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"R. PALMER - Cyclist"

        Are there any listers who know the pub "The Friendship Inn" next to Sainsbury's on Oxford? Rd,
        in Fallowfield, MANCHESTER?

        DH & I took our student son for Sunday lunch there one weekend and on looking at the sporting 
        ephemera on the walls, found a framed print of "R.PALMER" with a long report of his 
        cycling achievements.  As I have many PALMERs with cycling connections, I was very intrigued - 
        is "R. PALMER" one of my PALMERs?!

"From a photo by Symonds & Thiel, 66, Chancery Lane, London" "To enumerate the prizes won by this popular wheelsman would be a well nigh impossible task. Upon the metropolitan tracks and also at Birmingham, Manchester and others of the great provincial centres, he has scored upon numerous occaisons. Mr. PALMER is a rider who might possibly train most consistently. Possibly, however, there would be a chance of his getting "stale" although many of the times made by him after continued exertions in the season tend to prove he would be one of the speediest of our riders if he embarked rigidly upon training operations. Take for instance the distance covered at Catford of August 31st of last year. The day was none too favourable, a fresh breeze blowihng across and interfering with the rider considerably as he came round the bends. Despite this, PALMER covered 2 miles in 40 mins. _4.5 secs; 3 miles in 6 mins. 17 secs; 4 miles in 8 mins. 20 secs; 5 miles in 10 mins. 26 2.5 secs; 6 miles in 12 mins. 36 1.5 secs; 7 miles in 14 mins. 43 secs; 8 miles in 16 mins. 52 4/5 secs; 9 miles in 19 mins. 3 2/3 secs, and 10 miles in 21 mins. 8 3/5 secs. These times were ranked as British Amateur safety records, a comparison of each mile reeled off showing off they are wonderfully even. Mr. PALMER has also ridden fourth in the 5 Miles N.C.U. Championship; has covered 15 miles 1,328 yds in the hour, and in the 10 miles championship [London Centre] broke records from 2 miles upwards."
The National Cycle Archive - [including National Cycling Union] is held at the Modern Records Centre at the University of Warwick. I'm hoping I can find out through the Archive more about "R. PALMER". Return to PALMER Home Page Return to Home Page & Site Index Contact Details - if you think you have any information that will help me with my research and these webpages.
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