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Clarence Emmanuel De Silva PALMER

        February 2006 - Thanks to Clarence's great grand-daughter, I can now start filling in this webpage!

        Clarence was born in 1892, 6th child and 4th son of Ryfealyer & Martha PALMER, and orphaned
        in 1894 when both his parents and most of his brothers and sisters died during a diptheria epidemic.

        There are two versions of what happened to the 2 year-old Clarence afterwards; according to his uncle,
        Younather, "As there was no money and no-one would have him, Clarence had to be put into
        the Poor Law Institution at Downham."   The other version is that Clarence was fostered by an elderly 
        village lady called Granny BAKER, who apparently took him in and looked after him.

        In about 1918, Clarence married Mabel PALMER [no relation] and they had 4 children: 
Peggy born 1919 baptised .
Brenda born . baptised .
Doreen born 4 Septemebr 1923 baptised .
Norman born . of wing walk fame! .
1933 Kelly's Directory of Norfolk - Methwold, Clarence PALMER was the proprietor of a fried fish shop. Clarence was a wet fish/game dealer in the village, ran the fish and chip shop and introduced the first TAXI service between villages. More to come on this page - possibly including some photos!
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