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5 JAN 1917 - Mrs. John Neuman Dead
Word has been received just before going to press, of the death of Mrs. John Neuman who passed away at Parkview hospital, Jamestown, Thursday evening at six o'clock. The remains will be brought here this evening and funeral services will be held from the German Congregational church Sunday or Monday, pending the arrival of distant relatives. Full particulars next week.

*  Funeral Services Were Held from German Lutheran Church Monday Afternoon
- The remains of the late Mrs. John Neuman were placed in their final resting place in the Gackle cemetery Monday afternoon, following services held at the German Lutheran church, at 1:30 p.m., at which time were words of pathos spoken by Rev. H. M. Baumann, which did much to remove for a time the burden of grief resting on the hearts of the relatives.

In the death of Mrs. Neuman the community loses one of its most highly respected and loved women. She was a loving and devoted wife and mother of three small children, from whom she has been taken by the angel of death at a time when her attention and duties were most necessary, but God is supreme in His wisdom and we must all abide by the rules of the upper world.

Louise Petre, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Petre, was born on the 5th day of December, at Hebron, North Dakota, where she grew to womanhood. During the year of 1910, she came to Gackle to accept a position as clerk for the firm of Jacob and Chris. Neuman. During her services in this store she became acquainted with John Neuman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Neuman, to whom she was married June 14, 1911.

A year and a half later they moved to Watkins, Mont., to reside on a homestead. During the winter of 1915, Mrs. Neuman contracted a bad cold from which she was unable to recover, and in January, 1916, they returned to Gackle feeling optimistic in her recovery. Physicians soon after pronounced her case as tuberculosis and as the time passed her illness gradually grew worst.

On Monday, January 1, 1917, she was taken to Jamestown to the Kemp hospital where every effort known to medical science was used to prolong her life, but to no avail and Thursday January 4th, 1917, she breathed her last.

To this union were born three children, Alvin, Leslie and Bernherd, five and three years, old and the youngest child one year and four months old. Besides her husband the deceased is also survived by her parents, four sisters, who are Mrs. C. M. Baumgartner, of Seattle, Wash., Mrs. John Talbot, of Illinois; Mrs. Chris Neuman, of Sheilds, N.D.; Miss Martha Petri of Hebron, N.D., and four brothers as follows Henry, Martin, and Fred of Hebron, N.D., and Willie of Sheilds, N.D.

The Republican joins with the community in extending heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved.

16 FEB 1917
Word was received Monday that George Widmer of this town had died Sunday at the hospital in Edgeley, where he had been confined for some time with blood poisoning. One leg was amputated in an effort to save his life but proved of no avail. The funeral was held Sunday. ALFRED NEWS ITEMS

30 MAR 1917
Mrs. O. J. Nelson passed away at her home north of Streeter on Tuesday night at 10 o'clock, March 20th, death resulting from a two month's illness with Bright's disease. She was 33 years of age, and is survived by six children, the eldest of which is 10 years old and the youngest 2 months old, also a husband, gather and mother, two brother and three sisters. The funeral services were held from the home Friday at 2 o'clock, and interment made in the Streeter cemetery. STREETER HERALD

6 APR 1917
The death angel entered the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb Geinger last Saturday afternoon, taking as its victim their year and a half old baby boy. Funeral services were held from the home Monday morning at 10 o'clock, Rev. Nagle of Streeter speaking the last sad words, and interment being made in the Neudorf cemetery.

The little one passing away after so brief a stay, just when the attachment was becoming so strong, makes it a sorrow almost beyond human endurance. The sympathy of the community and the Republican extended to this sorrowing family in their dark hour.

* Died Sunday from Injuries Received While Working in the Field
- One of the saddest events it has fallen to the Republican to chronicle is the death of Mrs. Schlittenhart.

Jacob Schlittenhart has been the victim of nearly every drouth and hailstorm that has come near Gackle. But like true workers that they were, he and his wife have worked untireingly, always hoping that the next year would be better. This year the hailstorm cleaned out every acre of Mr. Schlittenhart's farm, but undauntingly he accepted a position on the Durnier farm while his wife stayed at home and did the farm work.

While pitching hay in the strong wind last Thursday Mrs. Schlittenhart injured herself internally. She became weaker very fast and Thursday night at 2 o'clock George Hummel was called to get Mr. Schlittenhart. The doctor said at once that she would need an operation but she was so weak to be moved until Sunday, when she with her brother, Ludwig and her husband went to Jamestown.

Mrs. Schlittenhart never recovered from the operation. The operation was performed at 3 o'clock and at 6 o'clock she had passed to The Great Beyond.

The husband and the family of the departed have the sympathy of the entire community it was shown by the number who attended the funeral.

Miss Elizabeth Hust was born in Russia in 1870. In 1894 she was married to Jacob Schlittenhart. This marriage was blessed with four children who lived with them at the farm, Christina, David, Albert and Theodore.

She with her husband moved to America in 1905 and have lived here since that time. Mrs. Schlittenhart died Sunday, August 5, 1917 at 6 o'clock p.m. Funeral services were held at Neudorf church west of town Tuesday at 2 o'clock. Interment was made in Neudorf Cemetary.

That Mrs. Schlittenhart was held in high esteem by the people of the community, was shown by the number who attended the funeral. Those present counted seventy-five automobiles and twenty-five buggies and it was estimated that 500 people attended the funeral, the largest ever held in this community.

The hearts of the people go out to the father and children and the Republican joins the entire community in extending them condolence in their hour of sorrow.

John J. Seidel, 25 years old, was killed instantly last Saturday when he was caught in the belt of a separator. His right arm was torn out of its socket and his body was mangled by the fly wheel. Funeral services were held on Sunday afternoon from St. Anthony's Catholic church Rev. Father Fox officiating. He is survived by a widow and one child.

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5 OCT 1917 - The County Seat
Albert Baltzer, 14 years old accidentally shot himself with a shot gun last Thursday. He had leaned the gun against the fence when it accidentally discharged, the full charge entering the back of his head, instantly killing him. The boy lived with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Baltzer five miles north of Napoleon.

* Had Been in Poor Health For Many Years; Funeral Was Held Yesterday
- Magdalena, the beloved wife of Jacob Moos, Sr., died at her home, southwest of this city, on Tuesday, October 23, 1917, after a lingering illness of several years. Deceased was 70 years old on September 5th, and was well known in Gackle and vicinity.

Magdalena Wagner was born in Danzeig, the southern part of Russia, and was reared and married in that country, immigrating with her husband, Jacop Moos, to this country in 1900 and about ten years later came to Gackle settled on a farm south of town.

The deceased is survived by her husband, six sons Jacob, Jr., Andrew, Henry, John, Philip and Peter, and one daughter, Mrs. F. A. Ruele, besides a host of friends whose heartfelt sympathy is extended the bereaved family.

The funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the German Congregational church, 12 miles southwest of town, Rev. Pfenning, of Fredonia, conducting the last sad rites.

26 OCT 1917 - OUR NEIGHBORS - Golden Valley News
Mr. Andrew Batch is very ill and not expected to live. He has had several operations but with no success. He has cancer of the stomach and is now at his home suffering a great deal. His many friends and members of his church have been very kind in helping along by visiting and giving cheer to him and his family.

* Death Ends Sufferings of Early Settler of This Section Burial Sunday
--Andrew Betch, living in Stutsman county, about nine miles northwest of Gackle, passed away yesterday morning, the cause of his death being cancer of the stomach, from which disease he was a sufferer for many years. Deceased was 57 years of age on May 2nd, and for years has been searching for a cure for the dread disease that finally claimed his life.

Mr. Betsch was born in Beserabien in South Russia, and with his family came to America and located in North Dakota in 1886, moving to their present location in 1901. He is survived by his wife, ten sons and one daughter and his father in Russia who is 91 years old.

Funeral services will be held next Sunday afternoon at two o'clock from the German Baptist church, in this city.

* Church Unable To Hold Throngs That Come To Pay Their Last Tribute
- The funeral of Andrew Betsch was held last Sunday Afternoon at two o'clock from the German Baptist church at this place, Rev. Auch, conducting the services. The funeral was one of the largest ever held in this city and a chartered train arriving at one o'clock brought many friends of the deceased to attend the last sad rites.

Rev. Auch spoke at length on the life of Mr. Betsch as one as one a Christian should live and pictured him an ideal man with many friends and few enemies. He also spoke of the patience of the deceased in his years of suffering, giving his fate to his Maker above.

The special on the N.P. Ry carried just 103 passengers to this city on Sunday for the Andrew Betsch funeral.

2 NOV 1917 - WITH OUR NEIGHBORS - Golden Valley
Mrs. Gus. Block's mother, Mrs. Fregein, died at her home a few miles northwest of Jud on Friday, October 26th. Funeral services were held from the Lutheran church in Jud, Rev. Nagel, officiating.

2 NOV 1917
Freda Lenora, the 14-days old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chris. Gumke, living 10 miles southeast of town, died early Tuesday morning from a skin infection. The funeral was held Wednesday afternoon, burial taking place in the Gutschmidt cemetery.

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