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Cold Spring Cemetery
State Street
Auburn, NY

The Cold Springs Cemetery Located on State Street in Auburn is currently being renovated and reinventoried by the volunteer activities of Chris Cuddy and Pat O'Connor.  

This cemetery contains the burials of many early Irish immigrants and Civil War veterans.  A Historical Marker to honor this landmark will be dedicated during a ceremony at the cemetery on July 8th, 2000 at 11am. The dedication ceremony is coordinated by the Auburn A.O.H (Hibernians) Chapter.

Headstone transcriptions are found on website:

The cemetery was the first primarily Catholic Cemetery in the City of Auburn. The land was originally purchased by Bishop John Timon in 1854. Bishop Timon was then the Bishop of Buffalo. Because the terrain and soil type proved to be less than ideal for cemetery purposes, a new catholic cemetery for the Auburn area was established in 1880 with the purchase of St. Joseph's Cemetery.  The Cold Springs-(Old Catholic) Cemetery on State Street in Auburn, NY was targeted as a "Cayuga County Bicentennial Beautification Project Site", duing the County's Bicentennial in 1999.  

Below are some photos of the cemetery in its present condition: These photos do not truly show the condition of the cemetery and the hard work that the volunteers have done and continue to do.

The photos are linked to larger photos. Please take a look.

Note The Photo Of a Broken Headstone

There is a headstone of a young one year old girl, Nellie Farrell, which had never been included in any inventory of the cemetery.   Pat O'Connor has been finding several pieces of head stones that were scattered in the ditch along the north boundry of the cemetery. Within about a 40' stretch of the ditch he found the 13 broken pieces of Nellie's headstone that he was able to put together like a jigsaw puzzle. This is only a small example of several headstones that they have saved from oblivion.

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