caroline

Taylor, Isaac

Tesson, Dr.

Tesson, Margaret Duncan

Thomas, Roland

Thompson, Alexander

Thompson, Andrew A.

Thompson, Andrew Finley

Thompson, Col.

Thompson, Dr.

Thompson, Eliza Carothers

Thompson, John R.

Thompson, Joseph Markle

Thompson, Josiah

Thompson, Leah Markle

Thompson, Leona M.

Thompson, Martha

Thompson, Mary Jack

Thompson, Ruth E.

Thompson, Samuel

Thompson, Thomas

Thompson, William

Thompson, William M.

Todd, Alexander B.

Todd, Andrew

Todd, Ann Eliza Parker

Todd, Ann Maria

Todd, Catherine Bodley

Todd, David

Todd, David Humphreys

Todd, Elinor McFarland

Todd, Elizabeth

Todd, Elizabeth Parker

Todd, Ellen

Todd, Elodie

Todd, Emilie

Todd, Frances J.

Todd, George Rogers Clarke

Todd, Isabella

Todd, Isabella Hamilton

Todd, Jane Briggs

Todd, John

Todd, Levi

Todd, Louisa

Todd, Margaret

Todd, Martha K.

Todd, Mary

Todd, Rebecca

Todd, Robert

Todd, Robert Smith

Todd, Samuel

Todd, Samuel Briggs

Todd, Sarah

Todd, Susan

Todd, William

Todd, William L.

Todhunter, Jacob

Todhunter, Parker E.

Torrence, George P.

Trindle, John

Trout, Mary Salome

Tuchett, Sir Mervyn

Tucker, Charles

Tucker, Margery Gregg

Tweed, Margaret

Tyler, President


Ussher, John, Sir William


Valentine, Abraham

Valentine, Martha Gregg Potter

Van Tries, Abraham

Van Tries, Eleanor

Van Tries, George Latimer

Van Tries, Henry Smith

Van Tries, John M.

Van Tries, Louisa

Van Tries, Mary Jane Milligan

Van Tries, Matilda

Van Tries, Samuel

Van Tries, Susanna Poe

Van Tries, Thomas Campbell

Van Tries, William Potter


Waddell, Alexander

Waddell, Archibald

Waddell, Caleb Stockton

Waddell, Catherine

Waddell, Catherine Long

Waddell, Eliza

Waddell, Elizabeth Stockton

Waddell, Frances Ann

Waddell, James Poe

Waddell, Jane McClelland

Waddell, John

Waddell, John Calvin

Waddell, Margaret

Waddell, Margaret McMullen

Waddell, Mary

Waddell, Mary Erwin

Waddell, Nancy Rankin

Waddell, Rachel

Waddell, Ruth Grubb

Waddell, Sarah

Waddell, Sarah Jane

Waddell, Thomas

Waddell, Thomas Alexander

Waddell, Thomas Poe

Waddell, William

Waddell, William Lawrence

Wallace, Charles E.

Wallace, Edward D.

Wallace, Elizabeth

Wallace, Frances

Wallace, John

Wallace, Lydia Smith

Wallace, Mary F.

Wallace, Ruth Little

Wallace, William F.

Wallace, William Smith

Warner, Susanna

Washington, George

Watson, Ann

Watson, James

Watson, Sarah

Wayne, Anthony

Wheeler, James M.

Whipple, Samuel

Whipple, Susan J.

White, C. B.

White, Eliza

White, Margaret

Whitlock, Rose

Willcox, Josephe

Willett, Emeline

William, King

Williard, Cephas Little

Williard, Edward Rush

Williard, George Parker

Williard, George Washington

Williard, John Newton

Williard, Louisa Catherine Little

Williard, Maria Louisa

Williard, Mary Louisa

Williard, Minnie

Williard, Reuben Hershman

Wilson, Abraham Scott

Wilson, Alice

Wilson, Allen D.

Wilson, Ann Campbell

Wilson, Anna

Wilson, Catherine Irvine

Wilson, Eliza

Wilson, Eliza Dick

Wilson, Elizabeth

Wilson, Ellen Dickson

Wilson, Francis

Wilson, Frank

Wilson, Hannah J.

Wilson, Hugh

Wilson, Hugh Irvine

Wilson, Isaac

Wilson, James Potter

Wilson, Jane

Wilson, Jane Cochran

Wilson, John

Wilson, Joseph

Wilson, Julia I.

Wilson, Laura

Wilson, Lucy P.

Wilson, Maria

Wilson, Martha Bard

Wilson, Mary A.

Wilson, Mary P. Potter

Wilson, Mary Scott

Wilson, Mary Smith

Wilson, Prudence Ann

Wilson, Robert McFarland

Wilson, Samuel Hunter

Wilson, Sarah Craig

Wilson, Sarah Kinney

Wilson, Thomas

Wilson, Wayne McVeigh

Wilson, William

Wilson, William Ashley

Wilson, William Irvine

Wilson, William P.

Windom, Margaret

Winslow, Frances

Winters, Eleanor Campbell

Winters, Ellen

Winters, Lucy

Winters, Mary

Winters, William

Woods, John

Work, Andrew

Work, Anna Lizzie

Work, Mary Rebecca

Work, Rebecca M.

Work, Samuel Johnston

Work, William

Worthington, Amos


Yough, Jenny

Young, Alexander

Young, Alexander Dean

Young, Anna Mary

Young, Annas

Young, James

Young, William


Zeller, David

Zeller, Harrie McKeen

Zeller, Mary Parker

Zeller, Mary Parker Little

Zeller, William Melville

Ziegler, Barbara Beck

Zeller, Catherine

Zeller, George

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