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14 JAN 1916 - Death of Mrs. Sommerfeldt
Last Saturday occurred the funeral over the remains of Mrs. Katherin Sommerfeldt, who died on January 6, of pulmonary tuberculosis. The deceased came to this country with her husband from Jacobsthal, Russia, October 16, 1901. The deceased was well known in this section of the county and had many warm friends. The husband, Mr. Gottfried Sommerfeldt and four children are left to mourn the early death of wife and mother. She also leaves three brothers and three sisters, besides her parents. A host of friends here will join the paper in expressing heartfelt sympathy in this sad bereavement. The deceased was 3 years, 11 months and 21 days old at the time of her death. [Sorry the paper did say 3 years; Logan Co. Cemetery Book, Page 94, has Katherina born in 1881]

28 JAN 1916 - OBITUARY
Jacob George, son of Friedrick and Rosina George was born Nov. 3, 1879, in Waranzka, Gouvernment of Cherson, South Russia. In 1883 he and his parents immigrated to the United States of America, first making their home in South Dakota, and after some years in North Dakota, where the deceased has since lived with his family.

In the year 1903, the deceased married Miss Maria Flaig, daughter of Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Anna Maria Flaig. This union was blessed with three children of whom all are living. His father and five of his brothers and sisters preceded him in death. His deeply grieved widow, three children, the old mother, two brothers, his parents in law, many relatives and a host of friends, bemourn his early departure. Deceased reached the age of 37 years, 2 month and 18 days. The cause of his death was Surchosis of the Liver.

He died on Jan. 21, 1916, at the St. Barnabas Hospital, in Minneapolis, Minn. The first mourning sermon took place in the German Congregational Church at Fredonia, N.D., and was held by the Rev Th. Pfenning, pastor of that church. The corpse of the deceased was then moved to Gackle, N.D., and on Monday Jan. 24, another sermon was delivered by Rev. H. M. Baumann in the German Congregational Church of Gackle. Following the mourning sermon the deceased was laid to rest in the cemetery at Gackle, N.D.

4 FEB 1916 - "The Alfred Department"
Alexander Owens died Saturday morning at the home his daughter, Mrs. Clem McDonough.

18 FEB 1916 - "The Alfred Department"
Jake Keller was found frozen to death about 40 rods from the farm house of George Hull last Wednesday, the 9th. While delirious he wandered off during the storm of the pervious Friday.

21 APR 1916
Mr. John Wihela, a well known farmer who has for several years lived on his farm about three miles south-east of Gackle, died Wednesday evening at 8:30 o'clock. Mr. Wihela was past 50 years of age and had been in poor health for several years past. His brother Matt and other relatives of Berlin, N.D., will be here to attend the funeral which will take place at the Finn cemetery Sunday.

28 APR 1916
Jacob Smith, father of Mrs. W. P. Bryan, and Mrs. Noyes of this place, died at Minneapolis last Sunday afternoon, after a long siege of illness. Deceased was laid to rest in the Kulm cemetery on Tuesday of this week, the burial services being attended by a large number of people from this section of the country, who have known him for many years an honorable and worthy citizen. To the bereaved ones we extend deepest sympathy in their sad hour.

5 MAY 1916
The funeral of Maggie Kerner who died at the German hospital in Aberdeen last Tuesday was held Sunday the 30th at the Kerner burying ground three miles west of town at the Kerner farm. -- THE NAPOLEON HOMESTEAD

11 AUG 1916
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Finkbriner, living 3 miles north of town, will sympathize with them in the loss of their five and half months old daughter, who died Tuesday following a ten day's illness with cholera infantum. We are unable to learn more particulars. The Republican sympathizes deeply with Mr. and Mrs. Finkbriner in their great loss.

1 DEC 1916
Jacob Hummell on his return from Fredonia Tuesday, discovered an overturned car about 11 miles north of that town. He, with Gottlieb Bender, and family investigated and to their sad surprise found the body of J. B. Miller pinned underneath, his neck broken and life extinct. The car was removed, his body taken from underneath and the authorities notified. He lives 19 miles southwest of Fredonia and is survived by a wife and five children.

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