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PALMER_East Anglia U.K. Mailing List

        3 May 2002

        In the process of searching for my own Palmers, I have been in contact with many other people who are researching
        the name PALMER in the eastern counties of the U.K.

        Rather than waste any of this information, it was decided to create a PALMER_East Anglia mailing list. 

        To join the list please send an email with the word 'subscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message
        to: for List mode
        or to: for Digest mode. 
        The PALMER-EAST-ANGLIA-UK mailing list is for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the PALMER 
        surname in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Huntingdonshire, South Lincolnshire, and the borders with Essex 
        and Bedfordshire.

        Don't miss this chance to meet others with the same specialist interest as yourself.

        Ann McClean, [List Owner/Admin]

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